Full title
Arcade Game: Action
Ocean Software Ltd  UK
Erbe Software S.A.  Spain
IBSA  Spain
The Hit Squad  UK
Paul Owens  UK
Mark R. Jones  UK
Peter Clarke  UK
Steven L. Watson  UK
Bob Wakelin 
Machine type
ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players
Interface 2 (left)
Interface 2 (right)
Redefineable keys
Message language


Filename Size Type Origin Year
Wizball.tzx.zip Wizball.tzx.zip 31kb Tape image (TZX) Original release (O) 1987
Wizball.tap.zip Wizball.tap.zip 34kb Tape image (TAP) 1987
Wizball(EDOS).tzx.zip Wizball(EDOS).tzx.zip 31kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1989
Wizball(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).tzx.zip Wizball(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).tzx.zip 30kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1987
Wizball(IBSA).tzx.zip Wizball(IBSA).tzx.zip 31kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1987
Wizball(TheHitSquad).tzx.zip Wizball(TheHitSquad).tzx.zip 31kb Tape image (TZX) Re-release (R) 1989
Wizball.txt Wizball.txt 3kb Instructions
Wizball(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).pdf Wizball(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).pdf 14kb Instructions
Wizball.jpg Wizball.jpg 190kb Game map
Wizball_2.jpg Wizball_2.jpg 614kb Game map
Wizball_3.jpg Wizball_3.jpg 88kb Game map
Wizball_4.png Wizball_4.png 113kb Game map
Wizball.scr Wizball.scr 7kb Loading screen
Wizball.gif Wizball.gif 2kb Running screen
Wizball.jpg Wizball.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
751kb Inlay - Front
Wizball(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg Wizball(ErbeSoftwareS.A.).jpg 111kb Inlay - Front
Wizball(IBSA).jpg Wizball(IBSA).jpg 135kb Inlay - Front
Wizball(HitSquad).jpg Wizball(HitSquad).jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
368kb Inlay - Front
Wizball_Back.jpg Wizball_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
539kb Inlay - Back
Wizball(HitSquad)_Back.jpg Wizball(HitSquad)_Back.jpg
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
325kb Inlay - Back
Wizball.ay.zip Wizball.ay.zip 5kb Ripped in-game/theme music in AY format
Wizball.mp3.zip Wizball.mp3.zip 244kb Sampled in-game/theme music in MP3 format
Wizball.jpg Wizball.jpg 257kb Advertisement
Wizball_2.jpg Wizball_2.jpg 416kb Advertisement
Wizball Wizball 0b ?
Wizball_Graphics-Lair1.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Lair1.jpg 58kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-End.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-End.jpg 28kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page01.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page01.jpg 38kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page02.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page02.jpg 44kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page03.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page03.jpg 29kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page04.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page04.jpg 58kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page05.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page05.jpg 30kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page06.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page06.jpg 60kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page07.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page07.jpg 50kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page08.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page08.jpg 30kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page09.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page09.jpg 35kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page10.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page10.jpg 50kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page11.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page11.jpg 18kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page12.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page12.jpg 52kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page13.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page13.jpg 29kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page14.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page14.jpg 61kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page15.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page15.jpg 51kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page16.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page16.jpg 59kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page17.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Map-Page17.jpg 25kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-MapCover.jpg Wizball_Graphics-MapCover.jpg 84kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Misc1.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Misc1.jpg 90kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Misc2.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Misc2.jpg 68kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Misc3.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Misc3.jpg 79kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Misc4.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Misc4.jpg 69kb Game additional material
Wizball_Graphics-Misc5.jpg Wizball_Graphics-Misc5.jpg 43kb Game additional material
Wizball_LetterFromSensibleSoftware.jpg Wizball_LetterFromSensibleSoftware.jpg 141kb ?
Wizball_LetterFromSensibleSoftwareToGaryBracey.jpg Wizball_LetterFromSensibleSoftwareToGaryBracey.jpg 146kb ?
Wizball_OriginalArtwork.jpg Wizball_OriginalArtwork.jpg 69kb Original artwork
Wizball_SpriteList1.jpg Wizball_SpriteList1.jpg 291kb Game additional material
Wizball_SpriteList2.jpg Wizball_SpriteList2.jpg 247kb Game additional material
finalback.png finalback.png 10kb Original artwork
scene2.png scene2.png 4kb Original artwork
lairbits2.png lairbits2.png 3kb Original artwork
back.png back.png 2kb Original artwork
maindemo2.png maindemo2.png 4kb Original artwork
spritescr.png spritescr.png 3kb Original artwork
bitsbackup.png bitsbackup.png 3kb Original artwork
wiz2.png wiz2.png 9kb Original artwork
lastspr.png lastspr.png 1kb Original artwork
lairscr.png lairscr.png 5kb Original artwork
yinback.png yinback.png 3kb Original artwork
yinscr.png yinscr.png 3kb Original artwork
scwee.png scwee.png 1kb Original artwork
stoneup.png stoneup.png 4kb Original artwork
newwizscr.png newwizscr.png 2kb Original artwork
bits.png bits.png 2kb Original artwork
sprites.png sprites.png 3kb Original artwork
spr2.png spr2.png 5kb Original artwork
title.png title.png 1kb Original artwork
wiz4.png wiz4.png 9kb Original artwork
mess.png mess.png 3kb Original artwork
grid.png grid.png 1kb Original artwork
well2.png well2.png 4kb Original artwork
lairchrs.png lairchrs.png 1kb Original artwork
final.png final.png 10kb Original artwork
demo2.png demo2.png 3kb Original artwork
main.png main.png 2kb Original artwork
iconsdone.png iconsdone.png 2kb Original artwork
demo.png demo.png 2kb Original artwork
tower.png tower.png 850b Original artwork
wizscr.png wizscr.png 7kb Original artwork
maindemo.png maindemo.png 4kb Original artwork
pipe2.png pipe2.png 3kb Original artwork
scene.png scene.png 5kb Original artwork
balloon.png balloon.png 876b Original artwork
title2.png title2.png 3kb Original artwork
boing.png boing.png 897b Original artwork
bits2.png bits2.png 3kb Original artwork
spr0.png spr0.png 5kb Original artwork
mask.png mask.png 1kb Original artwork
wizpic.png wizpic.png 2kb Original artwork
lair.png lair.png 4kb Original artwork
ohgod.png ohgod.png 1kb Original artwork
chrset.png chrset.png 3kb Original artwork
spr3.png spr3.png 5kb Original artwork
rushmore.png rushmore.png 2kb Original artwork
demo4.png demo4.png 6kb Original artwork
scene3.png scene3.png 4kb Original artwork
well.png well.png 4kb Original artwork
wiz1.png wiz1.png 8kb Original artwork
lairbits.png lairbits.png 3kb Original artwork
demoscr.png demoscr.png 4kb Original artwork
seen.png seen.png 2kb Original artwork
Please Read.rtf Please Read.rtf 23kb Original artwork
demo3.png demo3.png 4kb Original artwork
spr.png spr.png 5kb Original artwork
Please Read.rtf Please Read.rtf 23kb Original artwork
ice.png ice.png 1kb Original artwork
scene1.png scene1.png 5kb Original artwork
sprscr.png sprscr.png 3kb Original artwork
back2.png back2.png 831b Original artwork
small.png small.png 1012b Original artwork
early.png early.png 2kb Original artwork
spr1.png spr1.png 5kb Original artwork
title3.png title3.png 2kb Original artwork
mess2.png mess2.png 5kb Original artwork
tower2.png tower2.png 2kb Original artwork
stone.png stone.png 4kb Original artwork
rush.png rush.png 3kb Original artwork
rush2.png rush2.png 2kb Original artwork
wiz3.png wiz3.png 9kb Original artwork
pipe.png pipe.png 3kb Original artwork
Wizball (1987)(Ocean Software).pok Wizball (1987)(Ocean Software).pok
(hosted on Spectrum Computing)
305b POK pokes file

Release History

Type Date Price Publisher ISBN Pages
Original release (O) 1987 £7.95 (RRP) Ocean Software Ltd
Re-release (R) 1989 EDOS
Re-release (R) 1987 Erbe Software S.A.
Re-release (R) 1987 IBSA
Re-release (R) 1989 £2.99 (RRP) The Hit Squad