Matthew Westcott

Release History

Name Publisher Year Type Availability
Acoustic Dreams The Gasman 1997 Available
Albatrossity Jonathan Cauldwell 2008 Available
Bandersnatch Extra Matthew Westcott 2018 Available
Banger Management Jonathan Cauldwell 2009 Available
Electric Reindeer Maniacs The Gasman 1996 Available
Enigma The Gasman 1995 Available
Ex-Alf The Gasman 1996 Available
Interchrome The Gasman 1997 Available
Lunaris Jonathan Cauldwell 2004 Available
Nibbles The Gasman 2001 Available
Party Worms Total Computer Gang 2009 Unidentified copy (if STP) or original release Available
Party Worms Total Computer Gang 2009 Available
Pondlife Preview The Gasman 1997 Available
Sokoban The Gasman 2001 Available
Stevie Dotman Matthew Westcott 1999 Available
The Fantastic Mister Fruity Cronosoft [UK] 2005 Distribution denied - still for sale
Towdie Ultrasoft [SK] 1994 Available
Towdie Softhouse Ltd 2011 Re-release (r) Available
Tron256 The Gasman 2001 Available