Here you can find several files you may find useful. Or something.

Hack AttackTZXAs published on YS - hurrah!
Hack AttackTZX
This is the ORIGINAL version that was sent to YS, with custom loader and title SCREEN$
Hack Attack IITAPThe sequel. Destined for covertape release, but YS got pulled that very month :-( This version is a bit special, as it was restored and converted to TAP by the lovely Jonathan Nash. Includes a doodlebug I sent him as the loading SCREEN$.
Hack Attack IIIAmigaThe original version of this WWW page. An Amigaguide file. Interacts with ZXAM to enter the POKEs for you at the click of a button - HURRAH!
Hack Attack III updateAmigaAnother 100 games to add to the Amiga HA3
NVG CatalogueTextFor quick offline searching. Simple text file with the 2 fields (description and filename) seperated by a TAB. 2 files - 1 formatted to Amiga/Unix, the other to PC
Speccy PlaygroundHTMLThis entire WWW page as one easily digestible ZIP file for your offline pleasure (fnar! Ed). Note that it may not match the online version EXACTLY, in that I don't reupload the zip file if I add a link or something. Martijn is busy enough as it is!

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