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[...] More fun is to be had at, where you can play games designed for
machines such as the rubber-keyed Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
The Sunday Times, 2 March 2008

World of Spectrum is not just the best
Speccy site on the Web, but arguably
the best retro resource full stop
Retro Gamer issue 19, December 2005

[...] Retro managed to track down
Martijn in order to find out more
about his extraordinarily
comprehensive site, which you can
find at

[complete interview]
+++ Hier bij PD hebben we een voorliefde
voor retro gaming, oftewel 'vroeger was alles
beter'. Daarom aandacht voor World of
, gemaakt rondom de
legendarische Sinclair ZX Spectrum, want
deze site bestaat precies tien jaar. Je kunt
hier van alles vinden, van emulators tot
GamesTM issue 33, June 2005
Planet Download issue 251, 30 November 2005

[...] While no one seems to mind too much about
emulating redundant video game and
computer systems, most of the games
themselves remain under copyright. This means
that anyone who distributes them either freely
or for profit could be breaking several
laws. A recent incident saw the Interactive
Digital Software Association slap a notice of
infringing activity on the website World of
Spectrum ( for
making certain games titles available for
[...] Martijn van der Heide, eigenaar
van de website www.worldofspec-
, kan met recht een oude-
computerfanaat genoemd worden.
Zijn website met foto's, gegevens,
spelletjes en andere wetenswaardig-
heden over de Spectrum wordt dage-
lijks bezocht door zo'n 4.500 mensen.
Webactive magazine, May 2003
Info Regio, October 2003

[...] Point your browsers at and take your
pick, and then have a look at the site's
extensive ROM collection, all of which are
offered with permission of the copyright
owner, and therefore perfectly legal.
World of Spectrum

Absolutely the most complete Spectrum site that I have ever come
across, with information on other Sinclair machines and clones. It
was started in 1995, and is run by Martijn van der Heide and other
dedicated enthusiasts. The hardware pages, for instance, contain
over 480 items listed, and this is the only place to look for a
comprehensive list of emulators. Don't forget to use the Sinclair
MicroMart issue 742, March 2003
MicroMart on-line, April 2003

[...] The Interactive Digital Software Association last month sent a
"Berne Convention - Demand for Immediate Take Down - Notice of
Infringing Activity" to World of Spectrum, which is home of the
Sinclair ZX Spectrum archive and also describes itself (maybe
carelessly, considering how some phrases set robots' juices going)
as "the largest on-line gaming center on the Internet."
The Register, 7 March 2003

"the World of Spectrum, a site that legally archives old
Sinclair Spectrum games, has been accused of distributing
copyrighted material by the IDSA . The list of games supposedly
being offered on the site include titles such as Soldier Of
Fortune and Barbarian. And a quick search of the site shows
that these titles are indeed being offered, however they are
the original versions that were released many years ago and
have now been officially made legal to supply by the current
copyright owners."
Slashdot, 28 Februari 2003


World Of Spectrum

Here's some more teary eyed nostalgia for gentlemen of a certain age
(because, let's face it, the girls were, quite sensibly, never really
interested in computers at school). World Of Spectrum is essentially
the biggest and best site for connoisseurs of the ZX Spectrum. It
features an enormous list of games, complete with the relevant details
of each one, just about every emulator there is, documentation, old
speccy magazines and a whole bunch of incredibly geeky but fun stuff
for you to rediscover. And rather excellently you can play any of the
9500 games available online, instantly, using a javascript emulator.
So what are you waiting for? fan-bloody-tastic
.Net Magazine, June 2002


EXHAUSTIVE database of retro Spectrum games including greats like Frogger and Pacman. Not only does
it contain every single piece of software ever created for Spectrum, it has full descriptions, hints and
cheats. Sir Clive Sinclair must be very proud.
The Daily Mirror, 23 October 2001


This site will never win an award for good looks. Quite fitting then,
considering the Sinclair Spectrum's consistently dodgy design from the
ZX81 with its laughable 16k memory to the ungainly plastic brick that
was the insanely overpowered 128k +3. World Of Spectrum is the
official archive of the home computers that were early inspiration for
a lot of today's game designers. You'll find the usual wealth of
detailed tech info, FAQs and manuals, but nestled alongside a quirky
section dedicated to Speccy game music is the real reason to visit. A
huge archive of playable games from Chucky Egg 2 to Manic Miner.
Proof if proof were needed that it's gameplay that turns hype into
lasting classic status. Oh, and a certain C Sinclair got 100% in the
site's quiz. Insider knowledge?" - Paul Fitzpatrick.
Playstation 2 Magazine, August 2001

[...] Sites such as have hundreds of emulated
games to download free from various different PCs/consoles, while
fans of Clive Sinclair's rubber-keyed wonder, the Spectrum, can visit
sites such as and to get their
games. Just load up an emulator program and then start looking for
the games you want to revisit.
The Guardian, 19 July 2001

[...] Wie de smaak te pakken heeft moet meteen maar eens kijken op Deze site is volledig gewijd aan de klassieke Sinclair
ZX Spectrum, een computer die in de jaren tachtig zijn hoogtij dagen beleefde.
De site biedt meer dan 5500 spelletjes aan voor de Spectrum en voordat je ze
download kun je ze al online spelen dankzij de Java Spectrum emulator.
.Net Magazine Online, Editie 026, 6 June 2001

For retro gaming try:

World of Spectrum

This is an Aladdin's Cave and
the main site for tracking down
classics like Manic Miner, The
, Football Manager and
The Sentinel.
The World
Of Spectrum

Spectrum magic
Hankering after Horace Goes
Skiing? Pining for Pyjamarama?
World Of Spectrum is easily the
best ZX Spectrum gaming archive
on the net, if not the best
archive of anything ever. With
almost 6,000 games (and the
emulators to play them on) this
constantly updated site is a
gold-mine for anyone wishing to
re-live their bedroom-confined
youth. The clincher: 23, count
'em, 23 versions of Jet Set
Australia's Internet Guide, May 2001

[...] For more information about
Codemasters, check out the Web site or go to World of
to relive those - utterly unrelated, we stress -
Spectrum days.
PC Format, February 2001
GQ Magazine, February 2001

[...] This is The World of Spectrum, the official world archive for the ZX Spectrum, and more
complete than the Complete Works of Shakespeare.
Madasafish, December 2000

[...] Another site, World of Spectrum, claims 60,000 games are downloaded each day.
BBC News, 13 October 2000

Andy Davis wrote in to
say he was glad to see the
Spectrum making an
appearance in March's
Retro column. He wanted
to point out that there
are a couple of emulators
available, one for WinCE
and one for the Psion
Series 5, at:
PC World, June 2000

[...] Or take a walk down memory lane to World of Spectrum and find
programs that will let your computer pretend to be a 16-year-old
Sinclair Spectrum.
BBC Education, March 2000

While the lads at RetroSpec may amaze
and worry us in equal measure with
their commitment to remakes, the
maintainer of WOS is quite clearly
insane. A huge amount of info on
anything and everything Spectrum -
from databases listing nearly all the
machine's games (including release
dates and select reviews from certain
mags) to emulators. This does for
games buffs what Carlsberg Special
Brew does for the homeless...

World of Spectrum
On first impression, World of
Spectrum appears to be one
major geek fest and you'd be
right to judge this book by its
cover. This website is a shrine
to Clive Sinclair's revolution-
ary home computer, the ZX
Spectrum and contains,
among other things, numer-
ous free download emulators
for PC. The website looks
pretty bad, but is relatively
simple to navigate and does
present you with the chance to
get nostalgic about what were,
all in all, pretty good games for
their time.
All the old Spectrum favorites
such as Manic Miner and Chucky
Egg can be downloaded for free.
Definitely worth a try if you've a
few hours to spare.
PC Zone issue 81, October 1999 ComputerActive Web Guide
issue 2, Spring 2000
[...] and according to
WOS, The World of Spectrum
, there are about
60 Sinclair Spectrum emula-
tions running on a wide variety
of machines.
The Guardian, 5 March 1998