Shadow Warriors

Full title
Shadow Warriors
Arcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang
Ocean Software Ltd  UK
Erbe Software S.A.  Spain
Musical 1 S.A.  Spain
The Hit Squad  UK
Matt Furniss  UK
Mark Edwards  UK
Mike Talbot  UK
Bob Wakelin 
Machine type
ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players
Interface 2 (left)
Interface 2 (right)
Message language


Filename Size Type Origin Year 93kb Tape image (TAP) 1990 148kb Tape image (TZX) Original release (O) 1990
ShadowWarriors(SmallCase)(ErbeSoftwareS.A.) ShadowWarriors(SmallCase)(ErbeSoftwareS.A.) 145kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1990
ShadowWarriors(Musical1S.A.) ShadowWarriors(Musical1S.A.) 146kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1990
ShadowWarriors(TheHitSquad) ShadowWarriors(TheHitSquad) 149kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1990
ShadowWarriors.txt ShadowWarriors.txt 3kb Instructions
ShadowWarriors(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).pdf ShadowWarriors(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).pdf 37kb Instructions
ShadowWarriors(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).txt ShadowWarriors(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).txt 6kb Instructions
ShadowWarriors.jpg ShadowWarriors.jpg 152kb Game map
ShadowWarriors_2.jpg ShadowWarriors_2.jpg 282kb Game map
ShadowWarriors_3.png ShadowWarriors_3.png 165kb Game map
ShadowWarriors.scr ShadowWarriors.scr 7kb Loading screen
ShadowWarriors.gif ShadowWarriors.gif 9kb Running screen
ShadowWarriors_Front.jpg ShadowWarriors_Front.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
245kb Inlay - Front
ShadowWarriors(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg ShadowWarriors(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg 155kb Inlay - Front
ShadowWarriors(ErbeSoftwareS.A.)_2.jpg ShadowWarriors(ErbeSoftwareS.A.)_2.jpg 86kb Inlay - Front
ShadowWarriors(HitSquad).jpg ShadowWarriors(HitSquad).jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
465kb Inlay - Front
ShadowWarriors_Back.jpg ShadowWarriors_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
236kb Inlay - Back
ShadowWarriors(HitSquad)_Back.jpg ShadowWarriors(HitSquad)_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
254kb Inlay - Back 3kb Ripped in-game/theme music in AY format
Shadow Warriors (1990)(Ocean Software).pok Shadow Warriors (1990)(Ocean Software).pok
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
403b POK pokes file
ShadowWarriors_OriginalArtwork.jpg ShadowWarriors_OriginalArtwork.jpg 73kb Original artwork
ShadowWarriors.jpg ShadowWarriors.jpg 203kb Advertisement 91kb Disk image Original release (O) 1990

Release History

Type Date Price Publisher ISBN Pages
Original release (O) 1990 £9.99 (RRP)
£14.99 (disk)
Ocean Software Ltd
Original release (O) 1990 £9.99 (RRP)
£14.99 (disk)
Ocean Software Ltd
Re-release (R) 1990 1200.00Ptas (RRP)
1900.00Ptas (disk)
895.00Ptas (budget)
Erbe Software S.A.
Re-release (R) 1990 Musical 1 S.A.
Re-release (R) 1992 £3.99 (RRP) The Hit Squad