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On this page you will find links to interviews with Speccy personalities. I hope to have a large archive of interviews for anyone to read and find out what their favourite programmer, writer, artist or muscian thought of the Speccy days and are doing now.

Here's the list:-

Marcus Berkmann
Your Sinclair Writer

Ste Cork
Psycho Pigs UXB, Rescue, Colony

Marc Dawson
Mainly did C64 stuff but has some amusing anecdotes! :-)

Mike Follin
Vectron, Bubble Bobble, Bionic Commando

Stuart James Fotheringham
Graphic Designer
Nodes of Yesod, Arc of Yesod, Heartland

Shaun Hollingworth
Pacmania, Way of the Tiger, Bounder, Trailblazer

John Hollis
Meteor Storm, TimeGate, Aquaplane

Paul Holmes
Bombjack I & II, Frank Bruno's Boxing, Robotron 2084

Mark Haigh-Hutchinson
Alien Highway, Overlander, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Steve Hughes
Rasterscan, Hyperbowl

Mark A. Jones (aka Makky J)
Graphic Designer
Rampage, R-Type, Atomic Robokid

Mark R. Jones
Graphic Designer
Wizball, Gryzor, Vindicator

Roger Kean
Editor and Co-founder of Crash

Balor Knight
1999, Turbulence, Astroball

Mike Lamb
Arkanoid I & II, Target Renegade, Robocop

Steve Lamb
Gyroscope, Paperboy, Typhoon

David McCandless
Your Sinclair Writer

Fergus McNeill
The Boggit, Bored Of The Rings, The Big Sleaze

Ian Oliver
3D Tank Duel, StarStrike I & II, Carrier Command

Barnaby Page
Crash Editor

Bob Pape
Rampage, R-Type, Dragon Breed

Ste Pickford
Graphic Designer
180, Zub, Feud

Don Priestley
Dictator, 3D Tanx, Trapdoor

Jon Ritman
Match Day I & II, Head Over Heels

Bob Smith
Arnhem, Desert Rats, Vulcan

Phil South
Your Sinclair Writer

Martin Wheeler
Graphic Designer
Dan Dare 1 & 2, Action Force 2, Rebel


Please note that these interviews were conducted primarily for my own use; I am not a professional journalist - I do this in my spare time. Some of my questions aren't very well written, I realise that - mainly down to a lack of time at the moment - hopefully this will be changing soon.

No censorship has taken place on this site. Only very minor editing to the interviews has been carried out, for example, spelling and presentation.

I would like to thank all of the above interviewees for agreeing to do the interviews and for putting up with me!

The interviewees contain all copyright for their answers. The articles on this site may not be reproduced in any form without prior permission from myself and the interviewees.

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