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WA CopyUtility: Copy/Backup
Wafa-Drive 11985LERM SoftwareCompilation
WafatapeUtility: Copy/Backup
Wage Rate Analysis1984Pricing Building WorksGeneral: Business
Wages RecordsGeneral: Business
WaiterGeneral: Domestic
Walk TallGeneral: Domestic
War GameGeneral: Education
Ward ClipUtility: Clip-Art
Warp DesignerUtility: Graphics
Warp Speed! CaptainUtility: undetermined
WatchGeneral: Education
Water MusicGeneral: Education
WatsonJohn BraneganGeneral: Domestic
WAV PlayUtility: Sound/Speech
WavesGeneral: Education
WavesUtility: Visual/Screen
WD1b – Tape to DriveCompilation
Wear SaverHardware: Add-on
Weather ClipUtility: Clip-Art
Weather Picture Printing1988C. Grant DixonGeneral: Domestic
Weather Station1985Arnold Wheaton SoftwareGeneral: Education
WeathermanGeneral: Domestic
WeathermapGeneral: Domestic
Weathermaster1984Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
WeeniesGeneral: Education
WektoryRAMTOPUtility: Maths/Science
WeltuhrGeneral: Domestic
Wham! The Music Box1985Melbourne HouseUtility: Music
What Is Inflation?General: Domestic
What Is the Number1996Monea SoftwareGeneral: Education
What Sort?Utility: Database/Filing
What’s the TimeGeneral: Education
What’s the Time?1983Collins SoftGeneral: Education
WhatsitGeneral: Education
When I’m 641986Utility: Fonts/UDGs
WherewolfUtility: Media Admin
Which Flower?General: Education
Which? Taxcalc 1983-841984Sinclair Research LtdGeneral: Business
Which? Taxcalc 1984-851985Consumers' AssociationGeneral: Business
Which? Taxcalc 1985-861986Consumers' AssociationGeneral: Business
Which? Taxcalc 1986-871987Consumers' AssociationGeneral: Business
Which? Taxcalc 1987-88General: Business
Which? Taxcalc 1988-891989Consumers' AssociationGeneral: Business
WhichTrustGeneral: Domestic
White Lightning1984Oasis SoftwareUtility: Game Creator
White Noise and Graphics1984Gilsoft InternationalUtility: Visual/Screen
Who Can Help?General: Education
Who Killed Cock Robin?General: Education
Who Said It?Utility: Visual/Screen
WibbleUtility: Visual/Screen
Widecat +3Utility: Media Admin
Wild Disk CopierUtility: Copy/Backup
Wild LifeGeneral: Education
Wild PlayerUtility: Music
Wild Words1983Longman SoftwareGeneral: Education
WIMPYUtility: Visual/Screen
Winacomp1986A.E. CharlishGeneral: Domestic
WindasProgramming: General
WinDOS1984WindosoftUtility: Visual/Screen
Windos1984Utility: Visual/Screen
WinDOS 2Utility: Visual/Screen
Window Boxes [2]Utility: Visual/Screen
Window Print1987John M. BellUtility: Visual/Screen
Window ScrollsProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Window StorerUtility: Visual/Screen
Window WinderUtility: Visual/Screen
Window-81Programming: Assembler/Mcode
Windowboxes [1]Utility: Visual/Screen
WindowsUtility: Visual/Screen
WindowsProgramming: BASIC
Windows – Division1983Busy Bee SoftwareGeneral: Education
WindowXProgramming: General
Wine ‘n’ DineGeneral: Business
Winner Takes a HolidayGeneral: Education
WinstonclipUtility: Clip-Art
Wintery ClipartUtility: Clip-Art
WipeoutUtility: Media Admin
Wipeout 2Utility: Media Admin
WiperUtility: Visual/Screen
WiperUtility: Graphics
Wise MovesUtility: Visual/Screen
Witchcraft RevealedGeneral: Domestic
WizardUtility: Visual/Screen
Wizard Box1984ScisoftGeneral: Education
Wizard Prang’s Rotating RainbowProgramming: BASIC
Wizard’s HooterProgramming: BASIC
Wizzle LoaderUtility: Visual/Screen
Wizzle WindowsUtility: Visual/Screen
WL Text EditorUtility: Word Processor
Wlezley7+Utility: Hacker/Security
Woggler: Son of TogglerProgramming: BASIC
WojownijProgramming: Assembler/Mcode
Wolfenstein 2004 EditorUtility: Game Editor
WoolstockColin JelleyGeneral: Business
Woorden Maken1984EdusystemsGeneral: Education
WoordvangerGeneral: Education
WordUtility: Word Processor
Word CountUtility: I/O Handling
Word FinderGeneral: Education
Word Finder1987Bradway SoftwareGeneral: Domestic
Word Games with the Mr. Men1984Mirrorsoft LtdGeneral: Education
Word GeneratorUtility: Sound/Speech
Word LikenessGeneral: Education
Word Manager1985Oxford Computer PublishingUtility: Word Processor
Word MixGeneral: Education
Word Play I1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Word Play II1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
Word Power1983Sulis Software LtdGeneral: Education
Word ProUtility: Word Processor
Word ProUtility: Word Processor
Word Processor1983Quicksilva LtdUtility: Word Processor
Word ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Word ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Word ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Word ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Word ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Word ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Word ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Word ProcessorUtility: Word Processor
Word Processor + Superior SubroutinesProgramming: BASIC
Word Processor System 2Utility: Word Processor
Word SearchGame: Puzzle
Word SquarerGeneral: Domestic
Word-Master1987CardexUtility: Word Processor
Word-Master Modification for the DISCiPLEUtility: I/O Handling
Wordcount for Tasword IIUtility: I/O Handling
Wordcross1983Timex Computer CorporationGeneral: Education
WorDfinderGeneral: Domestic
WordflashGeneral: Education
Wordgames1983Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Wordmaker + ListmakerGeneral: Education
Words and LaddersGeneral: Education
Words and LettersGeneral: Education
Words and Pictures1984Chalksoft LtdGeneral: Education
WordsearchGeneral: Domestic
Wordsearch GeneratorGeneral: Domestic
Wordsearch GeneratorGeneral: Domestic
Wordsearch SolverGeneral: Domestic
Wordsetter1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
WordsetterGeneral: Domestic
WordSheepUtility: Word Processor
Wordspell1983Griffin Software [2]General: Education
Wordsquare SolverGeneral: Domestic
WordStar1983Software BVUtility: Word Processor
Wordsum-T2Utility: I/O Handling
Work and EnergyEducational (Misc)
WorkboxUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Worked ExamplesGeneral: Education
World Cup Soccer1985Macmillan Software LtdGeneral: Education
World Globe1985Eclipse SoftwareGeneral: Education
World InfoGeneral: Domestic
World MapGeneral: Education
World Map and Planning GridGeneral: Domestic
World TimeGeneral: Domestic
World Wide Recipes Vol.2Utility: Database/Filing
World’s First Computer Joke Book1984ComputerworldGeneral: Domestic
WorldclipUtility: Clip-Art
Worldwise: Nuclear WeaponsGeneral: Education
WOSPGeneral: Domestic
Wot?Utility: Visual/Screen
Wrecked 2Utility: Visual/Screen
Wrecked TanglesUtility: Visual/Screen
Write EquationsGeneral: Education
Write LargeUtility: Fonts/UDGs
Write On1984System SoftwareGeneral: Education
Write TurnUtility: Visual/Screen
Writing AidsProgramming: BASIC
Wschody i Zachody Slonca1987Planetarium-ChorzowUtility: Astronomy
WSII.3Utility: Word Processor
WTF!Utility: Graphics
Wye Compiler1983Wye Valley SoftwareProgramming: BASIC
Wykonywanie Programow w MikrokomputerzePolmerGeneral: Education
Wykres1984Polbrit InternationalGeneral: Education
Wykres1986Krajowe Wydawnictwo CzasopismGeneral: Education
Wyplan Project PlannerGeneral: Business
Wyplay Fun to LearnGeneral: Education
Wyscig1986ZSMEGeneral: Education
Wzglednosc RuchuGeneral: Education