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The section where I try to get you going (f'nar? Ed)

I'm not really sure what kind of help is needed here, so here's something I put together that should cover (erm, probably) most of the points relevant to this WWW page. However, if you need any further help, or have any questions, or just want to chew the fat, then feel free to get in touch!

First, and foremost, I ask you to PLEASE read this bit:

Advanced Stupid Question Killer Simulator: All of the funky stuff in this shoddily designed WWW page will only, and I stress ONLY work on ZX Spectrum games played on a ZX Spectrum emulator (or a real, bona fide Speccy, natch. Erm, apart from the games). They won't work on Amstrad CPC, C64, NES, SNES, Master System, Genesis, Megadrive, Atari, or 10p-coffee-vending-machine-from-round-about-1987 emulators.

Sorry to sound stroppy chums, but I grow weary of people mailing me asking how to use to use the POKEs/games here on a vast and bewildering array of non-Speccy emulators. What particularly irked me was one moron who shall remain nameless (unless I get a repeat performance from him/her) who sent me a rather nasty little email slagging several POKEs for not working. It was only after after I tested them thoroughly in case of typos (every POKE not marked UNTESTED has been tried and tested by me, myself and I), and mailing him for more information that I found this person was using some other emulated computer system. This person has since woken up next to a (clothes) horse's head :-)))

Right, that bit said, here's a couple of things that might help you. Mind get in touch if there's something you would like see added/changed/deleted/killed/maimed/knighted.
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