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Hello, and welcome to the HTML front that is the NVG catalogue. What you are seeing here is the result of months of hard work from several individuals. Click HERE to find out who they are and a bit of history about this huge index.

If you have already read that bit, or don't care (thanks a lot you heartless sod!), then let's move on...
This index is sorted by the first letter of the first word in the game's name with the exception of those beginning with the word "The" in which case it is the first letter of the second word you should look for. EG - "The Bard's Tale" is indexed under "B".. Gettit?

Well, that's really all I can say here.. Oh, except that if you cast your eyes up to the navigation bar, you'll see that under the animated GIF of Eric from Skool Daze and Back To Skool, you'll see the word "Unknown". This takes you into the world of the unknown.. Well, the snapshots on NVG we haven't been able to identify yet. If you see any on here you are able to tell us about, then get in touch!

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