WEC Le Mans

Full title
WEC Le Mans
Arcade Game: Race 'n' Chase
Imagine Software Ltd  UK
IBSA  Spain
Erbe Software S.A.  Spain
The Hit Squad  UK
Mike Lamb  UK
John Mullins  UK
Jonathan Dunn  UK
Bill Harbison  UK
Alick Morrall  UK
Machine type
ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players
Interface 2 (right)
Redefineable keys
Message language


Filename Size Type Origin Year
WECLeMans.tzx.zip WECLeMans.tzx.zip 71kb Tape image (TZX) Original release (O) 1989
WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).tap.zip WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).tap.zip 65kb Tape image (TAP) Re-release (R) 1989
WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).tzx.zip WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).tzx.zip 65kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1989
WECLeMans(TheHitSquad).tzx.zip WECLeMans(TheHitSquad).tzx.zip 61kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1991
WECLeMans128.z80.zip WECLeMans128.z80.zip 37kb Snapshot image 1989
WECLeMans48.z80.zip WECLeMans48.z80.zip 25kb Snapshot image 1989
WECLeMans.txt WECLeMans.txt 1kb Instructions
WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).pdf WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).pdf 8kb Instructions
WECLeMans.png WECLeMans.png 22kb Game map
WECLeMans.scr WECLeMans.scr 7kb Loading screen
WECLeMans.gif WECLeMans.gif 5kb Running screen
WECLeMans_Front.jpg WECLeMans_Front.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
629kb Inlay - Front
WECLeMans(IBSA).jpg WECLeMans(IBSA).jpg 80kb Inlay - Front
WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg 102kb Inlay - Front
WECLeMans(HitSquad).jpg WECLeMans(HitSquad).jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
361kb Inlay - Front
WECLeMans_Back.jpg WECLeMans_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
581kb Inlay - Back
WECLeMans(HitSquad)_Back.jpg WECLeMans(HitSquad)_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
241kb Inlay - Back
WECLeMans.ay.zip WECLeMans.ay.zip 4kb Ripped in-game/theme music in AY format
WECLeMans.mp3.zip WECLeMans.mp3.zip 2644kb Sampled in-game/theme music in MP3 format
WEC Le Mans (1988)(Imagine Software).pok WEC Le Mans (1988)(Imagine Software).pok
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
149b POK pokes file
WECLeMans.jpg WECLeMans.jpg 187kb Advertisement
WECLeMans.dsk.zip WECLeMans.dsk.zip 37kb Disk image Original release (O) 1989
WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).dsk.zip WECLeMans(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).dsk.zip 35kb Disk image Re-release (R) 1989

Release History

Type Date Price Publisher ISBN Pages
Original release (O) 1989 £8.95 (RRP)
£14.95 (disk)
Imagine Software Ltd
Original release (O) 1989 £8.95 (RRP)
£14.95 (disk)
Imagine Software Ltd
Re-release (R) 1989 875.00Ptas (RRP) Erbe Software S.A.
Re-release (R) 1989 875.00Ptas (RRP) Erbe Software S.A.
Re-release (R) 1989 875.00Ptas (RRP) Erbe Software S.A.
Re-release (R) 1991 £2.99 (RRP) The Hit Squad