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M-TextAdventure Game: Text-Only
M. M. 6 žijeAdventure Game: Text-Only
MacGyver – La Aventura1987Rafael Vico CostaAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mad in Cashcais1986CascaismicroAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mad Martha1983Mikro-Gen LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mad Martha II1983Mikro-Gen LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mad MonasteryAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Madcap Manor1985Gilsoft InternationalAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Madhouse 3Adventure Game: Text-Only
Mafia Contract1984Atlantis Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mafia Contract II: The Sequel1986Atlantis Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mafie – Pomsta černé kočkyAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magic Castle1983Gilsoft InternationalAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magic MountainAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magic Mountain1983Phipps AssociatesAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Magic Story: Dedication of Falkoris1994FantasyAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Magic Treasure Adventure1991Tartan SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magic Treasure AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magic Treasure IslandAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magical Mystery TourAdventure Probe SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magical Mystery TourAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magician’s MazeAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magicians Land1996Precision GroupAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Magma Man1987Spectraxx Tape MagazineAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Magnetic Moon1989FSF AdventuresAdventure Game: Text-Only
Magus1988D.N.D. SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mai, the Psychic Girl1993LOKOsoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Main CourseAdventure Game: Text-Only
Majik1988Mastertronic LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Maldita Escuela!1989Megasoft [ES]Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Malice in Blunderland1985The GuildAdventure Game: Text-Only
Malice in BlunderlandAdventure Game: Text-Only
Malice in Wonderland1985LumpsoftAdventure Game: Text-Only
Man About the House1994Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
MandangaAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mandrake’s DomainAdventure Game: Text-Only
MandroidRobert SibthorpAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Manhattan 2005 (Demo)1989Digital Launch CorporationAdventure Game: Text-Only
Manic BadgerAdventure Game: Text-Only
Manor of Doom1984King SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Manor of Madness1984Celtic SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mansion Kali2013Commodore PlusAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mansion Kali IIAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mansion Quest1991G.I. GamesAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mantis 11990Raven AdventuresAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mantis 21990Raven AdventuresAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Marie Celeste1984Atlantis Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Marie Celeste Adventure1985Walrus ComputingAdventure Game: Text-Only
Marooned1992Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Marooned!!Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Martian AffairsAdventure Game: Text-Only
Martian LandAdventure Game: Text-Only
Master of EvilAdventure Game: Text-Only
MasterclassAdventure Game: Text-Only
Masters of the Universe – The Super Adventure1987U.S. Gold LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Matchmaker1986River SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Matt Lucas1986Players SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mayday1989Peter Machala SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Maze MachineAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
McKensie1983Software Projects LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mechanic HarryAdventure Game: Text-Only
Medieval HistoryAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mega-Corp1987Dinamic SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Megalith ManAdventure Game: Text-Only
Meltdown1993Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Memorias De ReXXe (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Memorias de un Hobbit1990JSJ Soft LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mentura1994Phantom LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mercy – A Short Story (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Merhownie’s Light1986K-Soft [UK]Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Merlin1992Michael HuntAdventure Game: Text-Only
Merlin -La Aventura-2010SPECTRAVENTURAAdventure Game: Text-Only
Merlin’s QuestAdventure Game: Text-Only
Merry ChristmasAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Message from Andromeda1984Interceptor SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Město robotůAdventure Game: Text-Only
Meteorite StrikeAdventure Game: Text-Only
Methyhel1990Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Methyhel – The Special EditionAdventure Game: Text-Only
Metropolis 11987MiC SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MetsysAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mexican AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
Miami MiceAdventure Game: Text-Only
Micro Drivin’1984SoftelAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Micro PuzzleAdventure Game: Text-Only
Microfair Madness1991Delbert the Hamster SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
MicroLink1985Soft 2000Adventure Game: Text-Only
Middle AgesAdventure Game: Text-Only
Midnight1990Wazertown WorksAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MidwinterAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mike HammerAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MIKROs eventyrspilAdventure Game: Text-Only
Minas MorgulAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mindbender1984Gilsoft InternationalAdventure Game: Text-Only
MinderAdventure Game: Text-Only
MindfighterAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MindshadowAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mines of Saturn1982SaturnsoftAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mini AdventureAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mini Bank RaidAdventure Game: Text-Only
Minimal CavesAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mirror1998ArtworkAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mirror MirrorAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mision Espacial2006Beyker SoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mision SobrevivirDavid Fraile VieytoAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Missile Command Base1990FuturesoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Missing: World of Spectrum2009Zeropolis ElementAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mission 1: Project Volcano1984Mission SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mission 2: Project Gibraltar1984Mission SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mission X1991G.I. GamesAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mission Z-27:XAdventure Game: Text-Only
Missione SabotageAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Misterio en el MonasterioAdventure Game: Text-Only
Misterioso ProgramaAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mluvící balíkAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mock1993Gandalf SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Molesworth1991Ian AldridgeAdventure Game: Text-Only
MonetorAdventure Game: Text-Only
Monkey Island Adventure2011Zeropolis ElementAdventure Game: Text-Only
MonsterAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Monster + Star Reporter1987HaggisoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Monster PitAdventure Game: Text-Only
Monsters of GalacticonAdventure Game: Text-Only
Monte DoradoAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Moon MagicAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MoonlanderAdventure Game: Text-Only
Moonmist – A Mystery Story (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Moonquake1989Laurence CreightonAdventure Game: Text-Only
Moonscape – Escape from the Moon2008Simon Allan SoftwareAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Moonshards of Sacrimore1989Global Games [1]Adventure Game: Text-Only
Moord in het FlatgebouwAdventure Game: Text-Only
MoordenaarAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mordon’s Quest1985Melbourne HouseAdventure Game: Text-Only
MorgAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Morgan Tyler: EclypseAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Morgan Tyler: Star PlagueAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Morgan Tyler: Street TrooperAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Morgan’s Seal1992The GuildAdventure Game: Text-Only
Moron1986Atlantis Software LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MoroniAdventure Game: Text-Only
Morris Weaver: Vuoto MentaleAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Moscow-ParisAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mother Loose – An Interactive Nursery Rhyme (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Motorcycle Crazy1984Kerian UK LtdAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mountain of TunnelsAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mountains of Ket1983Incentive Software LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mouse ManAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mozg Procesor1989Computer Adventure StudioAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mr. Hyde’s MurderAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mrazík ’88Adventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MUDAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mundo Fantastico1989DT SoftAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mundo Subterraneo1991Advanced Adventure CreationsAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MurdacAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder1986Central SolutionsAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder – He Said1993Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder at Hamilton HallsThe Fly On The WallAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder at the Manor1983GemtimeAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Murder Hunt1985Bodkin SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder Hunt1986Central SolutionsAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder Hunt1989Moonchild SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder Hunt II1992Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder Mystery Weekend1997Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murder Off Miami1987CRL Group PLCAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Murder, Mystery1986Grant WilsonAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murders in the Rue Morgue1987Bluff RelayAdventure Game: Text-Only
MurenAdventure Game: Text-Only
Murray Shannon: I Semi del MaleAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Muse – An Autumn Romance (ZxZvm)Adventure Game: Text-Only
Mutant1986River SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mutiny!1995Zenobi SoftwareAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mysterious Fairground1984Buffer Micro LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mysterious IslandAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mysterious IslandAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mystery CityAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mystery Fun HouseAdventure Game: Text-Only
Mystery of Captain Shelton1997WaveAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mystery of Old CastleAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
Mystery of the Indus Valley1988Alternative Software LtdAdventure Game: Text-Only
MythAdventure Game: Text-Only
MythAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated
MythosAdventure Game: Text/Illustrated