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0-9 - 144 items

007 BEEP CopierUtility: Copy/Backup
007 CopierUtility: Copy/Backup
007 De-PulsarUtility: Media Admin
007 De-Pulsar Part TwoUtility: Media Admin
007 Disassembler1987ZX-GuaranteedProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
007 Disc-DoctorUtility: Media Admin
007 Disc-DoctorUtility: Media Admin
007 Fast1984ZX-GuaranteedUtility: I/O Handling
007 Header Reader1985ZX-GuaranteedUtility: Media Admin
007 Manager MasterCompilation
007 MD1984ZX-GuaranteedUtility: Copy/Backup
007 Menu-MasterUtility: Visual/Screen
007 Microdrive MasterUtility: Media Admin
007 Multispy1987ZX-GuaranteedCompilation
007 Spy1983ZX-GuaranteedCompilation
007 SpyTony BryanUtility: Copy/Backup
007 Spy Converter 4Utility: Copy/Backup
007 Spy H1985ZX-GuaranteedCompilation
007 Spy Tape 21983ZX-GuaranteedUtility: Copy/Backup
007 Spy TransUtility: Copy/Backup
007 Super File 21986ZX-GuaranteedUtility: Database/Filing
007 Trans-MasterUtility: Copy/Backup
1 x 2General: Domestic
1 X 2General: Domestic
1/2 ScrollUtility: Visual/Screen
10 Fingers1996Digital Reality [RU]General: Education
105 Grafikzeichen1984CPL Computer Plus Soft GmbHUtility: Fonts/UDGs
1066General: Education
128 AnimationUtility: Visual/Screen
128 F/X Data-MakerUtility: Sound/Speech
128 Printer ToolkitUtility: I/O Handling
128/48 CopyUtility: Copy/Backup
128K LoadUtility: I/O Handling
128K Ram DiscProgramming: BASIC
12TK CopyerUtility: Copy/Backup
14×6 Map Designer1989ClockwizeUtility: Game Creator
15 French CrosswordsGeneral: Education
15th Edition of the IEE Regs Made EasyGeneral: Industrial
16/48 Modem 2Utility: I/O Handling
16K MultitaskingUtility: undetermined
16×6 Map Editor1989ClockwizeUtility: Game Creator
1984General: Education
1kdjUtility: Music
1X2General: Domestic
2 StrokeGeneral: Education
2 VociUtility: Music
2-Speed CopyUtility: Copy/Backup
2-way TV Aerial PlugHardware: Add-on
20 Character Set FontsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
20 Character SetsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
20 Character SetsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
20 Rutinas UtilesProgramming: General
20-Veld Rekenen1984PrimosoftGeneral: Education
2048 EmulatorUtility: undetermined
21UDGS2007Phil HiteUtility: Fonts/UDGs
22 Powerful Stat/Math ProgramsGeneral: Education
24 Colour CopyStephen AdamsUtility: I/O Handling
255 Shades for the ArtistUtility: Graphics
2D Game Maker1988CRL Group PLCUtility: Game Creator
2D PlusUtility: Maths/Science
2×2 Font TutorialProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
3 Color StudioUtility: Graphics
3 DisplaysUtility: undetermined
3 Games for ChildrenCompilation
3-D FractalsUtility: Visual/Screen
3-D Graphics1983EmsoftUtility: Graphics
3-D-GraphikUtility: Graphics
30 Hour Basic – Spectrum Edition1983National Extension College Trust LtdCompilation
3000 BaudUtility: I/O Handling
32K XRAMUtility: undetermined
3D Construction Kit1991Domark LtdUtility: Game Creator
3D CoolUtility: Graphics
3D CubeUtility: Graphics
3D DazeProgramming: General
3D DesignerUtility: Game Creator
3D DrawUtility: Graphics
3D Game Maker1987CRL Group PLCUtility: Game Creator
3D GrafUtility: Graphics
3D Graph PlotterUtility: Graphics
3D GraphicsUtility: Graphics
3D GraphicsUtility: Visual/Screen
3D HistogramGeneral: Domestic
3D Mandelbrot SetsUtility: Visual/Screen
3D Mover1984ERE InformatiqueUtility: Graphics
3D MovieUtility: Graphics
3D NaslovUtility: Visual/Screen
3D PlotUtility: Maths/Science
3D PlotterUtility: Maths/Science
3D PlusUtility: Maths/Science
3D RotatorUtility: Graphics
3D SmoothUtility: Visual/Screen
3D SpellGeneral: Education
3D Turbo ChargerProgramming: BASIC
3D Vector!!Utility: Graphics
3D WindowUtility: Visual/Screen
3D WordsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
3D-Graphs1984Chris BornUtility: Graphics
3K MusicUtility: Music
3K Music MUtility: Music
4 Games For Children1984Kindersoft UK LtdGeneral: Education
4 StrokeGeneral: Education
4 Way Smooth ScrollerProgramming: BASIC
40 Characters Per Line1983P.K. BownUtility: Fonts/UDGs
40 Education GamesCompilation
40 Sermon Outlines for Busy PreachersGeneral: Domestic
40×24 ScreenUtility: Fonts/UDGs
42Utility: Fonts/UDGs
42 CharactersUtility: Fonts/UDGs
42 ColumnsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
42 Text ViewerUtility: Word Processor
48/80 FORTH1983East London Robotics LtdProgramming: General
48K AssemblerProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
48K Editor BufferProgramming: BASIC
48K RS232Utility: I/O Handling
48K Sound SystemUtility: Sound/Speech
48K Spectrum ToolkitProgramming: General
48K SpriteUtility: Visual/Screen
48K Toolkit1985Peker Computers LtdProgramming: BASIC
48K-Block-Splitter1986Slabihoud SoftwareUtility: Hacker/Security
48K(raak)Utility: Hacker/Security
48K/128K BREAK and ERROR TrapperProgramming: BASIC
48KDBProgramming: BASIC
4Chandemo2 es Spectone1 Leiras1987Zoltan JanosyUtility: Music
4CHMUtility: Music
5 Modos de Impresión1989Utility: Fonts/UDGs
64Utility: Fonts/UDGs
64Utility: Fonts/UDGs
64 Character PrintUtility: Fonts/UDGs
64 Characters Per Line PrintingUtility: Fonts/UDGs
64 Column DisplayUtility: Fonts/UDGs
64 ColumnsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
64 KarakteraUtility: Fonts/UDGs
64 PrintUtility: Fonts/UDGs
64 PrintUtility: Fonts/UDGs
64-ColoresUtility: Visual/Screen
64#42011CrisiSofTUtility: Fonts/UDGs
64K DRAMUtility: undetermined
64×32 ScreenUtility: Fonts/UDGs
8 Color EditorUtility: Graphics
8-Track ComposerUtility: Music
8-Track ComposerUtility: Music
81 InverterProgramming: BASIC
8K ToolkitUtility: undetermined
8×8Utility: Graphics