Midnight Resistance

Full title
Midnight Resistance
Arcade Game: Shoot-em-up
Ocean Software Ltd  UK
Erbe Software S.A.  Spain
The Hit Squad  UK
James Bagley  UK
Charles Davies  UK
Keith Tinman  UK
Bob Wakelin 
Machine type
ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players
Interface 2 (right)
Redefineable keys
Message language


Filename Size Type Origin Year
MidnightResistance128.tap.zip MidnightResistance128.tap.zip 69kb Tape image (TAP) 1990
MidnightResistance.tzx.zip MidnightResistance.tzx.zip 151kb Tape image (TZX) Original release (O) 1990
MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).tzx.zip MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).tzx.zip 137kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1990
MidnightResistance(TheHitSquad).tzx.zip MidnightResistance(TheHitSquad).tzx.zip 151kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1990
MidnightResistance48.slt.zip MidnightResistance48.slt.zip 70kb Snapshot image 1990
MidnightResistance.txt MidnightResistance.txt 2kb Instructions
MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).pdf MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).pdf 37kb Instructions
MidnightResistance_3.jpg MidnightResistance_3.jpg 843kb Game map
MidnightResistance_4.png MidnightResistance_4.png 191kb Game map
MidnightResistance_2.jpg MidnightResistance_2.jpg 334kb Game map
MidnightResistance.jpg MidnightResistance.jpg 189kb Game map
MidnightResistance.scr MidnightResistance.scr 7kb Loading screen
MidnightResistance.gif MidnightResistance.gif 5kb Running screen
MidnightResistance_Front.jpg MidnightResistance_Front.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
288kb Inlay - Front
MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg 148kb Inlay - Front
MidnightResistance(HitSquad).jpg MidnightResistance(HitSquad).jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
402kb Inlay - Front
MidnightResistance_Back.jpg MidnightResistance_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
301kb Inlay - Back
MidnightResistance(HitSquad)_Back.jpg MidnightResistance(HitSquad)_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
285kb Inlay - Back
MidnightResistance.ay.zip MidnightResistance.ay.zip 4kb Ripped in-game/theme music in AY format
MidnightResistance.mp3.zip MidnightResistance.mp3.zip 4437kb Sampled in-game/theme music in MP3 format
Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software).pok Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software).pok
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
432b POK pokes file
MidnightResistance_SourceCode.zip MidnightResistance_SourceCode.zip 35085kb Source code
MidnightResistance.dsk.zip MidnightResistance.dsk.zip 70kb Disk image Original release (O) 1990
MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).dsk.zip MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).dsk.zip 69kb Disk image Re-release (R) 1990
MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg MidnightResistance(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg 386kb Advertisement

Release History

Type Date Price Publisher ISBN Pages
Original release (O) 1990 £9.99 (RRP)
£14.99 (disk)
Ocean Software Ltd
Original release (O) 1990 £9.99 (RRP)
£14.99 (disk)
Ocean Software Ltd
Re-release (R) 1990 895.00Ptas (RRP) Erbe Software S.A.
Re-release (R) 1990 895.00Ptas (RRP) Erbe Software S.A.
Re-release (R) 1992 £3.99 (RRP) The Hit Squad