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This section used to be just about the POKEs which have been added, with a seperate bit at the front. That seemed a bit daft (and ugly), so I've decided to change it. It does (sort of) make sense to do this, as the WWW page is almost completely about POKEs now. I mean, NVG isn't ever going to change, is it? So there you go. Just in case any of you were in the remotest bit interested :-)

What's new, Pussycat? (Woah a woah woah a woah woah)

* Changed Martijn and my own email addresses, and any WOS links to reflect the worldofspectrum.net domain change.
* Added details of the Tipshop project to the front page.

See the older updates HERE



  1. Starstrike 2 - UPDATED!


If you find a hack which doesn't work, let me know.

What's, erm, not so new, Pussycat? (Woah a woah woah a woah woah)


* Changed Martijn and my own email addresses, and any WOS links to reflect the worldofspectrum.net domain change.
* Added details of the Tipshop project to the front page.


* Added CBSpeccy, R80, Spectrum, Spec256, SpecEmu, Warajevo, YASE, and Z80Stealth to the How To Use POKEs section (and credits to those who told me about them)
* Changed the How To Use POKES section details for GLECK, which was previously known as Spectrum Emulator
* Updated the link to the CSS Folklore


* A VERY big update POKE-wise, with over 50 totally new POKEs added, some updates, and a load of AKAs - Taking the total to around 1850.. Hurrah!
* Moved the What's new from the front page to here.
* Added the HAYLP! section. Just trying to help you lot, you know!

No, your eyes doth not deceiveth thou. Forsooth, tis another update to the merry olde hamlet we call this here Web page thingy. Ah ha! (Slightly eccentric 80s pop group? Ed)

Yes, I know I said the next update would be a lot sooner than the last one, but I didn't know I'd be moving home, gaining a social life for a few months, and then having my Amiga die on me with 30-odd new POKEs typed up, did I? Eh?! EH?!? (Yoinks - calm down. Ed). Still, I got a fortnight off in January as late summer holidays (Erm, just a bit. Ed), a replacement A1200 for 2 quid(!!!), and so here you go - more stuff in the same shoddily presented fashion - Hurrah! :-)))

Let's take a look at what's changed, shall we?


* Added the ability to view the Guestbook (oops)

* Updated a couple of external links


* Updated all of the links in the NVG Catalogue to point to the ftp.nvg.ntnu.no address - forgot about that! Oops. (Clod! Ed)

14-Feb-01 - Happy Valentines Day! (Yeah, like you got any! Ed)

* Fixed the email address for Martijn as I still had his getronics one listed - oops!

* Added the service so you get emailed when new POKEs are added. Thanks to Martijn for telling me how to set this up

* Added an email form to the email page. Thanks to Martijn for this!

* Added a guestbook. Go sign it! :-) Thanks to Martijn for this! (is there an echo here? Ed)

* Updated the link for the YS Rock 'n' Roll Years

12-Feb-01 - a small but essentual mini update after I noticed umpteen external links were dead or out-of-date.

* Added links to YS3

* Updated links for The Spectrum Adventurer, Speccy Hardware Page, Spectrum Games Archive, CSS FAQ, Horace Goes Skiing (band) and AmigaFlame

* Fixed the typo in the link to ASp

* Removed the links for The Jet Set Willy Ultimate Fan Page, M. Coward's WWW page, Brent's homepage, YS Tiptionary. If anyone can tell me of the new location for these pages, I'd be most grateful. I might even stretch to dishing out chocolate hob-nobs! :-)

(Were there any links that WORKED? Ed). Erm, a few....

Ooh, sometime between December 00 and February 01

* All of the non-permitted speccy games were removed from the NVG Catalogue. Erm, I can't actually take credit for that load of work - that was courtesy of the ever-smashing Martijn van der Heide (Gawd bless him).

* Tidied up some more HTML. It still sends your average HTML syntax checker into cardiac arrest, but at least some of the fonts are a bit more sensible :-)

* Tidied up the organisation of the whole WWW page. Everything is all neatly filed away in funky sub-directories, as opposed to having 700-odd files lumped together. Erm, not that you should notice any difference.

* Added POKEs for another 50 games (hurrah! Ed)

* Fixed a couple of POKEs, thanks to the groovesome people who told me about them. You're listed on the creds page, chaps.

* Fixed a couple of more broken links. There now shouldn't be ANY broken internal ones. He says, already aiming the Magnum at his foot :-)

* Changed the NVG spinny speccy GIF, seeing as NVG isn't the number 1 place for speccy stuff now

* Removed a couple of games from the untested POKE list. Got it down to 40 now!

* Updated links to WOS and Yolkfolk.com

* Changed my email address as Free4all and RedHotAnt went out of the game (sniff). It's now [email protected]_DELETETHISBIT_worldofspectrum.net - yes, I have Martijn van der Heide to thank for this as well. Is there anything that talented chap CAN'T do?! (Well, if he could give you unmetered WWW access like RedHotAnt were, that'd be a bit spesh. Ed)

And, yes, the red banner for the Web page IS supposed to be an homage to YS (just an awfully crap one. Ed). Indeedy.

Zoinks! Jinkies! and other such Scooby-Doo related outbursts. My glasses!