Advanced Stupid Question Killer Simulator: All of the funky stuff in this shoddily designed WWW page will only, and I stress ONLY work on ZX Spectrum games played on a ZX Spectrum emulator (or a real, bona fide Speccy, natch. Erm, apart from the games). They won't work on Amstrad CPC, C64, NES, SNES, Master System, Genesis, Megadrive, Atari, Amiga, or 10p-coffee-vending-machine-from-round-about-1987 emulators.

Sorry to sound stroppy chums, but I grow weary of people mailing me asking how to use to use the POKEs/games here on a vast and bewildering array of non-Speccy emulators. What particularly irked me was one moron who shall remain nameless (unless I get a repeat performance from him/her) who sent me a rather nasty little email slagging several POKEs for not working. It was only after after I tested them thoroughly in case of typos (every POKE not marked UNTESTED has been tried and tested by me, myself and I), and mailing him for more information that I found this person was using some other emulated computer system. This person has since woken up next to a (clothes) horse's head :-)))

And with that rant over (Phew! Ed), I'd be tickled pink (or some other colour) to hear from you so long as you're not asking:
On the other hand, I'll be only too happy to hear from you if you are:
You get the idea......

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