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T - 754 items

T-FORTHProgramming: General
T-KALCUtility: Spreadsheet
T2-PGUtility: I/O Handling
T3PrintUtility: I/O Handling
T3To2Utility: I/O Handling
TabacoGeneral: Education
TabcalcUtility: Spreadsheet
Tabela1984Polbrit InternationalUtility: Spreadsheet
Tabla PeriodicaUtility: Maths/Science
Table CalendarGeneral: Domestic
Table Invaders1985Stell SoftwareGeneral: Education
Table TutorGeneral: Education
TablesGeneral: Education
TablesGeneral: Education
Tables1985J. MooreGeneral: Domestic
TablesGeneral: Education
Tables Are Fun + 3D Graphics and DesignGeneral: Education
Tables Wizard1984Hill MacGibbonGeneral: Education
TablespeedGeneral: Education
Tablesums1983Griffin Software [2]General: Education
TabletUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Tablica MendelejewaPolmerGeneral: Education
TabularUtility: Word Processor
Tact MeterUtility: I/O Handling
Tafel Naar WensUtility: Maths/Science
Take a Running JumpProgramming: BASIC
Take Away ZooGeneral: Education
TalfranskUtility: undetermined
Talking TapeUtility: Sound/Speech
Talking WatchUtility: Visual/Screen
TandumUtility: I/O Handling
Tape 1Compilation
Tape 2 CF BatchCopierUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape 31984ZX-GuaranteedUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape Back-Up [2]Utility: Copy/Backup
Tape Back-Up ProgramUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape BreakerUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape CatloaderUtility: Media Admin
Tape Cloner II1987Alfa SoftUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape Cloner III1987Alfa SoftUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape Cloner IV1988Alfa SoftUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape CopierUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape CopierUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape Corrector1988Byte PowerUtility: I/O Handling
Tape DiagnosticsUtility: Media Admin
Tape Dump 2Utility: Copy/Backup
Tape Duplicating SystemUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape ExaminerUtility: Media Admin
Tape Head De-magnetiserHardware: undetermined
Tape Head ReaderUtility: Media Admin
Tape HeaderUtility: Media Admin
Tape Header Reader1983Contrast SoftwareUtility: Media Admin
Tape Header ReaderUtility: Media Admin
Tape IndexUtility: Media Admin
Tape PlusUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape ReaderUtility: Media Admin
Tape ReaderProgramming: General
Tape RegUtility: I/O Handling
Tape Signal AnalyserUtility: I/O Handling
Tape TidyGeneral: Domestic
Tape to +D File CopierUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape to Disk CopierUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape to MicrodriveUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape to TapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape to Tape Copier1986Jury NikolskiyUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape TwoCompilation
Tape-File Copy1986Arnošt VečerkaUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape-File Copy 128KUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape-File Copy 48K1988DynamicUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape-LockUtility: Copy/Backup
Tape-Snap1988INDUGUtility: I/O Handling
TapecopyUtility: Copy/Backup
TapecopyUtility: Copy/Backup
TapediscUtility: Copy/Backup
TapefileUtility: Database/Filing
TapelabelGeneral: Domestic
TapelookUtility: Media Admin
TapemallUtility: Copy/Backup
Tapemaster1984SproDUtility: Copy/Backup
TaperUtility: Media Admin
TAPEREADUtility: undetermined
TapeshufflerUtility: I/O Handling
TapeSys1984Utility: I/O Handling
Targus Computer BagHardware: undetermined
Tarot Cibernetico1985Creativos Editoriales S.A.Utility: Prediction
Tarot Master1991Lawrence O'ShaughnessyUtility: Prediction
TartanUtility: Visual/Screen
Tas-Diary1985Tasman SoftwareGeneral: Domestic
Tas-ExtrasUtility: I/O Handling
Tas-SetUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Tas-Sign1988Tasman SoftwareUtility: Graphics
Tas-Sign 128K1988Tasman SoftwareUtility: Graphics
Tas-Spell Plus Three1988Tasman SoftwareUtility: Word Processor
Tas-Trig – Basic Trigonometry1983Tasman SoftwareGeneral: Education
Tas+3ToTapeUtility: I/O Handling
TasbasUtility: Media Admin
Tascalc1988Tasman SoftwareUtility: Spreadsheet
TascatUtility: I/O Handling
TascolUtility: I/O Handling
Tascon +21989Format PublicationsUtility: I/O Handling
Tascon 128K1989Format PublicationsUtility: I/O Handling
Tascopy1984Tasman SoftwareUtility: Visual/Screen
TascountUtility: Word Processor
TasCountUtility: Word Processor
TasdfueUtility: I/O Handling
Tasfix version 2Utility: I/O Handling
Tasimeq – Simultaneous Equations1983Tasman SoftwareGeneral: Education
TaslistUtility: I/O Handling
TASMProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Tasman Parallel Printer Interface1984Tasman SoftwareUtility: I/O Handling
Tasmerge1985Tasman SoftwareGeneral: Business
Tasprint1983Tasman SoftwareUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Tasprint Plus Three1987Tasman SoftwareUtility: Fonts/UDGs
TasPro1985Seven Stars PublishingUtility: Word Processor
TasPro 3Utility: Word Processor
Tasquad – Quadratic EquationsGeneral: Education
TassizesUtility: I/O Handling
TassortUtility: Media Admin
Taswide1984Tasman SoftwareUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Tasword1982Tasman SoftwareUtility: Word Processor
TaswordUtility: Word Processor
Tasword (Dutch)Utility: Word Processor
Tasword +2AUtility: Word Processor
Tasword 128KUtility: Word Processor
Tasword 128K Opentype File ReaderUtility: I/O Handling
Tasword 2 Colour ModifierUtility: I/O Handling
TasWord 2 PatchUtility: Word Processor
Tasword 4Utility: Word Processor
Tasword PlusUtility: Word Processor
Tasword Plus Three1987Tasman SoftwareUtility: Word Processor
Tasword Plus Two1986Tasman SoftwareUtility: Word Processor
Tasword ReaderUtility: Word Processor
Tasword Three1986Tasman SoftwareUtility: Word Processor
Tasword TutorUtility: Word Processor
Tasword TwoUtility: Word Processor
Tasword Two1983Tasman SoftwareUtility: Word Processor
Tasword Two1983Tasman SoftwareUtility: Word Processor
Tasword Two DemonstrationUtility: Word Processor
Tax SaverGeneral: Domestic
TCUtility: Database/Filing
TC-5Utility: Copy/Backup
Teach Time in FrenchGeneral: Education
Teach Time in GermanGeneral: Education
Teach Time in SpanishGeneral: Education
Teach Words1998AvalonGeneral: Education
Teacher AidGeneral: Domestic
Teacher DataGeneral: Education
Team ResultsGeneral: Domestic
Tech-DrawUtility: Graphics
TechDraw Jr.1985Zebra Systems IncUtility: Graphics
Technical GraphicsUtility: Graphics
Technical Graphics DrawingUtility: Graphics
TeclastickUtility: undetermined
Tecnicas del Mapeado1986Utility: Visual/Screen
Tecno-ArtUtility: Graphics
Tee-EmUtility: I/O Handling
Tekst Ed1985Polbrit InternationalUtility: Word Processor
Tekst-EditorUtility: Word Processor
Tekuci RacunUtility: Spreadsheet
TeleUtility: Visual/Screen
Tele Terminal 300 Sp1.1General: Domestic
Tele-SketchUtility: Graphics
TelealcalaUtility: Maths/Science
Telefon Adressen BestandUtility: Database/Filing
TelefonosGeneral: Domestic
Telefonski ImenikUtility: Database/Filing
TelegrafiedecoderGeneral: Domestic
Telepathic ComputerGeneral: Domestic
TelepathyGeneral: Domestic
TelephoneGeneral: Domestic
Telephone1982General: Domestic
Telephone Address BookUtility: Database/Filing
Telephone BookGeneral: Domestic
Telephone Call CalculatorGeneral: Domestic
Telephone DirectoryGeneral: Domestic
Telephone/Address BookGeneral: Domestic
TeleplanHardware: undetermined
Telesoftware UploaderUtility: I/O Handling
TelespecGeneral: Domestic
Teletype EmulationUtility: Visual/Screen
TELEXUtility: undetermined
TELEX-ELUtility: undetermined
Telezoom1989Utility: Visual/Screen
Telling the TimeGeneral: Education
Telling Time + 12/24 Hour ClockGeneral: Education
Telsoft DownloaderUtility: I/O Handling
Tenkolek Light PenTenkolekUtility: Graphics
Tens and Units AdditionGeneral: Education
Tens and Units SubtractionGeneral: Education
Tense French1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
TEONWUtility: undetermined
Teoria de la Musica – Curso I1984Music SoftUtility: Music
Teoria de la Musica – Curso II1984Music SoftUtility: Music
Terminal ModemGeneral: Domestic
Terminy GeograficznePolmerGeneral: Education
TermometroGeneral: Domestic
TestGeneral: Domestic
TestUtility: I/O Handling
Test A-1Utility: Word Processor
Test and Alignment CassetteUtility: I/O Handling
Test CardUtility: Visual/Screen
Test CardUtility: Visual/Screen
Test CardsUtility: Visual/Screen
Test Cult.General: Education
Test de Adaptacion1984Idealogic S.A.General: Education
Test de Capacidad de Concentracion1984Idealogic S.A.General: Education
Test de Caracter1984Idealogic S.A.General: Education
Test EGeneral: Education
Test Ingl.General: Education
Test IntUtility: I/O Handling
Test Inteligencji1985Krajowe Wydawnictwo CzasopismGeneral: Domestic
Test LusheraGeneral: Domestic
Test ProgramUtility: Electronics
Test ProgramUtility: I/O Handling
Test Program for MasterUtility: I/O Handling
Test Program K-3Utility: I/O Handling
Test RAM1989M.S. ChubarovUtility: I/O Handling
Test TapeSinclair Research LtdUtility: I/O Handling
Test všeobecných vědomostí1988CV SoftwareGeneral: Education
Test YourselfGeneral: Education
Test způsobu životaCV SoftwareGeneral: Education
TestbildUtility: Visual/Screen
TestcardUtility: Visual/Screen
TesterUtility: I/O Handling
TestprogUtility: I/O Handling
Tetris Copy1989RafUtility: Copy/Backup
TexsortUtility: Media Admin
TextUtility: Visual/Screen
Text 5 KorrespondezUtility: Word Processor
Text Compression SystemUtility: Data Compression
Text Compressor/DecompressorUtility: Data Compression
Text Conversion ProgramUtility: I/O Handling
Text DesignerUtility: Word Processor
Text EffectUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Text MachineUtility: Word Processor
Text MakerUtility: Word Processor
Text MasterUtility: Word Processor
Text MiserProgramming: General
Text ModesUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Text PatternUtility: Visual/Screen
Text PrinterUtility: Visual/Screen
Text ProUtility: Word Processor
Text ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Text ViewerUtility: Word Processor
Text-64Utility: Fonts/UDGs
TexteditUtility: Word Processor
TextkillUtility: Word Processor
TextloadUtility: I/O Handling
TextpressUtility: I/O Handling
TextstarUtility: Word Processor
TextWriterUtility: Word Processor
TF CommanderUtility: Media Admin
TFOUtility: Database/Filing
That’s the TicketUtility: undetermined
The 16/48 Machine Code TutorGeneral: Education
The 8bit Font Collection2007Paul van der LaanUtility: Fonts/UDGs
The Apostrophe1983Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
The ArrowUtility: Graphics
The Art Studio1985Rainbird Software LtdUtility: Graphics
The Artist1985SoftechnicsUtility: Graphics
The Artist II1986SoftechnicsUtility: Graphics
The ArtworkUtility: Graphics
The Asirus Settler1986Asirus SoftwareUtility: Gambling
The BeastProgramming: BASIC
The Betterbytes Utility Disc1990Betterbytes SoftwareUtility: Media Admin
The Big SixUtility: undetermined
The BiroUtility: Game Creator
The Blind SpritemakerUtility: Fonts/UDGs
The Bottom Line!Utility: Fonts/UDGs
The Bouncing Dot AffairUtility: Visual/Screen
The Brimardon Formula1985Brimardon Computer Racing ServiceUtility: Gambling
The Byte CountUtility: undetermined
The CandidateGeneral: Education
The CataloguerUtility: Database/Filing
The Class PlanUtility: Gambling
The Clip ComposerUtility: Visual/Screen
The CloneUtility: Copy/Backup
The Code Machine1986Discovery SoftwareCompilation
The Complete BASIC ProgrammerBox Set
The Complete Guide to MedicineGeneral: Education
The Complete Machine Code ProgrammerBox Set
The Complete Machine Code Tutor1984New Generation SoftwareProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
The CompressorUtility: I/O Handling
The Computer Cook Book1984Bug-Byte Software LtdGeneral: Domestic
The Copier1990INDUGUtility: Copy/Backup
The CosmosGeneral: Education
The Coxsoft Header ReaderUtility: Media Admin
The DataGeneral: Domestic
The Database1982MiCROLUtility: Database/Filing
The Designer’s PencilUtility: Graphics
The Designers CollectionCompilation
The Dietician1983KeysoftGeneral: Domestic
The Disc EditorUtility: Media Admin
The Double EditorUtility: Game Editor
The DukeUtility: Copy/Backup
The Dungeon Builder1984Dream Software LtdUtility: Game Creator
The Dungeon Master1983Crystal ComputingAdventure Game: Dungeon Crawl
The EaselUtility: Graphics
The Enormous Turnip1984ArrowGeneral: Education
The Exploding ScreenUtility: Visual/Screen
The Exploding Screen WipeProgramming: BASIC
The FaderProgramming: General
The FilerUtility: Database/Filing
The FillUtility: Graphics
The FinderUtility: Graphics
The FixUtility: Game Creator
The Four Rules1983Micro MasterGeneral: Education
The Fourier SeriesUtility: Maths/Science
The French Mistress: Level A1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The French Mistress: Level B1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The French RevolutionGeneral: Education
The GamesterUtility: Hacker/Security
The GeneratorUtility: Fonts/UDGs
The German Master: Level A1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The German Master: Level BGeneral: Education
The GhostUtility: undetermined
The Giddy Game Show1986Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
The Golden Key Racing FormulaUtility: Gambling
The Graphic Adventure Creator1986Incentive Software LtdUtility: Game Creator
The Graphics CreatorMastertronic LtdUtility: Graphics
The Hack Pack1990SigmasoftUtility: Hacker/Security
The HackerUtility: Hacker/Security
The HackerProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
The Hacker1989Utility: Hacker/Security
The HeadUtility: Visual/Screen
The HintUtility: Hacker/Security
The Home Knitter1984Meadowmarsh SoftwareGeneral: Domestic
The HousekeeperGeneral: Domestic
The I-ChingUtility: Prediction
The Illustrator1984Gilsoft InternationalUtility: Game Creator
The InterrogatorUtility: Gambling
The Investment Monitor1987Michael Slatford SoftwareGeneral: Domestic
The Invisible Mr. MenGeneral: Education
The Joffe PlanGeneral: Domestic
The Junior Ranger’s HandbookGeneral: Education
The Key1983KeysoftUtility: Copy/Backup
The Key1983Venny SoftwareUtility: Copy/Backup
The LabellerGeneral: Domestic
The Landscape Creator1985Brian JamesUtility: Game Creator
The Last Word1985Myrmidon SoftwareUtility: Word Processor
The Last Word Software ExtensionUtility: Word Processor
The LeechUtility: I/O Handling
The Light Pen1984Add-On Electronics LtdUtility: Graphics
The Liner 671994Cesar Hernandez BanoUtility: Graphics
The Living Body1986Martech Games LtdGeneral: Education
The Lords of Midnight Editor1984PDTUtility: Game Editor
The LotUtility: Visual/Screen
The LottoGeneral: Domestic
The Magic BoxGeneral: Domestic
The Magic Shop1984ArrowGeneral: Education
The Magic ShowGeneral: Education
The Magic WordUtility: Word Processor
The Manglegrot TreeUtility: Visual/Screen
The Merchant of VeniceGeneral: Education
The Mini Synth1986Cheetah Marketing LtdUtility: Music
The Multi File1984Interactive Software PeopleUtility: Database/Filing
The Multi Scribe1984BobosoftUtility: Copy/Backup
The Music Box1986Melbourne HouseUtility: Music
The Music-ChampUtility: Music
The New CommunityGeneral: Education
The Night Sky1983Bridge SoftwareGeneral: Education
The OracleUtility: Prediction
The Outlet Clipper 001Chezron SoftwareUtility: Clip-Art
The Outlet Clipper 002Chezron SoftwareUtility: Clip-Art
The Outlet Clipper 003Chezron SoftwareUtility: Clip-Art
The Outlet Clipper 004Chezron SoftwareUtility: Clip-Art
The Outlet Clipper 005Chezron SoftwareUtility: Clip-Art
The Outlet Clipper 006Chezron SoftwareUtility: Clip-Art
The Outlet Clipper 007Chezron SoftwareUtility: Clip-Art
The Outlet Clipper 008Chezron SoftwareUtility: Clip-Art
The Pacman Construction Set1985Tweety Soft LtdUtility: Game Creator
The Painter 581993Cesar Hernandez BanoUtility: Graphics
The ParserUtility: Game Creator
The Patch1985Gilsoft InternationalUtility: Game Creator
The Perfume HunterGeneral: Education
The Pimans Cocktail CabinetGeneral: Education
The PirateUtility: Copy/Backup
The PlanetsUtility: Astronomy
The Planter’s Guide1986Phoenix Publishing AssociatesGeneral: Domestic
The Pools ProgramUtility: Gambling
The Prediction Birthday File1985Blandford Press LtdUtility: Prediction
The Press1986Gilsoft InternationalUtility: Game Creator
The Prince1985Alexander Computing SystemsUtility: Copy/Backup
The Professional Assembler-Navigated Instrumental ComposerUtility: Music
The Quill Adventure System1983Gilsoft InternationalUtility: Game Creator
The RaidersGeneral: Education
The Real You?1985Book Club AssociatesGeneral: Education
The ReckonerUtility: Gambling
The ROM IndexGeneral: Education
The RomansGeneral: Education
The Sales PresentationGeneral: Business
The SecretaryUtility: Word Processor
The ServantProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
The SettlerUtility: Gambling
The Seven DwarfsUtility: Clip-Art
The Shoe People1992First ClassGeneral: Education
The Software FilerUtility: Database/Filing
The Solar SystemGeneral: Education
The Solar SystemGeneral: Education
The Sound AgressorUtility: Music
The Sound MachineUtility: Music
The Spanish Tutor: Level A1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The Spanish Tutor: Level B1984Kosmos Software LtdGeneral: Education
The Spectrum Buggy ProjectUtility: Electronics
The Spectrum Graphics MachineProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
The Spectrum Light Gun ProjectUtility: Electronics
The Spectrum Pocket Book1983Phipps AssociatesCompilation
The Spectrum Star AtlasGeneral: Education
The Spreadsheet1982MiCROLUtility: Spreadsheet
The SquirlerUtility: Graphics
The Story of Dave 21984MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
The Story of Dave 31984MNL SoftwareGeneral: Education
The Structure of the FlowerGeneral: Education
The Sunflower Number Show1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
The TarotUtility: Prediction
The TempestGeneral: Education
The TestGeneral: Education
The Theorem of Pythagoras1984Griffin Software [2]General: Education
The Ticket PrinterGeneral: Domestic
The Trumpet MajorGeneral: Education
The UDG Bank1987Utility: Fonts/UDGs
The Understanding of ElectronicsGeneral: Education
The Unitrust ProgramGeneral: Business
The Value of TablesProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
The ViewerUtility: Media Admin
The Visual Processor1982Gilsoft InternationalGeneral: Education
The Voice MachineUtility: Sound/Speech
The Weeny DrumkitUtility: Music
The White TowerGeneral: Education
The Whole Sales ProcessGeneral: Business
The Word Processor1983MiCROLUtility: Word Processor
The WordsearchGeneral: Domestic
The World’s Greatest Computer GamesHardware: undetermined
The Worx!1986NovelSoftGeneral: Domestic
The Worx!1986NovelSoftGeneral: Domestic
The Writer1985SoftechnicsUtility: Word Processor
The X-Files E-mail ViewerGeneral: Domestic
Theory of Music Questions & Exercises1986Ted KirkGeneral: Education
Theory of Music to Grade 5General: Education
ThickprintUtility: Fonts/UDGs
ThincharsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
ThingiUtility: undetermined
Thomas the Tank Engine’s Fun With Words1990Friendly LearningGeneral: Education
ThreadsUtility: Visual/Screen
Three Blind MiceGeneral: Education
Three New Character SetsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Through the Square WindowProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
THT SIMUtility: undetermined
ThunderbasicProgramming: BASIC
ThyristorUtility: undetermined
Tick-Tock-ClockUtility: Visual/Screen
Ticy CopyUtility: Copy/Backup
Timachine1986NovelSoftProgramming: BASIC
TimberCalcGeneral: Industrial
TimeGeneral: Education
TimeGeneral: Education
Time1983Stell SoftwareGeneral: Education
Time LedgerGeneral: Business
Time Series and ForecastingGeneral: Business
Time Teacher I1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Time Teacher IIGeneral: Education
Time TellerGeneral: Education
Time TesterGeneral: Education
Time to Go “Erm”Utility: Visual/Screen
Time Traveller1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Time TutorGeneral: Education
Time Word1986TMX Portugal LtdaUtility: Word Processor
Time-LoadUtility: I/O Handling
TimecodeUtility: Sound/Speech
TimeplanGeneral: Domestic
Timex BannerUtility: Visual/Screen
Timex Computer TC2068Hardware: Computer
Timex Valuables ProgramUtility: Database/Filing
TimexPLAYUtility: Music
Timothy LearyUtility: Graphics
Tino Copy1984Camel MicrosUtility: Copy/Backup
Tiny CodeProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Tiny Touch ‘n’ Go1984Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Education
Tiny TurtleUtility: Visual/Screen
Tip Secrets1983PDQ SoftwareProgramming: BASIC
TippingUtility: undetermined
TipsUtility: undetermined
Tips for the TopProgramming: BASIC
TipsterUtility: Gambling
Tired of the Boring Sinclair FontUtility: Fonts/UDGs
TitanProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Titanic: The ModPlayerUtility: Music
Title DesignerUtility: Visual/Screen
Title-Maker1992John F. WhiteGeneral: Domestic
TitlemakerUtility: Visual/Screen
Titles & ListingsUtility: Graphics
TitrationsGeneral: Education
Titulador de Video1988Isidoro Aguilar BaezaUtility: Visual/Screen
Titulos en 3DUtility: Fonts/UDGs
TizzmeUtility: Music
TizzuUtility: Music
TK50 ToolkitProgramming: General
TK90XHardware: Computer
TM_CUtility: Media Admin
To Format UDG CodeUtility: Fonts/UDGs
ToBoS 21987Informatyczno-Elektroniczna Spoldzielnia Pracy INELProgramming: BASIC
ToBoS Fp1986Informatyczno-Elektroniczna Spoldzielnia Pracy INELProgramming: BASIC
Todo Sobre los UDGs1986Utility: Fonts/UDGs
TODOSUtility: Database/Filing
TogglerProgramming: BASIC
TogmodProgramming: BASIC
TolkienUtility: I/O Handling
TolstojUtility: Database/Filing
Ton –> FarbeUtility: Graphics
Tool Disk-Disk+Utility: Copy/Backup
TOOL DISK-TAPE+ v2.0Utility: Copy/Backup
Tool Kit1984Kerian UK LtdProgramming: BASIC
ToolclipUtility: Clip-Art
ToolkitProgramming: BASIC
ToolkitProgramming: BASIC
ToolkitProgramming: BASIC
ToolkitProgramming: BASIC
ToolkitProgramming: BASIC
ToolkitUtility: undetermined
ToolkitProgramming: BASIC
ToolkitProgramming: General
Toolkit [3]Programming: General
Toolkit CombinationProgramming: BASIC
Toolkit DemoProgramming: BASIC
TOOLKIT4Utility: undetermined
TOOLKIT6Utility: undetermined
Tools 80Utility: I/O Handling
Top ListProgramming: BASIC
Top SecretUtility: Hacker/Security
Top SecretGeneral: Domestic
Top Ten Mental MathematicsGeneral: Education
Top-CalGeneral: Domestic
Top-Screen-Scroll-EffectUtility: Visual/Screen
TopcharsUtility: Fonts/UDGs
TopformUtility: Gambling
TopografiaUtility: Maths/Science
Tops and Tails1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
Tops II and CardigansGeneral: Domestic
TopsailProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Topsy TurveyUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Tornado AssemblerProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Tortoise IIUtility: Graphics
Total CommanderUtility: Media Admin
TotipUtility: Gambling
Toto 84General: Domestic
TotocalcioGeneral: Domestic
Totocalcio1984Mario PacchiarottiGeneral: Domestic
TotolotoAstor SoftwareUtility: Gambling
TotolotoUtility: Gambling
TotolotoUtility: Gambling
TotomaatUtility: undetermined
TotoredoxUtility: undetermined
TototoolkitProgramming: BASIC
Touch Line Plan 32General: Domestic
Touch TypeGeneral: Domestic
Touch TypeGeneral: Domestic
Touch TypingGeneral: Domestic
Touch Typing TutorGeneral: Education
Tower ClipUtility: Clip-Art
Towering InfernoGeneral: Education
TownsEducational (Misc)
TR-DOS NavigatorUtility: Media Admin
TR-DOS/MS-DOS ConverterUtility: Media Admin
Trabalho de GrupoGeneral: Education
TraceProgramming: BASIC
TraceProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Trace1983Texgate Computers LtdProgramming: BASIC
TracerProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Track DoctorUtility: Media Admin
TrackmasterUtility: Gambling
Tracksuit Manager Editor2010BadBeardUtility: Game Editor
Traductor 3.0Utility: Copy/Backup
Traductor de la MemoriaProgramming: General
Traffic Rules1998ALS & RLSGeneral: Education
TragaldabaMicroparadise SoftwareUtility: Copy/Backup
Train ClipUtility: Clip-Art
Train MathsGeneral: Education
Train RaceGeneral: Education
Trans-Disc ExpressUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express1984Romantic Robot UK LtdCompilation
Trans-Express – Microdrive to MicrodriveUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express – Microdrive to TapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express – Tape to Microdrive1984Romantic Robot UK LtdUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express – Tape to TapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 851985Romantic Robot UK LtdCompilation
Trans-Express 85 – Microdrive to MicrodriveUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85 – Microdrive to TapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85 – Tape to MicrodriveUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85 – Tape to TapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85.21985Romantic Robot UK LtdCompilation
Trans-Express 85.2 – Cartridge to CartridgeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85.2 – Cartridge to TapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85.2 – Disk to DiskUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85.2 – Tape to CartridgeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85.2 – Tape to DiskUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Express 85.2 – Tape to TapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trans-Former1985Alexander Computing SystemsUtility: Copy/Backup
TransbackUtility: Copy/Backup
TranscoderProgramming: General
Transdata1987Transform LtdUtility: Media Admin
Transfer +31988Topo SoftUtility: Copy/Backup
Transfer PackCompilation
Transfer Pack 2Compilation
Transfer Pack 3Compilation
Transfer Pack 4Compilation
Transfer Pack 5Compilation
Transferencia Rapida de PantallasUtility: I/O Handling
TransformGeneral: Education
TransformUtility: Maths/Science
Transform Purchase Day Book 1Utility: undetermined
Transform Sales Day Book 1Utility: Database/Filing
Transform SoftwareUtility: Database/Filing
TransformationsGeneral: Education
TransistorUtility: Electronics
Transistorberechnung1984Kurt PfeifferUtility: Electronics
Transit [2]Utility: Copy/Backup
Transit! [1]Utility: Copy/Backup
TranslateGeneral: Education
Translate Words2004ZnaharGeneral: Education
TranslatorGeneral: Domestic
Transmision MorseGeneral: Domestic
Transpack 1Compilation
Transpack 1fCompilation
Transpack 21990LERM SoftwareCompilation
Transport and ShapesGeneral: Education
TranstapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Trap ItProgramming: BASIC
Trastuctor1987BetoUtility: Copy/Backup
TratatextUtility: Word Processor
TravclipUtility: Clip-Art
Travel AgentUtility: Database/Filing
Travel ClipUtility: Clip-Art
Travel-ClipartUtility: Clip-Art
TraxtramUtility: I/O Handling
TreasureGeneral: Education
Treasure Hunt Tool-KitGeneral: Domestic
Treasure TrailGeneral: Domestic
Treble Chance GoldUtility: Gambling
Treble Chance Pools ForecastingUtility: Gambling
Tree BuilderUtility: Visual/Screen
Tree ClipsUtility: Clip-Art
Tri-LoaderUtility: I/O Handling
Tri-Pixel PlotterUtility: Graphics
Tri, Tri, Again!Utility: Visual/Screen
Tri2Utility: Visual/Screen
TrianglUtility: Maths/Science
TriangleUtility: Maths/Science
Triangle AreasUtility: Maths/Science
Triangle FillUtility: Graphics
Trigon [1]Utility: Maths/Science
Trigon [2]Utility: Maths/Science
TrigonometUtility: Maths/Science
Trigonometria1984Boalox InformaticaGeneral: Education
TrigonometriaUtility: Maths/Science
TrigonometriaGeneral: Education
TrigonometriaUtility: Maths/Science
Trigonometry1984Rose SoftwareGeneral: Education
TrigonometryUtility: Maths/Science
TrilogyUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Triple Program1983Flet-Elec Computer ProgramsGeneral: Industrial
TriscrollUtility: Visual/Screen
Trisom-Compiler 100.01Programming: BASIC
TrispUtility: Electronics
Trius-OutProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Trojan Light Pen1984Trojan ProductsUtility: Graphics
TroubleUtility: Media Admin
Truckin!Utility: Clip-Art
Trucos 1Programming: General
TrueFONTUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Trunking Size CalculatingGeneral: Industrial
TrussGeneral: Industrial
Try RandUtility: Visual/Screen
Trzy Wymiary1987Krajowe Wydawnictwo CzasopismUtility: Maths/Science
TS-StockUtility: Maths/Science
TSCalcUtility: Maths/Science
TSGraphUtility: Maths/Science
TT-S1984Timedata LtdProgramming: BASIC
Tudor EnglandGeneral: Education
Tuetenvolumen-InterpolationUtility: Maths/Science
TuitionGeneral: Education
TumblediceUtility: Maths/Science
TunatoneUtility: Sound/Speech
Tune ComposerUtility: Music
Tune-a-FishUtility: Music
TunemakerUtility: Music
Tuner1983Software CottageGeneral: Education
TunewriterUtility: Music
TurboUtility: I/O Handling
Turbo 1Utility: Database/Filing
Turbo Accounts1986RobtekGeneral: Business
Turbo Base1986RobtekGeneral: Business
Turbo BASICProgramming: BASIC
Turbo Calc1986RobtekGeneral: Business
Turbo Cassette LOAD/SAVE CreatorUtility: I/O Handling
Turbo CommanderUtility: Media Admin
Turbo Compiler1994Jonathan CauldwellUtility: undetermined
Turbo Compress CopyUtility: Copy/Backup
Turbo CopyUtility: Copy/Backup
Turbo CopyUtility: Copy/Backup
Turbo CopyUtility: Copy/Backup
Turbo Disk UtilityUtility: Media Admin
Turbo Dustbin1984Clive SmithUtility: Copy/Backup
Turbo Font EditorUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Turbo Imploder1992PerpetumUtility: I/O Handling
Turbo LZUtility: I/O Handling
Turbo Maker2004Cheese Freak SoftwareUtility: I/O Handling
Turbo MoverUtility: I/O Handling
Turbo Sound Modules PlayerUtility: Music
Turbo Sound Music PlayerUtility: Music
Turbo Tape 5Utility: I/O Handling
Turbo TestUtility: I/O Handling
Turbo Text1986RobtekGeneral: Business
Turbo WordUtility: Word Processor
Turbo-BaudUtility: I/O Handling
Turbo-FileUtility: Database/Filing
Turbo-Sound EditorUtility: Music
Turbo-TapeUtility: I/O Handling
TurboloaderUtility: I/O Handling
TurboMONProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Turf-Form1988Blue Ribbon SoftwareUtility: Gambling
Turning Moment CaculatorMitchell Software LtdUtility: Maths/Science
Turntaking1985The Learning ProcessGeneral: Education
TurtleUtility: Graphics
turtleUtility: Graphics
Turtle GraphicsUtility: Graphics
turtle21982AVC SoftwareUtility: Graphics
TutorGeneral: Education
TutorGeneral: Education
TutorGeneral: Education
Tutor 1Boalox InformaticaGeneral: Education
Tutor 2General: Education
Tutor de Ingles1984ABC SoftGeneral: Education
Tutor ESMI – SpiderGeneral: Education
Tutor FGeneral: Education
Tutor MorseGeneral: Domestic
Tutor MusicalUtility: Music
TutorstarProfisoft [1]General: Education
Tutti-FruttiUtility: Copy/Backup
TV Colour TuneGeneral: Education
TV Gener1986JAsoftUtility: Visual/Screen
TV TestUtility: I/O Handling
TV-Test1987WINUtility: I/O Handling
Twenty6Programming: BASIC
Two-wayProgramming: BASIC
TwocolUtility: I/O Handling
Typeliner & Font Editor1988CardexUtility: I/O Handling
TyperightGeneral: Domestic
Typeset1983Micro-KraftUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Typesetter1983Buttercraft SoftwareUtility: Fonts/UDGs
TypewriterUtility: I/O Handling
TypewriterUtility: Word Processor
Typing TutorGeneral: Education
Typing TutorGeneral: Education
Typograph1983Profisoft [1]Utility: Fonts/UDGs