Opus Discovery Disk Utilities

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  • A set of Opus Discovery Tools by Gert Kremer, that can be used to work with Opus Discovery disks on a PC.
    Comes complete with source! [22/12/95]
  • Opus Image v1.04 by Marcelo Lopez
    Makes images of your physical Opus disks. [11/10/99]
  • ZXDump v1.33 by Marcelo Lopez
    This tool can dump the contents on screen of any file in an Opus image, modify any file (in memory only) and save a TAP version of such file (modified or not). [11/10/99]
  • [NEW!] OpusRead v2.00 (PC/Windows) by Marcelo Lopez
    This tool allows a user to read, analyze and save Opus Discovery floppy images and physical disks. The different Opus floppy file types can be viewed with included Screen, Program Listing and Binary viewers, and these can also be saved in several formats as well as printed. [09/12/06]