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R-SwypeArcade Game: Action
R-Swype ReloadedArcade Game: Action
R-TypeArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
R-Type IIArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
R-Type IIIArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
R.A.M.1990Topo SoftArcade Game: Action
R.A.M. 2: Space MissionArcade Game: Action
R.A.M.S.Arcade Game: Action
R.B.I. 2 Baseball1991Domark LtdSport Game: Action
R2-D2 (Exam)Game: Puzzle
RabbitGame: Puzzle
RabbitAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rabbit in NightmarelandArcade Game: Platform
Rabbit in WonderlandArcade Game: Platform
Rabbit Jazzy1998ParadoxArcade Game: Action
Rabbit RabbitArcade Game: Action
Rabbit Shoot1983Phipps AssociatesArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RabbitsGame: Simulation
RabbitsGame: Board
Rabid MowerArcade Game: Action
RaceArcade Game: Action
RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RaceCasual Game: Gambling
Race Ace1983RainbirdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Race Fun1983Rabbit Software LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Race TrackArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Race TrackArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Race-TrackArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RacehorseSport Game: Management
Racehorse TrainerSport Game: Management
Racehorse Trainer + Stock CarCompilation
RacerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RacerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Racer TracerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RacetrackArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RacetrackArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RacewayArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RacewayArcade Game: Action
RacewayArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RacingArcade Game: Action
RacingSport Game: Management
RacingCasual Game: Gambling
Racing League1985R.L. SoftwareSport Game: Management
Racing Manager1983Virgin Games LtdSport Game: Management
Rack One’s Brains1988Eclipse [CZ]Game: Puzzle
Rad Ramp Racer1990Mastertronic PlusArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RadarArcade Game: Action
Radar LandingArcade Game: Action
Rade BlunnerArcade Game: Action
Rade Blunner, Episode 2: Cannibal Wheh’s Little ShopArcade Game: Action
Radiation RunArcade Game: Action
Radio RobotArcade Game: Action
Radiomania1991Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
RadiopowerStrategy Game: Management
Raging BullArcade Game: Action
Ragnablock2006Computer EmuzoneArcade Game: Action
RagnarArcade Game: Action
Raid on Lethos1984Dave NewtonAdventure Game: Text-Only
Raid over Moscow1985U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Raid Sobre LondresArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RaiderArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Raider 411984M.A.P. SoftwareStrategy Game: War
Raider of the Cursed Mine1983Arcade SoftwareArcade Game: Platform
Raider of the Forgotten Ark1984Spectra SoftArcade Game: Action
Raider VArcade Game: Action
RaidersArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Raiders of the Lost ArkArcade Game: Action
Raiders of the Lost RingArcade Game: Platform
Raiders of the Lost Tomb1995The Adventure WorkshopAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rail RescueArcade Game: Action
Railtour Scotland1987Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
Railtour South1988Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
Railtour West1986Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RainAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rainbow Islands1990Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Rainbow LandAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rainbow SquashArcade Game: Action
Rainbow WarriorsAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rainy Day1984CCSGame: Puzzle
Raislin19913PSOFTAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rakattak1987Gadtek GamesArcade Game: Action
Rally1990Monea SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Rally Cross1989Anco Software LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Rally Driver1984Hill MacGibbonArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Rally Driver1984Micro-Mart SoftwareArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Rally FeverArcade Game: Action
Rally Simulator1989Zeppelin Games LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Rally ZArcade Game: Action
RallybugArcade Game: Action
Rallycross SimulatorArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Rallye de PortugalSport Game: Management
Ralph – An Interactive Sniffing (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Ralph on Alpha 2Arcade Game: Platform
Ram RunnerArcade Game: Action
Rambo1986Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rambo III1988Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Ramiro, el Vampiro2013The Mojon TwinsArcade Game: Adventure
Ramon Rodriguez1986Erbe Software S.A.Arcade Game: Platform
RamopolyGame: Board
RampageArcade Game: Action
RampageArcade Game: Action
RampartGame: Puzzle
Ramparts1988Go!Arcade Game: Action
Ramsbottom Smith and The Quest For The Yellow SpheroidAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rana-RealArcade Game: Action
Ranarama1987Hewson Consultants LtdArcade Game: Maze
RandaxArcade Game: Platform
Randex1994R.A. SoftArcade Game: Maze
Random AttackGame: Simulation
RandomatorArcade Game: Platform
Randy Warner and the Aztec Idol1985Scorpio Gamesworld LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
Ranetech1993Alien SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
RansomArcade Game: Action
Rapedes1983Visions Software Factory LtdArcade Game: Action
Rapid Fire1987Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rapscallion1984Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade Game: Maze
RaquelGame: Puzzle
Raro (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Rasputin1986Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Rastan1988Imagine Software LtdArcade Game: Action
Raster Runner1990Mastertronic PlusArcade Game: Action
Rasterscan1987Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Action
RatArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rat RaceArcade Game: Action
Rat-A-TatArcade Game: Action
RatasArcade Game: Action
Rath-Tha1989PositiveArcade Game: Action
RatosArcade Game: Maze
RatsCasual Game: Gambling
Rats & CatsArcade Game: Action
Rattler1985Atlantis Software LtdArcade Game: Action
RattrapArcade Game: Action
Rattus-RexAdventure Game: Text-Only
Ratul & Zeki2011SalvacamArcade Game: Platform
Ravenous ReptileArcade Game: Action
Raw BattleArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Raw Recruit1988Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Raymond Pringle’s Quest for the Fabled Jar of Pickled CabbageAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rays1987Tartan SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rays’ ReprisalArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Razboinic 1Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Razboinic 2Arcade Game: Platform
RazzmatazzArcade Game: Action
Re-BounderArcade Game: Action
Re-Evolucion1992Software AtlanticoAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
ReactietestGame: undetermined
Reaction2007Alone CoderGame: Puzzle
ReactionGame: Board
ReactorArcade Game: Maze
Reactor1984Gemini Marketing LtdArcade Game: Action
Reading Powerbox1991Ashley GreenupGame: Simulation
Ready Steady Go1988Alternative Software LtdSport Game: Action
Real Lines2000Saint SoftwareGame: Puzzle
Reality Hacker1987Visual DimensionsAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Reality Hacker + A Holiday to RememberAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Really Knight1992LOKOsoftArcade Game: Platform
RealmStrategy Game: Management
Realm of Darkness1986River SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Realm of Impossibility1986Ariolasoft UK LtdArcade Game: Maze
Realm of the Undead1984Express Programmes CompanyArcade Game: Maze
Realm of TrollArcade Game: Maze
Reaper1991Ubi Soft LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Rear GunnerArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rebel1987Virgin Games LtdArcade Game: Action
Rebel Planet1986U.S. Gold LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rebel Star: Brion’s Diamond1996Lipetsk UnitedGame: Tactical Combat
Rebelstar1986Firebird Software LtdGame: Tactical Combat
Rebelstar – Search for the I.O.N Gun2005psj3809Arcade Game: Action
Rebelstar 21988Silverbird Software LtdGame: Tactical Combat
Rebelstar Raiders1984Red Shift LtdGame: Tactical Combat
ReboundArcade Game: Action
ReboundArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RebufoArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Reckless Rufus1992Alternative Software LtdGame: Puzzle
RecordArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Recovery1989Jiří ChábekAdventure Game: Text-Only
RectanglesGame: Board
Red Alert1991Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Red AlertArcade Game: Action
Red Alert!Arcade Game: Action
Red AntsArcade Game: Maze
Red Arrows1985Database SoftwareGame: Flight Simulator
Red Attack1984Unique Computer ServicesArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Red Baron1983MC Lothlorien LtdGame: Simulation
Red BaronArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Red CapArcade Game: Maze
Red CrossGame: Puzzle
Red FredArcade Game: Action
Red Heat1989Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Red L.E.D.1987Starlight SoftwareArcade Game: Vehicle Combat
Red Moon1985Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Red PlanetArcade Game: Platform
Red Raid: The beginningArcade Game: Platform
Red Raid: The infiltratingArcade Game: Platform
Red Raid: The sinkingArcade Game: Platform
Red Scorpion1987Quicksilva LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Red Storm RisingGame: Simulation
Redbeard’s TreasureAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
RedcarArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Redcoats1984MC Lothlorien LtdStrategy Game: War
Redcode SimulatorStrategy Game: War
RedhawkAdventure Game: Graphic
rEdIvIvUs2006Cronosoft [UK]Arcade Game: Platform
RedshiftArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Reductio ad Nihilum2011Rafal MiazgaGame: Puzzle
Redweed1983MC Lothlorien LtdGame: Tactical Combat
Refamatic1987Javier AmadorCasual Game: Gambling
Reference Book of Wireless EnthusiastGeneral: Simulation
Reflections1983Artic Computing LtdGame: Puzzle
ReflectronArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
ReflexArcade Game: Action
ReflexArcade Game: Action
RefuellingGame: Puzzle
RegatasArcade Game: Action
Regatul MagicArcade Game: Adventure
Regreso a TitanAdventure Game: Graphic
RehenesGame: Puzzle
ReichswaldStrategy Game: War
Reino de FantasiaAdventure Game: Text-Only
RekaArcade Game: Action
Relatos de Ahion2008Sergio Vaquer MontesArcade Game: Adventure
Removal Deluxe2008SAM StyleGame: Board
Remove the LogoGame: Puzzle
RendezvousAdventure Game: Text-Only
Renegade1987Imagine Software LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Renegade III1989Imagine Software LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Renegade III: Re-ImaginedArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Renegade RecolouredArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
reniM cinaM2004BroadsoftArcade Game: Platform
Rentakill Rita1987Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Adventure
ReplicateArcade Game: Action
ReptkonArcade Game: Action
ReptonAlligata Software LtdArcade Game: Maze
Repton 2Alligata Software LtdArcade Game: Maze
Repton Mania1989Superior Software LtdArcade Game: Maze
Repulsar1983SoftekArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RepulserArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Request in’ Peace2013ClimacusArcade Game: Action
Resaca1990Alberto VinuelaAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rescate1991Ricardo Oyon RodriguezAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
RescateArcade Game: Action
RescateArcade Game: Action
Rescate 2019 (Primera Parte)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Rescate Atlantida1989Dinamic SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Rescate en el Golfo1990Opera Soft S.A.Arcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Rescate en la Montana1984Cibercomp S.A.Arcade Game: Action
Rescate en MarteArcade Game: Action
Rescue1983CRL Group PLCAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rescue1987Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Maze
RescueArcade Game: Action
Rescue1983Professional SoftwareArcade Game: Platform
Rescue from Doom1986David EdgarAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rescue LanderArcade Game: Action
Rescue on Fractalus!Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rescue on TheflionArcade Game: Action
Rescue Rangers1997Fantadrom LtdArcade Game: Action
Research Dig (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
ResistanceAdventure Game: Text-Only
Resistance is FutileGame: Maths
ResolutionAdventure Game: Graphic
RestaurantArcade Game: Action
Restless AndréArcade Game: Action
Retarded Creatures and Caverns1989Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Retarded Creatures and Caverns IIAdventure Game: Text-Only
Reti Combinatorie a Due LivelliGame: Puzzle
Retro BeamerArcade Game: Action
Retro FighterArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Retro KombatArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Retro VirusArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RetroblocGame: Puzzle
Retrobsesion2011J.B.G.V.Arcade Game: Action
Retrobsesion II2012J.B.G.V.Arcade Game: Action
RetroForceArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RetroinvadersArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Retrophenia2006Jose Maria Gonzalez OndinaAdventure Game: Text-Only
RetroQuest: Los Pergaminos de la SabiduríaArcade Game: Platform
RetroRacerArcade Game: Vehicle Combat
RetroSnakeArcade Game: Action
Retrospect’s BAR-X2013Joe MorrisCasual Game: Gambling
Return of the GalaxiansArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Return of the Jedi1989Domark LtdArcade Game: Action
Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle1984Parker SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle1984Parker SoftwareArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Return of the JedyArcade Game: Action
Return of the Living DeathAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return of the RoachAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return of the Things1984Design Design SoftwareArcade Game: Maze
Return of the Warrior1984LarsoftAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return to Castle DraculaAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return to CivilisationAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return to DoomAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return to Earth1982SaturnsoftAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return to Eden1984Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Return to Holy TowerGame: Puzzle
Return to Home 41996K.Kav SoftwareGame: Tactical Combat
Return to Ithaca1985Atlantis Software LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return to Karn (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Return to MarsAdventure Game: Text-Only
Return to Mazeddy’s castleGame: undetermined
Return to Oz1986U.S. Gold LtdAdventure Game: Graphic
Return to the MoonArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Reveal1989Mastertronic LtdGame: Puzzle
Revelados2006Compiler SoftwareGeneral: Simulation
RevengeArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Revenge of Castle DreadAdventure Game: Text-Only
Revenge of Chaos1990The GuildAdventure Game: Text-Only
Revenge of the C51985Atlantis Software LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes1984Visions Software Factory LtdArcade Game: Action
Revenge of the Space Pirates1994FSF AdventuresAdventure Game: Text-Only
Reverberations – A Hectic Voltairian Adventure (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
REVERSÃO1989ZX-SOFT Brasil LtdaGame: Puzzle
ReverseGame: Board
Reverse Manic MinerArcade Game: Platform
Reverse PongArcade Game: Action
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Puzzle
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
Reversi1982Game: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
ReversiGame: Board
Reversi1982Sinclair Research LtdGame: Board
Reversi1983CDS MicrosystemsGame: Board
Reversi1983Artic Computing LtdGame: Board
ReversorGame: Board
Revised Champions Of Cricket – 2 To 6 Version Mark 51994Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Revised Champions of Cricket 19931994Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Revised Champions of Cricket 19941994Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Revised World Cup Cricket – Great Players of the Sixties1994Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Revised World Cup Cricket 19931993Lambourne GamesSport Game: Management
Revival SurvivalArcade Game: Action
RevoltAdventure Game: Text-Only
Revolution1986U.S. Gold LtdGame: Puzzle
Revolver1988Alternative Software LtdArcade Game: Action
RevolverGeneral: Simulation
Rex1988Martech Games LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rex Hard1987Mister ChipArcade Game: Adventure
Rey MidasGame: Puzzle
Reyes y Castillos1984Special SoftStrategy Game: Management
RGBobotsGame: Puzzle
RhunEP SoftwareArcade Game: Platform
Rhyme Cryme1995Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rick Dangerous1989Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Rick Dangerous 21990Micro StyleArcade Game: Platform
Ricochet1987Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Action
RicochetArcade Game: Action
Riddler’s DenArcade Game: Adventure
Rider1984Virgin Games LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Riding the Rapids1987Players SoftwareSport Game: Action
Rifle Range1984Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rifle RangeArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rifle RangeArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Riforma SanitariaStrategy Game: Management
Rigel’s Revenge1987Bulldog Software [1]Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rigor MortisArcade Game: Platform
Rik the Roadie1988Alternative Software LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RikosphereGame: Puzzle
RimrunnerArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Ring MasterAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Ring of PowerAdventure Game: Text-Only
Ring QuestUburrg SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Ring Wars1989Cascade Games LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Ring-a-Ring O’RobotArcade Game: Action
Ring-OGame: Puzzle
Rings of The Magic1996Global CorporationGame: Puzzle
Rio BlancoArcade Game: Adventure
Rio KarateArcade Game: Action
Rippled Flesh – An Interactive Goosing (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
RiptoffArcade Game: Maze
Rise Out from Dungeons1996Magic SoftArcade Game: Platform
RiskGame: Board
Risky RiskArcade Game: Platform
RisqueGame: Board
Rite of the DruidAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Ritorno dallo SpazioAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Ritual of Purification – An Interactive Cleansing (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
RivendellAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
RiverArcade Game: Action
River RaidArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
River RaiderArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
River RegattaArcade Game: Action
River Rescue1984Thorn EMI Video LtdArcade Game: Action
Riverside KingdomStrategy Game: Management
RJ’s Ultimatum1996The Adventure WorkshopAdventure Game: Text-Only
RMS TitanicArcade Game: Maze
Road Blasters1988U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Vehicle Combat
Road Fighter1997Surdakar GroupArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road Frog1983Spectrum Games LtdArcade Game: Action
Road Fusion2008Sergio Vaquer MontesArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road HogArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road Hog MLArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road RaceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road Racer1983Thorn EMI Video LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road Racer1983Hyperion SoftwareArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road RacerArcade Game: Action
Road RacerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road RacerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road Racers1983Artic Computing LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road Runner1987U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Action
Road RunnerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote1991Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade Game: Action
Road Toad1983Elfin Software LtdArcade Game: Action
Road Trippin’Arcade Game: Maze
Road WarriorArcade Game: Vehicle Combat
Road WarriorArcade Game: Vehicle Combat
Road-RacerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RoadraceArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RoadracerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Roadrunner1983Protek Computing LtdArcade Game: Action
RoadrunnerArcade Game: Action
RoadrunnerArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RoadstarArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Roadwars1987Melbourne HouseArcade Game: Vehicle Combat
Robber1983Virgin Games LtdArcade Game: Action
Robber’s LairArcade Game: Maze
RobboArcade Game: Action
Robbo1996Pro SoftArcade Game: Maze
Robin HoodArcade Game: Action
Robin HoodAdventure Game: Text-Only
Robin Hood – Legend QuestArcade Game: Adventure
Robin of Sherlock1985Silversoft LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of Rhiannon1985Adventure InternationalAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Robin of the WoodArcade Game: Adventure
Robin Smith’s International Cricket1990Challenge SoftwareSport Game: Action
Robin the Outlaw1986Gadtek GamesArcade Game: Adventure
Robo LocoArcade Game: Action
Robo Xonix1994Chemist SoftArcade Game: Action
Robo-CityAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Robo-stalkerArcade Game: Adventure
Robo: The Komix Game1997ETC GroupArcade Game: Maze
RoboBro Episode 1Arcade Game: Adventure
RoboCop1988Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Action
RoboCop 21990Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Action
RoboCop 31992Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Action
Robon1983SoftekArcade Game: Action
RoboponArcade Game: Action
Roboprobe/48Arcade Game: Platform
Robore1992LOKOsoftArcade Game: Maze
RoborunArcade Game: Action
RobospyGame: Puzzle
RobotGame: Tactical Combat
ROBOT – The Impossible MissionArcade Game: Adventure
Robot 1 in… The Planet of DeathArcade Game: Platform
Robot 1 in… The Ship of DoomArcade Game: Platform
Robot AttackArcade Game: Action
Robot ChaseArcade Game: Action
Robot FactoryArcade Game: Action
Robot Factory1984VentamaticArcade Game: Platform
Robot Gregor1992MagicMaster SoftwareGame: Puzzle
Robot HuntArcade Game: Action
Robot InvadersArcade Game: Action
Robot Messiah1985AlphabatimArcade Game: Adventure
Robot MissileGame: Puzzle
Robot PanicArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Robot Riot1983Silversoft LtdArcade Game: Maze
Robot Rumpus1985Atlantis Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Robot SantaArcade Game: Platform
Robot Scape1988SPEArcade Game: Action
Robot WarGame: Puzzle
Robotank 1Arcade Game: Action
Robotank 2Arcade Game: Action
robotfindskittenArcade Game: Adventure
Robotic Capers1984WB SoftwareArcade Game: Platform
Robotic CityArcade Game: Platform
Roboto1986Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
Robotron1985Krypton ForceArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Robotron: 20841984AtarisoftArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RobotsArcade Game: Action
Robots RumbleGame: Puzzle
Robozone1991Image WorksArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Robyn Hode1986RunesoftAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rocas BingoCasual Game: Gambling
Rochn, la Era de las Espadas1989SKUAT SoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rock1993Alien SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rock ‘n Roll1989Rainbow ArtsArcade Game: Maze
Rock ‘n Wrestle1985Melbourne HouseArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Rock ‘n’ RollArcade Game: Maze
Rock CrushArcade Game: Action
Rock Crush 35th Anniversary EditionArcade Game: Action
Rock Star Ate My HamsterStrategy Game: Management
Rock Star Ate My Hamster: MillenniumStrategy Game: Management
Rock Star Goes BizarreStrategy Game: Management
Rock-FallArcade Game: Maze
Rock’n Roller1988Topo SoftArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RockeSmartArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rocket CommandArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rocket LaunchArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rocket ManArcade Game: Platform
Rocket ManArcade Game: Platform
Rocket ManArcade Game: Platform
Rocket ManArcade Game: Platform
Rocket Man MikeArcade Game: Platform
Rocket Raider1983C-TechArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rocket SidArcade Game: Platform
Rockfall1988Top Ten SoftwareArcade Game: Maze
RockfallArcade Game: Maze
Rockfall IIArcade Game: Maze
Rockford1987Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade Game: Maze
Rockman1985Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Platform
RocksGame: Puzzle
Rocks!Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RockstarArcade Game: Action
Rocky1985Dinamic SoftwareSport Game: Action
Rocky IVSport Game: Action
Rocky Roads and DivotsArcade Game: Platform
Rocman1986Magic TeamArcade Game: Adventure
Roco1990Francisco Bretones CastilloAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rod-Land1991Storm Software [2]Arcade Game: Platform
Rod-Land: Re-ImaginedArcade Game: Platform
Rodent RunArcade Game: Action
RodmänArcade Game: Maze
Roger the Pangolin in 2020 Knurled TourArcade Game: Action
RogueAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
Rogue1988Mastertronic LtdAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
Rogue Comet1986Walrus ComputingAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rogue ShipAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rogue ShipAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rogue StrategyAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
Rogue Trooper1986PiranhaArcade Game: Adventure
Roland GarrosSport Game: Action
Roland’s Rat Race1985Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Role Playing GameX-ThemeAdventure Game: RPG
Role ReversalArcade Game: Action
RoletaCasual Game: Gambling
Roll-EmCasual Game: Gambling
Rollaround1988Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Action
Roller Coaster1986Elite Systems LtdArcade Game: Action
RollerballGame: Puzzle
RollermazeArcade Game: Action
Rolling Thunder1988U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Action
Rolmer en ManhattanAdventure Game: Text-Only
Roly Poly Goes to HospitalArcade Game: Platform
Roman Empire1982MC Lothlorien LtdStrategy Game: War
Roman EmpireStrategy Game: Management
Rome 901990QualsoftSport Game: Management
Romeo and JulietAdventure Game: Text-Only
Romeo Og JulietGame: Educational
ROMITArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Rommel’s Revenge1983Crystal ComputingArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RompetechosArcade Game: Adventure
Ronaprise USS 19-2020Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Ronder IIIArcade Game: Action
Ronnie Goes to Hollywood19878th Day SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
RonoGame: Board
RoofmaniaAdventure Game: Text-Only
RookieArcade Game: Action
Room Ten1986CRL Group PLCArcade Game: Action
Rooster RunArcade Game: Action
Roque y sus BloquesArcade Game: Action
RotateGame: Puzzle
Rothmans Football Quick Quiz Volume 11985Cassell LtdCasual Game: Quiz
Rotten Egg MinesGame: Puzzle
Rouge Midget1991The GuildAdventure Game: Text-Only
Rough JusticeArcade Game: Action
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
Roulette1984MicromegaCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
Roulette [1]Casual Game: Gambling
Roulette [2]Casual Game: Gambling
Roulette Monte Carlo1982Dymond SoftwareCasual Game: Gambling
Roulette RussaCasual Game: Gambling
Round the Bend!1991ImpulzeArcade Game: Adventure
Roundheads1987Argus Press Software LtdStrategy Game: War
RoustArcade Game: Platform
Route 66Arcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RoutesArcade Game: Action
Roving KnightGame: Board
ROVRArcade Game: Action
Rox III1982LlamasoftArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Roy Norton: Fuga Nel TempoAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Roy Norton: I Misteri di Villa ParsonAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Roy Norton: Terrore al CastelloAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Roy of the Rovers1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
Royal Adventures of a Common Frog1985Automata UK LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
Royal Birkdale1983Hornby SoftwareSport Game: Action
Royal Birkdale: Championship Golf1983Ocean Software LtdSport Game: Action
Royal CasinoCasual Game: Gambling
Royal Scot1984Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RPBArcade Game: Action
RpgAdventure Game: RPG
RPM 5000Arcade Game: Action
RTC BirminghamDee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RTC Buxton1987Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RTC Crewe1987Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RTC Doncaster1989Ashley GreenupGame: Simulation
RTC Exeter1990Ashley GreenupGame: Simulation
RTC Kings Cross1986Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RTC Kings Cross1990Ashley GreenupGame: Simulation
RTC Leeds1989Ashley GreenupGame: Simulation
RTC Lime StreetDee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RTC New StreetGame: Simulation
RTC Paddington1986Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RTC Penzance1986Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RTC ReadingDee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RTC ReadingGame: Simulation
RTC Rugby1988Dee-Kay SystemsGame: Simulation
RUB-1KGame: Puzzle
RubiconArcade Game: Action
Rubicon1987Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
RubikGame: Puzzle
Rubik CodeGame: Puzzle
Rubik Cube SimulatorGame: Puzzle
Rubik SolverGame: Puzzle
Rubik’s CubeGame: Puzzle
Rubik’s Cube SimulatorGame: Puzzle
Rubix RevengeGame: Puzzle
RubyAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Ruby Runabout1984Scorpio SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rudolph Rescues XmasArcade Game: Platform
RuedasValente ComputacionArcade Game: Action
Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade Game: Adventure
Ruffo’s DreamArcade Game: Action
Rugby Boss1989Alternative Software LtdSport Game: Management
Rugby Coach1991Cult GamesSport Game: Management
Rugby Fifteen1988Tanglewood SoftwareSport Game: Management
Rugby Manager1986Artic Computing LtdSport Game: Management
Rugby Manager1989Mastertronic PlusSport Game: Management
Ruimte OorlogStrategy Game: Management
Ruimte ReisArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
RulerStrategy Game: Management
RulerStrategy Game: Management
RuletaCasual Game: Gambling
RuletaCasual Game: Gambling
RuletaCasual Game: Gambling
RuletaCasual Game: Gambling
RuletaCasual Game: Gambling
Ruletka1988Jaroslaw PuszkoCasual Game: Gambling
Rulett2005NyitraiSOFTCasual Game: Gambling
Run Baby Run1984Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Maze
Run Bill Run2005Computer EmuzoneArcade Game: Action
Run FerretArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Run for Gold1985Hill MacGibbonSport Game: Action
Run Rabbit RunArcade Game: Action
Run the Gauntlet1989Ocean Software LtdArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Run, Bronwynn, Run!1992FSF AdventuresAdventure Game: Text-Only
Run!Arcade Game: Action
Runaway CarArcade Game: Action
Runaway CityAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Runaway RobotArcade Game: Maze
Runaway TrainArcade Game: Action
Runer LoaderArcade Game: Maze
Runestone1986Firebird Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
RunnaArcade Game: Action
RunnerArcade Game: Action
RunnerArcade Game: Maze
RunnerArcade Game: Action
Running FreeAdventure Game: Text-Only
Running ManArcade Game: Platform
RunwayArcade Game: Action
Rupert and the Ice Castle1986Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade Game: Platform
Rupert and the Toymaker’s Party1985Quicksilva LtdArcade Game: Platform
RuptusArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
RushArcade Game: Action
Russian DurakCasual Game: Card
Russian Railway MagnateStrategy Game: Management
Russian RoulecodeGeneral: Simulation
Russian RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
Russian RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
Russian RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
Russian Tetris1993THDGame: Puzzle
Russian Time Teaser1995World Eyes GroupCasual Game: Quiz
Russian’s Attack1988Strategy Game: War
Russisch RouletteCasual Game: Gambling
Rusted Souls demoAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rychlé šípy – Záhada hlavolamuAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rychlé šípy 2 – Stínadla se bouříAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Rygar1987U.S. Gold LtdArcade Game: Action
Rygar – Legendary Warrior1987YOXArcade Game: Action
Rygar: Re-ImaginedArcade Game: Action
Ryu vs. Chun-Li1992LOKOsoftArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Rzuty Karne1987Jaroslaw PuszkoGame: Simulation