Lone Wolf – The Mirror of Death

Full title
Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death
Arcade Game: Adventure
Audiogenic Software Ltd  UK
System 4  Spain
Gary Patchen  UK
David Whittaker  UK
Jeremy Nelson  UK
Ian Upton  UK
Machine type
ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players
Redefineable keys
Message language


Filename Size Type Origin Year
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath128.tap.zip LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath128.tap.zip 50kb Tape image (TAP) 1991
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.tzx.zip LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.tzx.zip 84kb Tape image (TZX) Original release (O) 1991
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath(System4).tzx.zip LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath(System4).tzx.zip 87kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1991
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath48.z80.zip LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath48.z80.zip 38kb Snapshot image 1991
LoneWolf3-MirrorOfDeathThe(EN).txt LoneWolf3-MirrorOfDeathThe(EN).txt
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
11kb Instructions
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath(System4).pdf LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath(System4).pdf 75kb Instructions
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.jpg 279kb Game map
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_2.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_2.jpg 328kb Game map
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_3.png LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_3.png 83kb Game map
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_4.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_4.jpg 275kb Game map
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.scr LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.scr 7kb Loading screen
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.gif LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.gif 7kb Running screen
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_Front.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_Front.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
538kb Inlay - Front
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath(System4)_Front.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath(System4)_Front.jpg 175kb Inlay - Front
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_Back.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
701kb Inlay - Back
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath(System4)_Back.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath(System4)_Back.jpg 212kb Inlay - Back
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.jpg 175kb Advertisement
Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death (1991)(Audiogenic Software).pok Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death (1991)(Audiogenic Software).pok
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
324b POK pokes file
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_BookCover.jpg LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath_BookCover.jpg 362kb Book cover
CRPoster67.jpg CRPoster67.jpg 501kb Magazine poster
LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.dsk.zip LoneWolf-TheMirrorOfDeath.dsk.zip 51kb Disk image Original release (O) 1991

Release History

Type Date Price Publisher ISBN Pages
Original release (O) 1991 £9.95 (RRP)
£14.95 (disk)
Audiogenic Software Ltd
Original release (O) 1991 £9.95 (RRP)
£14.95 (disk)
Audiogenic Software Ltd
Re-release (R) 1991 System 4