Sinclair Infoseek

Please note that much of the information here is incorrect and is left for historic purposes for the time being.

Sinclair Infoseek is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum related search engine that will let you find anything on name.
Simply type (part of) the name you are looking for and start the search.
The engine is not case sensitive and accepts the usual MSDOS wildcards `?’ and `*’ plus the regular expression tokens `^’ (matches
the start of the name) and `$’ (matches the end of the name).
Intelligence has been put in the engine to skip punctuation, spaces, articles and several other words and often mistyped names are
automatically corrected (e.g. try searching for “School Days”).

Titles can be found by searching on any of original name, one of its aliases, re-release name(s) or multi-part subtitle(s).

Say, you are looking for the game “Abu Simbel Profanation”

Working queries: Non-working queries:
abu simbel profanation abu profanation (missing words, use the ‘*’ wildcard, e.g. “abu*profanation“)
abusimbelprofanation abu +profanation (we’re not Google)
abu simbel profanation abu simbel (wrong order)


[48K play button]
[128K play button]
All games can be played on-line using the ZZ Spectrum Java Spectrum emulator! Simply click on the icon on the search results page to run.
Icons with a little yellow question mark in the upper right corner indicate TZX files, which will be on-the-fly converted to TAP
files. This process does not always work, so the game might not load succesfully…

All information is hyperlinked to new searches, making it extremely easy to find
other titles from the same programmer or publisher.
All major databases are consulted:

  • WoS, both all information databases and the entire archive,
  • SPOT*On, the magazine index and books databases from Jim Grimwood,
  • SPEX (SPOT Adverts Extension), the magazine advert index from Jim Grimwood,
  • The MicroHobby magazine index database by Manuel Gómez Amate,
  • The Type Fantastic, the magazine type-in database from Jim Grimwood,
  • The Tipshop from Nick Humphries and Gerard Sweeney,
  • Spectrum 2.0 from Philip Kendall,
  • The ZX81 database by Chris Young and Duncan Snowden.

Apart from these Spectrum databases, the following remote databases are consulted:

Listed information on a software title includes full name, publisher, producer, programmer
and artist names, year of release, any tie-in licence, memory requirements, supported joysticks, original
list price, series indications, every single reference in the magazines (linked if the article has been put
online), as well as direct download links for game images, loading and in-game screens, instructions, cassette inlays,
adverts, maps, hints, cheats, walkthroughs and any remakes.

Covertapes, compilations and series are fully indexed and cross-referenced as well, so you will know where
each title appeared and what else was on the same tape or series.

Apart from software titles, it finds books, hardware and add-ons and names from
publishers, producers, programmers and artists.
Software houses/person names report whether the name was a label from another software
house, who holds the copyrights today, including links to their current web-sites and
a note whether free distribution of their software is allowed plus their full list of
software titles (hyperlinked of course).

At the far right of the grey title bar for each (Spectrum) game, there’s link named ‘[tzx]’.
Clicking this returns a TZX image with the information contained in an ‘Archive Info‘ block (ID 32).
This can be useful when creating or working with TZX files – you can copy the block to your TZX file, instantly having all details
about the game in the file.

Option ‘show pictures’ will embed loading and in-game screenshots and/or cassette inlay thumbnails in the WoS
search results area,
Option ‘list only’ will severely reduce the length of the results page as it only lists
matching entries rather than showing all the details.

Important note: all prices listed on the search results pages are the prices at which the
items were originally sold at the time.

They are just listed for historical reference – you can not buy those items here.




With over 26,000 unique entries (24,000 software titles, 1,000 hardware items, 1,500 books) and
more than 350,000 references, this is the most complete Sinclair encyclopedia available on the