Toni Baker

Toni Baker

Release History

Name Publisher Year Type Availability
128 Animation Available
Big Deal! Available
Cathy's Program Available
Elementary Graphics 1986 Available
Eye Endurance Games 1987 Available
Eye Endurance Games 1987 Original release (O) Available
Graphic Definitions Available
Hex Loader Available
Keypad Interrupt Routine Available
Light Screen Designer Available
Machine Code Calculator Available
Macro-Life Available
Mastering Machine Code ZX Computing Available
Memory Expansion Program Available
Micro Arts ZX Machine Code Users Club 1983 MIA
Mode Change Available
Moving Graphics of the Horizontal Kind Available
Patterns Available
Pull Down Menus Available
Racetrack 1983 Available
Sprite Designer [1] Available
Streams and Channels 1986 Available
SuperCAT [2] Available
Take a Running Jump Available
Technical Graphics 1987 Available
Through the Square Window Available
WordSheep Available