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U-33Arcade Game: Action
U-57Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
U-BendArcade Game: Action
U-Boat1984EMS SoftwareGame: Board
U-Boat Hunt1983Game: Simulation
U-Boot HuntGame: Puzzle
U-F-O1983MCTArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
U-JagerArcade Game: Action
U.F.OArcade Game: Action
U.F.O.Game: Puzzle
U.K. MotorArcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
U.K. Motor 2Arcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
U.N. SquadronArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
U.S. NavyArcade Game: Action
U.S.S. John YoungGame: Simulation
Uchi Mata1987Martech Games LtdArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Ucieczka ze Spejs-SzipuAdventure Game: Text-Only
UDG-Tris2006Jose Juan Rodenas GarciaGame: Puzzle
UfoArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UfoArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UfoArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UFOArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UFOArcade Game: Maze
UFOArcade Game: Action
UFOGame: undetermined
UFO – InvasieArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UFO 2: Devils of Abyss1996Copper FeetGame: Tactical Combat
UFO InvadersArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UFO-AdventureArcade Game: Action
UFO: Enemy Unknown1995Copper FeetGame: Tactical Combat
UFO: Flag UnknownArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UGH!1984Softek International LtdArcade Game: Action
Ugly BlasterArcade Game: Maze
Ugo il LadroArcade Game: Action
UkladankaGame: Puzzle
Ukleti Dvorac1984Adventure Game: Text-Only
Ulises1989Opera Soft S.A.Arcade Game: Adventure
Ultima 1Adventure Game: RPG
Ultima 3 – ExodusAdventure Game: RPG
Ultima 4 – Quest of the AvatarAdventure Game: RPG
Ultima 5 – Warriors of DestinyAdventure Game: RPG
Ultima 6 – The False ProphetAdventure Game: RPG
Ultima 7 – The Black GateAdventure Game: RPG
Ultima ChanceArcade Game: Action
Ultima Ratio1987Firebird Software LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Ultima Underworld – The Stygian AbyssAdventure Game: RPG
Ultimate Combat Mission1987Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Ultimate Crossword PuzzleGame: Puzzle
Ultimate GolfSport Game: Action
Ultimate Horse Racing SimulatorCasual Game: Gambling
Ultimate Manic Miner2006Igor MakovskyArcade Game: Platform
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 31999SC Studio GCGArcade Game: Beat-em-up/Solo
Ultimate WarriorArcade Game: Action
UltimatumEP SoftwareArcade Game: Action
Ultra BomberArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Ultra ReflectGame: Puzzle
UltrabrainCasual Game: Quiz
Ultracop1990Crazy SoftArcade Game: Action
UltratumbaGame: Puzzle
Ultratumba1988Rafael Vico CostaGame: Puzzle
UmzingelungArcade Game: Action
Un Cuento Chino (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Un DelittoAdventure Game: Text-Only
Un Dos AzulArcade Game: Platform
Un Mundo Feliz2006Ancient BitsAdventure Game: Text-Only
Un, Dos, Tres Responda Otra Vez1984Belltons InformaticaCasual Game: Quiz
Una Aventura Inesperada1990Alo SoftAdventure Game: Text-Only
Una Bruma en StratfordAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Una Extraña HistoriaArcade Game: Adventure
Una Luz en la NieveAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Uncle JackArcade Game: Platform
Underground1988System 4Arcade Game: Action
UndergroundArcade Game: Action
UndergroundArcade Game: Action
Underground AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
Underground IIArcade Game: Action
UnderworldAdventure Game: Text-Only
Underworld – The Village1985Orpheus LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
UnderwurldeArcade Game: Adventure
Une Affaire en OrStrategy Game: Management
Unexpected TripAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Ungodly Earth: Desert of DreamsAdventure Game: Text-Only
UnhallowedAdventure Game: Text-Only
United1984CCSSport Game: Management
Unitrax1987StreetwiseArcade Game: Action
Universal Hero1986Mastertronic LtdArcade Game: Adventure
UniverseGame: Tactical Combat
UniverseStars1983AkronArcade Game: Action
UnkaTrisGame: Puzzle
Unknown World1996Oberon GroupAdventure Game: RPG
Unload the CargoArcade Game: Action
UnoLuis BabboniGame: Board
Unresident EvilArcade Game: Action
Unresident Evil 2: Escape from the CourtyardArcade Game: Action
Unresident Evil 3: Enter the LaboratoryArcade Game: Action
Unresident Evil 4: The Final ShowdownArcade Game: Action
UntangleGame: Puzzle
Untitled AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
UnweterStrategy Game: Management
UpArcade Game: Platform
Up ‘n DownArcade Game: Action
Up for Grabs1988Summit Software [1]Game: Simulation
Up-CakeArcade Game: Action
UpírAdventure Game: Text-Only
UpmanArcade Game: Action
Upper GumtreeAdventure Game: Text-Only
Upper School AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
UranoArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Uranus PenetratorArcade Game: Action
Urban1991Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Urban Upstart1983Richard Shepherd Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Uridium1986Hewson Consultants LtdArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Uridium PlusArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UroborosArcade Game: Action
Urquahart Castle1985Central SolutionsAdventure Game: Text-Only
UrsusssArcade Game: Shoot-em-up
UrwaldAdventure Game: Text-Only
US Presidents Quiz part 1Casual Game: Quiz
Use Your Loaf1992The GuildAdventure Game: Text-Only
Uši1989OldsoftGame: Puzzle
USS EnterpriseGame: Tactical Combat
Usurper1984Assassin SoftwareAdventure Game: RPG
Útok bílé myškyArcade Game: Adventure
Utter TripeArcade Game: Action
Uve1985Alfonso Garcia MartinAdventure Game: Text-Only
Uve: La Batalla FinalArcade Game: Action
Uve: La EmboscadaArcade Game: Action
Uwol, Quest for Money2009Ubhres ProductionsArcade Game: Platform
Uwol, Quest for MoneyArcade Game: Platform
Uwol, Quest for Money ’81Arcade Game: Platform