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49 Explosive Games for the ZX81

Full title49 Explosive Games for the ZX81 49 Explosive Games for the ZX81 cover
Year of release 1981
Publisher Interface Publications Ltd (UK)
Author(s) Tim Hartnell (UK)
Type Book : Paperback
ISBN 0-907563-08-2
Language English
Original price £5.95
Comments Translated into German in 1982, on ISBN 3-19-008204-0#Published in the USA in 1982, on ISBN 0835920860 (paperback) or 0835920879 (hardcover)

Available Type-ins
Title Authors(s) Page
Alien Snipers Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 16
Asteroid Belt Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 18
Beat the Bug Eyes Bob Merry 10
Death Valley Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 22
Evil Alien Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 8
Intergalactic Games Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 6
Monsters of Galacticon Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 14
Moonlander Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 12
Space Mines Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 24
Space Rescue Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 26
Starship Take-Off Richard Nash 4
Touchdown Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 31
Trip into the Future Daniel Isaaman, Jenny Tyler 20
(13 titles found)

Support material
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49ExplosiveGamesForTheZX81(RestonPublishingCompanyInc).jpg 174K (Scan of the book cover)
49ExplosiveGamesForTheZX81.jpg 167K (Scan of the book cover)
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7K (Scan of the book cover)

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