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Most programs in the archive can be played on-line using Java Spectrum emulators

This is done through the Sinclair Infoseek search engine, or by clicking on the links on the lists below

[List] Games [16,903]
[List] Text Adventures [2,822]
[List] Demos [1,580]
[List] Utilities [8,496]
[List] Compilations [2,578]
[List] Covertapes and Electronic Magazines [627]
[List] +3 Disk Images [1,027]
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[List] Missing In Action! (MIA) [3,916]
These programs are not available yet. Please help us find them!
This is a project by Martijn van der Heide, Steve Brown, Andy Barker, Tony Barnett and Juan Pablo López-Grao.
[List] Spectrum Tape Preservation (STP) [2,680]
Please help us preserve Perfect TZX images of every single game, re-release, covertape or compilation.
This project is lead by Steve Brown, Andy Barker, Tony Barnett and Juan Pablo López-Grao.
[List] Spectrum Disk Preservation (SDP) [424]
Please help us preserve Perfect EDSK disk images of every disk ever released for the Spectrum +3.
This project is lead by Andy Barker, Steve Brown and Tony Barnett.
[List] Spectrum Instructions Project [most] This link is down 🙁
Please help us collect the instructions for all games, making it easier for everyone…
If you don’t have the actual original titles but feel like helping out anyway, you could type up these scanned ones.
This project is run by Phil Kendall.
[List] Spectrum Screenshots Preservation [various]
This project aims to obtain loading and in-game screen images for all entries and is run by Gerard Sweeney.
[List] Spectrum Inlay Preservation [4,225]
This project aims to obtain cassette or disk inlay scans for all entries and is run by Martijn van der Heide.
[List] Spectrum Books Preservation [plenty]
This project aims to scan all Spectrum-related books and is run by Martijn van der Heide.
[List] Spectrum Magazines Preservation [various]
This project aims to scan all Spectrum-related magazines and is run by Martijn van der Heide.

All uploads can be done using this form!

There even is a forum dedicated to this topic: the MIA/STP/SDP forum!


[List] Instructions [7,225]
Containing only the (basic) playing information as found on the inlays or accompanying booklet. We need help – see above!
Hints, tips, cheats, POKEs and complete walkthroughs can be found on The Tipshop.
[List] Maps [2,959]
[List] Cassette Inlays [9,618]
[List] Software Adverts [2,250]
[List] Extras [1,286]
All additional games-related scans of interest (code sheets, posters, etc).
[List] In-Game and Theme Music [1,279]
Music in .AY and .MP3 format, including ‘real-life’ music that appeared on the B-sides or accompanying cassettes of games.
[List] Screenshots [39,171]
Both loading and in-game screens.
[List] Company Pictures [2,982]
Ranging from photographs to promotional material for 408 companies.
[List] Hardware Adverts and Pictures [736]
[List] Hardware Manuals and Technical Documentation [252]
[List] Book Cover Scans [1,503]
[List] Complete Books [419]

TOP 100’s

Don’t have a clue what games are any good? Check out

[List] Visitor Voted Top 100 Best Games
[List] Visitor Voted Top 100 Best Text Adventures
[List] Visitor Voted Top 100 Worst Games
[List] The Official Game Top 100 Of All Time
According to Your Sinclair and their readers (1991-1993)
[List] The Top 100 On-Line Played Games
[List] The Best of Spectrum Games
By Enrico Maria Giordano and Carlo Malantrucco [01/04/99]
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