Robin of the Wood

Full title
Robin of the Wood
Arcade Game: Adventure
Odin Computer Graphics Ltd  UK
Serma Software  Spain
Steve Wetherill  UK
Paul Salmon  UK
Andy Walker  UK
Gerry Fisher 
Machine type
ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players
Interface 2 (right)
Message language
Distribution denied


Filename Size Type Origin Year
RobinOfTheWood(48K) RobinOfTheWood(48K)
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
35kb Tape image (TZX)
RobinOfTheWood(128K) RobinOfTheWood(128K)
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
42kb Tape image (TZX)
RobinOfTheWood.txt RobinOfTheWood.txt 5kb Instructions
RobinOfTheWood.jpg RobinOfTheWood.jpg 267kb Game map
RobinOfTheWood_2.jpg RobinOfTheWood_2.jpg 740kb Game map
RobinOfTheWood_3.png RobinOfTheWood_3.png 544kb Game map
RobinOfTheWood_4.jpg RobinOfTheWood_4.jpg 1162kb Game map
RobinOfTheWood.scr RobinOfTheWood.scr 7kb Loading screen
RobinOfTheWood.gif RobinOfTheWood.gif 6kb Running screen
RobinOfTheWood.jpg RobinOfTheWood.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
519kb Inlay - Front
RobinOfTheWood_2.jpg RobinOfTheWood_2.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
515kb Inlay - Front
RobinOfTheWood_Back.jpg RobinOfTheWood_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
479kb Inlay - Back
RobinOfTheWood_Back_2.jpg RobinOfTheWood_Back_2.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
454kb Inlay - Back 33kb Ripped in-game/theme music in AY format 1601kb Sampled in-game/theme music in MP3 format
Robin of the Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics).pok Robin of the Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics).pok
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
237b POK pokes file
RobinOfTheWood.jpg RobinOfTheWood.jpg 155kb Advertisement
RobinOfTheWood(SermaSoftware).jpg RobinOfTheWood(SermaSoftware).jpg 245kb Advertisement

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