Who Is Responsible For Wos?

Please note this content is from the original WoS site, and may no longer be relevant. If you have any queries, please contact us.

The World of Spectrum was first created in 1995 and maintained by Martijn van der Heide alone.

In 1997, Paolo Perrotta helped redesign the entire layout for the site, and Marko Folle created most of the graphics, including the front logo, which was used up to early July 2003.

The current front page was created by Paul van der Laan, winner of the front page redesign competition in June 2003.

These days, maintenance is split into

English TZX files and the MIA, STP and SDP projects Martijn van der HeideAndy BarkerSteve Brown and Tony Barnett
Spanish files and information Juan Pablo López Grao
AY files bcass
The Instructions and device ROMs Preservation projects Philip Kendall
The Screenshot Preservation project Gerard Sweeney
The Tribute section and WoS FAQ Arjun Nair
Generous uploads You, our visitors!
Everything else Martijn van der Heide.


and we’d like to specifically thank Michael Bruhn, Lee Tonks, and Nick Humphries for their valued help!

The ZZ Spectrum Java Spectrum emulator, used to play the games on-line is copyright Troels Nørgaard.

The ZX Certification exam is copyright 2001 Samir Ribic.

The Forum code is copyright Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

All web-content, including but not limited to text, pictures, layout and scripts is copyright © 1995-2013 ThunderWare Research Center unless stated otherwise. All rights reserved. All FTP content is owned by their rightful owners, as displayed. No part of this site may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior consent. Deep-linking and mirroring prohibited. Mirrorers will be banned.

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We formed an association with SPOT*OnSPEX (SPOT Adverts Extension) and The Type Fantastic from Jim Grimwood, The YS Rock’n’Roll Years from Nick Humphries, The Tipshop from Nick Humphries and Gerard Sweeney, Project AY from bcass and Spectrum 2.0 from Philip Kendall, thus providing you with a huge amount of closely linked information.


Our primary server is a QuadCore Xeon @ 2.83GHz, with 4Gb of memory and 500Gb of disk space. It runs Slackware Linux and has a 100Mbit connection to the Internet.

Our backup server is located in our ThunderWare Research Center studio. It’s a Core 2 Duo @ 1.8GHz, with 2Gb of memory and 700Gb of disk space. It runs Slackware Linux and has a 2Mbit connection to the Internet.

All hardware is owned by ThunderWare Research Center.


When this site was created (a night shift on 29 to 30 November 1995), it was placed on a host with the name julia.gns.getronics.nl.

About 3 months later, this host died and the pages were moved to a new machine, called pampus.gns.getronics.nl.

In January 1997, a new (virtual) hostname had been introduced, www.gns.getronics.nl, which was the new preferred hostname to be used for links.

Since June 1997, Getronics discontinued allowing a public web-server, so we moved to www.void.demon.nl (where the site was pulled twice for generating too much bandwidth 😉

We’ve been at the premises of Intermax BV in Rotterdam (wos.intermax.nl) until March 1999, where we were forced to move away from due to the incredible amount of abuse of the servers (under 1 month!).

We were then allowed back on a Getronics host, listening on void.jump.org (domain name kindly loaned from the University of Maribor (Slovenia)).

The bit at Demon stayed, everything else went to void.jump.org.

Since May 2000, everything has moved to void.jump.org, except for my own little Spectrum related efforts (SGD and TAPER).

As of December 2000, we’re at the location of KPN, only 1 hop away from the Dutch Internet backbone!

Since February 2001, all remaining parts that were still kept at www.void.demon.nl. (SGD, TAPER and copies of the various FAQs) moved to the void.jump.org as well. Finally, everything is on the same site and my Demon account will be phased out… (gone as of 12 December 2001)

March 2001 was quite a horrible month, with a LOT of downtime out of our control. Due to this, this month also saw the setup of a hot-standby fail-over secondary WoS server.

In April 2001, we moved the primary server to a stabler segment (on our development net).

As of 1 June 2001, WoS finally has its own domain name: worldofspectrum.org.

Starting October 2003, the borrowed void.jump.org domain is being phased out, after four and a half years of service.

In November 2003, we moved to our professional gaming network, Gamecity.

In June 2009, Gamecity was discontinued and we moved to XS4ALL.

Thanks for reading,

Martijn van der Heide

ThunderWare Research Center