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TAPER offers you the following:

  • The ultimate solution for your Spectrum tapes,
  • The same great Graphical User Interface (GUI) as SGD,
  • Compatibility with all PCs with a 386 or up,
  • Dual tape screen,
  • Easy drag and drop of blocks between tape files,
  • View and change header blocks,
  • View screen blocks,
  • View/edit BASIC blocks in full Spectrum context, with full Spectrum character set and attribute support, including FLASH (and save out),
  • View/edit blocks in memory dump format (both hex and ASCII),
  • View blocks in full Z80 disassembly (and save out),
  • Output tape blocks as real Spectrum tape sounds through a SoundBlaster or Parallel Port Interface to be loaded in a real Spectrum,
  • Read real Spectrum tapes through the SoundBlaster,
  • Auto-convert between tape file formats,
  • Advanced decoding of VOC sample files to tape files. TAPER has an extremely high success rate and can even convert parts of a game!
  • Does not require ANY command line option,
  • Fully supports tape filetypes TAP, LTP, VOC, ZXS (read-only), TZX (up to v1.13), Z80em ‘raw sample files’, and Ramsoft’s CSW format,
  • Supports snapshot filetypes Z80 and SNA (read-only), which are on-the-fly converted to compressed, turbo-loading tapes,
  • Can be called from within SGD,
  • Internally uses the TZX format,
  • It’s open source, using the GNU General Public License!


Changed the licensing scheme from Freeware to GNU General Public License.
Development was ceased in July 1999. No new version will be released anymore.


  • In order to be able to use this program you will need the following hardware:
    • A 80386 or better processor,
    • A (Super)VGA card with at least 256Kb,
    • A mouse with a fully Microsoft compatible driver,
    • At least 4Mb of memory,
    • An 8-bit SoundBlaster 2.0 compatible soundcard or Parallel Port Interface if you want to replay the tape to an actual Spectrum,
  • And the following software:
    • (MS)DOS 5.0 or better,
    • A copy of the free DOS/4GW runtime.


To give you an impression of the screen layout, I added some screenshots. Just click on the image to see it full screen (640×480)

[GIF picture]

2 tapes loaded

[GIF picture]

Editing timing values


  • [TAPER NOW!] Download TAPER v2.07 NOW from FTP or HTTP (including source code, 794,764 bytes)
  • Download a TAPER Icon file, courtesy of Gerardo Oporto Jorrin
  • Download the freeware DOS/4GW runtime (143,699 bytes, needed to run TAPER).