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H-BlocArcade Game: Action
H-TronArcade Game: Action
H.A.R.D.Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
H.A.T.E.1989Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
H.E.R.O ReturnsArcade Game: Action
H.E.R.O.Arcade Game: Action
H.E.R.O.Arcade Game: Maze
H.R.H.19868th Day SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
H2O1989Arcade Game: Action
H7N9Arcade Game: Maze
Habilit1988Iber SoftwareArcade Game: Maze
HackAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
Hack HackArcade Game: Action
HackerAdventure Game: Graphic
Hacker II: The Doomsday PapersAdventure Game: Graphic
HádejGame: Puzzle
Hades1996The Adventure WorkshopAdventure Game: Text-Only
HadesAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hades Nebula1987Nexus Productions LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HadfordStrategy Game: War
Hagar the HorribleArcade Game: Action
HaikuCasual Game: Word
Hajoverseny2005Laszlo NyitraiArcade Game: Action
Hal AntArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Halaga1985Interceptor SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hallowe’enArcade Game: Action
Halls Of The ThingsArcade Game: Adventure
Halls of the Things1983Crystal ComputingArcade Game: Maze
Halls of the Things RemixArcade Game: Maze
Halma 20052005NyitraiSOFTGame: Board
Halo JonesArcade Game: Action
Hammer Boy1991Dinamic SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Hammer-Head1992Zigurat SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Hammerfist1990MCM Software S.A.Arcade Game: Action
Hammurabi1988Radoslaw KapitanStrategy Game: Management
HammurabiStrategy Game: Management
Hamon IV1997Ascendancy Creative LabsArcade Game: Maze
Hampa 19301986J. IzquierdoAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hampson’s PlaneGame: Puzzle
Hampstead1984Melbourne HouseAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hampton’s Caught!1984B.Sides SoftwareArcade Game: Maze
Hamte Damte1988Cross TechnicsArcade Game: Action
Handel Zagraniczny1987Krajowa Agencja WydawniczaStrategy Game: Management
Handicap Golf1984CRL Group PLCSport Game: Action
Hands of StoneArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Handy Andy1984CRL Group PLCArcade Game: Action
Hang GliderArcade Game: Action
Hang the ManCasual Game: Word
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanCasual Game: Word
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
Hangman1988R.D. Foord SoftwareGame: Puzzle
HangmanGame: Puzzle
Hangman – BibleCasual Game: Word
Hangman – ChemistryCasual Game: Word
Hangman – MusicalCasual Game: Word
Hangman – SportCasual Game: Word
Hangman 123Game: Puzzle
Hangman for IdiotsCasual Game: Word
HanioGame: Puzzle
HanoiGame: Puzzle
Hanoi1997Without Denomination GroupGame: Puzzle
Hanoi King1983Contrast SoftwareGame: Puzzle
Hanoi’s TowersGame: Puzzle
Hanois TornGame: Puzzle
Hanoj1998FlymansoftGame: Puzzle
Hanojské věžeGame: Puzzle
Happy BirthdayAdventure Game: Text-Only
Happy Hour1984Scorpio Gamesworld LtdArcade Game: Action
Harbinger 2: The VoidArcade Game: Action
Harbinger: ConvergenceArcade Game: Platform
Hard as NailzArcade Game: Platform
Hard Cheese1983DK'Tronics LtdArcade Game: Maze
Hard Drivin’1989Domark LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Hard LinesArcade Game: Action
HardBall!1986Advance Software Promotions LtdSport Game: Action
Hare and HoundsGame: Board
Hareraiser: Finale1984Haresoft LtdGame: Puzzle
Hareraiser: Prelude1984Haresoft LtdGame: Puzzle
HaresAdventure Game: Text-Only
Harlequin1984Mr. Micro LtdGame: Puzzle
HarrierArcade Game: Action
HarrierArcade Game: Action
Harrier Attack!1983Durell Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Harry Flynn Misión 45Adventure Game: Text-Only
Harry Goes Home1984PulsonicArcade Game: Maze
Harry Hare’s Lair1985Arcade Game: Action
Harry Hedgehog 1kArcade Game: Action
Harry L’HippyAdventure Game: Text-Only
Harry l’Hippy: Easy RiderAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Harry O’Hara: Spectral HouseAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Harry Potter Adventure2009Zeropolis ElementAdventure Game: Text-Only
Harry the Baby Saves the World With His Amazing Water PistolArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Harry the HippyAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Harry the MagicalAdventure Game: RPG
Harry the Magical: Harry and the OrdenAdventure Game: RPG
Harry the Magical: Harry and the Orden+Adventure Game: RPG
Harry the Magical: The Hero HallowsAdventure Game: RPG
Harte NussGame: Board
Harvey Headbanger1986Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Action
Hasha the ThiefAdventure Game: Text-Only
Haunted Hedges1983MicromegaArcade Game: Maze
Haunted HouseArcade Game: Platform
Haunted HouseArcade Game: Adventure
Haunted HouseAdventure Game: Text-Only
Haunted HouseArcade Game: Maze
Haunted HouseAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Haunted HouseArcade Game: Platform
Haunted HouseArcade Game: Maze
Haunted HouseArcade Game: Platform
Haunted HouseAdventure Game: Text-Only
Haunted HouseAdventure Game: Text-Only
Haunted HouseArcade Game: Action
Have You Lost Your Marbles DeluxeGame: Puzzle
Havoc1984DynavisionArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Havoc1990Players PremierArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hawk Storm1991Players SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HawkeyeArcade Game: Platform
Hawks1983Lotus-SoftArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HawksArcade Game: Action
HazardCasual Game: Gambling
HDNDSCGame: Puzzle
Head over Heels1987Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
Head the BallArcade Game: Platform
Head-BangerArcade Game: Platform
Headball1998ZX-Masters SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Headbangers Heaven1983LlamasoftArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Headcoach1986Addictive Games LtdSport Game: Management
Headstart1987Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Heart StealerArcade Game: Platform
Heart Stealer – One Key VersionArcade Game: Platform
Heart Stealer 2Arcade Game: Platform
Heartbroken1989Atlantis Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
HeartlandArcade Game: Adventure
Hearts1995BarisoftCasual Game: Card
HeartsCasual Game: Card
Heat Leader1986Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Heat Leader ’911992Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Heat Leader ’92Sport Game: Management
Heat Leader ’971986Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Heathrow Air Traffic Control1983Hewson Consultants LtdGame: Simulation
Heathrow International Air Traffic Control1984Hewson Consultants LtdGame: Simulation
Heavy Lift HelicopterEclipse [CZ]Arcade Game: Action
Heavy Metal1990U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Heavy Metal Mover1996UCM GroupGame: Puzzle
Heavy on the Magick1986Gargoyle GamesAdventure Game: Graphic
Heavy on the Magick IIAdventure Game: Graphic
HeavyweightArcade Game: Action
Hebrew HangmanGame: Puzzle
HechizoArcade Game: Adventure
Hectic1985Mind Games Espana S.A.Arcade Game: Action
Hedda Strikes Again2003Adventure Probe SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hedda’s Revenge1999Adventure Probe SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hedgehog RunArcade Game: Action
HedgehogsGame: Puzzle
Heist – The Crime of the Century (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Heist 20121987Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
HelespontGame: Board
HeliArcade Game: Action
HeliArcade Game: Action
Heli 2Arcade Game: Action
Heli-BomberArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Heli-BomberArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Heli-LandArcade Game: Action
Helichopper1985Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HelicopterArcade Game: Action
HelicopterArcade Game: Action
Helicopter1998ParadoxArcade Game: Action
Helicopter1994KotsoftArcade Game: Action
Helicopter LandingArcade Game: Action
Helicopter11994KotsoftArcade Game: Action
Helicoptero Z-20Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HelihjcoArcade Game: Action
HelikopterArcade Game: Action
HelikopterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HelikopterArcade Game: Action
Helikoptertengeralattjaro VadaszArcade Game: Action
HellAccept CorpArcade Game: Action
Hell Master1993Paul NikitinArcade Game: Maze
HELL YEAH!Arcade Game: Action
Hell’s AngelsArcade Game: Action
HellfallGame: Puzzle
Hellfire1985Melbourne HouseArcade Game: Platform
Hellfire Attack1989Martech Games LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hells BellsAdventure Game: Text-Only
HelmsmanGame: Simulation
Help!!!Adventure Game: Text-Only
Helter Skelter1991Audiogenic Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Helvera: Mistress of the Park1993FSF AdventuresAdventure Game: Text-Only
Henry’s Hoard1985Alternative Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Herbert the TurbotArcade Game: Maze
Herbert’s Dummy Run1985Mikro-Gen LtdArcade Game: Adventure
Herbie1985Rafael GarciaGeneral: Simulation
Hercules1986Alpha-Omega SoftwareArcade Game: Platform
Hercules: Slayer of the Damned1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Here Be TygersAdventure Game: Text-Only
Here Comes the Sun1983Alligata Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Heresville1990Wazertown WorksAdventure Game: Text-Only
HeriArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Heritage2009Rafal MiazgaArcade Game: Adventure
HermitArcade Game: Action
HeroAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hero MakerAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hero of the Golden TalismanArcade Game: Maze
Hero Parte 1: Il SuperstiteAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hero Parte 2: Il Piano d’AttaccoAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hero Quest1991Gremlin Graphics Software LtdAdventure Game: RPG
Hero Quest: Return of the Witch Lord1991Gremlin Graphics Software LtdAdventure Game: RPG
Hero-Quest1994Karry SoftAdventure Game: RPG
HerocultsAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
Heroes ’92Adventure Game: Text-Only
Heroes of Karn1984Interceptor SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Heroes of Magic2011Josep Coletas CaubetAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
Heroes of Might and Magic1998KhabarovskAdventure Game: RPG
Heroes of Might and MagicAdventure Game: RPG
Heroes of the Lance1988U.S. Gold LtdAdventure Game: RPG
Heroes RescueArcade Game: Platform
HeróiArcade Game: Action
HeroquestAdventure Game: RPG
HerrgardenAdventure Game: Text-Only
Het Geheim van LandusiëAdventure Game: Text-Only
Het Nationale BeursspelStrategy Game: Management
Het Oude Huis (This Old House)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Hetty2005Roberto ValverdeArcade Game: Action
HexGame: Board
Hexagon 21997Style GroupGame: Puzzle
Hexagonal Filler2004Alone CoderArcade Game: Action
Hexagonal FillerGame: Puzzle
Hexagonia2001VTSGame: Board
HexagoniaGame: Puzzle
HexcellentGame: Board
HexenspielArcade Game: Action
Hexxagon1994WE [BY]Game: Puzzle
HezarinAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hi Q Quiz1989Blue Ribbon SoftwareCasual Game: Quiz
Hi-LoCasual Game: Gambling
Hi-LoCasual Game: Card
Hi-LowCasual Game: Card
Hi-res ChessGame: Board
Hi-Rise HiveArcade Game: Platform
Hi-RizeArcade Game: Action
Hibernated 1: This Place is DeathAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hibernatus1987Enter ComputingAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hic GameArcade Game: Platform
HickstedGeneral: Education
HidalgoAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hidden City1983BytewellArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hidden MazesArcade Game: Maze
Hidden PathsArcade Game: Maze
Hidden PictureGame: Puzzle
Hidden SecretsGame: Puzzle
Hidden WordsGame: Puzzle
Hide and Seek1995Adventure Probe SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
HideawayGame: Puzzle
Hideous1992Alternative Software LtdArcade Game: Maze
HidraulicoArcade Game: Action
Higgledy PiggledyArcade Game: Platform
Higgs Boson in the LHCArcade Game: Action
Higgy 2: The Wrath of McManiaArcade Game: Platform
High FrontierStrategy Game: War
High LowCasual Game: Gambling
High Noon1983Work ForceArcade Game: Action
High NoonArcade Game: Action
High NoonArcade Game: Action
High OddsAdventure Game: Text-Only
High RiseCasual Game: Gambling
High Speed ManiaArcade Game: Maze
High Steel1989Alternative Software LtdArcade Game: Action
High Way StarArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
High-LoCasual Game: Card
High-LowCasual Game: Gambling
High-NoonArcade Game: Action
Higher Or LowerCasual Game: Gambling
Higher-LowerCasual Game: Gambling
Highlander1986Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Highrise Harry1983Blaby Computer GamesArcade Game: Platform
HighwayCasual Game: Quiz
HighwayArcade Game: Action
Highway CodeGame: Educational
Highway Encounter1985Vortex SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HighwaymanArcade Game: Action
HijackAdventure Game: Graphic
Hill Street BluesArcade Game: Action
HilowCasual Game: Gambling
HinterhaltArcade Game: Action
Hiper-OlimpicSport Game: Action
HiperyntoArcade Game: Maze
HipodromoStrategy Game: Management
Hired to Kill1993Tom PowellAdventure Game: Text-Only
HiRes GalaxianArcade Game: Action
HiRes Galaxy InvadersArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Historias de Medialand1987JSJ Soft LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hit1989Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
HitCasual Game: Card
Hit ManArcade Game: Action
Hit Man1984Scorpio Gamesworld LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hit or MissArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hitch-HikerAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – A Science Fiction Story (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Solid Gold Edition – A Science Fiction Story (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
HiveArcade Game: Maze
Hive1986Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Maze
Hledač – Cesta za zlatem MayůAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hob’s Hoard1991Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hobgoblin1991Atlantis Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
HobohemiaAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
HockeySport Game: Action
Hocus Focus1986Quicksilva LtdArcade Game: Maze
Hoger-LagerGame: Maths
HoldmentesArcade Game: Action
HoldraszallasArcade Game: Action
Holiday in Sumaria1987Pirate Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
Holidays in AmsterdamArcade Game: Action
Holly1993BC MastersArcade Game: Adventure
Holly 21993BC MastersArcade Game: Adventure
Hollywood Hijinx – A Zany Treasure Hunt (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Holy GrailArcade Game: Action
Holy Shit!!!Arcade Game: Platform
HombrescoArcade Game: Action
Home BaseArcade Game: Action
Home Hungaroring1986KersziGame: Simulation
Home Island DizzyArcade Game: Adventure
Home Runner1984Britannia Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Home Tetris1996Russian Bear GroupGame: Puzzle
Home TutorCasual Game: Quiz
HomebrewArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Homer Simpson 2: In Russia Again2001MG & CoArcade Game: Adventure
Homer Simpson in Russia1998MG & CoArcade Game: Adventure
Homicide Hotel1987WallsoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Honba za klasákomAdventure Game: Text-Only
Honba za poklademArcade Game: Maze
Honey World2000Alex ArtGame: Puzzle
Hong Kong Phooey1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
HookArcade Game: Platform
Hook WormsArcade Game: Action
Hoop-LaGame: Puzzle
HooperArcade Game: Action
Hop ‘n’ Chop1995Redwood DesignsArcade Game: Action
Hop-A-LongArcade Game: Action
Hop’n’FrogArcade Game: Action
HopperArcade Game: Action
HopperArcade Game: Action
HopperArcade Game: Action
HopperArcade Game: Action
HopperArcade Game: Action
Hopper1983PSSArcade Game: Action
Hopper Copper1988Silverbird Software LtdArcade Game: Action
Hopping Mad1988Elite Systems LtdArcade Game: Action
HoppitArcade Game: Action
Horace & The RobotsArcade Game: Action
Horace & the Spiders1983Timex Computer CorporationArcade Game: Action
Horace & the Spiders1983Sinclair Research LtdArcade Game: Action
Horace and the VikingsArcade Game: Action
Horace Goes PeeingArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Horace Goes Skiing1983Timex Computer CorporationArcade Game: Action
Horace Goes Skiing1983Sinclair Research LtdArcade Game: Action
Horace Goes to the Tower2011The Mojon TwinsArcade Game: Platform
Horace in the Mystic Woods2010Bob Smith [1]Arcade Game: Platform
Horace MinerArcade Game: Platform
Horace Miner 2Arcade Game: Platform
Horace to the RescueArcade Game: Action
Horace to the Rescue 2Arcade Game: Action
Horácio e as AranhasArcade Game: Action
Hormiguero MalditoArcade Game: Platform
Horror Atoll1983Add-On Electronics LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
Horrorscope1991Square PegAdventure Game: Text-Only
Horse RaceCasual Game: Gambling
Horse RaceCasual Game: Gambling
Horse RaceCasual Game: Gambling
Horse RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Horse Racing + Fruit MachineCasual Game: Gambling
HorsebackArcade Game: Action
HorseplaySport Game: Action
HostageArcade Game: Maze
Hostages1990InfogramesArcade Game: Action
Hot DogsStrategy Game: Management
Hot PursuitArcade Game: Action
Hot PursuitArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Hot RodArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Hot RodderArcade Game: Action
Hot RodsArcade Game: Action
Hot TyreArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
HOT-K2005Guillermo CastaresArcade Game: Action
Hot-ShotArcade Game: Action
Hotch Potch1985Mastertronic LtdGame: Puzzle
HotelArcade Game: Platform
Hotfoot1983MicrosphereArcade Game: Action
Hothouse HellArcade Game: Action
Hotline Quiz1984Chalksoft LtdCasual Game: Quiz
Hotshot1988Addictive Games LtdArcade Game: Action
Hou ze GevangenArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hou Ze GevangenArcade Game: Action
HoudiniGame: Puzzle
Hounds of Hell1991The Adventure WorkshopAdventure Game: Text-Only
House of CardsGame: Puzzle
House of Horror AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
House of HorrorsAdventure Game: Text-Only
House of MurderAdventure Game: Text-Only
House of Orion1984Dave NewtonAdventure Game: Text-Only
House of the DeadAdventure Game: Text-Only
House of the Living Dead1983Phipps AssociatesArcade Game: Maze
House out of Town1991Simon AveryAdventure Game: Text-Only
HousebreakArcade Game: Action
Housenka1993Pavel PlívaArcade Game: Action
Hover BovverArcade Game: Action
Hover DroidArcade Game: Action
Hoverkraft1985Charly Computers LtdArcade Game: Action
HoverzoneArcade Game: Action
How to be a Complete Bastard1987Virgin Games LtdAdventure Game: Graphic
How to be a Hero1987Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade Game: Maze
How to Die in the Nuclear AgeAdventure Game: Text-Only
How to Play AdventuresGeneral: Simulation
Howard the DuckArcade Game: Action
Howzat1984Wyvern SoftwareSport Game: Management
HR InvadersArcade Game: Action
Hra o koláčGame: Puzzle
HRBerzxerkArcade Game: Action
Hubert1984Blaby Computer GamesArcade Game: Action
Hubschrauber PilotArcade Game: Action
Hudson Hawk1991Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
HuellasAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Huevos AlienigenasArcade Game: Action
Huida de la Oscuridad – Lobo Solitario 1Arcade Game: Action
Huida de MoriaAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
Human Killing Machine1989U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Human Resources Stories – In Search of Employment (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Humanoid1996Shock SoftwareArcade Game: Maze
Hummer House of Horror1983Lasersound LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Humphrey1988Zigurat SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Humpty DumptyArcade Game: Action
Humpty Dumpty in the Garden1984Artic Computing LtdArcade Game: Action
Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies1984Artic Computing LtdArcade Game: Maze
Humpty Dumpty’s egg dropArcade Game: Platform
Hunchback1984Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Hunchback – The Adventure1986Ocean Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Hunchback at the OlympicsArcade Game: Action
Hunchback II1984Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
HunchyArcade Game: Platform
HunchyArcade Game: Platform
HunderennenArcade Game: Action
Hundido!Game: Board
HundirArcade Game: Action
Hundir la Flota2009CanadulGame: Board
Hundra1988Dinamic SoftwareArcade Game: Adventure
Hungry HarryArcade Game: Action
Hungry Horace1982Sinclair Research LtdArcade Game: Maze
Hungry Horace1983Timex Computer CorporationArcade Game: Maze
Hungry SnakeArcade Game: Action
Hunt Buck: Nuclear DefenceArcade Game: Adventure
Hunt on Sparrows2001Green BitArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hunt the Hurkle2001Laszlo NyitraiArcade Game: Maze
Hunt the Wumpus2006Wilko SchroterAdventure Game: Text-Only
Hunt the WumpusArcade Game: Maze
Hunt the WumpusArcade Game: Action
HunterArcade Game: Action
HunterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HunterArcade Game: Action
HunterScope DesignsArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HunterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hunter II: Olympus-MonsArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hunter III: The Final StrawArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hunter-Killer1983Protek Computing LtdGame: Simulation
Hunter’s MoonArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hunting MixArcade Game: Action
HurdlerArcade Game: Action
HurdlesSport Game: Action
HurkleArcade Game: Maze
Husband ChoresArcade Game: Action
Hustler1984Bubble Bus SoftwareSport Game: Action
Huxley Pig1991Alternative Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
Hybrid1987Starlight SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Hydra1991Domark LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HydroArcade Game: Action
HydrocarbonsGame: Educational
Hydrofool1987Faster Than LightArcade Game: Adventure
Hypa Raid1986Atlantis Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
HypaballArcade Game: Action
Hyper ActiveArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hyper BikerArcade Game: Action
Hyper Space Postal ServiceArcade Game: Platform
Hyper Sports1985Imagine Software LtdSport Game: Action
Hyperaction1984Silversoft LtdArcade Game: Action
Hyperblaster1984MC Lothlorien LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hyperbowl1986Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HyperbowlArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HyperchessGame: Board
HyperkillArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
HyperlaneArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hyperlane +Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hypertron1987Scorpio Gamesworld LtdArcade Game: Action
HypertronArcade Game: Action
Hypsys1989Dro SoftArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Hysteria1987Software Projects LtdArcade Game: Action