What’s New?

This page lists updates to World Of Spectrum Classic and planned future enhancements / fixes.

Planned updates

This is the pipeline of upcoming changes, in rough chronological order.

  • Another Infoseek update!
  • Content clean-up
  • Game ratings
  • Add a submission form for corrections / updates
  • Newsletter signup (possibly – this is under discussion)
  • Investigate re-adding Remakes, Stats, ZX Certification (subject to demand)
  • Tidy up microsites (hardware page, Project AY etc)
  • Other things – make a suggestion!


Publishers! Authors! Blog!

By Site Admin

Another big update behind the scenes, but one with slightly palpable benefits. We have improved the listing pages for publishers and authors as that was an oversight that we hadn’t noticed until someone wanted that functionality a couple of  weeks ago. They don’t look or behave brilliantly at… Read More

Archive Update

By Site Admin

Just a quick update to say that we have hopefully resolved the issue of hosting the archive, and a good deal quicker than expected, so virtually everything is back under the WoSC roof! There have been a few other fixes in the last few days – some were enforced by… Read More

Moving Home

By Site Admin

A few updates recently, mostly content related. The big one is that we have had to tighten our belts like everyone else in the UK, and this cost cutting measure has lead us to move away from Digital Ocean to shared hosting at Krystal. However, it’s not… Read More

Second Anniversary

By Site Admin

Due to various factors (illness, busyness, other projects, a heatwave in the UK) not much work has taken place recently, but a lot of work under then hood has been done to improve the CSS and JavaScript build pipeline, as well as updating the server to PHP 8.1. There have… Read More

After Spectrum 40

By Site Admin

A faster update than normal! As always, we’ve been busy little bees and with a few of us attending Spectrum 40, we’ve been energised to push something out. Apart from the usual fixes under the hood, we have made a lot of the pages mobile friendly. Spectrum… Read More

April Fools!

By Site Admin

Wow, another three months has flown by, but we have been very busy working on the site and the backend. It now runs on a completely different code base to that which it launched on 20 months ago, and while it doesn’t look different to how it did yesterday, it… Read More

A Long Delay And Major Updates

By Site Admin

Wow, it’s been over a year since the last announced update. There have been tweaks throughout 2021 but nothing big. Lots of reasons behind that but hopefully that’s the last big gap. The main reason – of course – has been the ongoing pandemic and the pressure it is putting… Read More

Our First Big Break

By Site Admin

After a long hiatus due to Covid, day jobs, real world and general difficulties, we are pleased to announce a massive set of changes, although to the visitor there won’t be much of a difference (in fact, the site will actually look worse for a time). However, all of the… Read More

Fixing Broken Links & Hello To Spectrum Computing

By Site Admin

Loads of broken links have now been fixed! Thank you very much to the kind people at Spectrum Computing for allowing us to hotlink to their assets for newer items that weren’t in the original WoS archives. The plan going forward is for us to provide… Read More

Launch Day!

By Site Admin

In the grand scheme of things, not too many updates on the website, although we have fixed a lot more broken links and replaced the rubbish cookies notice with something a bit more professional. The big news is that – behind the scenes – we have started moving content into… Read More