1927 items

“O” Level Revision: Physics1984Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
10 Fingers1996Digital Reality [RU]General: Education
1066General: Education
15 French CrosswordsGeneral: Education
1984General: Education
2 StrokeGeneral: Education
2-way TV Aerial PlugHardware: Add-on
20-Veld Rekenen1984PrimosoftGeneral: Education
22 Powerful Stat/Math ProgramsGeneral: Education
3 Games for ChildrenCompilation
30 Hour Basic – Spectrum Edition1983National Extension College Trust LtdCompilation
3D SpellGeneral: Education
4 Games For Children1984Kindersoft UK LtdGeneral: Education
4 StrokeGeneral: Education
40 Education GamesCompilation
A B C1983Artic Computing LtdGeneral: Education
A Day at the SeasideGeneral: Education
A Maci SzamolGeneral: Education
A Simple Guide to Using ComputersGeneral: Education
A to ZGeneral: Education
A-Level MathsBox Set
A-Level MathsGeneral: Education
A-Level PhysicsGeneral: Education
A-Level SociologyGeneral: Education
A, B, C … Lift-Off!1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
AA ZemplGeneral: Education
AbacusGeneral: Education
AbakusGeneral: Education
AbbreviationsGeneral: Education
ABCEducational (Misc)
AcademiasGeneral: Education
Action ScreenplayHardware: undetermined
Active Computer Learning1984Express Marketing LtdGeneral: Education
Add Venture1983AWA SoftwareGeneral: Education
AdderGeneral: Education
Adder GameGeneral: Education
AddingGeneral: Education
Adding / SubtractingEducational (Misc)
Adding MachineGeneral: Education
AdicionGeneral: Education
Adicion ExpressGeneral: Education
Advanced Mathematics1983WH SmithGeneral: Education
Adventure Holiday1985L'Ensouleiado SoftwareGeneral: Education
Adventure PlannerHardware: undetermined
Adventure Playground1984Widgit Software LtdCompilation
Aegean Voyage1984Spinnaker Software CorporationGeneral: Education
Aerial SplitterHardware: undetermined
Aircraft1984Piper SoftwareGeneral: Education
AjedrezGeneral: Education
AlemãoGeneral: Education
Alf in the Colour CavesGeneral: Education
All SortsGeneral: Education
Alpha BuildGeneral: Education
Alpha Graph1983Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
Alpha-Beth1985A'n'F SoftwareGeneral: Education
Alpha-Gen1985A'n'F SoftwareGeneral: Education
Alphabet1983Widgit Software LtdGeneral: Education
AlphabetGeneral: Education
Alphabet Games1983Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Alphabet Soup1984Reflex Software DevelopmentsGeneral: Education
Alphabet Zoo1984Spinnaker Software CorporationGeneral: Education
Alphabetter1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Amazing Ollie1983Storm Software [1]General: Education
AnalisisGeneral: Education
AnaliticaGeneral: Education
Analogue ElectronicsGeneral: Education
AnatomiaGeneral: Education
Ancient Quests1985Mirrorsoft LtdCompilation
Angle1984Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Angle Turner1984Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
Angličtina 11989VD ProgramGeneral: Education
Anglina 11989Peter MachalaGeneral: Education
Anglina 41989Peter MachalaGeneral: Education
Animal AnagramsGeneral: Education
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral1983Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
Animated ArithmeticGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Arithmetic1985Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Association FootballGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – English WordsGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – First AidGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – General ScienceGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Junior General KnowledgeGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Know EnglandGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Know ScotlandGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Natural History1985Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Senior General KnowledgeGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Spelling1985Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – SportGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Super SportGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – Twentieth Century HistoryGeneral: Education
Answer Back Factfile 500 – World GeographyGeneral: Education
Answer Back Junior1985Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
Answer Back SeniorGeneral: Education
Anti Black-OutHardware: undetermined
Antony and CleopatraGeneral: Education
ApostleEducational (Misc)
Area/Perimeter + Mental ArithmeticGeneral: Education
AreasGeneral: Education
ArithGeneral: Education
ArithmeticGeneral: Education
Arithmetic – 7-10 YrsGeneral: Education
Arithmetic QuizGeneral: Education
Arithmetic RaceGeneral: Education
Arithmetic TapeGeneral: Education
Arithmetic TutorGeneral: Education
AritméticaGeneral: Education
AritmeticaGeneral: Education
Aritmeticas Basicas1984Investronica S.A.General: Education
Artificial Intelligence [2]General: Education
Arytmetyka1987Krajowe Wydawnictwo CzasopismGeneral: Education
AspectsGeneral: Education
Assembly LessonsGeneral: Education
Astro Maths1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
AstrobieGeneral: Education
Atlas de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay1988ComputermaniaGeneral: Education
Atomic StructureGeneral: Education
Átomo de HidrogénioGeneral: Education
Atoms1982WeaversoftGeneral: Education
Atoms and Moles1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Auto-TestGeneral: Education
AutonomiasGeneral: Education
Ave. TempGame: Educational
AY Sound GeneratorGeneral: Education
AY-3-8912General: Education
Baby Mantrik AnglickyGeneral: Education
BailiffGeneral: Education
BalanceEducational (Misc)
Ballooning1984HeinemannGeneral: Education
BanderasGeneral: Education
Bar ChartsGeneral: Education
Bar ChartsGeneral: Education
BasesGeneral: Education
BasesEducational (Misc)
BASICGeneral: Education
Basic Arithmetic1983Tawny SoftwareGeneral: Education
Basic ChemistryGeneral: Education
Basic CMGeneral: Education
Basic MathematicsGeneral: Education
Basic MathsGeneral: Education
BASIC Programming CourseGeneral: Education
Basic Test1986Krajowa Agencja WydawniczaGeneral: Education
Basic Training Course Part 1General: Education
Basic Training Course Part 2General: Education
Basic Training Course Part 3General: Education
Basic Training Course Part 4General: Education
Basic Training Course Part 5General: Education
Basic Training Course Part 6General: Education
Basic Tutor1987KamasoftGeneral: Education
BathtimeGeneral: Education
BeanstalkGeneral: Education
Beat the Clock1983Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
Bee BeaterGeneral: Education
Beetle AddGeneral: Education
Begin 5: Multiple Choise TesterGame: Educational
Beginner’s CornerGeneral: Education
BelChem 1General: Education
BelChem 2General: Education
Bella Begins ComputingGeneral: Education
Bella Comes to LifeGeneral: Education
Benefits1984Camden CouncilGeneral: Education
Besieged1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Beyond Horizons1984East London Robotics LtdGeneral: Education
Bigtrack Simulation ProgramGeneral: Education
BiologiaGeneral: Education
BiologyGeneral: Education
BiologyGeneral: Education
BiologyGeneral: Education
Biology1985Charles Letts & CoGeneral: Education
BiologyGeneral: Education
BiologyGeneral: Education
Biology1985Collins Educational LtdGeneral: Education
Biology1990EvrikaGeneral: Education
Biology – O-Level Revision and CSE1984Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Biology – O’Level & CSE1984Micro-De-Bug ConsultancyGeneral: Education
Biology – Practice & Tests O Level1984Sphere SoftwareGeneral: Education
Biology ‘O’ Level1983CalistoGeneral: Education
Biology Mini-LabGeneral: Education
Biology O-Level RevisionGeneral: Education
Birds1984Piper SoftwareGeneral: Education
Birds of BritainGeneral: Education
BirdwatchEducational (Misc)
Body partsGeneral: Education
Body Works1985Genesis Productions LtdGeneral: Education
Bodyswop1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Book-Keeping TutorGeneral: Education
BreukenGame: Educational
Britain in the Age of Total WarGeneral: Education
British HistoryGeneral: Education
British History 1714-1815General: Education
Bruchrechen-TrainingGeneral: Education
BubblesortGeneral: Education
Building Blocks 1General: Education
Building Blocks 2General: Education
Building Elements1984WeaversoftGeneral: Education
Bull Tables1983Lotus-SoftGeneral: Education
BurladeroGeneral: Education
Business1984Max Hueber VerlagGeneral: Education
Buying and SellingGeneral: Education
CGeneral: Education
C RulesGeneral: Education
Ca y Est1984Individual Software ServiceGeneral: Education
Caesar the Cat1984Mirrorsoft LtdArcade Game: Action
Caesar’s Travels1985Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Cambridge Z88Hardware: Computer
Capital Letters1983Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Capitales del Mundo1984ABC SoftGeneral: Education
Capitalization Master1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
CapitalsGeneral: Education
Car Journey1983HeinemannGeneral: Education
CaretakerGeneral: Education
Cargo1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Caring for Your TeethGeneral: Education
Carlo the Clown1984Calpac Computer SoftwareGeneral: Education
Cartridge TidyHardware: undetermined
CastleGeneral: Education
Castle of Dreams1984Widgit Software LtdGeneral: Education
Castle Spellerous1983Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Castles and Clowns1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
CE AmplifierGeneral: Education
CEAFHardware: undetermined
Cedric the ClownGeneral: Education
Cell GrowthGeneral: Education
ChallengeGame: Puzzle
Character InvaderGeneral: Education
CharactersGeneral: Education
Chaucer PrologueGeneral: Education
Cheetah Hi-Stak FeetHardware: undetermined
ChemalGeneral: Education
Chemical FormulaeGeneral: Education
Chemical TablesGeneral: Education
ChemieGeneral: Education
Chemistry1985Collins Educational LtdGeneral: Education
Chemistry1985Penguin Study SoftwareGeneral: Education
ChemistryGeneral: Education
ChemistryGeneral: Education
ChemistryGeneral: Education
ChemistryGeneral: Education
Chemistry1985Charles Letts & CoGeneral: Education
Chemistry1986Hill MacGibbonGeneral: Education
ChemistryGeneral: Education
ChemistryGeneral: Education
Chemistry – O-Level Revision and CSE1984Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Chemistry – Practice & Tests O Level1984Sphere SoftwareGeneral: Education
Chemistry ‘O’ Level1983CalistoGeneral: Education
Chemistry 11983Think Tank Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Chemistry Series O Level Vol 11982Calpac Computer SoftwareGeneral: Education
Chemistry TestGeneral: Education
Chess StudiesGeneral: Education
Child’s PlayGeneral: Education
Child’s PlayGeneral: Education
Chimica [1]General: Education
Chimica [2]General: Education
ChoquesGeneral: Education
Chord DictionaryGeneral: Education
ChordataGeneral: Education
ChordoutGeneral: Education
Chuvash LanguageGeneral: Education
Ciencias NaturalesGeneral: Education
Circles and Squares and Other ShapesGeneral: Education
Circuit Board Scramble1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
ClavesGeneral: Education
ClavichordGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Blockbuster1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – General Knowledge1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – History Mystery1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Jungle Jumble1983Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Melody Maker1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Music1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Party Time1983Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Sam Safety1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – ScienceGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Shipshapes1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Star Trucker1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Supplementary Knowledge Pack1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – The Arts1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever Clogs – Whizz Quiz1984Computer TutorGeneral: Education
Clever DickGeneral: Education
Clever GamesGeneral: Education
ClockfaceGeneral: Education
ClownGeneral: Education
ClownGeneral: Education
Clown Arithmetic 1General: Education
Co-DerHardware: Cassette
Cobra Power Supply BufferHardware: undetermined
Collision RegulationsEducational (Misc)
ColourGeneral: Education
Combinatoria [1]General: Education
Combinatoria [2]General: Education
CometGeneral: Education
Cometa di HalleyGallerini FabioGeneral: Education
Cometa HalleyGeneral: Education
CommunicatorGeneral: Education
Como se Construye un Programa Comercial IIIGeneral: Education
Complex Maths… WITH DRAGONS!Game: Educational
Component DiagramsGeneral: Education
Comprehensive French VerbsGeneral: Education
ComputableHardware: undetermined
Computer Assisted Propagation StudiesJohn BraneganGeneral: Education
Computer Care KitHardware: undetermined
Computer CaseHardware: undetermined
Computer CaseHardware: undetermined
Computer Case HC/1Hardware: undetermined
Computer CoverHardware: undetermined
Computer Cover and StandHardware: undetermined
Computer ScienceGeneral: Education
Computer Studies1985Charles Letts & CoGeneral: Education
Computer StudiesGeneral: Education
Computer Studies1985Collins Educational LtdGeneral: Education
Computer Studies – O-Level Revision and CSE1984Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Computer Studies – O’Level & CSEGeneral: Education
Computilt StandHardware: undetermined
ConejosGeneral: Education
ConstellationGeneral: Education
Conway’s LifeGeneral: Education
Cool-It UnitHardware: undetermined
Copy Cats + Spell CatsCompilation
CorplanGeneral: Education
Corriente Continua: Ley de OhmGeneral: Education
Corso di ChitarraGeneral: Education
CortesGeneral: Education
CountGeneral: Education
Count 100General: Education
Count and Add1992LanderGeneral: Education
Count CatsGeneral: Education
Count to TenGeneral: Education
Count with Oliver1984Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Countabout1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
CountaboutGeneral: Education
CountdownGeneral: Education
CountdownGeneral: Education
CountexGeneral: Education
CountingGeneral: Education
Counting CatsGeneral: Education
Countries and CapitalsGeneral: Education
Countries of the World1982Hewson Consultants LtdGeneral: Education
CP/M 2.2: Modulo de EntrenamientoGeneral: Education
Crime QuizGeneral: Education
Crime ScreenGeneral: Education
Cross CountryGeneral: Education
CrusherGeneral: Education
Csavargás a gombák birodalmábanGame: Educational
Cuadrado MalditoGeneral: Education
CuartosGeneral: Education
CuerpoGeneral: Education
Cuerpo HumanoGeneral: Education
Cup and Bowl1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Curso de AstronomiaGeneral: Education
Curso Elementar de BasicGeneral: Education
Cursos Educativos – Matematicas1985Monser S.A.General: Education
Cycle Code TestGeneral: Education
CyclingGeneral: Education
CyferkiGeneral: Education
CyklotronGeneral: Education
CytologieGeneral: Education
Czas RelatywistycznyGeneral: Education
Czasowniki Nieregularne cz. 1PolmerGeneral: Education
Cztery DzialaniaPolmerGeneral: Education
Czytaj i Pisz po AngielskuGeneral: Education
D-Logic1983SciCAL Software LtdGeneral: Education
D.C.1983SciCAL Software LtdGeneral: Education
Dam and BlastGeneral: Education
Dam AttackGeneral: Education
Dance Fantasy1984Fisher-Price Learning SoftwareGeneral: Education
Dartscore + BalanceGeneral: Education
Data Design PadHardware: undetermined
Data-BinderHardware: undetermined
Datel Electronic DemagnetiserHardware: Cassette
Dave’s Dilemmas Part I1987MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
Dave’s Dilemmas Part II1987MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
Dave’s Dilemmas Part III1987MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
De Tafels van VermenigvuldigingGame: Educational
DecimalsGeneral: Education
Depth ChargeGeneral: Education
Derivadas [1]General: Education
Desarrollos de TaylorGeneral: Education
DescolocasGeneral: Education
Desk ConsoleHardware: undetermined
Desktop ConsoleHardware: undetermined
DespejarGeneral: Education
DeutschGeneral: Education
DiabetesGeneral: Education
DiceGeneral: Education
Didacticiales1984Logical Software CenterGeneral: Education
Didactico1985Javier AmadorGeneral: Education
Didaktik M: HardwareGeneral: Education
Didaktik M: KlávesnicaGeneral: Education
Didaktik M: Ukážky grafiky a zvukuGeneral: Education
Dieta CientificaGeneral: Education
Dieta y SaludGeneral: Education
DigestivoGeneral: Education
Digital ElectronicsGeneral: Education
Dinosaurs1984Piper SoftwareGeneral: Education
Dinosaurs1993THDGeneral: Education
DinoSorcererEducational (Misc)
Disc DoublerHardware: undetermined
Discovery for Over FivesGeneral: Education
Disease Dodgers1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Diseases of the HeartGeneral: Education
DivisionGeneral: Education
Division SumsEducational (Misc)
Dizzy HelpEducational (Misc)
Dober Dan, Matematika!General: Education
Doll and DrumGeneral: Education
Donald’s Alphabet Chase1991Disney SoftwareGeneral: Education
Dopasowanie WielomianoweGeneral: Education
Dot Crawl SuppressorHardware: Add-on
Drgania Zlozone1984Stefan ZyczkowskiGeneral: Education
Driving LessonGeneral: Education
Driving TestGeneral: Education
DucksGeneral: Education
DuckshootGeneral: Education
Duckworth Highway Code1985Duckworth Educational ComputingGeneral: Education
Dust Cover for SpectrumHardware: undetermined
DyktandoGeneral: Education
DyktulaGeneral: Education
Dyslexia Beater1984Dunitz SoftwareGeneral: Education
Dzwignia1988P.J.S.General: Education
Early Punctuation1983Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
EasireaderHardware: undetermined
Eastbourne ProjectGeneral: Education
Easy MathsGeneral: Education
Easy TimeGeneral: Education
EasyloadHardware: undetermined
Eca de Queiroz – Os MaiasGeneral: Education
Economic GeographyGeneral: Education
EconomicsGeneral: Education
Editor de LineaGeneral: Education
Educate 1General: Education
Educate 2General: Education
Educate 31984Simon SoftwareGeneral: Education
Education OneGeneral: Education
Educational Cassette OneGeneral: Education
Educational Compendium1984Orwin SoftwareGeneral: Education
Educational Template ProgramGeneral: Education
Eider SwitchHardware: Add-on
Eider Switch 2Hardware: Add-on
Eighteenth Century EuropeGeneral: Education
El DuendeGeneral: Education
El Esqueleto HumanoGeneral: Education
El OasisGeneral: Education
El TesoroGeneral: Education
El TorreonGeneral: Education
Electoral Suite DocumentationGeneral: Education
ElectricityGeneral: Education
Electro/CalculGeneral: Education
Electronic Learners GuideGeneral: Education
Electronics KitGeneral: Education
Element SerpentGeneral: Education
Elementary MathsGeneral: Education
ElementosGeneral: Education
Elementos QuimicosGeneral: Education
ElementsGeneral: Education
Enciclopedia Bompiani – Arte1984Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Bompiani Sonzogno ETASGeneral: Education
Enciclopedia Bompiani – Medicina1984Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Bompiani Sonzogno ETASGeneral: Education
Enciclopedia Bompiani – Religione1984Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Bompiani Sonzogno ETASGeneral: Education
Enciclopedia Bompiani – Scienze Naturali1984Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Bompiani Sonzogno ETASGeneral: Education
Enciclopedia Bompiani – Scienze Pure1984Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Bompiani Sonzogno ETASGeneral: Education
Enciclopedia Bompiani – Sintesi Cronologica1984Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Bompiani Sonzogno ETASGeneral: Education
EndingsGeneral: Education
Engines1984Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
Engleski JezikGeneral: Education
Engleski Jezik 2General: Education
EnglishGeneral: Education
English 1General: Education
English for Everybody1986Grzegorz GolaGeneral: Education
English LanguageGeneral: Education
English Language TutorsGeneral: Education
English Lessons and TestsGeneral: Education
English LiteratureGeneral: Education
English Literature 11982Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
English TownsGeneral: Education
English VerbsGeneral: Education
Englishskills I1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Englishskills II1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Enigma VariationsGeneral: Education
Enjoy Maths1983Silverlind LtdGeneral: Education
Equation of a Line1983ScotsoftGeneral: Education
Equations1984Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Ervaders1986I.E.C. SoftwareGeneral: Education
EscapeGeneral: Education
Escape from EgyptGeneral: Education
EspanaGeneral: Education
EsperantoGeneral: Education
Esperimedia 2: Statistica1983Rebit ComputerGeneral: Education
Esperimedia 3: IRPEF1983Rebit ComputerGeneral: Education
EspersoftGeneral: Education
Espionage1984Modular Resources LtdGeneral: Education
Estadistica: Regresion Lineal1984J.A. Lajarin SoftwareGeneral: Education
Estimator Racer1984Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Estrellas y ConstelacionesGeneral: Education
Euro TriviaGeneral: Education
Europa [1]General: Education
Europa [2]General: Education
EuropeGeneral: Education
Europe1985General: Education
Europe 1789-1870General: Education
Europe 1870-1950General: Education
Europe Quiz + World MapsCasual Game: Quiz
European Countries and CapitalsEducational (Misc)
European HistoryGeneral: Education
EvolutionGeneral: Education
Excercises of English Grammar [1]General: Education
Excercises of English Grammar [2]General: Education
ExpediçãoGame: Educational
ExposeGeneral: Education
F-ScapesGeneral: Education
FactfileGeneral: Education
FactoresGeneral: Education
Fair SharesGeneral: Education
Fairshare1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Famous Blast WordsGeneral: Education
Fases LunaresGeneral: Education
FatherboardHardware: undetermined
FilmationGeneral: Education
Find the TreasureGeneral: Education
FindersGeneral: Education
Fire FightGeneral: Education
Firework MusicGeneral: Education
Firework Music + TunerCompilation
First Aid1982Network Computer Systems LtdGeneral: Education
First AidGeneral: Education
First Letters and WordsGeneral: Education
First Moves1985Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
First Numbers1983Collins Educational LtdGeneral: Education
First Steps with the Mr. Men1983Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Fisherman SamGeneral: Education
Fishing for NumbersGeneral: Education
Fisica: ElectricidadGeneral: Education
Fisica: MecanicaGeneral: Education
Five Little Ducks1984ArrowGeneral: Education
Flagi Panstw EuropejskichPolmerGeneral: Education
Fletcher’s Castle1984Fernleaf Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Flexible Edge ConnectorHardware: undetermined
Fol-De-RolEducational (Misc)
Follow MeGeneral: Education
Force Astro WorkstationHardware: undetermined
ForensicGeneral: Education
Forest RangerGeneral: Education
Format 4 KitHardware: undetermined
Formula Package1983Cloud 9 SoftwareGeneral: Education
Formulae and Compounds1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
FormularGeneral: Education
FormulasGeneral: Education
ForthGeneral: Education
Four Games for ChildrenGeneral: Education
Four Stroke EngineEducational (Misc)
Fourier AnalysisGeneral: Education
FraccionesGeneral: Education
FraccionesGeneral: Education
FractionGeneral: Education
Fraction Fever1984Spinnaker Software CorporationGeneral: Education
FractionsGeneral: Education
FractionsGeneral: Education
FractionsEducational (Misc)
Fractions 1General: Education
Fractions 1General: Education
Fractions 2General: Education
Fractions 2General: Education
Français Niveau 1General: Education
FrancesGeneral: Education
FrancesGeneral: Education
Francouzština – Extra SetEducational (Misc)
FrenchGeneral: Education
FrenchGeneral: Education
French1986Hill MacGibbonGeneral: Education
FrenchGeneral: Education
French – O-Level Revision and CSEGeneral: Education
French CrosswordsGeneral: Education
French DictationGeneral: Education
French for the BeginnerGeneral: Education
French is Fun1983CDS MicrosystemsGeneral: Education
French Listening ComprehensionGeneral: Education
French ShoppingIGSGeneral: Education
French Tuition – Diagnostic TapeGeneral: Education
French Tuition – Future TenseGeneral: Education
French Tuition – Perfect TenseCompilation
French Tuition – VocabularyGeneral: Education
French TutorGeneral: Education
French TutorialGeneral: Education
French Verb TutorGeneral: Education
French VerbsGeneral: Education
French VerbsGeneral: Education
French Vocab TutorGeneral: Education
French Vocabulary1983Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
French VocabularyGeneral: Education
French Vocabulary Test1983Tutorial SoftwareGeneral: Education
Friend or FoeGeneral: Education
FriendlyGeneral: Education
FuerzasGeneral: Education
Full Size CaseHardware: undetermined
Fun MathsGeneral: Education
Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year Olds1989Database Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun School 2 for the Over-8s1989Database Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun School 2 for the Under-6s1989Database Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun School 3 for 5-7 Year Olds1991Database Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun School 3 for the Over-7s1991Database Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun School 3 for the Under-5s1991Database Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun School 4 for 5-7 Year Olds1992Europress SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun School 4 for 7-11 Year Olds1992Europress SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun School 4 for the Under-5s1992Europress SoftwareGeneral: Education
Fun TestGeneral: Education
Fun to Learn1984Shards Software LtdGeneral: Education
Fun with NumbersGeneral: Education
Fun with WordsGeneral: Education
FuncionesGeneral: Education
Funciones Vitales del Cuerpo Humano1986Tasoft S.A.General: Education
Functions and EquationsGeneral: Education
Fundamental Algebra1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Funkcja Kwadratowa1987Krajowa Agencja WydawniczaGeneral: Education
FunkcjeGeneral: Education
Fysikh B Gymnasioy1987GREEK SoftwareGeneral: Education
G.C.E. ‘A’ Level MathematicsGeneral: Education
G.C.E. ‘O’ Level ChemistryGeneral: Education
G.C.E. ‘O’ Level MathematicsGeneral: Education
G.C.E. ‘O’ Level Physics1983Homestudy LtdGeneral: Education
G.C.S.E. MathematicsGeneral: Education
G.C.S.E. PhysicsGeneral: Education
G.C.S.E. SpanishGeneral: Education
Galaxy Dust CoverHardware: undetermined
Game of LifeGeneral: Education
Games BoardHardware: Keyboard
Games TestGeneral: Education
Garden BirdsGeneral: Education
Garden BirdsGeneral: Education
GCSE FrenchGeneral: Education
GCSE GermanGeneral: Education
GCSE ItalianGeneral: Education
GeneGeneral: Education
General Mathematical ProgramGeneral: Education
GeoGeneral: Education
Geo ArgentinaGeneral: Education
GeografiaGeneral: Education
GeografiaGeneral: Education
GeografiaGeneral: Education
Geografia de EspañaGame: Educational
Geografia de Espana I1984MicrogesaGeneral: Education
Geografia de Espana IIGeneral: Education
Geografia de Europa1985MicrogesaGeneral: Education
Geografia ExtremenaGeneral: Education
Geografia Polityczna EuropyGeneral: Education
Geografia PolskiGeneral: Education
GeographyGeneral: Education
GeographyGeneral: Education
GeographyGeneral: Education
GeographyGeneral: Education
GeographyGeneral: Education
GeographyGeneral: Education
Geography 11982Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Geography 1General: Education
Geography 2General: Education
Geography HuntGeneral: Education
GeologiaGeneral: Education
GeologyGeneral: Education
GeometestGeneral: Education
GeometriaGeneral: Education
GeometriaGeneral: Education
GeometriaSoftware SpectrumGeneral: Education
Geometria IIGeneral: Education
Geometria Przestrzenna 1PolmerGeneral: Education
GeometryGeneral: Education
Geometry1983Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Geometry Test1983General: Education
Geovideo 4Paulo Sergio CoelhoGeneral: Education
GermanGeneral: Education
GermanGeneral: Education
GermanEducational (Misc)
GermanGeneral: Education
German is Fun1983CDS MicrosystemsGeneral: Education
German Language Education SystemGeneral: Education
German Vocabulary TestGeneral: Education
Getset1983Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Giant’s Dinner1984Fowler SoftwareCompilation
GigantulaGeneral: Education
Glider1984Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Go Micro1984Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
GobbledegookGeneral: Education
Goblin MathsGeneral: Education
Golden AppleGeneral: Education
Goldilocks1984ArrowGeneral: Education
Good Questions – Lawbreaking1987MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
Good Questions – Lifeskills1987MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
Good Questions – Relationships1987MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
Goofy’s Railway ExpressGeneral: Education
Grade 1 Theory of Music1987Ted KirkGeneral: Education
Gramatica Inglesa: Diccionario Ingles-Espanol Iniciacion1985Microparadise SoftwareGeneral: Education
Gramatica Inglesa: Present Simple1985Microparadise SoftwareGeneral: Education
Grammar ModulesGeneral: Education
Grammar TutorialGeneral: Education
Granny’s GardenGeneral: Education
Graphic Planner PadHardware: undetermined
Graphic Planning GridsHardware: undetermined
Graphic Planning PadsHardware: undetermined
Graphics GridHardware: undetermined
Graphics Pad KitHardware: undetermined
Graphics PadsHardware: undetermined
Grimm’s Fairy TrailsEducational (Misc)
Guide to Greater LondonGeneral: Education
GuillotineGeneral: Education
GuitarGeneral: Education
Guitar for BeginnersGeneral: Education
Guitar Tutor1991Nova Software [2]General: Education
Guitar TutorGeneral: Education
Guitar Tutor 1General: Education
Guitar Tutor 2General: Education
GuitutorGeneral: Education
Hadrian’s WallGeneral: Education
Hair DefendersGeneral: Education
Halley1985FairsoftGeneral: Education
HalleyGeneral: Education
Halley’s CometGeneral: Education
Halley’s Comet1986Anima Scientific ComputingGeneral: Education
Halley’s CometGeneral: Education
Halley’s CometGeneral: Education
Halley’s CometGeneral: Education
HallotronGeneral: Education
HamletGeneral: Education
Handy MathsGeneral: Education
Handy-Kap Dust CoverHardware: undetermined
Handy-Kap Monitor StandHardware: undetermined
HangmanGeneral: Education
HangmanGeneral: Education
Hangman MathsGeneral: Education
HangpersonGeneral: Education
Hansel and Gretel1984ArrowGeneral: Education
Happy Flower1984LaussoftwareGeneral: Education
Hasta 10General: Education
Hasta 5General: Education
Heart and CirculationGeneral: Education
HeatrapHardware: Add-on
Heli-Maths1984Kerian UK LtdGeneral: Education
Henrietta’s Book of Spells1990ScetlanderGeneral: Education
Henry IV Part 1General: Education
Henry IV Part 11985Charles Letts & CoGeneral: Education
Here and There with the Mr. Men1985Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Hexan1987Krajowa Agencja WydawniczaGeneral: Education
Hi Bouncer!General: Education
Hi-Res Graphics Plotting PadHardware: undetermined
Hi-Res PlannerHardware: undetermined
Hi-StakHardware: undetermined
Hickory Dickory DockGeneral: Education
HickstedGeneral: Education
Hidden Letters1983Poppy ProgramsGeneral: Education
Highway Code1984Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Highway Code1984CRL Group PLCGeneral: Education
Highway CodeGame: Educational
Highway Code1985DatekGeneral: Education
Highway TestGeneral: Education
HighwireGeneral: Education
Histoire1983ERE InformatiqueGeneral: Education
HistoriaGeneral: Education
História de PortugalGeneral: Education
HistoryGeneral: Education
HistoryGeneral: Education
History 11982Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Hobbit 8030Hardware: Computer
HolidayGeneral: Education
Home Builder1987CoxsoftGeneral: Education
Home Computer Starter KitHardware: undetermined
Home TutorCasual Game: Quiz
Home TutorGeneral: Education
Homework/Revision ProgramGeneral: Education
HomophonesGeneral: Education
Honky TonkGeneral: Education
Hooray for Henrietta1990ScetlanderGeneral: Education
HorasGeneral: Education
Hot Dot Spotter1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
HouseGeneral: Education
HousebuilderGeneral: Education
HousesGeneral: Education
HousesGeneral: Education
How Long Have You Got?General: Education
How Machines WorkGeneral: Education
Humpty DumptyGeneral: Education
Humpty Dumpty1983Widgit Software LtdGeneral: Education
HydrocarbonsGame: Educational
Identify Europe1987Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
Identikit1983Stell SoftwareGeneral: Education
Il Guerra MundialGeneral: Education
Il Sistema SolareGeneral: Education
Images1985SciCAL Software LtdGeneral: Education
Infant IQ TestGeneral: Education
InformaticsGeneral: Education
Information ProcessingGeneral: Education
InglesGeneral: Education
InglesGeneral: Education
Iniciacion al BASICGeneral: Education
Initiation au BASIC 11984Infogrames [FR]General: Education
Initiation au BASIC 21984Infogrames [FR]General: Education
Initiation au BASIC 31984Infogrames [FR]General: Education
Initiation au BASIC 41984Infogrames [FR]General: Education
Inside, Outside EarthGeneral: Education
Instrucciones TrucoOrlando Anibal FiladelfiGeneral: Education
Integracion y DeferenciacionGeneral: Education
Integracion y Diferenciacion: IntegralesGeneral: Education
IntegralGeneral: Education
Integrales Indefinidas IGeneral: Education
Integrales Indefinidas IIGeneral: Education
Intermediate English 11982Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Intermediate English 21982Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Intermediate Level ElectronicsGeneral: Education
Intermediate Level FrenchGeneral: Education
Intermediate Level Geography1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Intermediate Level GermanGeneral: Education
Intermediate Level Maths Plus1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Intermediate Level Science1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Intermediate Maths 11982Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Intermediate Maths 21984Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Introducing Science Extra – Using Your ComputerBBC SoftwareGeneral: Education
Introduction to EconomicsCompilation
Introduction To MicrocomputersEducational (Misc)
Introduction To Microcomputers: End Of Side OneEducational (Misc)
Introduction to TrigonometryGeneral: Education
Introduction to Trigonometry1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Invader MathsGeneral: Education
Inventions 11982Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
InventosGeneral: Education
Inves Spectrum+ Guia de Funcionamiento1986Investronica S.A.General: Education
Invisible Man1983Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Irregular VerbsGeneral: Education
Is and AreGeneral: Education
ItaliaGeneral: Education
Italia TourGeneral: Education
Italian is Fun1984CDS MicrosystemsGeneral: Education
Jack and the PiratesGeneral: Education
Jack in CrazylandGeneral: Education
Jack in Magicland1985Turtle SoftwareGeneral: Education
Jeremy1984King SoftwareGeneral: Education
JMB PoemsGeneral: Education
JumbleGeneral: Education
JumboluxEducational (Misc)
Jungle Maths1983ScisoftGeneral: Education
Junior ArithmeticGeneral: Education
Junior ArithmeticGeneral: Education
Junior MathsGeneral: Education
Junior MathsGeneral: Education
Junior MathsGeneral: Education
Junior MathsGeneral: Education
Junior Maths Pack1984Micro-Mart SoftwareGeneral: Education
Junior Maths Tape 1Educational (Misc)
Junior School TutorGeneral: Education
Junior Wordsplits1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Just a Mot: French VocabularyGeneral: Education
Kaart van NederlandGeneral: Education
Kappa Keyboard Cartridge BoxHardware: undetermined
Kelwood (almost) Wireless WorkstationHardware: undetermined
Kelwood Backpack 1Hardware: undetermined
Key Board TrainerGeneral: Education
Keyboard CoverHardware: undetermined
Keymania: Return to FuckGeneral: Education
Keypanel KitsHardware: undetermined
KeyStaveGeneral: Education
Kid GramsGeneral: Education
Kids on Keys1984Spinnaker Software CorporationGeneral: Education
KimingGeneral: Education
Kindercomp1984Spinnaker Software CorporationGeneral: Education
Kinematyka1985Preisler IndustriesGeneral: Education
Kinetisches GasmodellEducational (Misc)
Kings and Queens1983General: Education
Klávesnice1992Pavel PlívaGeneral: Education
Klio 11987Krajowe Wydawnictwo CzasopismGeneral: Education
Klio 21988Warszawskie Wydawnictwo PrasoweGeneral: Education
Klokkijken Analoog + Klokkijken DigitaalGeneral: Education
Know Your Own Personality1985Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Know Your Own Psi-Q1985Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Know Your Tables1983Collins Educational LtdGeneral: Education
Knowledge Quiz – 9/99 Yrs1984Micro-De-Bug ConsultancyGeneral: Education
Koekoek – Koekoek1984EdusystemsGeneral: Education
Kohs Blocks1995InforcomGeneral: Education
KuhajmoGeneral: Education
La Biblia del “Hacker”General: Education
La Biblia del “Hacker” 4General: Education
La Biblia del “Hacker” XIVGeneral: Education
La Constitucion EspanolaInvestronica S.A.General: Education
La Course aux LettresGeneral: Education
Laberinto MatematicoGeneral: Education
LancuchyGeneral: Education
LanguageGeneral: Education
Language Development Series1983Micro MasterGeneral: Education
Language TutorGeneral: Education
Language TutorGeneral: Education
Language Usage1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Language VocabulariesGeneral: Education
Las Variables del SistemaGeneral: Education
Latein Training IGeneral: Education
Learn BASIC Programming on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum1984Logic 3General: Education
Learn BASIC Programming on the Sinclair ZX SpectrumBook: Spiral bound
Learn ChessGeneral: Education
Learn German Words with Das SchlossGeneral: Education
Learn Machine CodeGeneral: Education
Learn to Break Dance + Graffiti ArtistGeneral: Education
Learn to Play GuitarGeneral: Education
Learn to Read 11983Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Learn to Read 21983Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Learn to Read 31983Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Learn to Read 41983Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Learn to Read 51983Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Learn to Read EarlyGeneral: Education
Learn to Read with Prof – Level 11990Prisma SoftwareGeneral: Education
Learn with TedGeneral: Education
Learn Your TablesGeneral: Education
Learner DriverGeneral: Education
Learning BoxGeneral: Education
Learning Fractions + Using FractionsGeneral: Education
Learning French: Eiffel Tower1983Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Learning Lab StartersGame: Educational
Learning Spanish: Made in SpainGeneral: Education
Learning to ReadGeneral: Education
Learning TreeGeneral: Education
Learning with Leeper1985Software Projects LtdGeneral: Education
Learning with the SpectrumGeneral: Education
Leaves and BranchesGeneral: Education
Left and Right1983Peak MathematicsGeneral: Education
Left Right, Left Right1986I.E.C. SoftwareGeneral: Education
LenslokHardware: undetermined
LensrayGeneral: Education
Lernon EsperantoGeneral: Education
Letter WriterGeneral: Education
LettersGeneral: Education
Letters + Alphashift + SemaphoreCompilation
Letters and NumbersGeneral: Education
Ley de OhmGeneral: Education
LifeGeneral: Education
Life1997Free GlozedGeneral: Education
LifeGeneral: Education
LifeGeneral: Education
LifeGeneral: Education
LifeGeneral: Education
Life1997SupervisorGeneral: Education
LifeGeneral: Education
Life No. 2General: Education
Linie SwiataGeneral: Education
Linkword French1984Silversoft LtdGeneral: Education
Linkword German1984Silversoft LtdGeneral: Education
Linkword ItalianGeneral: Education
Linkword Spanish1984Silversoft LtdGeneral: Education
Little Miss MuffetGeneral: Education
Lock-KeeperGeneral: Education
Lock-KeeperGeneral: Education
Logic GamesGeneral: Education
Logic Levels1984Fisher-Price Learning SoftwareGeneral: Education
Logic Problems1983BEAP AssociatesGeneral: Education
Logica 1General: Education
LogoGeneral: Education
Long DivisionGeneral: Education
Long Multiplication SumsEducational (Misc)
Los Gases: Ley de Boyle-MariotteGeneral: Education
Los Gases: Ley de Gay-LussacGeneral: Education
Love Oracle1985Solar PublishingGeneral: Education
Lozysko1987BKGeneral: Education
Lunar Letters1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Lunar SearchGeneral: Education
Lutterworth Maths TutorGeneral: Education
Macek Muri Steje in Racuna1985Brut FilmGeneral: Education
Machine Code TeacherGeneral: Education
MacMan and the Caber Eater1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
MacMan and the Great Escape1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
MacMan in the Treasure Caves1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
MacMan’s Magic Mirror1984Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Macro-LifeGeneral: Education
MacroeconomicsGeneral: Education
Magic1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Magnets1984Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
MagpieGeneral: Education
Mains Filter AdaptorHardware: undetermined
Make-a-Chip1984Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Make-a-Face1984Spinnaker Software CorporationGeneral: Education
Manage1983CCSGeneral: Education
Manje-ViseGeneral: Education
Mansfield ParkGeneral: Education
Mansfield ParkGeneral: Education
Mantrik AnglickyGeneral: Education
Mantrik Editor – ProfesorGeneral: Education
Mantrik NemeckyGeneral: Education
Manuale di Geometria SolidaEdizioni JCEGeneral: Education
Map of the UK1983Kuma Computers LtdGeneral: Education
Map ReadingGeneral: Education
MapaGeneral: Education
Mapgame1985Erbe Software S.A.General: Education
MapmakerHardware: undetermined
MapperGeneral: Education
MapworkEducational (Misc)
Marder Battery Back UpHardware: undetermined
Margana1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mark BookGeneral: Education
Marks BookGeneral: Education
Master Class – Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Introduction to Programming Level 1General: Education
Master Class – Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Introduction to Programming Level 2General: Education
MasterbardGeneral: Education
MasterchemGeneral: Education
MastermindGeneral: Education
MasterplugHardware: undetermined
MatematicaGeneral: Education
MatematicaSoftware SpectrumGeneral: Education
Matematica 11983Rebit ComputerGeneral: Education
Matematica InfantilGeneral: Education
Matematicas1983Investronica S.A.General: Education
MathGeneral: Education
Math1983ERE InformatiqueGeneral: Education
Math MazeGeneral: Education
Math Wizardry I1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Math Wizardry II1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Mathemagic LandGeneral: Education
MathematicsGeneral: Education
Mathematics – 8-11 YrsGeneral: Education
Mathematics – O-Level Revision and CSE1984Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mathematics – Practice & Tests O Level1984Sphere SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mathematics ‘O’ Level1983CalistoGeneral: Education
Mathematik1984Uwe HaferlandGeneral: Education
Maths1986Hill MacGibbonGeneral: Education
MathsGeneral: Education
MathsGeneral: Education
MathsGeneral: Education
MathsGeneral: Education
MathsGeneral: Education
MathsGeneral: Education
MathsGeneral: Education
MathsGame: Educational
MathsGame: Educational
MathsGeneral: Education
Maths – 12-14 YrsGeneral: Education
Maths – CSEGeneral: Education
Maths 1General: Education
Maths 1General: Education
Maths 2General: Education
Maths 2General: Education
Maths 3General: Education
Maths 4General: Education
Maths 5General: Education
Maths Box 1General: Education
Maths Box 2General: Education
Maths FarmGeneral: Education
Maths Invaders1984Stell SoftwareGeneral: Education
Maths MasterGeneral: Education
Maths MazeGeneral: Education
Maths Part I1983ScisoftGeneral: Education
Maths Part IIGeneral: Education
Maths ProgramGeneral: Education
Maths RevisionGeneral: Education
Maths SprintGeneral: Education
Maths TestGeneral: Education
Maths TestGeneral: Education
Maths TestGeneral: Education
Maths TestEducational (Misc)
Maths TutorGeneral: Education
Maths Tutor for the Spectrum1984Century Communications LtdGeneral: Education
Maths/PlacevalGeneral: Education
Mathskills I1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Mathskills II1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
MathstedGeneral: Education
MathZXEducational (Misc)
MatmaGeneral: Education
Matrices y EcuacionesGeneral: Education
Matrices y Sistemas Lineales1984ABC SoftGeneral: Education
MazeGeneral: Education
Maze1984Malan AssociatesGeneral: Education
Maze + HyperspaceCompilation
MC10General: Education
MC5General: Education
MC6AGeneral: Education
MC6BGeneral: Education
MC7General: Education
MC8General: Education
MC9General: Education
Medias HorasGeneral: Education
Mega RuleHardware: undetermined
Mental Arithmetic1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Merit Chemistry1985J&L Randall LtdGeneral: Education
Merkkisaannot Ja PotenssitOtavaGeneral: Education
Messier ListGeneral: Education
Meteor ShowersGeneral: Education
Metrics Quiz1983Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
MexicoGeneral: Education
Mexico 86 [2]General: Education
Mickey’s Crossword Puzzle MakerGeneral: Education
Mickey’s Runaway ZooGeneral: Education
Micro Maths1984LCLGeneral: Education
Micro Primer – Software Pack 1General: Education
Micro Primer – Software Pack 2General: Education
Micro Primer – Software Pack 3General: Education
Micro Primer – Software Pack 41983Microelectronics Education ProgrammeGeneral: Education
Micro User T-shirts and SweatshirtsHardware: undetermined
Micro_RackHardware: undetermined
Micro-ConsoleHardware: undetermined
Micro-TidyHardware: undetermined
MicroBaseHardware: undetermined
Microbug1983Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
Microbyte Protection UnitHardware: undetermined
Microdrive Storage BoxHardware: undetermined
Microdrive Transfer SheetsHardware: undetermined
Microeconomics 1General: Education
Microeconomics 2General: Education
Microfitness1985VO2General: Education
MicroframeHardware: Add-on
Mind that HOle!General: Education
Mini Language AidGeneral: Education
Mini-VacHardware: undetermined
MinutosGeneral: Education
Missing Words1983Stell SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mister Mac’s Day1984ArrowGeneral: Education
MitrumsGeneral: Education
MittelwelleGeneral: Education
Mix and Match with MaggieGeneral: Education
Model Maths1983Jive SoftwareGeneral: Education
Model UniverseGeneral: Education
Mole: Chemistry CalculationsGeneral: Education
Money1983Stell SoftwareGeneral: Education
MoneyGeneral: Education
Monte CarloGeneral: Education
Monte Carlo RallyGeneral: Education
MoonGeneral: Education
Morse CodeGeneral: Education
Morse CodeGeneral: Education
Morse Code1985General: Education
Morse Code PracticeGeneral: Education
Morse Code ReadingGeneral: Education
Morse Code TutorGeneral: Education
Morse PracticeGeneral: Education
Morse TesterGeneral: Education
Morse TutorGeneral: Education
Morse TutorGeneral: Education
Morse Tutor1987Technical SoftwareGeneral: Education
Morse TutorGeneral: Education
Morse TutorGeneral: Education
Morse TutorGeneral: Education
Motion1983SciCAL Software LtdGeneral: Education
Motorist MathsGeneral: Education
Motorway Mastermind1985West Midlands County CouncilGeneral: Education
Movimiento ParabolicoGeneral: Education
Mr Smarty – Mental ArithmeticGeneral: Education
Mr T Meets His Match1984Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr T Tells The Time1983Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr T’s Alphabet Games1985Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr T’s Jungle Stories1984Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr T’s Measuring Games1984Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr T’s Money Box1983Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr T’s Number Games1983Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr T’s Shape Games1984Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr T’s Simple Sums1984Ebury SoftwareGeneral: Education
Mr. Men Magic StorymakerGeneral: Education
MultiLine PlugHardware: undetermined
Multiple ChoiceGeneral: Education
MultiplicacionGeneral: Education
Multiplication TablesGeneral: Education
MultisetGeneral: Education
Multitron MegamouseHardware: undetermined
Murder Most FoulGeneral: Education
MusculosOrlando Anibal FiladelfiGeneral: Education
MusculosGeneral: Education
Music1984Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Music1983ScotsoftGeneral: Education
Music 11982Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Music AGeneral: Education
Music Educator 1Educational (Misc)
Music Teacher 1&2General: Education
Music WriterGeneral: Education
My Word!1983Papillon SoftwareGeneral: Education
Myself and UsGeneral: Education
Names and CharacterGeneral: Education
National FlagsGeneral: Education
National Flags of EuropeGeneral: Education
Nature Trail1988CoxsoftGeneral: Education
Nauka Jazdy1986Krajowe Wydawnictwo CzasopismGeneral: Education
Navex1983RYAGeneral: Education
Nazwa DniaGeneral: Education
Němčina 11988VD ProgramGeneral: Education
Never Go with Strangers1987Thetford Crime Prevention PanelGeneral: Education
New Testament Background1985BIBLEchipGeneral: Education
Newanatomy1985Inner City UnitGeneral: Education
Newton’s LawsGeneral: Education
Nidd Valley Extender Bar & Reset ButtonHardware: Add-on
Nine Currant Buns1985ArrowGeneral: Education
Nineteenth Century EnglandGeneral: Education
Nineteenth Century EnglandGeneral: Education
No Siempre Sera AsiIndividual Software ServiceGeneral: Education
Nobby’s NumbersGeneral: Education
Nombra el GraficoGeneral: Education
North America MapGeneral: Education
North American IndiansGeneral: Education
Note Invaders1983Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Note TesterGeneral: Education
Nouns & Adjectives1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and AdverbsGeneral: Education
Nuclear Deterrent?General: Education
Number 6General: Education
Number 71983Prime SoftwareGeneral: Education
Number BasesGeneral: Education
Number Code + OddsCompilation
Number EaterGeneral: Education
Number Fun 8General: Education
Number Painter1984Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Number Tumblers1984Fisher-Price Learning SoftwareGeneral: Education
Number WonderlandGeneral: Education
Numberfun1983Griffin Software [2]General: Education
NumbersR.D. Foord SoftwareGeneral: Education
NumbersGeneral: Education
Numbers at Work1984Triptych Publishing LtdGeneral: Education
NumerosGeneral: Education
Numeros ComplejosGeneral: Education
Numeros ComplejosGeneral: Education
Nursery RhymesGeneral: Education
O-Level ChemistryGeneral: Education
O-Level FrenchGeneral: Education
O-Level GCE/CSE Maths TestGeneral: Education
O-Level Revision AidGeneral: Education
O-Level Technical DrawingGeneral: Education
O.S. QuizGeneral: Education
O’Level – CSE Chemistry1982Calpac Computer SoftwareGeneral: Education
O’Level BiologyGeneral: Education
O’Level ChemistryGeneral: Education
O’Level Computer Science1984GCE TutoringGeneral: Education
O’Level Electronics1985GCE TutoringGeneral: Education
O’Level FrenchGeneral: Education
O’Level Maths1986GCE TutoringGeneral: Education
O’Level Physics1984GCE TutoringGeneral: Education
O’Level Technical DrawingGeneral: Education
O/A-Level Physics DefinitionsGeneral: Education
Obroty i SymetriePolmerGeneral: Education
Odbicie SwiatlaPolmerGeneral: Education
Odczytywanie Skali MiernikaPolmerGeneral: Education
Odd One Out1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Oil Strike1984Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Olaf the VikingGeneral: Education
Old MacDonald’s Farm1984Wolters SoftwareGeneral: Education
Ollie Octopus’ Sketchpad1983Storm Software [1]General: Education
Olympics 841984Storm Software [1]General: Education
On/Off SwitchHardware: Add-on
Op-Amp1984SciCAL Software LtdGeneral: Education
Operaciones MatematicasGeneral: Education
OppositesGeneral: Education
OptykaGeneral: Education
OrderingGeneral: Education
OrdlekGeneral: Education
Orm and Cheep: Narrow Squeaks1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Orm and Cheep: The Birthday PartyGeneral: Education
Ortografia 1PolmerGeneral: Education
Os MaiasGeneral: Education
Osprey!General: Education
Otto’s Scrap BookGeneral: Education
Our ClassGeneral: Education
Our Intriguing Solar SystemGeneral: Education
OXO Addition and SubtractionGeneral: Education
OXO AnagramsGeneral: Education
OXO Multiplication and DivisionGeneral: Education
Paddington and the Disappearing Ink1983Collins SoftGeneral: Education
Paddington’s Early Visit1983Collins SoftGeneral: Education
Paddington’s Problem Picture1983Collins SoftGeneral: Education
Paddington’s Shopping Mix-Up1983Collins SoftGeneral: Education
Paper Chase – An Interactive Education (ZxZvm)General: Education
ParaGeneral: Education
ParabelJWE SoftwareGeneral: Education
Paris MetroGeneral: Education
Paris Trip1983Garland SoftwareGeneral: Education
ParticionGeneral: Education
PascalGeneral: Education
Pascal’s Triangle1983Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Pass Your Driving Test1986Audiogenic Software LtdGeneral: Education
Pathfinder1983Widgit Software LtdCompilation
Pazazz1987ASK SoftwareGeneral: Education
PCSS FrenchGeneral: Education
PCSS GermanGeneral: Education
PCSS SpanishGeneral: Education
Peek and PokeGeneral: Education
Peker Assembler CartridgeHardware: undetermined
PentominoesGeneral: Education
Periodic TableGeneral: Education
Personal CarrierHardware: undetermined
Personal Computer Superlearning SystemGeneral: Education
PhaseGeneral: Education
PhotosynthesisGeneral: Education
PhysicsGeneral: Education
PhysicsGeneral: Education
Physics1985Hill MacGibbonGeneral: Education
PhysicsGeneral: Education
PhysicsGeneral: Education
PhysicsGeneral: Education
Physics1985Penguin Study SoftwareGeneral: Education
PhysicsGeneral: Education
Physics1985Collins Educational LtdGeneral: Education
PhysicsGeneral: Education
Physics – O-Level Revision and CSE1985Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Physics – O’Level & CSEGeneral: Education
Physics – OpticsGeneral: Education
Physics – Practice & Tests O Level1984Sphere SoftwareGeneral: Education
Physics ‘A’ Level1983CalistoGeneral: Education
Physics ‘O’ Level ExaminerEducational (Misc)
Physics 11983Think Tank Educational SoftwareGeneral: Education
Physics 10General: Education
Physics 11General: Education
Physics for 10th Class1990EvrikaGeneral: Education
Physics for 7th ClassGeneral: Education
Physics for 8th ClassGeneral: Education
Physics for 9th Class1990EvrikaGeneral: Education
Physik Lernprogramm1983Individual Software ServiceGeneral: Education
Pick a LetterGeneral: Education
PictureGeneral: Education
Picture BookGeneral: Education
Picture Book1984SoftbacksGeneral: Education
Picture LogicGeneral: Education
Picture PlotterGeneral: Education
Pixel-PadHardware: undetermined
PlanetGeneral: Education
Planet MathematicusGeneral: Education
Planet Patrol1984Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
PlanetsGeneral: Education
PlanetsGeneral: Education
PlanisférioGeneral: Education
Plano AfinGeneral: Education
Planos Inclinados IGeneral: Education
Planos Inclinados: Caida LibreGeneral: Education
Play As You LearnGeneral: Education
Play SnookerGeneral: Education
Play SoccerGeneral: Education
Play the GuitarGeneral: Education
Play What I Play1987Ted KirkGeneral: Education
Play’N Learn Codice della StradaGeneral: Education
Play’n Learn: Europa centro meridionaleGeneral: Education
Play’n Learn: Europa settentrionaleGeneral: Education
Play’n Learn: Segnali di pericoloGeneral: Education
Playdays1993Friendly LearningGeneral: Education
PlotterGeneral: Education
Podzielnosc LiczbPolmerGeneral: Education
Polex OneGeneral: Education
Police Patrol IGeneral: Education
Police QuizGeneral: Education
Polinomios1984ABC SoftGeneral: Education
Polinomios IGeneral: Education
Polinomios IIGeneral: Education
Polinomios IIIGeneral: Education
Polinomios IVGeneral: Education
Polozenie CialaGeneral: Education
PolynomitOtavaGeneral: Education
PorcentajesGeneral: Education
Porcentajes y ProporcionesGeneral: Education
Potegi i PierwiastkiPolmerGeneral: Education
Power Base StandHardware: undetermined
Power BufferHardware: undetermined
Pozycje Milosne1987ERL Computer SoftwareGeneral: Education
Praca z Tekstem 1PolmerGeneral: Education
Practicas de InglesGeneral: Education
Prawa DziedzicznosciPolmerGeneral: Education
Prawa KirchhoffaPolmerGeneral: Education
Prawa Zalamania SwiatlaPolmerGeneral: Education
Pre-School and Early School Tutor1983Essex SoftwareGeneral: Education
Predkosc i PrzyspieszenieGeneral: Education
PreppoGeneral: Education
Presidentes y VicepresidentesOrlando Anibal FiladelfiGeneral: Education
Press and Match + Animal CrackersGeneral: Education
Primary Arithmetic1982Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Primary Maths 1General: Education
Primary Maths 2General: Education
Primary School ArithmeticGeneral: Education
Primary School MathematicsGeneral: Education
Prince, Princess and the Wicked WitchGeneral: Education
Principles of ComputingGeneral: Education
Principles of GeneticsGeneral: Education
PrintGeneral: Education
Print’n’Plotter ConsoleHardware: undetermined
Print’n’Plotter Keyboard OverlaysHardware: undetermined
Profesor DieteticoGeneral: Education
Program CopyholderHardware: undetermined
Program Design PadsHardware: undetermined
Programa de Adiestramiento con Ordenador1984Investronica S.A.General: Education
Programming ChartHardware: undetermined
Programs for Apprentices and StudentsGeneral: Education
Progresiones y SucesionesGeneral: Education
ProjectileGeneral: Education
Promieniotworczosc NaturalnaGeneral: Education
Provincias de Espana PeninsularGeneral: Education
Prva Informacija o Procesor JuGeneral: Education
Przekladnia Obiegowa1988General: Education
PrzekrojeGeneral: Education
Przewodnik Uzytkownika Zx SpectrumPolmerGeneral: Education
Przewodnik Uzytkownika Zx Spectrum +PolmerGeneral: Education
PsychospectrologyGeneral: Education
PulmonesGeneral: Education
Puncman 1 + 21984Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Puncman 3 + 4General: Education
Punctuation PeteGeneral: Education
Puslespill1983Methodia Design NorwayGeneral: Education
Pyramid of Rameses1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
PyramidsGeneral: Education
Quality ControlGeneral: Education
Que es el PERT?Ingenieria QuimicaGeneral: Education
Quest for AGeneral: Education
Question Quest 1General: Education
Questor – General KnowledgeGeneral: Education
Questor – GeographyGeneral: Education
Questor – SportGeneral: Education
Quick Thinking!1983Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Quick-TypeGeneral: Education
QuimicaGeneral: Education
Quimica 1General: Education
Quimica 2General: Education
Quimica Organica 1General: Education
Quimica Organica 2General: Education
Quimica Organica 3General: Education
QuizGeneral: Education
Quiz of EuropeTawny SoftwareGeneral: Education
Qwerty + Qwerty Goes CountingGeneral: Education
Rachunek Prawdopodobienstwa1987Krajowa Agencja WydawniczaGeneral: Education
Radioactive Decay SimulationGeneral: Education
Radioactivity 1General: Education
Radioactivity 2General: Education
Rainbow Electronics Reset SwitchHardware: undetermined
RamlokHardware: undetermined
Ramlok IIHardware: undetermined
Ranch1984Spinnaker Software CorporationGeneral: Education
RatioGeneral: Education
RaysGeneral: Education
Reaction TestGeneral: Education
Reaction TesterGeneral: Education
ReactionsGeneral: Education
Read ‘n’ TellGeneral: Education
Reader1984Simon SoftwareGeneral: Education
ReaderGeneral: Education
Reading Aid 1General: Education
Reading Aid 2General: Education
Reading Graphs + Graph PlottingGeneral: Education
Reading MusicGeneral: Education
Reakcje JadroweGeneral: Education
Reakcje TermonuklearneGeneral: Education
Reasoning – 11+ YrsGeneral: Education
Red Riding Hood1984ArrowGeneral: Education
Reflexion de la Luz: Espejos EsfericosGeneral: Education
Reflexion de la Luz: Espejos PlanosGeneral: Education
RefracGeneral: Education
RegresionGeneral: Education
RekenenEducational (Misc)
Reloj [1]General: Education
Renaissance EuropeGeneral: Education
Representacion GraficaGeneral: Education
Representacion TridimensionalGeneral: Education
ResistanceGeneral: Education
Resolucion de TriangulosGeneral: Education
Resolucion de TriangulosGeneral: Education
Reubicador Z-80General: Education
Reversals1983Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Revise PhysicsGeneral: Education
RevisionGeneral: Education
Revision Master: The TempestGeneral: Education
Revision MathsGeneral: Education
Rhyme LandGeneral: Education
Road EducationGeneral: Education
Road SafetyGeneral: Education
Road Safety Made Fun1984DJH SoftwareGeneral: Education
Road Safety Made FunGeneral: Education
Roadcraft TestGeneral: Education
RoadmasterGeneral: Education
Robot Runner1984Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
RocketsGeneral: Education
ROM i RAMEducational (Misc)
ROM RoutinenEducational (Misc)
Romeo Og JulietGame: Educational
Romper Room’s I Love My Alphabet1986Beyond SoftwareGeneral: Education
Rotary Combustion EngineEducational (Misc)
RoteGeneral: Education
Rotronics Portable CaseHardware: undetermined
Rownania ChemicznePolmerGeneral: Education
Royal LifeGeneral: Education
Rozszczepienie Jadra AtomowegoGeneral: Education
Rozwiazywanie Rownania KwadratowegoPolmerGeneral: Education
Ruch ElektronuGeneral: Education
Run, Rabbit, RunGeneral: Education
Russian LanguageGeneral: Education
Russisch UbungenGeneral: Education
Rutinas GraficasGeneral: Education
Rysowanie Wykresu FunkcjiPolmerGeneral: Education
Rzut PionowyGeneral: Education
Rzut PoziomyGeneral: Education
Rzut UkosnyGeneral: Education
S.O.R.T.General: Education
Safe CrackGeneral: Education
Safe QuizGeneral: Education
Safe TravelGeneral: Education
Saga ComplimentHardware: undetermined
Saga Dust CoverHardware: undetermined
Sailor SamGeneral: Education
SAM CoupéHardware: Computer
SameSoundGeneral: Education
Samouczek SpectrumGeneral: Education
SchooltimeGeneral: Education
Science – 12/14 Yrs1984Micro-De-Bug ConsultancyGeneral: Education
Score StoreHardware: undetermined
ScotsmathsGeneral: Education
Scottish TownsGeneral: Education
ScramblerGeneral: Education
Scrambler 21983Mentor SoftwareGeneral: Education
Screen CyclerHardware: undetermined
Screen Format PlannerHardware: undetermined
Sea SpellerGeneral: Education
SearleGeneral: Education
See It Go + Hit and RunCompilation
See-Saw1982General: Education
SegmentalGeneral: Education
SegnaliGeneral: Education
Seiko RC-1000 Wrist TerminalHardware: Add-on
Self Teach ProgramGeneral: Education
SemaphoreGeneral: Education
Semaphore TutorGeneral: Education
Sentence Sequences + Junior OrganGeneral: Education
Sentences1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
SentryGeneral: Education
Sequencing1984Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Set TheoryGeneral: Education
SetsGeneral: Education
Seven WondersGeneral: Education
Shakespeare – Henry IV Part One1984Penguin Study SoftwareGeneral: Education
Shakespeare – Julius Caesar1984Penguin Study SoftwareGeneral: Education
Shakespeare – Macbeth1984Penguin Study SoftwareGeneral: Education
Shakespeare – Merchant of Venice1984Penguin Study SoftwareGeneral: Education
Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet1984Penguin Study SoftwareGeneral: Education
Shakespeare – Twelfth Night1984Penguin Study SoftwareGeneral: Education
Shape School Lessons 1General: Education
Shape School Lessons 2General: Education
Shape Sorter [2]General: Education
ShapesGeneral: Education
Shopping1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Short Vowel SoundsGeneral: Education
Sidney Meets His MatchGeneral: Education
SignosGeneral: Education
SignsGeneral: Education
SimetriaGeneral: Education
SimonGeneral: Education
Simon Saw1984Touchmaster LtdGeneral: Education
Simon SaysGeneral: Education
Simon’s ShapesGeneral: Education
Simple Arithmetic1983Camel MicrosGeneral: Education
Simple EquationsGeneral: Education
Simple SimonGeneral: Education
Simulador de Control de ProcesosIngenieria QuimicaGeneral: Education
Sinais de Transito1984Astor SoftwareGeneral: Education
Sinclair C5Hardware: undetermined
Sinclair PC200Hardware: Computer
Sinclair TVHardware: undetermined
Sistema SolarGeneral: Education
Sistemas de InecuacionesGeneral: Education
Sistemas ElementalesGeneral: Education
Sistemas No LinealesGeneral: Education
Size SorterGeneral: Education
Sizzle KillerHardware: undetermined
SLR PhotographyGeneral: Education
SLR PhotographyGeneral: Education
Snaffle1985Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
SnapGeneral: Education
Snapple Hopper1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
SnapshotGeneral: Education
SocialesGeneral: Education
Soczewki1985ZSMEGeneral: Education
Software Information SheetsHardware: undetermined
SolfeoGeneral: Education
SommenkrakerGeneral: Education
Sooty’s Fun with Numbers1990Friendly LearningGeneral: Education
Sorcerer’s StepsGeneral: Education
Soundabout1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
SoundsGeneral: Education
Space AdventureGeneral: Education
Space Professor1984Front RunnerGeneral: Education
Space Scan1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Spaceman SamGeneral: Education
SpacewreckGeneral: Education
Spanish Gold1983Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Spanish is FunGeneral: Education
Spanish TutorialGeneral: Education
Spanish VerbsGeneral: Education
Special Agent1983HeinemannGeneral: Education
Spectrum 48K Sample Cassette1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Spectrum CabinetHardware: undetermined
Spectrum Carrying CaseHardware: undetermined
Spectrum Computer DeskHardware: undetermined
Spectrum ConsoleHardware: undetermined
Spectrum Custom CaseHardware: undetermined
Spectrum DemonstrationGeneral: Education
Spectrum JotterHardware: undetermined
Spectrum Key-Finding ChartHardware: undetermined
Spectrum Markbook1983Mentor SoftwareGeneral: Education
Spectrum MicrocaseHardware: undetermined
Spectrum Operating & Carrying CaseHardware: undetermined
Spectrum ReadGeneral: Education
Spectrum Spelling GameGeneral: Education
Spectrum StandHardware: undetermined
Spectrum Turtle GraphicsGeneral: Education
Spectrum WorkstationHardware: undetermined
Spectrum WorkstationHardware: undetermined
Speech Marks1983Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Speed Read1984Hi-Yin MusicGeneral: Education
Speed ReadingGeneral: Education
SpellGeneral: Education
Spell InvadersGeneral: Education
Spell ItGeneral: Education
SpellbinGeneral: Education
Spellbox1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Spelli-CopterGeneral: Education
Spelling Bee1984Image SystemsGeneral: Education
Spelling I1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Spelling IGame: Educational
Spelling II1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Spelling IIGame: Educational
Spelling TesterGeneral: Education
SpellwellGeneral: Education
SplashdownGeneral: Education
SplooshGeneral: Education
SprGeneral: Education
SpriegumiGeneral: Education
Sprite IGeneral: Education
Sprite IIGeneral: Education
Sprzeglo1987BKGeneral: Education
Sprzeglo 21988Piotr J. SteckiGeneral: Education
Stackpack OneHardware: Add-on
Stage 1General: Education
Star ChartGeneral: Education
Star GazerGeneral: Education
Star Reader1983ScisoftGeneral: Education
Star Reader BGeneral: Education
Star Seeker1985Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Stargazer1985Eclipse SoftwareGeneral: Education
Stars SistemGeneral: Education
StarsphereGeneral: Education
Start to Program1984St. MichaelGeneral: Education
Starter Wordsplits1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
States & Capitals1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Static BusterHardware: undetermined
StatisticsGeneral: Education
StatisticsGeneral: Education
Statistics RevisionGeneral: Education
Story House1984Creative SparksGeneral: Education
Story TimeGeneral: Education
Storymaker1984Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
Stranger DangerGeneral: Education
Stringing the TonGeneral: Education
Stroke4General: Education
Stuart EnglandGeneral: Education
Studio di AccordiGeneral: Education
Study Biology – 13 years+1983ScisoftGeneral: Education
Study Chemistry – 13 years+1983ScisoftGeneral: Education
Study Computer Studies1983ScisoftGeneral: Education
Study Maths I – 13 years+1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Study Maths I – 9-13 years1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Study Maths II – 13 years+1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Study Maths II – 9-13 years1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Study Physics – 13 years+1983ScisoftGeneral: Education
SubGeneral: Education
SubtractingGeneral: Education
Sum Scruncher1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
SumsGeneral: Education
SumsGeneral: Education
Sums for Fun + Maths AttackGeneral: Education
Super BASIC InstruzioniGeneral: Education
Super Bee Spelling GameGame: Educational
Super MathGeneral: Education
Super MathGame: Educational
Super Writer1984Collins SoftGeneral: Education
Super/MathGame: Educational
SuperkitHardware: undetermined
Superkit 2Hardware: undetermined
Superspell1984ESP [1]General: Education
Sur le Bon Chemin1984Individual Software ServiceGeneral: Education
Survival1984Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Swift TurtleGeneral: Education
Synonimy i AntonimyPolmerGeneral: Education
System 7 Reset SwitchHardware: Add-on
System AMA.01J. KorytkowskiGeneral: Education
System AMA.021988J. KorytkowskiGeneral: Education
TabacoGeneral: Education
Table Invaders1985Stell SoftwareGeneral: Education
Table TutorGeneral: Education
TablesGeneral: Education
TablesGeneral: Education
TablesGeneral: Education
Tables Are Fun + 3D Graphics and DesignGeneral: Education
Tables Wizard1984Hill MacGibbonGeneral: Education
TablespeedGeneral: Education
Tablesums1983Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Tablica MendelejewaPolmerGeneral: Education
TabuadaGame: Educational
Take Away ZooGeneral: Education
Tape 1Compilation
Tape Head De-magnetiserHardware: undetermined
Targus Computer BagHardware: undetermined
Tas-Trig – Basic Trigonometry1983Tasman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Tasimeq – Simultaneous Equations1983Tasman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Tasquad – Quadratic EquationsGeneral: Education
Teach Time in FrenchGeneral: Education
Teach Time in GermanGeneral: Education
Teach Time in SpanishGeneral: Education
Teach Words1998AvalonGeneral: Education
Teacher AidGeneral: Domestic
Teacher DataGeneral: Education
TeleplanHardware: undetermined
Telling the TimeGeneral: Education
Telling Time + 12/24 Hour ClockGeneral: Education
Tens and Units AdditionGeneral: Education
Tens and Units SubtractionGeneral: Education
Tense French1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Terminy GeograficznePolmerGeneral: Education
Test Cult.General: Education
Test de Adaptacion1984Idealogic S.A.General: Education
Test de Capacidad de Concentracion1984Idealogic S.A.General: Education
Test de Caracter1984Idealogic S.A.General: Education
Test EGeneral: Education
Test Ingl.General: Education
Test všeobecných vědomostí1988CV SoftwareGeneral: Education
Test YourselfGeneral: Education
Test způsobu životaCV SoftwareGeneral: Education
The 16/48 Machine Code TutorGeneral: Education
The Apostrophe1983Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
The CandidateGeneral: Education
The Complete Guide to MedicineGeneral: Education
The CosmosGeneral: Education
The Enormous Turnip1984ArrowGeneral: Education
The Four Rules1983Micro MasterGeneral: Education
The French Mistress: Level A1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The French Mistress: Level B1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The French RevolutionGeneral: Education
The German Master: Level A1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The German Master: Level BGeneral: Education
The Giddy Game Show1986Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
The Invisible Mr. MenGeneral: Education
The Junior Ranger’s HandbookGeneral: Education
The Living Body1986Martech Games LtdGeneral: Education
The Magic Shop1984ArrowGeneral: Education
The Magic ShowGeneral: Education
The Merchant of VeniceGeneral: Education
The New CommunityGeneral: Education
The Night Sky1983Bridge SoftwareGeneral: Education
The Perfume HunterGeneral: Education
The Periodic TableEducational (Misc)
The Pimans Cocktail CabinetGeneral: Education
The RaidersGeneral: Education
The Real You?1985Book Club AssociatesGeneral: Education
The ROM IndexGeneral: Education
The RomansGeneral: Education
The Shoe People1992First ClassGeneral: Education
The Solar SystemGeneral: Education
The Solar SystemGeneral: Education
The Spanish Tutor: Level A1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The Spanish Tutor: Level B1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The Spectrum Star AtlasGeneral: Education
The Story of Dave 21984MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
The Story of Dave 31984MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
The Structure of the FlowerGeneral: Education
The Sunflower Number Show1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
The TempestGeneral: Education
The TestGeneral: Education
The Theorem of Pythagoras1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
The Trumpet MajorGeneral: Education
The Understanding of ElectronicsGeneral: Education
The Visual Processor1982Gilsoft InternationalGeneral: Education
The White TowerGeneral: Education
The World’s Greatest Computer GamesHardware: undetermined
Theory of Music Questions & Exercises1986Ted KirkGeneral: Education
Theory of Music to Grade 5General: Education
Thomas the Tank Engine’s Fun With Words1990Friendly LearningGeneral: Education
Three Blind MiceGeneral: Education
TimeGeneral: Education
TimeGeneral: Education
Time1983Stell SoftwareGeneral: Education
Time Teacher I1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Time Teacher IIGeneral: Education
Time TellerGeneral: Education
Time TesterGeneral: Education
Time Traveller1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Time TutorGeneral: Education
Timex Computer TC2068Hardware: Computer
Tiny Touch ‘n’ Go1984Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
TitrationsGeneral: Education
TK90XHardware: Computer
Top Ten Mental MathematicsGeneral: Education
Tops and Tails1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Touch Typing TutorGeneral: Education
Towering InfernoGeneral: Education
TownsEducational (Misc)
Towns in England and WalesEducational (Misc)
Trabalho de GrupoGeneral: Education
Traffic Rules1998ALS & RLSGeneral: Education
Train MathsGeneral: Education
Train RaceGame: Educational
Train RaceGeneral: Education
TransformGeneral: Education
TransformationsGeneral: Education
TranslateGeneral: Education
Translate Words2004ZnaharGeneral: Education
Transport and ShapesGeneral: Education
TreasureGeneral: Education
Trein RaceGame: Educational
Trigonometria1984Boalox InformaticaGeneral: Education
TrigonometriaGeneral: Education
Trigonometry1984Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Tudor EnglandGeneral: Education
TuitionGeneral: Education
Tuner1983Software CottageGeneral: Education
Turntaking1985The Learning ProcessGeneral: Education
TutorGeneral: Education
TutorGeneral: Education
TutorGeneral: Education
Tutor 1Boalox InformaticaGeneral: Education
Tutor 2General: Education
Tutor de Ingles1984ABC SoftGeneral: Education
Tutor ESMI – SpiderGeneral: Education
Tutor FGeneral: Education
TutorstarProfisoft [1]General: Education
TV Colour TuneGeneral: Education
Two Stroke EngineEducational (Misc)
Typing TutorGeneral: Education
Typing TutorGeneral: Education
UFO InvasionGeneral: Education
UK GeographyGeneral: Education
Ulamki1988Warszawskie Wydawnictwo PrasoweGeneral: Education
UlamkiPolmerGeneral: Education
Understanding EvolutionGeneral: Education
UniversoGeneral: Education
Up & Add ’em1984Fisher-Price Learning SoftwareGeneral: Education
Using Your Computer IIIGeneral: Education
VDU/Monitor StandHardware: undetermined
Vector Mathematics1983WH SmithGeneral: Education
Verb PracticeGeneral: Education
VerbosGeneral: Education
Verbos IrregularesGeneral: Education
Verbs & Adverbs1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Victagraph Plot WindowHardware: Graphics
Videcom MicrotidyHardware: undetermined
Video-BasicGeneral: Education
Video-Basic AvanzadoGeneral: Education
VIII Semana de ExtremaduraGeneral: Education
Virgula1992Free GroupGeneral: Education
Vocab FrenchGeneral: Education
Vocab GermanGeneral: Education
Vocabulario Aleman1984Investronica S.A.General: Education
Vocabulario Frances1984Investronica S.A.General: Education
Vocabulario Infantil Aleman1984Investronica S.A.General: Education
Vocabulario Infantil Frances1984Investronica S.A.General: Education
Vocabulario Infantil Ingles1984Investronica S.A.General: Education
Vocabulario Ingles1984Investronica S.A.General: Education
Vocabulary Tests Level 2General: Education
Vokabeln LernenGeneral: Education
VokabeltrainerGeneral: Education
VolcanoGeneral: Education
VolumesGame: Educational
Vreme T1/21986Aleksandar PavlovicGeneral: Education
War GameGeneral: Education
WatchGeneral: Education
Water MusicGeneral: Education
WavesGeneral: Education
Wear SaverHardware: Add-on
Weather Station1985Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
Weathermaster1984Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
WeeniesGeneral: Education
What Is the Number1996Monea SoftwareGeneral: Education
What’s the TimeGeneral: Education
What’s the Time?1983Collins SoftGeneral: Education
WhatsitGeneral: Education
Which Flower?General: Education
Who Can Help?General: Education
Who Killed Cock Robin?General: Education
Wild LifeGeneral: Education
Wild Words1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Windows – Division1983Busy Bee SoftwareGeneral: Education
Winner Takes a HolidayGeneral: Education
Wizard Box1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Woorden Maken1984EdusystemsGeneral: Education
WoordvangerGeneral: Education
Word FinderGeneral: Education
Word Games with the Mr. Men1984Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Word LikenessGeneral: Education
Word MixGeneral: Education
Word Play I1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Word Play II1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Word Power1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Word SearchGame: Puzzle
Wordcross1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
WordflashGeneral: Education
Wordgames1983Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Wordmaker + ListmakerGeneral: Education
Words and LaddersGeneral: Education
Words and LettersGeneral: Education
Words and Pictures1984Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
Wordsetter1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Wordspell1983Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Work and EnergyEducational (Misc)
Worked ExamplesGeneral: Education
World Cup Soccer1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
World Globe1985Eclipse SoftwareGeneral: Education
World MapGeneral: Education
Worldwise: Nuclear WeaponsGeneral: Education
Write EquationsGeneral: Education
Write On1984System SoftwareGeneral: Education
Wykonywanie Programow w MikrokomputerzePolmerGeneral: Education
Wykres1984Polbrit InternationalGeneral: Education
Wykres1986Krajowe Wydawnictwo CzasopismGeneral: Education
Wyplay Fun to LearnGeneral: Education
Wyscig1986ZSMEGeneral: Education
Wzglednosc RuchuGeneral: Education
Xhmeia G Gymnasioy1987GREEK SoftwareGeneral: Education
Ya Vendran Tiempos MejoresIndividual Software ServiceGeneral: Education
Yewser Reset SwitchHardware: undetermined
Young Learners 1General: Education
Young Learners 21983Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
Young MathsGeneral: Education
Young Person’s Computer Bible1986The Methodist ChurchGeneral: Education
Your AdventureGeneral: Education
Your Next MoveGeneral: Education
Z80 KurzEducational (Misc)
Z80 Op CodesHardware: undetermined
Zawor11987BKGeneral: Education
Zawor21987BKGeneral: Education
Zeal Power Remote SwitchHardware: Add-on
ZegarGeneral: Education
Zeměpisný test1987CV SoftwareGeneral: Education
ZigolGeneral: Education
ZodiacGeneral: Education
Zodiac Master1984Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
ZooGeneral: Education
Zoo-ViewGeneral: Education
ZoologiaGeneral: Education
Zwierciadla PlaskiePolmerGeneral: Education
Zwierciadla SferycznePolmerGeneral: Education
ZX DesignerGeneral: Education
ZX SpectrumGeneral: Education
ZX Spectrum 128 +2Hardware: Computer
ZX Spectrum 128KHardware: Computer
ZX Spectrum 48KHardware: Computer
ZX Spectrum HoldallHardware: undetermined
ZX Spectrum Morse TutorBinary Star TechnologyGeneral: Education
ZX Spectrum+Hardware: Computer
ZX-CESIL 2General: Education
ZX81 WorkstationHardware: undetermined
ZX99 Tape ControlHardware: undetermined