Dave Hughes

Release History

Name Publisher Year Type Availability
AGD Compendium Available
Andy's Escape Stonechat Productions 2019 Available
BAUBLE BLAST! Stonechat Productions 2012 Available
BIFROST* ENGINE Einar Saukas 2012 Unidentified copy (if STP) or original release Available
BIFROST* ENGINE Einar Saukas 2012 Available
Bean Brothers Available
Biscuits in Hell Monument Microgames 2017 Available
C is for CRABBY Gabriele Amore 2013 Available
COMPLICA DX Einar Saukas 2015 Available
Canal Boat Adventure
Capital Cities Tester Stonechat Productions 2018 Available
Chrimblast! Stonechat Productions 2015 Available
Chuntey Force 2 Dave Hughes 2013 Available
Classic Game Designer Dave Hughes 2013 Available
Deadly Labyrinth of Lord XYRX Hooy-Program 2013 Available
Desert Island SCREEN$ Available
Desert Island Tapes
Donkey Kong Reloaded Gabriele Amore 2013 Available
Doodle Bug Available
EFMB: Endless Forms Most Beautiful Stonechat Productions 2012 Available
El Stompo Stonechat Productions 2014 Available
El Stompo Monument Microgames 2014 Available
Encyclopaedia Galactica Retro Fusion 2012 Available
Flash Dance
Jeremy ZXMan's speccy quiz Available
Left Behind: Escape from Mars Dave Hughes 2017 Available
MODERATE RETRIBUTION Stonechat Productions 2013 Available
Marginal Pain Available
Mole Rat! Stonechat Productions 2012 Available
Mr. Don't! Dave Hughes 2021 Available
OPZ Stonechat Productions 2018 Available
PYROMANIA: Trial by fire Gabriele Amore 2013 Available
Pitfall III: Wrath of Kingcrock Gabriele Amore 2013 Available
Push 'n' Chase Gabriele Amore 2013 Available
Pushbot Dave Hughes 2018 Available
Rally Fever Stonechat Productions 2013 Available
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pudding, Drop! Available
SHUTTLEBUG Stonechat Productions 2012 Available
Santos' Christmas Adventure Available
Second Skin Demo Available
ShapeShifter Cronosoft [UK] 2014 Available
Sixteen Skirmish Stonechat Productions 2015 Available
Skurff Stonechat Productions 2013 Available
Sokob-XXX Available
Sprouty Available
Stamp Quest Stonechat Productions 2011 Unidentified copy (if STP) or original release Available
Stormfinch Stonechat Productions 2015 Available
Sun Bucket Stonechat Productions 2014 Available
Super Moritz Available
Tardigrade Stonechat Productions 2021 Available
The Curse of Oddville Stonechat Productions 2013 Available
The Lorne Sausage Lawn Dave Hughes 2013 Available
The Lost Tapes of Albion Stonechat Productions 2012 Available
The Lost Treasure Andy Watson 2013 Available
The Lost Treasure Of Something Available
Vegetarian Is Fun!
WOOT! Tape Magazine issue #0 - ZXMAS 2016 Edition Stonechat Productions 2016 Available
WOOT! Tape Magazine issue #1 - ZXMAS 2017 Edition Stonechat Productions 2017 Available
WOOT! Tape Magazine issue #2 - ZXMAS 2018 Edition Stonechat Productions 2018 Available
WOOT! Tape Magazine issue #3 - ZXMAS 2019 Edition Stonechat Productions 2019 Available
WOOT! Tape Magazine issue #4 - ZXMAS 2020 Edition Stonechat Productions 2020 Available
WOOT! The COVID Chronicle
WOOT! ZXMas 2020 Slideshow
Wunderchar$ Stonechat Productions 2011 Available
X=Y=Z Bob's Stuff 2014 Available