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ASp POKE window

POKEs are entered on ASp using an Arexx script

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Note you can have CBSpeccy enter your POKE on every frame the emulator moves at. I can't think WHY you would want to, but at least you can?!

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Speculator POKE box

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ZXAM POKE screen

Entering POKEs on ZXAM is a doddle:

  • Enter the ADDRESS in the left hand text box (marked above in red)
  • Enter the VALUE in the right hand text box (marked above in green)
  • Click the POKE button (marked above in blue)
  • Repeat as many times as needed.
  • Click the RUN button to start the game.

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If you find this information is wrong, or want to add an emulator with the ability to POKE, let me know.