Acceptable Use Policy Statement

Please note this content is from the original WoS site, and may no longer be relevant. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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Due to ongoing abuse of this server, very strict access rules apply, all of which are automatically enforced:


This is an on-line site. As such, there really is no need to make mirrors of it and you are explicitly discouraged from doing so.
Most of the site is realtime generated on demand, through CGI scripts, so mirroring will only generate CPU and memory hogs.
Please don’t test it – the server is known to withstand a Slashdot with its hands down. Thank you.

Note that all abuse is publicly listed realtime, along with your IP address, and banned IP addresses are exchanged between servers on the Internet for extended blocks, so please behave. We really have a zero-tolerance policy!

If you don’t know how to handle each file format, please see the File Formats page.