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F-11991Zigurat SoftwareArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
F-15 Strike Eagle1987MicroProse Software LtdGame: Flight Simulator
F-16 Combat Pilot1991Digital IntegrationGame: Flight Simulator
F-16 Combat PilotGame: Flight Simulator
F-16 Fighting FalconArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
F.A. CupSport Game: Management
F.A. CupSport Game: Management
F.A. Cup Football1986Virgin Games LtdSport Game: Management
F.I.F.O.Arcade Game: Action
F.I.R.E.Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
F’n BallsArcade Game: Action
F1 Tornado1991Zeppelin Games LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FA Cup and Division 1 SimulationsSport Game: Management
Face of BloodAdventure Game: Text-Only
Faces1996Premier Corp.Arcade Game: Action
FactoryArcade Game: Action
Factory Breakout1984Poppy SoftArcade Game: Action
Factory Daze2009Bob Smith [1]Arcade Game: Platform
FADV: Flynn’s AdventureAdventure Game: RPG
Faerie19848th Day SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Faerie 2: The Buggon’s GoldAdventure Game: Text-Only
FagorArcade Game: Action
Fahrenheit 30001984Softstone LtdArcade Game: Platform
FairgroundAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fairlight1985The EdgeAdventure Game: Graphic
Fairlight II1986The EdgeAdventure Game: Graphic
Fairly Difficult Mission1988Zodiac SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
FairwayGame: Simulation
Fairy NightAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Fairy Night 2Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
FakultetAdventure Game: Text-Only
Falcon Patrol 21985Virgin Games LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Falcon: The Renegade Lord1987Virgin Games LtdArcade Game: Action
Falklands 821986PSSStrategy Game: War
Fall 21992LOKOsoftGame: Puzzle
Fall GuyArcade Game: Maze
Fall Guy1984Elite Systems LtdArcade Game: Action
Fall of the Third ReichStrategy Game: War
Falldown Forever2004Bohumil PešekArcade Game: Action
Fallen Angel1989Musical 1 S.A.Arcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Fallen Angel1998ParadoxArcade Game: Action
FallerArcade Game: Action
Falling BlocksGame: Puzzle
Falling DownArcade Game: Maze
False Gold1983David J. StewGame: Puzzle
Fame QuestStrategy Game: Management
Family Bible QuizCasual Game: Quiz
Family QuizCasual Game: Quiz
Family Quiz1984Blandford Press LtdCasual Game: Quiz
Family Quiz [2]Casual Game: Quiz
FantaestadioArcade Game: Maze
Fantasia Diamond1984Hewson Consultants LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
FantasmaArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FantasmiAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Fantastic Adventure1991Masters GamesArcade Game: Action
Fantastic Adventure 2Arcade Game: Platform
Fantastic American Football1990Zeppelin Games LtdSport Game: Action
Fantastic Four – Part One1986Adventure InternationalAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Fantastic JourneyAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
Fantastic Voyage1984Quicksilva LtdArcade Game: Maze
Fantastic VoyageArcade Game: Maze
Fantasy1987R'n'H MicrotecGame: Puzzle
Fantasy MansionAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fantasy Parte 1: L’IncantesimoAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Fantasy Parte 2: La Valle MysteriosaAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Fantasy WorldAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fantasy World DizzyArcade Game: Adventure
Fantasy World WillyArcade Game: Platform
Fantasy Zone – Escape from the PyramidArcade Game: Action
FantyArcade Game: Adventure
Faraon1985ABC SoftStrategy Game: Management
FaraonStrategy Game: Management
FaraónStrategy Game: Management
Farila and the Duendes del FrioAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Farlig RedningArcade Game: Action
Farm SimulationGame: Simulation
FarmerArcade Game: Action
FarmerArcade Game: Action
FarmerStrategy Game: Management
Farmer Horace1983Strategy Game: Management
Farmer Jack – Treasure Trove2008Bob Smith [1]Arcade Game: Maze
Farmer Jack and the Hedge Monkeys!2008Cronosoft [UK]Arcade Game: Maze
Farmer Jack in Harvest Havoc!2006Cronosoft [UK]Arcade Game: Maze
Farmer Sam’s Dog DayArcade Game: Platform
Farspace2001MayhemGame: Puzzle
Fase Bonus The GameArcade Game: Platform
Fast ‘n’ FuriousArcade Game: Action
Fast Breed1998Master Home Computers GroupGame: Puzzle
Fast FoodArcade Game: Maze
Fast LanderArcade Game: Action
Fat FrumosAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fat SnakeArcade Game: Action
Fat Worm Blows a Sparky1986Durell Software LtdArcade Game: Maze
Father of Darkness1984Central SolutionsAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Father timeArcade Game: Action
Fathers DayAdventure Game: Text-Only
Faulty Towers1984Harbour SoftAdventure Game: Text-Only
Faust’s Folly1983Abbex Electronics LtdAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
FBI-131995Black Eagle CompanyArcade Game: Action
Fear – An Interactive Nightmare (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Fear Tales1995Games KillerArcade Game: Adventure
Fearless Frank1984St. MichaelArcade Game: Action
Feasibility Experiment1983Digital FantasiaAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Federation1988CRL Group PLCAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Federation ZArcade Game: Adventure
Federico JonesAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Feed the WormArcade Game: Action
Feline Sleepy1998Adventure Probe SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
FenixArcade Game: Action
Fergus Furgleton1987Infected SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
FeriaGame: Puzzle
Fermate la Capetan KidGame: Simulation
Fernandez Must Die1988Image WorksArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fernando Martin Basket Master1987Dinamic SoftwareSport Game: Action
Fernando Martin Basket Master (BETA)1986Dinamic SoftwareSport Game: Action
Ferrari Driving ExperienceSport Game: Action
Ferrari Formula OneArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
FerrengiArcade Game: Action
Ferret BusterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FerrogodsGame: Tactical Combat
FerryGame: Simulation
FerryGeneral: Simulation
Ferry BoatArcade Game: Action
FervorArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
FestungGame: Puzzle
Feud1987Bulldog Software [1]Arcade Game: Adventure
Feudal Overlord1984Digital FantasiaStrategy Game: Management
Feudal Wars1997Welcome CorporationStrategy Game: War
FGArcade Game: Action
FidoArcade Game: Action
Fido 2: Puppy PowerArcade Game: Action
FieldArcade Game: Action
Fields of Logic1999SmokersGame: Puzzle
Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top o’Fun1990Mindscape International IncArcade Game: Action
Fiery FredArcade Game: Action
Fifteen (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Fig ChessGame: Board
Fight in the DarkArcade Game: Action
Fight NightSport Game: Action
Fight NightSport Game: Action
Fight over MarsArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FighterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FighterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fighter2008THDArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FighterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FighterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fighter BomberGame: Flight Simulator
Fighter Pilot1983Digital IntegrationGame: Flight Simulator
Fighter PilotArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fighter PilotGame: Flight Simulator
FightersArcade Game: Action
Fighting ForcesStrategy Game: War
Fighting SoccerSport Game: Action
Fighting Warrior1985Melbourne HouseArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Figus1998Image CrewGame: Puzzle
FilemonArcade Game: Action
Filler1996ZCGame: Puzzle
Fillers1995Oleg SergeyevGame: Puzzle
FilloManiaGame: Puzzle
Film FunStrategy Game: Management
Final Assault1988U.S. Gold LtdGame: Simulation
Final CircuitGame: Simulation
Final FightArcade Game: Action
Final FightArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Final Frog1991Pepsi SoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Final FrontierArcade Game: Action
Final WhistleSport Game: Management
Find ExitAdventure Game: Text-Only
Find the Elven King’s TreasureAdventure Game: Text-Only
Find the Green RoomArcade Game: Platform
Find the Link – Call the MisfitGame: Puzzle
Find the MateGame: Puzzle
Find the RabbitGame: Puzzle
Find the SmileyCasual Game: Gambling
Finden Sie Den PartnerCasual Game: Card
Finders Keepers1985Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Platform
Fire ‘n Ice2003n-DiscoveryGame: Puzzle
Fire and Forget1988TitusArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fire and Forget II: The Death ConvoyArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fire DesireArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fire FoxArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fire Gear1994InforcomArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fire Hawks1984Postern LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fire KrackerArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fire on the Water1984ArrowAdventure Game: Graphic
Fire TrapArcade Game: Action
FireballArcade Game: Action
FireballArcade Game: Action
Firebirds1983SoftekArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FirefightArcade Game: Action
FirefighterArcade Game: Action
FireflashArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Firefly1988Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Firelance1985Hamster SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Firelord1986Hewson Consultants LtdArcade Game: Adventure
FiremanArcade Game: Action
Fireman2005Miguel Angel Rodriguez JodarArcade Game: Action
FiremanArcade Game: Platform
Fireman Fred1984TynesoftArcade Game: Platform
Fireman Sam1992Alternative Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
FirepowerArcade Game: Action
Fires1999Laszlo NyitraiArcade Game: Action
FiresnakeArcade Game: Action
Firestarter Gift 132000Hackerz' Design SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Firestarter Gift 182005Hackerz' Design SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Firestorm1986Nexus Productions LtdArcade Game: Maze
FireTrapArcade Game: Action
FirewolfArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Firing at ObjectsArcade Game: Action
First ContactArcade Game: Adventure
First ContactArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
First EmpireStrategy Game: War
First Past the Post1988Cult GamesSport Game: Management
First Past the PostAdventure Game: Text-Only
First World ProblemsArcade Game: Platform
FischenStrategy Game: Management
FishGame: Puzzle
FishAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Fish Man1994Monea SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Fish-GridGame: Puzzle
Fish!Casual Game: Card
Fish!1989Rainbird Software LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fisher1997Hard CodeArcade Game: Action
Fisher1995Aleksey VashinArcade Game: Action
FishermanGeneral: Simulation
Fisherman FredArcade Game: Action
Fisherman’s FriendArcade Game: Action
FishingSport Game: Action
Fishing MissionStrategy Game: Management
Fishy BusinessAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fishy DickArcade Game: Action
Fishy FredSport Game: Action
Fist II: The Legend Continues1986Melbourne HouseArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Fist-RO FighterArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
FiveGame: Board
Five Card Stud + Brucie’s Deal + 21Casual Game: Card
Five Dice1984Christopher James Software LtdCasual Game: Gambling
Five-a-SideSport Game: Action
Five-a-Side SoccerSport Game: Action
Fivers!Game: Puzzle
FivesArcade Game: Action
Fiveteens ClassicGame: Puzzle
Fiveteens StarsGame: Puzzle
FixitGame: Puzzle
Fizzy1997Denis RykovArcade Game: Adventure
Fizzy Wizzy1984ESP [1]Arcade Game: Action
FkiletatrizGame: Puzzle
Flak1985U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Flame Princess Adventure TimeArcade Game: Adventure
FlamenákAdventure Game: Text-Only
Flameout1994Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Flamin’ Iron1998Paint WorldGame: Tactical Combat
FlappyGame: Puzzle
Flappy BirdArcade Game: Action
Flappy Bird – The Text AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
Flappy Bird SimulatorArcade Game: Action
Flappy Bird ZXArcade Game: Action
Flappy CliveArcade Game: Action
Flappy the GhostArcade Game: Adventure
FlappyNextArcade Game: Action
Flash Beer Trilogy2003Weird Science SoftwareArcade Game: Maze
Flash Gordon1987Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade Game: Adventure
Flash Werner Zieht UmArcade Game: Action
FlasherGame: Puzzle
FlashpointGame: Board
Flat CubeGame: Puzzle
Flat Season1988Bastec SoftwareSport Game: Management
FlatmanArcade Game: Platform
Flea Adventure1995Studio 7Arcade Game: Maze
Flight 191Adventure Game: Text-Only
Flight from the Dark1984ArrowAdventure Game: Graphic
Flight Master1983B.O.S. SoftwareGame: Simulation
Flight Path 7371985Anirog SoftwareGame: Flight Simulator
Flight Simulation1983Sinclair Research LtdGame: Flight Simulator
Flight SimulationGame: Flight Simulator
Flight Simulation1983Timex Computer CorporationGame: Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator1983Artic Computing LtdGame: Simulation
Flight SimulatorGame: Simulation
Flight to Kharkhan1997ACE [RU]Arcade Game: Adventure
FlightdeckGame: Simulation
FlightsimulatorGame: Simulation
Flimbo’s QuestArcade Game: Platform
Flip Flap1984Software Supersavers LtdArcade Game: Pinball
Flip ItGame: Puzzle
FlipiArcade Game: Pinball
Flipper1983WicosoftArcade Game: Pinball
FlipperGame: Simulation
Flipping HoraceArcade Game: Platform
Flippit1983Sinclair Research LtdGame: Puzzle
FlippoutGame: Puzzle
Flippul1997A. BazarkinArcade Game: Action
FlipwindCasual Game: Gambling
FliteArcade Game: Action
Flix1984SoftricksGame: Puzzle
Floarea Soarelui2006ZXIFAdventure Game: Text-Only
Flogging a Dead HorseCasual Game: Gambling
FloppytraxArcade Game: Action
Flower PowerArcade Game: Action
FluchtArcade Game: Maze
Flucht aus der PyramideArcade Game: Action
Flunky1987PiranhaAdventure Game: Graphic
FlushCasual Game: Card
Flush Gordon1988Creative JuicesAdventure Game: Text-Only
Flux1984Krypton ForceArcade Game: Action
FlyArcade Game: Action
FlyArcade Game: Action
FlyArcade Game: Action
Fly CupArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fly Swatter1995KotsoftArcade Game: Action
Fly-SprayArcade Game: Action
FlycatcherArcade Game: Action
Flyer Fox1986Bug-Byte Software LtdGame: Flight Simulator
Flying BombArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Flying GeeseArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Flying Scotsman1984Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
Flying Shark1987Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Flying Train1983Random RecordsArcade Game: Action
Flying WitchesGame: Simulation
Flynn’s Adventure in BomblandArcade Game: Maze
FlypeArcade Game: Platform
FlywheelArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Foggy’s Quest: To Narg and Back Again!Arcade Game: Platform
FomalhautArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fonty el FontaneroArcade Game: Platform
Fool1992P.O.B.Casual Game: Card
FootballSport Game: Management
Football1983Winters LtdSport Game: Action
Football Champions1990Cult GamesSport Game: Management
Football Club1989Frozen IceSport Game: Management
Football Director1986D&H GamesSport Game: Management
Football Director II1988D&H GamesSport Game: Management
Football Director: 2 Player Super League1986D&H GamesSport Game: Management
Football Director: 2 Player Super LeagueSport Game: Management
Football Fever1986Tanglewood SoftwareSport Game: Management
Football Frenzy1987Alternative Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Football GlorySport Game: Management
Football Glory1992Redwood DesignsSport Game: Management
Football League ManagerSport Game: Management
Football Manager1982Addictive Games LtdSport Game: Management
Football ManagerSport Game: Management
Football Manager 21988Addictive Games LtdSport Game: Management
Football Manager 2 Expansion Kit1989Addictive Games LtdSport Game: Management
Football Manager 31991Addictive Games LtdSport Game: Management
Football Manager: World Cup Edition1990Addictive Games LtdSport Game: Management
Football Pools GeneratorGame: Simulation
Footballer of the Year1986Gremlin Graphics Software LtdSport Game: Action
Footballer of the Year 21989Gremlin Graphics Software LtdSport Game: Management
For Gold or Glory1988Alternative Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
For LoveAdventure Game: Text-Only
For Pete’s Sake1993Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
For Your Thighs Only1987Zodiac SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
ForbesCasual Game: Gambling
Forbidden CityAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Forbidden FruitArcade Game: Maze
Forbidden Lands1993Alien SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Forbidden Planet1986Design Design SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Force FieldArcade Game: Action
Force Fighter1984Perfection SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Force of FourArcade Game: Maze
Force-FieldArcade Game: Action
Foreign CabinetGame: Puzzle
Forest at World’s End1984Interceptor SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Forest of EvilAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Forest of Long ShadowsAdventure Game: RPG
Forest Raider CherryArcade Game: Maze
ForesterArcade Game: Action
Forestland ZoneArcade Game: Action
FORG WANT LOVEArcade Game: Action
ForgeryGame: Puzzle
Forgotten City1987H.A.W.K. AdventuringAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Forgotten Island1989Fantasy Software [2]Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Forgotten Legend2002BrothersAdventure Game: RPG
Forgotten WorldsArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FormawordGame: Puzzle
FormulaArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Fórmula 1Arcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Formula 2Arcade Game: Maze
Formula OneArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Formula One1984Spirit SoftwareArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Formula One1985CRL Group PLCSport Game: Management
Formula OneArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Formula-1Arcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
FormuleArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
FornaxArcade Game: Adventure
Fort ApacheStrategy Game: Management
Fort ApocalypseArcade Game: Action
Fort BoyardArcade Game: Adventure
Fort Knox IIArcade Game: Adventure
FortressGame: Puzzle
Fortress EarthArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fortress of Fear1996Adventure Probe SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fortress of Keler1985Hamster SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Forty NinerArcade Game: Action
Forty NinerArcade Game: Action
Forty NinerArcade Game: Action
Forward to the PastArcade Game: Action
FotonArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fountain PD Newsletter 2General: Simulation
Four Eyed BanditCasual Game: Gambling
Four in a RowGame: Board
Four in a RowGame: Board
Four Minutes from Glory1993Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Four Minutes to Midnight19848th Day SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Four Player Light Cycles in ZX BASICArcade Game: Action
Four Superb Card GamesCasual Game: Card
Four’s up!!Game: Board
Fox & GeeseGame: Board
Fox & GeeseGame: Board
Fox Hunt1994Sirius GroupGame: Puzzle
Foxx Fights Back1988Image WorksArcade Game: Action
Fozbee and the Hunny-SuckersArcade Game: Action
FracArcade Game: Action
Frank Bruno’s Boxing1985Elite Systems LtdSport Game: Action
Frank N Stein1984PSSArcade Game: Platform
Frank N Stein Re-booted2011Colin StewartArcade Game: Platform
Frank the Flea1986Megasoft [UK]Arcade Game: Adventure
Frankenstein1987CRL Group PLCAdventure Game: Text-Only
Frankenstein 20001985Icon Software LtdArcade Game: Action
Frankenstein Jnr.Arcade Game: Adventure
Frankensteins SchlossOliver JonckerArcade Game: Platform
FrankieArcade Game: Action
Frankie Goes to Hollywood1985Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
Franklin’s TombAdventure Game: Text-Only
FrankyArcade Game: Platform
FranticArcade Game: Action
Frantic DayArcade Game: Action
Frantic FredArcade Game: Action
Frantic PengoArcade Game: Action
Franto, FrantoAdventure Game: Text-Only
FreakAdventure Game: Text-Only
FreakArcade Game: Action
Freaky FootySport Game: Management
Fred1984Investronica S.A.Arcade Game: Maze
FredArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fred’s Fan Factory1984Software Supersavers LtdArcade Game: Platform
Freddie Laker’s Airline CapersArcade Game: Action
FreddyArcade Game: Action
Freddy Hardest1987Dinamic SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Freddy Hardest en Manhattan Sur1989Dinamic SoftwareArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Freddy in the FreezerArcade Game: Action
Freddy Kruger LiveArcade Game: Adventure
FredieArcade Game: Action
FredyArcade Game: Action
Fredy McNeford1996DJ HooliganAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Fredy McNeford 21996DJ HooliganAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Free Cell1998Free GroupCasual Game: Card
Free Climbing1988Zafiro Software DivisionArcade Game: Action
Free-ZoneGame: Board
FreecellCasual Game: Card
Freedom Fighter1988The Power HouseArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Freedom of ScotlandGame: Simulation
FreewayGame: Puzzle
Freeway FrogArcade Game: Action
Freex1984Software Supersavers LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Freez’Bees1984Silversoft LtdArcade Game: Maze
Freeze Aliens 11992Advanced Adventure CreationsAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Frenzy1982Quicksilva LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Frenzy1983Spectrum Games LtdArcade Game: Maze
Friday Afternoon or Escape from MicroSun (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Friday the 13th1986Domark LtdArcade Game: Action
Fridge Frenzy1985Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Frightened FantasyAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Frightful1989NF StarsArcade Game: Action
Frightmare1988Cascade Games LtdArcade Game: Action
FroArcade Game: Action
Frodo1994Spiridonenko MVArcade Game: Action
Frog 3Arcade Game: Action
Frog 5Arcade Game: Action
Frog FaceAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Frog HopArcade Game: Action
Frog HopperWalltone SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Frog on a LogArcade Game: Action
Frog PathArcade Game: Action
Frog RaceCasual Game: Gambling
Frog Run1984Anirog SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Frog ShooterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FrogbertArcade Game: Platform
Frogg AdventureAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
FroggerArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
Frogger1983Games to Learn By IncArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
Frogger2009DeanysoftArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
Frogger1983A'n'F SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Frogger1983Rabbit Software LtdArcade Game: Action
FroggerArcade Game: Action
Frogger – Ein Spiel mit FroschenArcade Game: Action
Frogger 81Arcade Game: Action
Frogger RevengeArcade Game: Action
FroggieArcade Game: Action
Froggie [2]Arcade Game: Action
FroggyArcade Game: Action
FroggyArcade Game: Action
FroggyArcade Game: Action
Froggy1983DJL Software LtdArcade Game: Action
Froggy 2Arcade Game: Action
FrogsGame: Puzzle
Frogs in SpaceArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
FrogyArcade Game: Action
Frolics of a ChucklebuttyArcade Game: Action
From Beyond1997SleepwalkersArcade Game: Adventure
From Darkness into LightAdventure Game: Text-Only
From Out of a Dark Night Sky1989Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
From Out of a Dark Night Sky – The Second NightAdventure Game: Text-Only
From Out Of The SnowAdventure Game: Text-Only
From Russia with LuckArcade Game: Adventure
From the Depths of TimeArcade Game: Action
Frontiers1988Zafiro Software DivisionArcade Game: Adventure
Frontline1988Zeppelin Games LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fronton2004Jose Maria Gonzalez OndinaArcade Game: Action
Fronton [1]Arcade Game: Action
Fronton [2]Arcade Game: Action
Fronturs FortressArcade Game: Action
Froot Loop1984Ntd SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Frost Byte1986Mikro-Gen LtdArcade Game: Maze
Frosya the Cat2002Igor MakovskyArcade Game: Platform
Frozen – A Night at the Lab (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
FruitCasual Game: Gambling
FruitCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit 20001985RosswareCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit 20101986RosswareCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit Machine1990Zeppelin Games LtdCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit Machine1982C-TechCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit Machine1983DK'Tronics LtdCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit Machine1983Casual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit Machine SimulatorCasual Game: Gambling
Fruit Machine Simulator 2Casual Game: Gambling
Fruit Snapper1986LiveWire SoftwareCasual Game: Gambling
FruitaCasual Game: Gambling
Fruitee NudgeCasual Game: Gambling
FruitlineCasual Game: Gambling
FruitmachineCasual Game: Gambling
Fruitmachine simulatorCasual Game: Gambling
Fruity19845D SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Fruity1987RosswareCasual Game: Gambling
FruitymacCasual Game: Gambling
FrustrationGame: Puzzle
FrustrationGame: Puzzle
Fu ManchuArcade Game: Action
Fuck Communists!Power of SoundArcade Game: Action
Fuck OffAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fuckerman198500 SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fuddo & Slam1988Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fuerza AereaGame: Simulation
FuFighters1999Crystal DreamArcade Game: Action
FuflizhArcade Game: Action
FugaArcade Game: Maze
Fuga de BE-31Adventure Game: Text-Only
FugitivoArcade Game: Maze
FuksoftAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fuksoft 2Adventure Game: Text-Only
Full Shit1999CyberPunks Unity (CPU)Arcade Game: Adventure
Full Throttle1984MicromegaArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Full Throttle 21990Zeppelin Games LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Fun Golf1983Timex Computer CorporationSport Game: Action
Fun ParkGame: Simulation
Fundamentally Loathsome2011The Mojon TwinsArcade Game: Action
FungaloidsArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Fungaloids UDGArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Funhouse1984Pacific SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Funky FungusArcade Game: Platform
Funky Fungus ReloadedArcade Game: Platform
Funky Monkey KidArcade Game: Platform
Funky Monkey KidArcade Game: Platform
Funky Punky1987Grupo Editorial SYGRAN S.A.Arcade Game: Adventure
Funky TesticleArcade Game: Action
Further Adventures of PaxmanArcade Game: Action
Furto Col ComputerGame: Puzzle
Fury CarsArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
FusemanAdventure Game: Text-Only
Fussball ManagerSport Game: Management
Fussball TrainerStrategy Game: Management
FussballcoachStrategy Game: Management
FutaiArcade Game: Action
Futarposta1986Novotrade Rt.Arcade Game: Action
FutbolArcade Game: Action
FutbolCasual Game: Quiz
Futbol-Party1984Duplinter S.A.Sport Game: Management
Future BallSport Game: Action
Future Bike Simulator1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade Game: Vehicle Combat
Future Games1986Mastertronic LtdSport Game: Action
Future Knight1986Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Future LooterArcade Game: Action
Future RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Future Tense1987Mystic SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Futurezoo1986Clwyd Adventure SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only