Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw

Release History

Name Publisher Year Type Availability
3D Driver Available
3D Driver Luca Bordoni 1997 Re-release (r) Available
3D Histogram Available
Ascot Available
Baseball Unidentified copy (if STP) or original release Available
Box Bounce Available
Breakout Available
Charge of the Teddybear Available
Christmas at the Microfair 1983
Dam Busters Available
Death Race Available
Drop Out Available
Egg Saviour Available
Elephant's Graveyard Available
Elsie the Aardvark goes Lunar Surveying Interface Publications Ltd 1983
Excalibur Against the Enemy Available
Fantasy Mansion Interface Publications Ltd 1983
Hangman Available
Krazy Katapilla Available
Leaky Roof Available
Love's Sweet Garden Interface Publications Ltd 1983
M4 Available
Maze Panic Silicon Software 1983 MIA
Mission Mars Kempsoft 1983 Available
Mission Mars Kempsoft 1983 Original release (O) Available
Munchie Man Available
Nessie Available
Orchard Thief Available
Pontoon Available
Simon Said Available
Sketch Unidentified copy (if STP) or original release Available
Snake Nigel Bland 1983 Re-release (r) Available
Spider 'n Fly Available
The House that James Built
Touchdown on Mars Available
Track Trap Available
Video Salesman Lawrence Bland 1983 Re-release (r) Available