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Screen Saver v1.2

A screen saver featuring scenes from classic (and not so classic)
Spectrum games.
There are 12 scenes in total and they are taken from games
such as Jetpac, Time Gate and JSW.

Download it
466k zip file. Requires Windows95/98, Windows NT or Win32.

Here is my first screen saver to remind you of your lost youth.
This great little saver was written by myself and is FREEWARE.
It now contains 16 heroes from the great days, each on screen for about 1 minute,
before the next one takes over. Heroes were taken direct from games such
as;- Alien 8, Tir Na Nog, JSW, + many more.
Download it
410k zip file. Requires Windows 95/98, Windows NT or Win32.

A parody of all things Spectrum. Serialised for you here.

Part 1 - The beginning
Part 2 - The meeting
Part 3 - The search
Part 4 - The Gathering


Here's some sounds sampled from various games to enhance your Windows. All files are in WAV
format, and I've split them into smaller zips for downloading.

Download File 1. 226k zip file. Download File 2. 219k zip file. Download File 3. 226k zip file.

Servicing and Repair Documents

Micro Clinic: A brief look at comon faults with Spectrums, and how to cure them.

Servicing your ZX Printer: How to clean your printer for quieter and clearer results.

Servicing Sinclair Microcomputers Part 1: Covers the basics of a Z80 based system.

Servicing Sinclair Microcomputers Part 2: Looks at the ZX81.

Servicing Sinclair Microcomputers Part 3: Looks at the Spectrum.

Servicing Sinclair Microcomputers Part 4: Continues with the Spectrum.

Servicing Sinclair Microcomputers Part 5: More on the Spectrum.

Servicing Sinclair Microcomputers Part 6: The last in the series.

My thanks to Jim Grimwood for all of the above (apart from Servicing your ZX Printer)
Note: I can not be held responsible for information in the above documents. They are provided only as a reference.
Don't go poking about inside your kit if you don't know what your doing.