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What's New

November 14th 2010 - More additions
Several new items and a number of corrections.

March 7th 2010 - More additions
All of the new entries in the SPOT and SPEX databases have been processed.

July 26th 2008 - Major additions
All of the entries in the SPEX database have been processed. Apart from a lot of corrections, no less than 143 new items could be added!

July 20th 2008 - Rewrite
With the new Infoseek database v12.5, a new index has been created, including everything added or corrected in the past 5 years - we're now at 511 devices!
Special precautions were made not to include the types Cables, Computers and common Joysticks, some of which slipped through on earlier updates.
The Source field has gone (as this information is already provided by Infoseek anyway - a year field was added instead), but a new Type field was added.
Many new devices were identified in the SPEX database by Jim Grimwood. All of them stand to be added shortly.

February 15th 2003 - Index cleanup
Since all hardware items are maintained through Sinclair Infoseek anyway, the reverse process is issued from now on: the index pages are generated from that database.

November 30th 2001 - PiMan additions
Dave Foreman kindly transcribed the 'answer booklet' that Automata published, which details on the location of the PiMan price.

April 7th 2001 - PiMan additions
Added a lot of bonus audio tracks from Automata to the PiMan Files.

March 5th 2001 - New devices added
Thanks to Compusound themselves, items added are the remaining Telesound devices, bringing the total to 474 items.

July 22nd 2000 - Added 5 new features
Features were added about the AMX Mouse, RAMprint, Spectre Comms Pack, Cheetah Specdrum, Challenge Sprint and the Watford SP-DOS Disk Interface.
Item added is the CS-DISK Interface, bringing the total to a vast 472 items.

June 15th - Index Update
Added device is the Keyboard Mouse.

December 5th - Overall update
Added devices are the Soundrive, General Sound plus optional Memory Module and a PC Keyboard and Mouse Interface.

October 16th - New Features Added
Two new features have been added to the features section. You can now read about the Mancomp Keyboard and the Datel Digital Sound Sampler.

October 16th - Index Update
Items added this update; Indescomp 32k Ram Expansion, Indescomp Domestic Controller, Indescomp Joystick Interface, Indescomp Sound Amplifier, Upstream Midi Interface, Orat and the Multi Sound Generator. This now bring the total to 466.

May 17th - Index Update
Another small update, but first a little note to say happy birthday to this site, its now 2 years old.
Items added this update are; Digimouse, Anamouse, I2L Joystick interface, I2L Spectrum sound, DK'tronics Game Controller and the Pellet Sound amplifyer. This bring the total now to 459.

February 26th - Speccy Heroes Cartoon Part 4
Part 4 of the on-going cartoon series, Speccy Heroes, is now available for download from the Goodies section.

February 20th - Index Update
At lat I got round to updating the index. This time there are 7 additions, bringing the total up to 453 listed items. The big news though, is that I finally found some information on the Kempston Disc Interface. This was on the missing list, but is now in its rightful place.
This addition see's the following items added;
Star Mouse, Screenex Spectrum Doctor, Omni Reader, Kempston Disc Interface, Astracom AC1000 and the Enterprise 1 and 2.

January 26th - Added 2 new features
You can now find out about the Disciple disk interface, a very popular addon in its time, and the Cheetah Midi interface.

December 4th - Items added to the Index Also added, thanks to various readers are;
Super Interface FL1, The Clive Printer, Logitech Floppy/Printer interface, The ECB board and from the man behind Kappa, the Kappa Keyboard Interface. That's 13 new entries this time bringin the total up to a large 446 items.

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