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The complete, high quality, fullpage scans of each and every page of each and every issue of Crash, Sinclair User, Personal Computer Games and The Games Machine magazine is available from Mort!

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Click on the image for details on the contents (Crash).

Not everything from these CD sets is available in the WoS archive.

Each magazine comes on either CD or DVD, depending on size, for prices ranging between £8.99 and £11.99, including handling and shipping.

Ordering can be done directly from the Zzap Zzuperstore.

Also see his own site www.zzap64.co.uk, where you can also get a fully scanned Zzap64 set, Amtix and various other scanned computer magazines.

The adventure games from Zenobi Software are not available on the above CD-ROMs.

If you wish to obtain these, you can either download them from the archive, or buy the CD-ROM that Zenobi Software themselves sell for only £4.99 including postage.

Zenobi Software can be contacted either through their website, or by snail-mail at:

John Wilson
Zenobi Software
26 Spotland Tops
Cutgate, Rochdale
OL12 7NX
United Kingdom