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These are all known series, for any software genre (not just games). If we missed any, please fill us in!

The list is sorted alphabetically by first title in each series.

19 Part 1: Boot Camp (Cascade Games Ltd)
19 Part 2: Combat Zone (Cascade Games Ltd)

1942 (Elite Systems Ltd)
1943 (Go!)

4K Race (Paolo Ferraris)
4K Race Refueled (Paolo Ferraris)
4K Race Refueled+ (Paolo Ferraris)

ACE (Cascade Games Ltd)
ACE 2: The Ultimate Head to Head Conflict (Cascade Games Ltd)
ACE 2088 (Cascade Games Ltd)

Action 1 (N. Lewis)
Action 2 (N. Lewis)

Action Force (Virgin Games Ltd)
Action Force II (Virgin Games Ltd)

Adidas Championship Football (Ocean Software Ltd)
Adidas Championship Tie-Break (Ocean Software Ltd)

Adventure (D.J. Moody)
Adventure 2: Politico (D.J. Moody)
Adventure 3: The Satan Crystals (D.J. Moody)
Adventure 4 (D.J. Moody)

Adventureland (Adventure International)
Pirate Adventure (Adventure International)
Secret Mission (Adventure International)
Voodoo Castle (Adventure International)
Count, The (Adventure International)
Strange Odyssey (Adventure International)
Mystery Fun House (Adventure International)
Pyramid of Doom (Adventure International)
Ghost Town (Adventure International)
Savage Island 1 (Adventure International)
Savage Island 2 (Adventure International)
Golden Voyage, The (Adventure International)
Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The (Adventure International)

Agent X (Mastertronic Ltd)
Agent X II (Mastertronic Ltd)

Agente 69 (VideoSpectrum)
Agente 69 2 (VideoSpectrum)

Airwolf (Elite Systems Ltd)
Airwolf II (Hit-Pak)

Akcionar (INFO Soft [1])
Akcionar II (INFO Soft [1])

Aladdin’s Cave (Artic Computing Ltd)
Aladdin’s Quest (Artic Computing Ltd)

Alcatraz Harry (Mastertronic Ltd)
Alcatraz II (Scorpio Gamesworld Ltd)

Aliens (Electric Dreams Software)
Aliens US Version (Electric Dreams Software)

American Football (Softstone Ltd)
Grid Iron 2 (Alternative Software Ltd)

Android One (Vortex Software)
Android Two (Vortex Software)

Another Brick on the Wall (Compiler Software)
Another Brick on the Wall 2 (Compiler Software)

Ant Attack (Quicksilva Ltd)
Zombie Zombie (Quicksilva Ltd)

Anttilis Mission, The (Compass Software)
Deep Probe (Compass Software)

Apples (SG Software [2])
Key for Exit (SG Software [2])
Five (SG Software [2])
Sten Finn (SG Software [2])
Heri (SG Software [2])

Nodes of Yesod (Odin Computer Graphics Ltd)
Arc of Yesod, The (Thor Computer Software)

Archon (Electronic Arts)
Archon II: Adept (Electronic Arts)

Arkanoid (Imagine Software Ltd)
Arkanoid – Revenge of Doh (Imagine Software Ltd)

Army Moves (Dinamic Software)
Navy Moves (Dinamic Software)
Arctic Moves (Dinamic Software)

Arnold the Adventurer (Zenobi Software)
Arnold the Adventurer II (Zenobi Software)
Arnold the Adventurer III (Zenobi Software)

Art Studio, The (Rainbird Software Ltd)
Advanced Art Studio (Rainbird Software Ltd)

Artist, The (Softechnics)
Artist II, The (Softechnics)

Assignment East Berlin (Sterling Software)
Assignment Hong Kong (Sterling Software)

Astroball (Digital Reality [1])
Turbulence (Your Sinclair)

Astronomer (CP Software)
Astronomer II (CP Software)

Athena (Imagine Software Ltd)
Psycho Soldier (Imagine Software Ltd)

Atomix (Proxima Software)
Atomix II: Hexagonia (Proxima Software)

Austerlitz (KW Software)
Waterloo (MC Lothlorien Ltd)

Automania (Mikro-Gen Ltd)
Pyjamarama (Mikro-Gen Ltd)
Everyone’s a Wally (Mikro-Gen Ltd)
Herbert’s Dummy Run (Mikro-Gen Ltd)
Three Weeks in Paradise (Mikro-Gen Ltd)

Autoprog [2] (Outlet)
Multicopy (Outlet)
Disctidy (Outlet)
Re-Order (Outlet)

Autos Locos (Alea [2])
Manzanas y Gusanos (Alea [2])
Rehenes (Alea [2])

Avalon (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Dragontorc (Hewson Consultants Ltd)

Avenger (Abacus Programs)
Fireflash (Abacus Programs)
Proteus (Abacus Programs)
Sentinel (Abacus Programs)

Aventura A o B: Cazador de Vampiros (SPECTRAVENTURA)
Aventura A o B: Stellaris 3 (SPECTRAVENTURA)

Aventura Original, La (Aventuras AD S.A.)
Aventura Original II: Veinte Anos Despues, La (Aventuras AD S.A.)

Axe of Kolt, The (FSF Adventures)
Spectre of Castle Coris, The (FSF Adventures)
Feuerfaust, Die (The Adventure Workshop)
Fortress of Fear (Adventure Probe Software)

BASIC Editor (Outlet)
BASIC Editor version 2 (Outlet)

BC’s Quest for Tires (Software Projects Ltd)
B.C. II: Grog’s Revenge (US Gold Ltd)

BMX Simulator (Code Masters Ltd)
BMX Simulator 2 (Code Masters Ltd)
Professional BMX Simulator (Code Masters Ltd)

Back to the Future (Electric Dreams Software)
Back to the Future Part II (Image Works)
Back to the Future Part III (Image Works)

Ball Breaker (CRL Group PLC)
Ballbreaker II (CRL Group PLC)

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior (Palace Software)
Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax (Palace Software)

Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing (Gamestar)
GBA Championship Basketball (Gamestar)
Championship Baseball (Gamestar)
GFL Championship Football (Gamestar)

Beach-Head (US Gold Ltd)
Beach-Head II (US Gold Ltd)

Behind Closed Doors (Zenobi Software)
Behind Closed Doors 2: The Sequel (Zenobi Software)
Behind Closed Doors 3: Revenge of the Ants (Zenobi Software)
Behind Closed Doors 4: Balrog’s Day Out (Zenobi Software)

Benny Bunny: Litterbugs (Sinclair Programs)
Benny Bunny: The Haunted Belltower (Sinclair Programs)
Benny Bunny: Burrows (Sinclair Programs)
Benny Bunny: Gold Rush (Sinclair Programs)
Benny Bunny: Firefighter (Sinclair Programs)
Benny Bunny: Monster Mansion (Sinclair Programs)
Manic Mechanic (Sinclair User)

Biff (Beyond Belief)
Biff 2 (Beyond Belief)

Birds and the Bees, The (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)
Antics (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)

Birds of Britain (Teachers Pet Software)
Abbreviations (Teachers Pet Software)
Candidate, The (Teachers Pet Software)
Countries and Capitals (Teachers Pet Software)
English Towns (Teachers Pet Software)
Fisherman Sam (Teachers Pet Software)
Planet Mathematicus (Teachers Pet Software)
Is and Are (Teachers Pet Software)
Spaceman Sam (Teachers Pet Software)
Safe As Houses (Teachers Pet Software)
Escape from School (Teachers Pet Software)
Key Board Trainer (Teachers Pet Software)
Word Likeness (Teachers Pet Software)
Murder Most Foul (Teachers Pet Software)
Who Can Help? (Teachers Pet Software)
Scottish Towns (Teachers Pet Software)
Sailor Sam (Teachers Pet Software)

Black Crystal (Carnell Software Ltd)
Volcanic Dungeon (Carnell Software Ltd)
Wrath of Magra, The (Carnell Software Ltd)
Legacy of Light, The (Mastervision)

Black Raven (Copper Feet)
Black Raven 2 (Copper Feet)

Black Tower, The (Zenobi Software)
Serpentine Tale, A (Diane Rice)

Blinkys Scary School (Zeppelin Games Ltd)
Titanic Blinky (Zeppelin Games Ltd)
Blinky in America (Zeppelin Games Ltd)

Blockbusters (Macsen Software)
Blockbusters: Gold Run (Macsen Software)

Blood of Bogmole, The (Compass Software)
Zogan’s Revenge (Compass Software)
Wizards Skull, The (Compass Software)

Bolalela (Beyker Soft)
Bolalela 2 (Beyker Soft)

Bomb Jack (Elite Systems Ltd)
Bomb Jack II (Elite Systems Ltd)
Mighty Bomb Jack (Elite Systems Ltd)

Boovie (KVL)
Boovie 2 (E.S.A. Productions)

Bored of the Rings (Delta 4 Software)
Boggit, The (CRL Group PLC)

Boulder Dash (Front Runner)
Boulder Dash II: Rockford’s Riot (Prism Leisure Corporation PLC)
Boulder Dash III (Prism Leisure Corporation PLC)
Boulder Dash Construction Kit (Databyte)

Bounty (Paul Jenkinson)

Box (Beyker Soft)
Box Reloaded (Beyker Soft)

Boxing Manager (Willysoft UK)
Boxing Manager 2 (D&H Games)

Bridge Player (CP Software)
Bridge Player 2 (CP Software)
Bridge Player 3 (CP Software)

Bubble Bobble (Firebird Software Ltd)
Rainbow Islands (Ocean Software Ltd)

BubbleLand (VRCP Corporation Ltd)
BubbleLand 2 (VRCP Corporation Ltd)

Bug Spray (Magnum Computing)
Bug Spray II (Magnum Computing)

Bugaboo the Flea (Quicksilva Ltd)
Poogaboo (Opera Soft S.A.)

Byte Me (Jonathan Cauldwell)

CJ’s Elephant Antics (Code Masters Ltd)
CJ in the USA (Code Masters Ltd)
CJ in Space (Code Masters Ltd)

Cactuar Racing (XFAWORLD Software)
Cactuar Racing Extreme (XFAWORLD Software)
Cactuar Racing 3 (XFAWORLD Software)

Caesar the Cat (Novotrade Rt.)
Caesar’s Travels (Mirrorsoft Ltd)

Callemania (World XXI Soft Inc)
Callemania 2008 (World XXI Soft Inc)

Canfield (Outlet)
Canfield version 2 (Outlet)

Captain Slog (Alpha-Omega Software)
Asteroid (Alpha-Omega Software)

Castle Master (Incentive Software Ltd)
Castle Master II: The Crypt (Incentive Software Ltd)

Cauldron (Palace Software)
Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back (Palace Software)

Ceasefire (Sinclair User)
Ceasefire 2: Night Run (Sinclair User)

Cerius (Atlantis Software Ltd)
Interalia (Atlantis Software Ltd)

Chaos (Games Workshop)
Lords of Chaos (Blade Software Ltd)

Chaotic Caverns (Silicon Joy)
Maze of Mayhem (Alexander Computing Systems)

Chase H.Q. (Ocean Software Ltd)
Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation (Ocean Software Ltd)

Chasery (Scorpio Gamesworld Ltd)
Jumpery (Ian Livingstone [2])

Chefs Mate (Dominic J. Morris)
Chefs Mate II (Dominic J. Morris)

Chips Are Forever (Futuresoft)
View to a Chip, A (Futuresoft)
Licensed to Chip (Futuresoft)

Choc Ice Eater 2011 (Whitethorn Software)
Choc Ice Eater 2 (Whitethorn Software)

Chuckie Egg (A’n’F Software)
Chuckie Egg 2 (A’n’F Software)

Cityfighter (Choice Software Ltd)
Fortress Earth (Choice Software Ltd)
Mission Zygor (Choice Software Ltd)

Civil Service (Zenobi Software)
Civil Service II (Zenobi Software)

Classic Japanese Monster Castle (LOKOsoft)
Classic Japanese Monster Castle 2 (LOKOsoft)
Kurashiku Nihongo Monsuta Shiro 3 (Ubhres Productions)

Classic Trainer (GTI Software)
Classic Trainer II (GTI Software)

Clever & Smart (Magic Bytes)
Mortadelo y Filemon II (Dro Soft)

Codename MAT (Micromega)
Codename MAT II (Domark Ltd)

Codigo Secreto Lucybel: Cryogenic (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Codigo Secreto Lucybel: Evilution (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Codigo Secreto Lucybel: Apocalypse (Josep Coletas Caubet)

Colossal Adventure (Level 9 Computing Ltd)
Adventure Quest (Level 9 Computing Ltd)
Dungeon Adventure (Level 9 Computing Ltd)

Commando (Elite Systems Ltd)
Mercs (US Gold Ltd)

Count Duckula (Alternative Software Ltd)
Count Duckula 2 (Alternative Software Ltd)

Countdown to Doom (Topologika)
Return to Doom (Topologika)
Last Days of Doom (Topologika)

Cozumel (Aventuras AD S.A.)
Templos Sagrados, Los (Aventuras AD S.A.)
Chichen Itza (Aventuras AD S.A.)

Crack City (Zenobi Software)
Handful of Snow, A (Zenobi Software)

Crazy Cars (Titus)
Crazy Cars II (Titus)

Crime Santa Clause (ETC Group)
Crime Santa Clause 2 (ETC Group)
Crime Santa Clause: Deja Vu (BrokimSoft)

Sidewize (Firebird Software Ltd)
Crosswize (Firebird Software Ltd)

Crown, The (Wrightchoice Software)
Destiny (Wrightchoice Software)

Cruncher (Outlet)
Cruncher 2 (Outlet)

Crystal Cubes (AER)
Crystal Cubes 2 (AER)
Crystal Cubes 3 (AER)

Cueva de Naulen, La (Palamar Software)
Aventuras en Naulen 2 – Los Elmis (Palamar Software)

Cybernoid (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Cybernoid II: The Revenge (Hewson Consultants Ltd)

Cyborg Terminator (Oleg Ziberov)
Cyborg Terminator 2 (Oleg Ziberov)

Cyrus IS Chess (Sinclair Research Ltd)
Cyrus II (Alligata Software Ltd)

Daemon Patience (Outlet)
Daemon version 2 (Outlet)

Daley Thompson’s Decathlon (Ocean Software Ltd)
Daley Thompson’s Supertest (Ocean Software Ltd)
Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge (Ocean Software Ltd)

Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (Virgin Games Ltd)
Dan Dare II: Mekon’s Revenge (Virgin Games Ltd)
Dan Dare III: The Escape (Virgin Games Ltd)

Danger! Adventurer at Work! (The Guild)
Danger! Adventurer at Work! 2 (The Guild)

Danger Mouse in Double Trouble (Creative Sparks)
Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (Creative Sparks)
Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee! (Creative Sparks)

Dark Star (Design Design Software)
Forbidden Planet (Design Design Software)

Darkest Road (Zenobi Software)
Unborn One, The (Zenobi Software)
T’Was a Time of Dread (Zenobi Software)

Dave’s Dilemmas Part I (MNL Software)
Dave’s Dilemmas Part II (MNL Software)
Dave’s Dilemmas Part III (MNL Software)

Deja Vu (Crash)
Deja Vu: The Remix (Crash)

Deliverer (Brian Parks)
Deliverer 2: Escape to Eskelos (Brian Parks)

Demon from the Darkside (Compass Software)
Golden Mask, The (Compass Software)
Devil’s Hand, The (Compass Software)
Shadows of the Past (Compass Software)

Denis through the Drinking Glass (Applications Software Specialities)
Tebbit, The (Applications Software Specialities)

Des Chiffres et Des Lettres (Henri Pillet)
Des Chiffres et Des Lettres Pro (Henri Pillet)

Desperado (Topo Soft)
Desperado 2 (Topo Soft)

Dildo and the Dark Lord (R.C.L. Software)
Dodo and Damn (R.C.L. Software)

Disappearance! (Advanced Adventure Creations/Sindicato del Software)
Strange Tale (Advanced Adventure Creations)

Dread (Outlet)
Discreader II (Outlet)

Disector (En Zed Soft)
Disector version 2 (En Zed Soft)

Diskmaster (Outlet)
Diskmaster Two (Outlet)

Dizzy (Code Masters Ltd)
Treasure Island Dizzy (Code Masters Ltd)
Fantasy World Dizzy (Code Masters Ltd)
Magicland Dizzy (Code Masters Ltd)
Spellbound Dizzy (Code Masters Ltd)
Dizzy, Prince of the YolkFolk (Code Masters Ltd)
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Code Masters Ltd)

Dizzy ‘A’ (n-Discovery)
Dizzy ‘B’: Treasure Island (n-Discovery)

Dizzy X: Journey to Russia (Speed Code)
Dizzy Y: Return to Russia (Speed Code)
Dizzy Z (Speed Code)

Dobyvani Hradu (Antic Software)
Dobyvani Hradu 2 (Antic Software)

Dodge City (Phoenix Software Ltd)
Dodge City 2 (Phoenix Software Ltd)

Dokonala Vrazda (Ludovit Wittek)
Dokonala Vrazda II: Bukapao (Ultrasoft [2])

Double Dragon (Melbourne House)
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Virgin Mastertronic Ltd)
Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone (Storm Software [2])

Dragon Slayer (Dream World Adventures)
Death or Glory (Dream World Adventures)
Final Battle, The (Dream World Adventures)

Dragon’s Lair (Software Projects Ltd)
Dragon’s Lair II: Escape from Singe’s Castle (Software Projects Ltd)

Dragonstar Trilogy Part I, The (Delta 4 Software)
Dragonstar Trilogy Part II, The (Delta 4 Software)
Dragonstar Trilogy Part III, The (Delta 4 Software)

Excavator/Drainlayer 1 (Pricing Building Works)
Drainlayer 2 (Pricing Building Works)

Drakkar (Delta Software S.L.)
Erik the King (Delta Software S.L.)

Driller (Incentive Software Ltd)
Dark Side (Incentive Software Ltd)

Druid (Firebird Software Ltd)
Druid II: Enlightenment (Firebird Software Ltd)

Duende, El (Alea [2])
Tesoro, El (Alea [2])
Torreon, El (Alea [2])
Oasis, El (Alea [2])

Durak (Copper Feet)
Durak 2 (Copper Feet)

Dynamite Dan (Mirrorsoft Ltd)
Dynamite Dan II (Mirrorsoft Ltd)

E.T. in Action Parte 1: La Fuga (Epic 3000)
E.T. in Action Parte 2: L’Astronave (Epic 3000)

EX-BASIC (Companion Software)
EX-BASIC 2 (Companion Software)

Egghead (Crash)
Egghead to the Rescue (Crash)
Egghead in Space (Cronosoft [2])
Egghead 4: Egghead Entertains (Jonathan Cauldwell)
Egghead 5: Egghead Round the Med (Jonathan Cauldwell)

Electro Bingo (Sinclair User)
Electro Bingo 2 (Sinclair User)
Electro Bingo 3 (Sinclair User)

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Audiogenic Software Ltd)
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz (Audiogenic Software Ltd)

Engleski Jezik (Zavod za Udzbenike i Nastavna Sredstva)
Engleski Jezik 2 (Zavod za Udzbenike i Nastavna Sredstva)

Englishskills I (Griffin Software [2])
Englishskills II (Griffin Software [2])

Escape from the Shire (D.N.D. Software)

Esta en la Caja (RELEVO Videogames)
Esta en el Pantano (RELEVO Videogames)

Southern Belle (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Evening Star (Hewson Consultants Ltd)

Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold, An (Zenobi Software)
Bulbo and the Lizard-King (Zenobi Software)
Fuddo & Slam (Zenobi Software)

Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 1: Misterio en la Catedral, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 2: El Cuervo de la Tormenta, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 3: Cantos de Anubis, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 4: Tristes Alas del Destino, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Caso 5: Ultimo Acto, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)

Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Volumen 2 Relato I: Las Calles del Miedo, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Volumen 2 Relato II: Las Ruedas de Ezequiel, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Volumen 2 Relato III: El Hijo del Crepusculo, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)
Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen Volumen 2 Relato IV: Episodio Final, Los (Josep Coletas Caubet)

Extricator, The (Precision Games)
Energem Enigma, The (Precision Games)

Faerie (8th Day Software)
Faerie 2: The Buggon’s Gold (8th Day Software)

Fairlight (The Edge)
Fairlight II (The Edge)

Fairy Night (Tasman)
Fairy Night 2 (Tasman)

Fantastic Adventure (Masters Games)
Fantastic Adventure 2 (Masters Games)

Fantasy Parte 1: L’Incantesimo (Epic 3000)
Fantasy Parte 2: La Valle Mysteriosa (Epic 3000)

Fantasy, The (Mediandroid)
Anamagon’s Temple, The (Mediandroid)

Farmer Jack in Harvest Havoc! (Cronosoft [2])
Farmer Jack and the Hedge Monkeys! (Cronosoft [2])
Farmer Jack – Treasure Trove (Bob Smith [1])

Finders Keepers (Mastertronic Ltd)
Spellbound (Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Knight Tyme (Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Stormbringer (Mastertronic Added Dimension)

Fire and Forget (Titus)
Fire and Forget II: The Death Convoy (Titus)

Fireview (Paul Clevett)
Fireview 2 (Paul Clevett)

First Past the Post (Delbert the Hamster Software)
Get Me to the Church on Time! (Delbert the Hamster Software)
Man About the House (Zenobi Software)

First Steps with the Mr. Men (Mirrorsoft Ltd)
Here and There with the Mr. Men (Mirrorsoft Ltd)
Word Games with the Mr. Men (Mirrorsoft Ltd)
Mr. Men Magic Storymaker (Mirrorsoft Ltd)
Invisible Mr. Men, The (Mirrorsoft Ltd)
Hi Bouncer! (Mirrorsoft Ltd)

Fish-Grid (Keith Pirie)
Bird-Spotter (Keith Pirie)
Job Finder (Keith Pirie)
Planet Seek (Keith Pirie)
Maritime Puzzle (Keith Pirie)
Tree-Spotter (Keith Pirie)

Fontwist (Outlet)
Fontwist 2 (Outlet)
Fontwist 3 (Outlet)

Football Director (D&H Games)
Football Director II (D&H Games)

Football Manager (Addictive Games Ltd)
Football Manager 2 (Addictive Games Ltd)
Football Manager 3 (Addictive Games Ltd)

Footballer of the Year (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Footballer of the Year 2 (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)

Forest of Doom, The (Puffin Books)
Citadel of Chaos, The (Puffin Books)

Four Minutes to Midnight (8th Day Software)
Cuddles (8th Day Software)
Quann Tulla (8th Day Software)
Ice Station Zero (8th Day Software)
In Search of Angels (8th Day Software)
Faerie (8th Day Software)

Fractions 1 (Outlet)
Fractions 2 (Outlet)

Fred (Indescomp S.A.)
Sir Fred (Made in Spain)

Freddy Hardest (Dinamic Software)
Freddy Hardest en Manhattan Sur (Dinamic Software)

Fredy McNeford (DJ Hooligan)
Fredy McNeford 2 (DJ Hooligan)

Frosya the Cat (Igor Makovsky)
Jet Cat Frosya (Igor Makovsky)

Fruit Machine Simulator (Code Masters Ltd)
Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (Code Masters Ltd)

Fuksoft (Sybilasoft)
Fuksoft II (Raxoft)

Full Throttle (Micromega)
Full Throttle 2 (Zeppelin Games Ltd)

G.I. Joe (World XXI Soft Inc)
G.I. Tech (World XXI Soft Inc)

Game Over (Dinamic Software)
Phantis (Dinamic Software)

Game Screen 1 (Software Rebels)
Game Screen 2 (Software Rebels)

Gary Lineker’s Superstar Soccer (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Gary Lineker’s Superskills (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Gary Lineker’s Hot-Shot! (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)

Gas Bill (Outlet)
Gas Bill version 2 (Outlet)

Gauntlet (US Gold Ltd)
Gauntlet II (US Gold Ltd)
Gauntlet III: The Final Quest (US Gold Ltd)

Gazza’s Super Soccer (Empire Software)
Gazza II (Empire Software)

Ghost Castle (CodenameV)
Ghost Castle 2 (The Bog Brothers)
Ghost Castle 2 SE (Cronosoft [2])

Ghost Embustes 2 v.1 (LOKOsoft)
Chostembustes II v.2 (LOKOsoft)
Chostembustes III (LOKOsoft)

Ghost ‘n Goblins (Elite Systems Ltd)
Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts (US Gold Ltd)

Ghostbusters (Activision Inc)
Ghostbusters II (Activision Inc)

Gloop Troops (Little Shop of Pixels)
Gloop Troops: The Lost Crown (Little Shop of Pixels)

Gnome Ranger (Level 9 Computing Ltd)
Ingrid’s Back (Level 9 Computing Ltd)

Golden Baton, The (Digital Fantasia)
Arrow of Death Part 1 (Digital Fantasia)
Arrow of Death Part 2 (Digital Fantasia)
Escape from Pulsar 7 (Digital Fantasia)
Feasibility Experiment (Digital Fantasia)
Time Machine, The (Digital Fantasia)
Circus (Digital Fantasia)
Wizard Akyrz, The (Digital Fantasia)
Perseus & Andromeda (Digital Fantasia)
Ten Little Indians (Digital Fantasia)
Waxworks (Digital Fantasia)

Goolf (Green Fish Software Enterprise)
Goolf Returns (Green Fish Software Enterprise)
Goolfs Exit (Green Fish Software Enterprise)

Gordello Incident, The (Tartan Software)
Gordello’s Demise (Tartan Software)

Grand Prix Simulator (Code Masters Ltd)
Grand Prix Simulator 2 (Code Masters Ltd)

Green Beret (Imagine Software Ltd)
Vindicator, The (Imagine Software Ltd)

Gridrunner (Quicksilva Ltd)
Matrix (Salamander Software)

Guant the Nipper (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)
Guant the Nipper II (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)
Guant the Nipper III (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)
Guant the Nipper IV (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)

Gyron Atrium (Firebird Software Ltd)
Gyron Necropolis (Firebird Software Ltd)
Gyron Arena (Firebird Software Ltd)

Hack Attack (Your Sinclair)
Hack Attack 2 (Gerard Sweeney)
Hack Attack 3 (Gerard Sweeney)

Hacker (Activision Inc)
Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers (Activision Inc)

Halls of the Things (Crystal Computing)
Return of the Things (Design Design Software)

Harry the Magical (C.M. Gilles)
Harry the Magical: Harry and the Orden (C.M. Gilles)
Harry the Magical: Harry and the Orden+ (C.M. Gilles)
Harry the Magical: The Hero Hallows (C.M. Gilles)

Heavy on the Magick (Gargoyle Games)
Heavy on the Magick II (Gargoyle Games)

Hermitage, The (Pegasus Software)
Absolution (Pegasus Software)

Hero Parte 1: Il Superstite (Epic 3000)
Hero Parte 2: Il Piano d’Attacco (Epic 3000)

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Image Works)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – The Coin-Op (Image Works)

Heroes of Karn (Interceptor Software)
Empire of Karn (Interceptor Software)

Heroes of the Lance (US Gold Ltd)
Dragons of Flame (US Gold Ltd)

Hide and Seek (Adventure Probe Software)
Hedda’s Revenge (Adventure Probe Software)
Hedda Strikes Again (Adventure Probe Software)

Highway Encounter (Vortex Software)
Alien Highway (Vortex Software)

Holly (BC Masters)
Holly 2 (BC Masters)

Homer Simpson in Russia (MG & Co)
Homer Simpson 2: In Russia Again (MG & Co)

Hungry Horace (Sinclair Research Ltd)
Horace Goes Skiing (Sinclair Research Ltd)
Horace & the Spiders (Sinclair Research Ltd)
Horace to the Rescue (Melbourne House)

Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies (Artic Computing Ltd)
Humpty Dumpty in the Garden (Artic Computing Ltd)
Engineer Humpty (Artic Computing Ltd)

Hunchback (Ocean Software Ltd)
Hunchback II (Ocean Software Ltd)
Hunchback – The Adventure (Ocean Software Ltd)

Hunter (David Rushall)
Hunter II: Olympus-Mons (David Rushall)
Hunter III: The Final Straw (David Rushall)

I, Ball (Firebird Software Ltd)
I Ball II (Firebird Software Ltd)

Idiliar (Grupo Creators Union)
Pueblo de la Noche (Grupo Creators Union)
Senor del Dragon, El (Grupo Creators Union)

Ikari Warriors (Elite Systems Ltd)
Victory Road (Imagine Software Ltd)

Imperia 2000 (Action)
Imperia II: Dune (Action)
Imperia III (Action)

Impossible Mission (US Gold Ltd)
Impossible Mission II (US Gold Ltd)

Indiana Jones: A Chram Zkazy (Fuxoft)
Indiana Jones 2 (Fuxoft)
Indiana Jones 3 (Fuxoft)
Indiana Jones 4: A Zlata Soska Keltu (Fuxoft)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (US Gold Ltd)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (US Gold Ltd)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (US Gold Ltd)

Infiltrator (US Gold Ltd)
Infiltrator II: The Next Day (US Gold Ltd)

Insert Coins (OCTOCOM)
Insert Coins 2 (OCTOCOM)

Inspector Flukeit (Axxent Software)
Great Peepingham Train Robbery, The (Axxent Software)

Intermediate English 1 (Rose Software)
Intermediate English 2 (Rose Software)

Intermediate Maths 1 (Rose Software)
Intermediate Maths 2 (Rose Software)

International Karate (System 3 Software Ltd)
IK+ (System 3 Software Ltd)

Intruder Alert (Compass Software)
Invaders from Planet X (Compass Software)

Investigator (Load ‘n’ Run [IT])
Investigator II (Load ‘n’ Run [IT])

Island of Death (SP Enterprises)
House of Murder (SP Enterprises)

Italy 1990 (US Gold Ltd)
Italy 1990 – Winners Edition (US Gold Ltd)

JINJ (Computer Emuzone)
JINJ 2: Belmonte’s Revenge (RetroWorks)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Thor Computer Software)
Giant’s Revenge (Thor Computer Software)
House Jack Built, The (Thor Computer Software)

Jack the Nipper (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)

Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)
Jet Set Willy II (Software Projects Ltd)

Jetpac (Ultimate Play The Game)
Lunar Jetman (Ultimate Play The Game)
Solar Jetman (Storm Software [2])

Jimmy’s Soccer Manager (Beyond Belief)
Jimmy’s Super League (Beyond Belief)

Jock and the Time Rings (Atlantis Software Ltd)
Master and Servant (Atlantis Software Ltd)

Joe Blade (Players Software)
Joe Blade II (Players Software)
Joe Blade III (Players Premier)
Joe Blade IV (Players Premier)

Johnny Reb (MC Lothlorien Ltd)
Johnny Reb II (MC Lothlorien Ltd)

Join the Jet-Set (Halsoft)
Jet-Set Willy in Space (Halsoft)

Kaleidoscope (Outlet)
Kaleidoscope 2 (Outlet)

Kama Basic I (Kamasoft)
Kama Basic II (Kamasoft)

Keeper, The (Gordon Fong)
Rings of Merlin, The (Gordon Fong)

Kerixer (JeRrS)
Kerixer II (JeRrS)
Kerixer III (JeRrS)

Kewin I (Kamasoft)
Kewin II (Kamasoft)

Kick Off (Anco Software Ltd)
Kick Off 2 (Anco Software Ltd)

PCuk’s Enter (Mythos)
Kill PC 2: Judgment Day (Rage Technologies)
Kill PC 3 (Rage Technologies)

Kill War 4 (Kotsoft)
Kill War 5 (Kotsoft)

Knights & Demons (Kabuto Factory)
Knights & Demons DX (Kabuto Factory)

Kobyashi Naru (Mastertronic Ltd)
Kobyashi Ag’Kwo (Zenobi Software)

Kolobok Zoom: Teenage Mutant Hero (Asphyxia)
Kolobok Zoom 2: In The Unfair World (Asphyxia)

Komplex (Legend [1])
Komplex City (Legend [1])

Kong (Ocean Software Ltd)
Kong Strikes Back (Ocean Software Ltd)

Kontrabant (Radio Student)
Kontrabant 2 (Radio Student)

Korth Trilogy, The 1: Escape from Arkaron (Penguin Books Ltd)
Korth Trilogy, The 2: Besieged (Penguin Books Ltd)
Korth Trilogy, The 3: Into the Empire (Penguin Books Ltd)

Kyd Cadet (Paul Jenkinson)
Kyd Cadet II: The Rescue of Pobbleflu (Paul Jenkinson)

L’Occhio del Condor Parte 1: Il Museo (Epic 3000)
L’Occhio del Condor Parte 2: Il Tempio (Epic 3000)

Laberinto I (Rock’n’Soft)
Laberinto II (Rock’n’Soft)
Laberinto III (Rock’n’Soft)

Lala Prologue (Ubhres Productions)
Cheril of the Bosque (Ubhres Productions)
Viaje al Centro de la Napia (Ubhres Productions)
Moggy Adventure (Ubhres Productions)
Sir Ababol (Ubhres Productions)
Cheril Perils (Ubhres Productions)
Zombie Calavera Prologue (Ubhres Productions)
Horace Goes to the Tower (The Mojon Twins)
Trabajo Basura (The Mojon Twins)
Cheril the Goddess (The Mojon Twins)

Landfall on Rollus (Clwyd Adventure Software)

Larry the Lander (Purple Unicorn Software)
Larry The Lander II – Cosmic Carnage (Purple Unicorn Software)

Laser Basic (Ocean Software Ltd)
Laser Compiler (Ocean Software Ltd)
Laser Genius (Ocean Software Ltd)

Laskar’s Crystals (Zenobi Software)
Laskar’s Return (Zenobi Software)

Last Courier, The (Perspective Group)
Courier 2 (Perspective Group)

Last Ninja (System 3 Software Ltd)
Last Ninja 2 (System 3 Software Ltd)
Last Ninja Remix (System 3 Software Ltd)
Last Ninja 3 (System 3 Software Ltd)

Last Ship of Zendok, The (Nova Software [1])

Lazer Fighter (Darryl LeCount)
Lazer Fighter 2 (Darryl LeCount)

Leader Board (US Gold Ltd)
Leader Board Tournament (US Gold Ltd)
World Class Leader Board (US Gold Ltd)

Learn to Read 1 (Sinclair Research Ltd)
Learn to Read 2 (Sinclair Research Ltd)
Learn to Read 3 (Sinclair Research Ltd)
Learn to Read 4 (Sinclair Research Ltd)
Learn to Read 5 (Sinclair Research Ltd)

Legacy for Alaric, A (Zenobi Software)
Magic Isle, The (Zenobi Software)

Leopold the Minstrel (Zenobi Software)
Bardic Rite, The (Zenobi Software)
Final Chorus, The (Zenobi Software)

Lifeboat (River Software)
Davy Jones Locker (River Software)

Lineswap (Outlet)
Lineswap version 2 (Outlet)

Linkword French (Silversoft Ltd)
Linkword German (Silversoft Ltd)
Linkword Spanish (Silversoft Ltd)
Linkword Italian (Silversoft Ltd)

Little Puff (Cartoon Time)
DJ Puff (Code Masters Ltd)

Livingstone Supongo (Opera Soft S.A.)
Livingstone Supongo II (Opera Soft S.A.)

Locodriver (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 2 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 3 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 4 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 5 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 6 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 7 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 8 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 9 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 10 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 11 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 12 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 13 (Ashley Greenup)
Locodriver 14 (Ashley Greenup)

Flight from the Dark (Arrow)
Fire on the Water (Arrow)
Lone Wolf – The Mirror of Death (Audiogenic Software Ltd)

Long Way Home Volume 1 (16/48 Tape Magazine)
Long Way Home Volume 2: The Ludoids (16/48 Tape Magazine)

Lord of the Rings (Melbourne House)
Shadows of Mordor (Melbourne House)

Lords of Midnight, The (Beyond Software)
Doomdark’s Revenge (Beyond Software)
Eye of the Moon, The (Beyond Software)

Lords of Time (Level 9 Computing Ltd)
Red Moon (Level 9 Computing Ltd)
Price of Magik, The (Level 9 Computing Ltd)

Lost Man Remember I (Rock’n’Soft)
Lost Man Remember II (Rock’n’Soft)

Lost Ruby, The (Wrightchoice Software)
Wight Smugglers, The (Wrightchoice Software)

Lyra Megademo, The (ESI)
Lyra II Megademo, The (Sinclair User)

M/Code Library 1: Screen Compression (16/48 Tape Magazine)
M/Code Library 2: Window Scrolling (16/48 Tape Magazine)
M/Code Library 3: Interrupt Driven Trace (16/48 Tape Magazine)
M/Code Library 4: Screen Swapping (16/48 Tape Magazine)
M/Code Library 5: Search and Find Routines (16/48 Tape Magazine)
M/Code Library 6: Delete BASIC (16/48 Tape Magazine)

MCoder (PSS)
MCoder II (PSS)
ZX Spectrum Compilateur (ERE Informatique)

MacMan’s Magic Mirror (Sinclair Research Ltd)
MacMan and the Caber Eater (Sinclair Research Ltd)
MacMan and the Great Escape (Sinclair Research Ltd)
MacMan in the Treasure Caves (Sinclair Research Ltd)

Mad Martha (Mikro-Gen Ltd)
Mad Martha II (Mikro-Gen Ltd)

Mad Mix Game (Topo Soft)
Mad Mix 2 (Topo Soft)

Mafia Contract (Atlantis Software Ltd)
Mafia Contract II: The Sequel (Atlantis Software Ltd)

Magnetic Moon (FSF Adventures)
Starship Quest (FSF Adventures)
Revenge of the Space Pirates (FSF Adventures)

Manchester United (Krisalis Software Ltd)
Manchester United Europe (Krisalis Software Ltd)

Mandelbrot Maps Vol. 1: A-F (Outlet)
Mandelbrot Maps Vol. 2: G-L (Outlet)
Mandelbrot Maps Vol. 3: M-R (Outlet)
Mandelbrot Maps Vol. 4: S-X (Outlet)

Mango Jones (Crash)
Liberator (Crash)

Manor of Madness (Celtic Software)
Corridors of the Nethermind (Celtic Software)

Mantis 1 (Raven Adventures)
Mantis 2 (Raven Adventures)

Marble Madness (Melbourne House)
Marble Madness DeLuxe Edition (Melbourne House)

Margo Puzzle (Fatality)
Margo 2 (Asphyxia)
Margo III (Werewolves Graphics)

Marie Celeste Adventure (Walrus Computing)
Nemo’s Island (Walrus Computing)

Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer en: Las Increibles Vicisitudes de Despertarse Resacosa con Fred en la Cama y Tener que Llegar Mas o Menos Puntual a la Prueba de “Monstruos Vigorosos de Pechos Lustrosos” featuring Los Fratelli (The Mojon Twins)
Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer (Ubhres Productions)

Marsport (Gargoyle Games)
Fornax (Gargoyle Games)
Gath (Gargoyle Games)

MASK (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
MASK II (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
MASK III: VENOM Strikes Back (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)

Master Class – Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Introduction to Programming Level 1 (WH Smith)
Master Class – Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Introduction to Programming Level 2 (WH Smith)

Match Day (Ocean Software Ltd)
International Match Day (Ocean Software Ltd)
Match Day II (Ocean Software Ltd)

Mathskills I (Griffin Software [2])
Mathskills II (Griffin Software [2])

Mercenary (Novagen Software Ltd)
Damocles (Novagen Software Ltd)

Microfair Madness (Delbert the Hamster Software)
Personal Computer Whirled! (Delbert the Hamster Software)

Midsummer Days Dream, A (The Adventure Workshop)
Sleepin’ Again (The Adventure Workshop)

Mission 1: Project Volcano (Mission Software)
Mission 2: Project Gibraltar (Mission Software)

Misterios del Gusano, Los (Videofex)
Cultos Sin Nombre (Videofex)

Mode Change (ZX Computing)
SuperCAT [2] (ZX Computing)

Monstrland: Testimony of the Ancients (Rage Technologies)
Monstrland 2: Mist (Rage Technologies)

Wanted: Monty Mole (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Monty is Innocent (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Monty on the Run (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Moley Christmas (Your Sinclair)
Impossamole (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)

Moon Cresta (Incentive Software Ltd)
Terra Cresta (Imagine Software Ltd)

Moon Magic (Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software)
SPONGE (Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software)

Mountains of Ket (Incentive Software Ltd)
Temple of Vran (Incentive Software Ltd)
Final Mission, The (Incentive Software Ltd)

Mugsy (Melbourne House)
Mugsy’s Revenge (Melbourne House)

Murder at Hamilton Halls (The Fly On The Wall)
Spectre of Larry Horsfield, The (The Fly On The Wall)

Murder Hunt (Bodkin Software)
Murder Hunt II (Zenobi Software)

Narnia-1 (Megasoft [5])
Narnia-2 (Megasoft [5])

Nemesis (Konami Ltd)
Salamander (Konami Ltd)

NeverEnding Story, The (Ocean Software Ltd)
Neverending Story II, The (Linel)

Nightflite (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Nightflite II (Hewson Consultants Ltd)

Ninja Master (Firebird Software Ltd)
Oriental Hero (Firebird Software Ltd)

Nipik 1 (Triumph Game Labs)
Nipik 2 (Triumph Game Labs)

Non Compos Mentis (Your Sinclair)
Non Compos Mentis II: Pleasure Beyond Pain (Your Sinclair)

Nonterraqueous (Mastertronic Ltd)
Soul of a Robot (Mastertronic Ltd)
Terra Cognita (Code Masters Ltd)
Into Oblivion (Mastertronic Ltd)

Nosferatu: Quest for the Vampire (Omni Software)
Connecticut Apple Affair, The (Omni Software)
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (Classic Software)

Nuclear Bowls (Zigurat Software)
Star Bowls (Zigurat Software)

Numb Cars (Triumph Game Labs)
Numb Cars Minimal Edition (Triumph Game Labs)
Numb Cars 2 (Triumph Game Labs)

Olli and Lissa (Firebird Software Ltd)
Halloween (Silverbird Software Ltd)
Olli & Lissa 3 (Cartoon Time)

Omnicalc (Microsphere)
Omnicalc 2 (Microsphere)

On the Burgle! (XFAWORLD Software)
Back on the Burgle! (XFAWORLD Software)
Legend of the Burgle! (XFAWORLD Software)

One Man and His Droid (Mastertronic Ltd)
One Man and His Droid II (Clive Brooker)

Operation Stallion (Wrightchoice Software)
Operation Berlin (Wrightchoice Software)

Operation Wolf (Ocean Software Ltd)
Operation Thunderbolt (Ocean Software Ltd)

Orm and Cheep: The Birthday Party (Macmillan Software Ltd)
Orm and Cheep: Narrow Squeaks (Macmillan Software Ltd)

Out of the Limelight (Zenobi Software)
Loose Ends (Zenobi Software)

Out Run (US Gold Ltd)
Turbo Out Run (US Gold Ltd)
Out Run Europa (US Gold Ltd)

PEEK (Outlet)
PEEK version 2 (Outlet)
PEEK version 3 (Outlet)

Pac-Man (Atarisoft)
Ms. Pac-Man (Atarisoft)
Pac-Land (Grandslam Entertainments Ltd)
Pac-Mania (Grandslam Entertainments Ltd)

Pacman (SuperSoft [2])
Pacman II: Razbunarea lui Phantom (SuperSoft [2])

Panzadrome (Ariolasoft UK Ltd)
Xarq (Electric Dreams Software)

Paperboy (Elite Systems Ltd)
Paperboy 2 (Mindscape International Inc)

Party Is Open, The Part 1 (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)
Party Is Open, The Part 2 (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)

Pastime (Kuznetsov)
Pastime II (Kuznetsov)

Patience 2: 8 Cards Patience (ZX Computing)
Patience 3: 11-Up Patience (ZX Computing)
Patience 4: The Wall (ZX Computing)
Patience 5: Pairs (ZX Computing)

Pawns of War (Leslie Floyd)
Infiltrator, The (Zenobi Software)

Pedro na Ostrove Piratov (Ultrasoft [2])
Pedro v Strasidelnom Zamku (Ultrasoft [2])
Pedro v Krajine Pyramid (Ultrasoft [2])

Peter Rabbit and the Magic Carrot (C.P.S. Games)
Peter Rabbit and Father Willow (C.P.S. Games)
Peter Rabbit and the Naughty Owl (C.P.S. Games)

Petulant Poogslay Powerful Parade (The Mojon Twins)
Robore (LOKOsoft)

Phantom F4 I (Ultrasoft [2])
Phantom F4 II (Ultrasoft [2])

Phantomas (Dinamic Software)
Phantomas 2 (Dinamic Software)

Phantomas Tales #1: Marsport (Ubhres Productions)
Phantomas Tales #4: Severin Sewers (Ubhres Productions)

Phantomasa (Computer Emuzone)
Phantomasa 2 (Computer Emuzone)
Fundamentally Loathsome (The Mojon Twins)

Phoenix (Zenobi Software)
Violator of Voodoo, The (Zenobi Software)
Aztec Assault (Zenobi Software)
Celtic Carnage (Zenobi Software)

Pipe Mania (Empire Software)
Pipe Mania II (Empire Software)

Pipeline (Viper Software)
Super Pipeline II (Taskset Ltd)

Pirx (COOK)
Pirx II (COOK)

Pixy the Microdot (Your Sinclair)
Pixy the Microdot 2 (Your Sinclair)

Platform Game Designer (Cronosoft [2])
S.E.U.D. (Cronosoft [2])
Arcade Game Designer (Jonathan Cauldwell)

Poklad (Fuxoft)
Poklad 2 (Fuxoft)

Pole Chudes (SirotaSoft)
Pole Chudes 2 (SirotaSoft)

Police Patrol I (Flexibase Software)
Police Patrol II (Flexibase Software)

Polskie Logo (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Ortografia (Coral Software)
Grafika (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Nauka Jazdy (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
TIM (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Magiczne Krzyze (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Wykres (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Arytmetyka (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Slowka (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Trap Door, The (Piranha)
Test Inteligencji (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Trzy Wymiary (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Szybka Pamiec Tasmowa (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Klio 1 (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Strike Force Cobra (Piranha)
Smok Wawelski (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)
Czytaj i Pisz po Angielsku (Warszawskie Wydawnictwo Prasowe)
Polski Edytor Tekstu (Warszawskie Wydawnictwo Prasowe)
Klio 2 (Warszawskie Wydawnictwo Prasowe)
Geografia (Warszawskie Wydawnictwo Prasowe)
Ulamki (Warszawskie Wydawnictwo Prasowe)
Gwiezdne Imperium (Warszawskie Wydawnictwo Prasowe)

Popeye (DK’Tronics Ltd)
Popeye 2 (Alternative Software Ltd)
Wrestle Crazy (Alternative Software Ltd)

Postman Pat (Alternative Software Ltd)
Postman Pat 2 (Alternative Software Ltd)
Postman Pat 3: To the Rescue (Alternative Software Ltd)

Predator (Activision Inc)
Predator 2 (Image Works)

Printer Options (Outlet)
Printer Options 2 (Outlet)

Printy (Sinclair User)
Printy 2 (Sinclair User)

Pro Golf (Atlantis Software Ltd)
Pro Golf II (Atlantis Software Ltd)

Progstopper (Outlet)
Progstopper version 2 (Outlet)

Project-X: The Micro Man (Compass Software)
O Zone, The (Compass Software)
Micro Mutant, The (Compass Software)

Prophecy, The (Larsoft)
Return of the Warrior (Larsoft)

Prueba, La (Alien Software)
Shinnig in the Darkness (Alien Software)
Ranetech (Alien Software)
Forbidden Lands (Alien Software)

Pub Crawl (TV Soft)
Pub Crawl 2 (TV Soft)

Puzzlepix (Outlet)
Puzzlepix 02 (Outlet)
Puzzlepix 03 (Outlet)
Puzzlepix 04 (Outlet)
Puzzlepix 05 (Outlet)

Pyramid, The (Fantasy Software [1])
Doomsday Castle (Fantasy Software [1])
Backpackers Guide to the Universe (Fantasy Software [1])

Quazatron (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Magnetron (Firebird Software Ltd)

Quest for A (I.E.C. Software)

Quest for the Holy Joystick (Delta 4 Software)
Return of the Holy Joystick, The (Delta 4 Software)

Quick-List (Outlet)
Quick-List 2 (Outlet)

Quikcop (Outlet)
Quikcop 2 (Outlet)
Quikcop 3 (Outlet)
Quikcop 4 (Outlet)
Quikcop 5 (Outlet)
Quikcop 6 (Outlet)

R-Type (Electric Dreams Software)
R-Type II (Activision Inc)

R.A.M. (Topo Soft)
R.A.M. 2: Space Mission (Topo Soft)

RAMChip Checker (Outlet)
RAMChip Checker 2 (Outlet)

Rebelstar Raiders (Red Shift Ltd)
Rebelstar (Firebird Software Ltd)
Rebelstar 2 (Silverbird Software Ltd)

Red Stone, The (Finest Group)
Red Stone II, The (Finest Group)

Redhawk (Melbourne House)
Kwah! (Melbourne House)

Renegade (Imagine Software Ltd)
Target: Renegade (Imagine Software Ltd)
Renegade III (Imagine Software Ltd)

Repton (Alligata Software Ltd)
Repton 2 (Alligata Software Ltd)

Retro Fusion Game, The (Jonathan Cauldwell)
Rallybug (Jonathan Cauldwell)

Retrobsesion (J.B.G.V.)
Retrobsesion II (J.B.G.V.)

Return To (Outlet)
Return To version 2 (Outlet)

Rhun (EP Software)
Demon (EP Software)
Nauta (EP Software)
Atenas (EP Software)

Rick Dangerous (Firebird Software Ltd)
Rick Dangerous 2 (Micro Style)

RoboCop (Ocean Software Ltd)
RoboCop 2 (Ocean Software Ltd)
RoboCop 3 (Ocean Software Ltd)

Rock (Alien Software)
Guante Blanco (Alien Software)

Rockfall (Crash)
Rockfall II (Crash)

Roy Norton: I Misteri di Villa Parson (Epic 3000)
Roy Norton: Fuga Nel Tempo (Epic 3000)
Roy Norton: Terrore al Castello (Viking)

Rupert and the Toymaker’s Party (Quicksilva Ltd)
Rupert and the Ice Castle (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)

Rychle Sipy: Zahada Hlavolamu (Majasoft)
Rychle Sipy 2: Stinadla Se Bouri (MS-CID)

SUperquiz 1 (The Scripture Union)
SUperquiz 2 (The Scripture Union)
SUperquiz 3 (The Scripture Union)

Saboteur! (Durell Software Ltd)
Saboteur II (Durell Software Ltd)
Saboteur 3 (Durell Software Ltd)
Saboteur 3D (Durell Software Ltd)

Sabre Wulf (Ultimate Play The Game)
Underwurlde (Ultimate Play The Game)
Knight Lore (Ultimate Play The Game)
Pentagram (Ultimate Play The Game)
Mire Mare (Ultimate Play The Game)

Saimazoom (Dinamic Software)
Babaliba (Dinamic Software)
Abu Simbel Profanation (Dinamic Software)
Crystalis (Dinamic Software)

Satanas (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)
XTRO (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)

School (Lee Tonks)
School 2 (Lee Tonks)

Scope (Interactive Software People)
Scope II (Interactive Software People)

Scrambler (Mentor Software)
Scrambler 2 (Mentor Software)

Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, The (Mosaic Publishing Ltd)
Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The (Virgin Games Ltd)

Secret River, The (Triffid Software Research)
Wizard’s Citadel, The (Triffid Software Research)

Select a Cat (Outlet)
Select a Cat version 2 (Outlet)

Seymour Goes to Hollywood (Code Masters Ltd)
Super Seymour Saves the Planet (Code Masters Ltd)
Stuntman Seymour (Code Masters Ltd)
Sergeant Seymour Robot Cop (Code Masters Ltd)
Wild West Seymour (Code Masters Ltd)

Shadowfire (Beyond Software)
Enigma Force (Beyond Software)

Shanghai (Daton Software)
Shanghai 2 (Daton Software)

Shanghai Karate (Players Software)
Shanghai Warriors (Players Software)

Shinobi (Virgin Games Ltd)
Shadow Dancer (US Gold Ltd)

Sid Spanners (Digital Prawn)
Sid Spanners 2: The Slackening (Digital Prawn)
Sid Spanners 3: The Nuthouse (Digital Prawn)
Sid Spanners 4: Timeloop (Digital Prawn)

Silkworm (Virgin Games Ltd)
SWIV (Storm Software [2])

Sire Fire (Load ‘n’ Run [IT])
Sire Fire 2 (Load ‘n’ Run [IT])
Thunderland (Load ‘n’ Run [IT])
Thunderland II (Load ‘n’ Run [IT])

Skint Willy (BaSe1 PrOdUcTiOnZ)
Willy the Rogue (BaSe1 PrOdUcTiOnZ)
Still Stealin’ (BaSe1 PrOdUcTiOnZ)

Skladacka (Pavel Pliva)
Skladacka 2 (Pavel Pliva)

Skool Daze (Microsphere)
Back to Skool (Microsphere)

Skyscraper of Doom (Rafal Miazga)
Streets of Doom (Rafal Miazga)

Slightly Magic (Code Masters Ltd)
Slightly Spooky (Code Masters Ltd)

Smagly (Spectre Guys)
Smagly 2 (Crystal Dream)
Smagly 3: Or Kill’em All! (CryptoGraphics)

Smiler in Arrowe Land (Digital Prawn)
Smiler 2: In the City (Digital Prawn)
Smiler 3: Travels around Blighty (Digital Prawn)
Smiler 4: Grinner on Tour (Digital Prawn)
Smiler 5: The Scattered Runes (Digital Prawn)
Smiler’s Christmas Sack (Digital Prawn)

Snap Poker (Outlet)
Snap Poker version 2 (Outlet)

Snooker Manager (Image Software Ltd)
Snooker Manager 2 (Image Software Ltd)

Snoopy (A. Evdokimov)
Snoopy 2 (A. Evdokimov)

Snowball (Level 9 Computing Ltd)
Return to Eden (Level 9 Computing Ltd)
Worm in Paradise, The (Level 9 Computing Ltd)

Softalk (CP Software)
Softalk II (CP Software)

SOKO-BAN (ZX-SOFT Brasil Ltda)

Solaris (Hellenic Software)
Gunhed (Hellenic Software)

Something Happened (Peter Machala Software)
Something Happened 2 (Peter Machala Software)

Sooty & Sweep (Alternative Software Ltd)
Sooty & Sweep II (Alternative Software Ltd)

Space Detective (Celerysoft)
Space Detective II: Home Run (Celerysoft)

Space Harrier (Elite Systems Ltd)
Space Harrier II (Grandslam Entertainments Ltd)

Space-Wars, 3D (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Seiddab Attack, 3D (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Lunattack, 3D (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Astroclone (Hewson Consultants Ltd)

Specimen (Crash)
Specimen II: The Apple Quest (Crash)

Specmap1 (Outlet)
Specmap2 (Outlet)

Specta Draw (Bryan S. McAlley)
Specta Draw 2 (Bryan S. McAlley)
Specta Draw 3 (Bryan S. McAlley)

Spectacle (Design Design Software)
Spectacle 2 (Design Design Software)

Spectrum Chess (Artic Computing Ltd)
Spectrum Chess II (Artic Computing Ltd)

Specventure (Mastertronic Ltd)
Microventure (Mastertronic Ltd)

Spy vs Spy (Beyond Software)
Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper (Databyte)
Spy vs Spy III: Arctic Antics (Databyte)

Star Attack (Kotsoft)
Star Attack II (Kotsoft)

Star Wars (Domark Ltd)
Empire Strikes Back, The (Domark Ltd)
Return of the Jedi (Domark Ltd)

Starglider (Rainbird Software Ltd)
Starglider 2 (Rainbird Software Ltd)

Starstrike, 3D (Realtime Games Software Ltd)
Starstrike II (Realtime Games Software Ltd)

Statistics (Bridge Software)
Statistics II (Bridge Software)

Steve Silver Adventure 1 (WB Software)
Steve Silver Adventure 2 (WB Software)

Stock Car Championship, 3D (Firebird Software Ltd)
Stock Cars II, 3D (Challenge Software)

Stormlord (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Stormlord II: Deliverance (Hewson Consultants Ltd)

Stranded (Cronosoft [2])
Stranded 2.5 (Cronosoft [2])

Strategy 1 – Invasion (ASP Software Ltd)
Bismark (Argus Press Software Ltd)

Street Fighter (Go!)
Street Fighter II (Go!)

Strider (US Gold Ltd)
Strider II (US Gold Ltd)

Strike Attack (Micro-Mart Software)
Strike Attack 2 (Micro-Mart Software)

Stunt Car Racer (Micro Style)
Stunt Car Racer II (Micro Style)

Subacuatic (Ubhres Productions)
Subacuatic Reloaded (Ubhres Productions)

Subsunk (Firebird Software Ltd)
Seabase Delta (Firebird Software Ltd)

Summer Games (US Gold Ltd)
Summer Games II (US Gold Ltd)
Winter Games (US Gold Ltd)
World Games (US Gold Ltd)
California Games (US Gold Ltd)
Games – Winter Edition, The (US Gold Ltd)
Games – Summer Edition, The (US Gold Ltd)

Supa-Quit (Outlet)
Supa-Quit version 2 (Outlet)

SuperCom (Atlantis Software Ltd)
Satcom (Atlantis Software Ltd)

Super Sprint (Electric Dreams Software)
Championship Sprint (Electric Dreams Software)
Badlands (Domark Ltd)

Superchess (CP Software)
16K Superchess (CP Software)
Superchess II (CP Software)
Superchess 3 (CP Software)

Supercode (CP Software)
Supercode 2 (CP Software)
Supercode 3 (CP Software)

Superkid (Atlantis Software Ltd)
Superkid in Space (Atlantis Software Ltd)

Survey Analysis (Microworkshops Ltd)
Survey II (Microworkshops Ltd)

Sweevo’s World (Gargoyle Games)
Sweevo’s Whirled (Gargoyle Games)
Hydrofool (Faster Than Light)

Swords & Sorcery (PSS)
Heroquest (PSS)

System 15000 (Craig Communications Ltd)
System 15000 – 2nd Edition (Craig Communications Ltd)

Tanium (Players Software)
Tanium 2 (Players Software)

Tank Attack (CDS Microsystems)
Marine Attack (CDS Microsystems)

Tantalus (Quicksilva Ltd)
Terminus (Mastertronic Added Dimension)

Tau Ceti (CRL Group PLC)
Tau Ceti – The Special Edition (CRL Group PLC)
Academy (CRL Group PLC)

Taxman Cometh, The (Zenobi Software)
Tax Returns (Zenobi Software)
Final Demand, The (Zenobi Software)

Technician Ted (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Technician Ted: The Megamix (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Costa Capers (Firebird Software Ltd)

Termination (Sinclair User)
Termination 2 (Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software)

Terry the Turtle (Purple Unicorn Software)
Terry the Turtle-Vektor (Purple Unicorn Software)

Theme Park U.K. (River Software)
Theme Park U.S.A. (Zenobi Software)

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (Alternative Software Ltd)
Thomas the Tank Engine II (Alternative Software Ltd)

Thrust (Firebird Software Ltd)
Thrust II (Firebird Software Ltd)

Time of the End (Mandarin Software)
Minister for Alien Affairs, The (Mandarin Software)
Into the Abyss (Mandarin Software)

Tir Na Nog (Gargoyle Games)
Dun Darach (Gargoyle Games)

ToBoS Fp (Informatyczno-Elektroniczna Spoldzielnia Pracy INEL)
ToBoS 2 (Informatyczno-Elektroniczna Spoldzielnia Pracy INEL)

Tomb of Syrinx (Black Knight Software)
Syrinx 2 (Black Knight Software)

Toofy in Fan Land (Paul Jenkinson)
Toofy’s Winter Nuts (Paul Jenkinson)

Total Eclipse (Incentive Software Ltd)
Total Eclipse 2: The Sphinx Jinx (Incentive Software Ltd)

Total War (Thomas’ Software)
Total War 2 (Thomas’ Software)

Tower of Despair (Games Workshop)
Key of Hope, The (Games Workshop)

Track and Field (Ocean Software Ltd)
Hyper Sports (Imagine Software Ltd)

Track Suit Manager (Goliath Games)
Tracksuit Manager 2 (Electronic Zoo)
Tracksuit Manager Europe (Goliath Games)

Transfer +3 (Topo Soft)
Discopack +3 (New Frontier S.A.)

Trap Door, The (Piranha)
Through the Trap Door (Piranha)

Trashman (New Generation Software)
Travel with Trashman (New Generation Software)
Trashman Goes Moonlighting (New Generation Software)

Triangolo Maledetto Parte 1: La Scoperta, Il (Epic 3000)
Triangolo Maledetto Parte 2: Bermuda, Il (Epic 3000)

Trivial Pursuit (Domark Ltd)
Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning (Domark Ltd)

Tummy Digs Goes Shopping (C.P.S. Games)
Tummy Digs Goes Walking in the Forest (C.P.S. Games)

Turrican (Rainbow Arts)
Turrican II (Rainbow Arts)

turtle (AVC Software)
turtle2 (AVC Software)

UFO: Enemy Unknown (Copper Feet)
UFO 2: Devils of Abyss (Copper Feet)

Unresident Evil (XFAWORLD Software)
Unresident Evil 2: Escape from the Courtyard (XFAWORLD Software)
Unresident Evil 3: Enter the Laboratory (XFAWORLD Software)
Unresident Evil 4: The Final Showdown (XFAWORLD Software)

Uridium (Hewson Consultants Ltd)
Uridium Plus (Hewson Consultants Ltd)

Utility1 (Outlet)
Utility2 (Outlet)
Utility3 (Geoff Wearmouth)

Vampe (Valdir)
Vampe: GOTO Vampe (Valdir)

Vamperi (Carlos David Diaz)
Sir Vamperi (Carlos David Diaz)

Varsgard (Outlet)
Varsgard 2 (Outlet)
Varsgard 3 (Outlet)

Vera Cruz Affair, The (Infogrames)
Sidney Affair, The (Infogrames)

Video-Basic (Investronica S.A.)
Video-Basic Avanzado (Investronica S.A.)

VideoTime (Flavio M. Matsumoto)
VideoTime 2 (Einar Saukas/Flavio M. Matsumoto)

View to a Kill – The Computer Game, A (Domark Ltd)
Living Daylights – The Computer Game, The (Domark Ltd)
Live and Let Die (Domark Ltd)
Licence to Kill (Domark Ltd)
Spy Who Loved Me, The (Domark Ltd)

Viking Quest 1: Holmgard (SAM Style)
Viking Quest 2: Heart of Town (SAM Style)
Viking Quest 3 (SAM Style)

Virus (S. Kukoviakin)
Virus II (S. Kukoviakin)

Virus Delta Parte 1: Dov’e’Mark Williams? (Epic 3000)
Virus Delta Parte 2: Ultimo Atto (Epic 3000)

Voleur, Le (Load ‘n’ Run [IT])
Voleur Strikes Back, Le (Load ‘n’ Run [IT])

War Machine (Players Premier)
War Machine II (Players Premier)

Warriors Revenge (Video Force)
Land of No Return, The (Video Force)
Castle of Death (Video Force)

Way of the Dead – Terror en Rocas Blancas, The (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)
Terror en Rocas Blancas 2 (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)
Terror en Rocas Blancas 3 (Rocassoft Corp. Ltd)

Way of the Exploding Fist, The (Melbourne House)
Fist II: The Legend Continues (Melbourne House)
Exploding Fist + (Firebird Software Ltd)

Way of the Tiger, The (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)
Avenger (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)

We Pretty (Broadsoft)
Goodnite Luddite (Broadsoft)

Willy in the Islands of Mystery – Part 1: Exploration (Herve Ast)

Winnie-the-Pooh (Softland)
Winnie-the-Pooh 2 (Softland)

Wipeout (Outlet)
Wipeout 2 (Outlet)

Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Broken Timemachine (YRS)
Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Lost Keys (YRS)
Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Closing Doors (YRS)

Wizard of Tallyron, The (C&VG)
Tallyron II (C&VG)

Wizard’s Warrior (Crusader Computing)
High Odds (Crusader Computing)

Wolf (Z-Zero Systems)
Wolf 2 (Z-Zero Systems)
Wolf 3 (Z-Zero Systems)

Wonder Boy (Activision Inc)
Super Wonder Boy (Activision Inc)

World Series Baseball (Imagine Software Ltd)
World Series Basketball (Imagine Software Ltd)

Worm (SG Software [2])
Worm 2 (SG Software [2])

X Files, The Part 1 (Upsoft Co.)
X Files, The Part 2: On the Ship (Upsoft Co.)

XIV (Pandovisia Software)
XIV/2 (Pandovisia Software)

Xavior (PSS)
Covenant, The (PSS)

Yard Story (Orion [1])
Yard Story II (Illusion Dreams)

Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Imagine Software Ltd)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 (Imagine Software Ltd)

Young Learners 1 (Rose Software)
Young Learners 2 (Rose Software)

Escape from Hodgkin’s Manor (Zenobi Software)
Red Alert (Zenobi Software)
Beginning of the End (Zenobi Software)

Zunny (StapleSoft)
Zunny II (StapleSoft)

(1454 titles in 563 series listed)