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07 Zglos SieKuba RozpruwaczAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
0parishGame: Puzzle
1 KARATGame: Puzzle
1 Line Cave AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
1 Line Sim TownStrategy Game: Management
1 Line Space Trader2007Digital PrawnStrategy Game: Management
10 CAVE ADVENTUREAdventure Game: Text-Only
10 malých prasátekArcade Game: Action
10 OTHELLOGame: Board
1001995Power of SoundGame: Puzzle
100 KilometriArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
100 People SaidCasual Game: Quiz
10001994A.I. KuzmaGame: Puzzle
10001997Willis SoftwareCasual Game: Gambling
1024Game: Puzzle
10th Frame1987U.S. Gold LtdSport Game: Action
10X102000Cobra SoftwareGame: Puzzle
11-a-Side SoccerSport Game: Action
110m HurdlesSport Game: Action
12 Mysterious Books1999Demiurge ASHAdventure Game: RPG
123 MazeGame: Puzzle
13 Rue del Percebe1992Pepsi SoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
15 OSGame: Puzzle
15 PuzzleGame: Puzzle
15’s1996Greedy Guys GroupGame: Puzzle
15’s1996Aleksey VashinGame: Puzzle
16-OS Puzzle2005Laszlo NyitraiGame: Puzzle
16K LifeGame: Simulation
16K Superchess1983CP SoftwareGame: Board
17.11.19891989DoubleSOFTAdventure Game: Text-Only
1801986Mastertronic Added DimensionSport Game: Action
1801984CCSSport Game: Action
180! DartsSport Game: Action
19 Part 1: Boot Camp1988Cascade Games LtdArcade Game: Action
19 Part 2: Combat ZoneArcade Game: Action
1942Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
1942 Mission1984CCSAdventure Game: Text-Only
1943Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
1960’s Locospotter1984Ashley GreenupGame: Simulation
19841983Incentive Software LtdStrategy Game: Management
1984 Locospotter1984Ashley GreenupGame: Simulation
1985Arcade Game: Action
1985 – The Day After1985Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
1990Arcade Game: Action
1994 – Ten Years After1984Visions Software Factory LtdArcade Game: Platform
1994 Locospotter1994Ashley GreenupGame: Simulation
19991987Summit Software [1]Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
1k AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
1K BreakoutArcade Game: Action
1K BreakoutArcade Game: Action
1k DefenderArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
1k GamblerCasual Game: Gambling
1K Games Pack #1Arcade Game: Action
1K MastermindGame: Puzzle
1K OthelloGame: Board
1K Space InvadersArcade Game: Action
1K Space InvadersArcade Game: Action
1K Sudoku SolverGame: Board
1KanoidArcade Game: Action
1st Division ManagerSport Game: Management
1st of April JokeAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
2 CarsArcade Game: Action
2 Player Soccer Squad1991Cult GamesSport Game: Management
20 TonsArcade Game: Maze
20-20 Vision1986Gadtek GamesArcade Game: Action
2001.5 – A Space IdiotAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
20031984DK'Tronics LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
2007 – A Spectrum Oddyssey2007Ancient BitsCasual Game: Quiz
2011Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
2048Game: Puzzle
2048Game: Puzzle
2048Game: Puzzle
2048 SimulatorGame: Puzzle
20881988Zeppelin Games LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
21Casual Game: Card
21 EroticCasual Game: Card
21 Erotic 2Casual Game: Card
2112 AD1985Design Design SoftwareArcade Game: Adventure
221b Baker StreetArcade Game: Adventure
23 SpichkiGame: Puzzle
24 HorasAdventure Game: Text-Only
26 PuzzleGame: Puzzle
2D CubeGame: Puzzle
2D DeathchaseArcade Game: Action
2D LabyrinthArcade Game: Maze
2D Monster MazeArcade Game: Maze
2k RGB ChallengeGame: Puzzle
2PAXMANArcade Game: Maze
3 Card BragCasual Game: Card
3 Deep Space1983Postern LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3 Dimensional Noughts & CrossesGame: Board
3 Reyes Magos2012J.B.G.V.Arcade Game: Action
3-D Maze1986J.A. SteeleArcade Game: Maze
3-D Mazeman1983Arcade Game: Maze
3-D Monster Chase1984Romik SoftwareArcade Game: Maze
3-D Noughts and CrossesGame: Board
3-DefensArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
30 Segundos Sobre TokioArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3DEP SoftwareArcade Game: Action
3D 3D!Arcade Game: Maze
3D AirplaneArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Ball1987Thrydhent Vision SystemsArcade Game: Maze
3D Bat Attack1984CheetahSoft LtdArcade Game: Maze
3D ChessGame: Board
3D Combat Zone1983Artic Computing LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D CubeGame: Puzzle
3D DefenceArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Defenda1983Contrast SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D DefenderArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D DefenderArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Desert Patrol1983CRL Group PLCArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Double BillArcade Game: Adventure
3D Driver1997Luca BordoniArcade Game: Action
3D Formule 1Arcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
3D GolfSport Game: Action
3D Grand Prix1991Zeppelin Games LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
3D Grand PrixArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
3D Highway RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
3D IrrgartenArcade Game: Maze
3D LabyrinthArcade Game: Maze
3D Labyrinth1984Individual Software ServiceArcade Game: Maze
3D LabyrinthArcade Game: Maze
3D LabyrinthArcade Game: Maze
3D Labyrinth [2]Arcade Game: Maze
3D Lunattack1984Hewson Consultants LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D MalomGame: Puzzle
3D Master GameGame: Puzzle
3D Maze1982Impact Software [1]Arcade Game: Maze
3D Maze1983DarkoArcade Game: Maze
3D MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D Maze of Gold1982Gilsoft InternationalArcade Game: Maze
3D MazentureArcade Game: Maze
3D Monster MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D Monster MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D Monster MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D Noughts & CrossesGame: Puzzle
3D Noughts and CrossesGame: Board
3D Noughts and CrossesGame: Board
3D Noughts and CrossesGame: Board
3D Noughts and CrossesStrategy Game: Management
3D OXOGame: Board
3D PacmanArcade Game: Maze
3D Painter1983CDS MicrosystemsArcade Game: Action
3D Penalty KickSport Game: Action
3D Pinball1989Mastertronic PlusArcade Game: Pinball
3D Pool1989Firebird Software LtdSport Game: Action
3D PyramidArcade Game: Maze
3D Quadracube1983Artic Computing LtdGame: Board
3D random mazeGame: undetermined
3D SectorArcade Game: Action
3D Seiddab Attack1984Hewson Consultants LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D SlimeArcade Game: Action
3D SlimeArcade Game: Action
3D Snooker1990Players PremierSport Game: Action
3D Space-Wars1983Hewson Consultants LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Spectral MazeArcade Game: Maze
3D Star Wars1983Custom Cables International LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D StarfighterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Starstrike1984Realtime Games Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Stock Car Championship1988Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
3D Stock Cars II1992Challenge SoftwareArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
3D Strategy1983Quicksilva LtdGame: Board
3D SuperthunderArcade Game: Action
3D Tank Duel1984Realtime Games Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Tic-Tac-ToeGame: Board
3D Tic-Tac-ToeGame: Board
3D Tunnel1983New Generation SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D Vortex1983J.K. Greye Enterprises LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D-DungeonAdventure Game: RPG
3D-Interceptor1984VentamaticArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D-OXXOGame: Board
3D-Roost1998FenomenGame: Puzzle
3D-Tanx1982DK'Tronics LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
3D-Tetris1989Antic SoftwareGame: Puzzle
3DAUTORE.ZIPArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
3DCArcade Game: Adventure
3K Space InvadersArcade Game: Action
3K Space InvadersArcade Game: Action
4 en RayaGame: Board
4 en RayaGame: Board
4 en RayaGame: Board
4 from 882012JeRrSGame: Puzzle
4 Gewinnt1986Slabihoud SoftwareGame: Board
4 in LineGame: Board
4 KnightsGame: Puzzle
4 Minute Warning1984Magination SoftwareArcade Game: Maze
4 on a RowGame: Board
4 Rowz1997Amazing Software MakingCasual Game: Card
4 Soccer SimulatorsCompilation
400 MetrosSport Game: Action
4472 Flying ScotsmanGame: Simulation
4472 Flying Scotsman [2]Game: Simulation
47GPDStrategy Game: War
48 Irons1995Galaxy IncArcade Game: Adventure
48 Irons Help1996FFC ComputersArcade Game: Adventure
4K RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
4K Race NextArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
4K Race RefueledArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
4K Race Refueled+2005Paolo FerrarisArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
4k Tap-N-JoinGame: Puzzle
4×4 Off-Road Racing1988U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
4X4 Puzzle1999Clevers GroupGame: Puzzle
5 in 1 Tetris1995Mortal Kombat Hackers GroupGame: Puzzle
5 in a Row1986Hill MacGibbonGame: Board
5 rings (If the tap file loads then it should run)Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
51Casual Game: Card Game: Race 'n' Chase
66Casual Game: Card
7 Card StudCasual Game: Card
7,5Casual Game: Card
720 Degrees1987U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Action
737 CockpitGame: Simulation
747 Flight Simulator1984D.A.C.C. LtdGame: Flight Simulator
75 M.M.Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
750cc Grand PrixArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
7×7Game: Board
8 Letter Anagrams1987Ian J. RogersGame: Puzzle
80’Puzzles1998Flash IncGame: Puzzle
8BitTRISGame: Puzzle
9-Hole GolfSport Game: Action
911 TS1985Elite Systems LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
9999 IN 1Arcade Game: Action
99YAdventure Game: Text-Only