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The following notation is used:

  • Entries in red mean we are not allowed to distribute this title by its copyright holder.
  • Entries in blue mean they are Missing in Action.
  • Entries in bold mean we don’t have a TZX image for this game yet (only a non-TZX image). These titles are in the Spectrum Tape Preservation project.
  • Entries in italics mean we don’t have a non-TZX image for this game yet (only a TZX image).
  • Normal faced entries mean we have everything we could wish for (both a TZX and a non-TZX image).

The various software genres are:

Adventure: Dungeon Crawl monster bashing & treasure hoarding
Adventure: Graphic animated graphic adventure
Adventure: RPG character advancement adventure
Adventure: Text text input adventure
Arcade: Action multi-genre arcade games
Arcade: Adventure quest arcade games
Arcade: Gang beat-em-up hand-to-hand group combat arcade games
Arcade: Solo beat-em-up hand-to-hand single combat arcade games
Arcade: Maze maze search & destroy arcade games
Arcade: Pinball pinball simulation games
Arcade: Platform ladders and/or levels arcade games
Arcade: Race ‘n’ Chase vehicle racing arcade games
Arcade: Shoot-em-up ranged combat arcade games
Arcade: Vehicle vehicle racing where the vehicle itself may be the weapon
Board Game traditional tabletop-style games
Card Game bridge, cribbage, poker, pontoon, etc.
Gambling: Games games of chance & acquisitiveness
Gambling: Utilities betting predictive & analysis tools
Puzzle mental torment for masochists
Quiz question & answer games
Simulation trains / planes / automobiles, etc.; drive / pilot / navigate
Sport: Action sports activity games
Sport: Management sports management games
Strategy: Management finance & resource management games
Strategy: War large-scale / long-term military campaigns
Tactical Combat small-scale / short-term military engagements
Educational academic subjects – tutorials & teaching aids
Business commercial & financial – accounting, stock control, analysis, etc.
Domestic household – cars, cookery, diet, garden, home finance, etc.
Industrial costing, construction & maintenance of buildings & machinery
Programming: Assembler/Mcode programming tools for assembler & machine code
Programming: BASIC programming tools for BASIC
Programming: General programming tools for generic apps & non-BASIC 3GLs
Utility: Astronomy astronomical aids & tutorials
Utility: Clip-Art static pictures for use in your own drawings
Utility: Copy/Backup inter-media file transfer, legal & otherwise
Utility: Database/Filing information storage, retrieval & analysis
Utility: Electronics electrical circuitry design & testing
Utility: Fonts & UDGs character set design & manipulation
Utility: Game Editor game designers & editors
Utility: Graphics drawing & painting tools
Utility: Hacker/Security program/data file incursion & protection
Utility: I/O Handling computer-peripheral interface management
Utility: Maths & Science maths & science practical aids
Utility: Media Admin storage media management
Utility: Music music composition, compositions & performance
Utility: Prediction divining the future – astrology, cartomancy & other such nonsense
Utility: Sound/Speech sound effects & speech simulation
Utility: Spreadsheet spreadsheets
Utility: Visual/Screen screen design & manipulation – animation, banners, sprites, etc.
Utility: Word Processor word processing & text editing
e-Book electronic books
Music static music compositions
Demo demonstration
Scene Demo demonstrations from the demo scene
Compilation collections of programs on 1 (or more) media
Covertape media attached to magazines
Electronic Magazine electronic magazines