April Fools!

Wow, another three months has flown by, but we have been very busy working on the site and the backend.

It now runs on a completely different code base to that which it launched on 20 months ago, and while it doesn’t look different to how it did yesterday, it will now be far easier to finally upgrade. Usually we have to do things in massive launches because of a complicated set of dependencies, and thus entire parts need to be finished and tested before a push. If you happened to be on the site last night (31/03/22) around 9pm you may have seen how these pushes don’t always go to plan!

We don’t expect anything to be broken or even look that different (apart from larger text), but if you see anything untoward, please let us know.

Infoseek is still not really ordering results in the best way, so that will be the next thing we look at. Following that, it will be layouts on mobile – there’s still a few pages (such as games / books / hardware) that don’t really work.

Also mentioned in the previous post, very little of the archive will be updated now, as we have committed to keeping the site ‘classic’ and so no titles from prior to March 2015 will be added, and only where there are mistakes or new assets for existing items will data be changed. If you do have a title that is missing in action or other materials that we don’t have, please do get in touch. We feel it is important that the site stays as it is in people’s memories, and modern software, hardware and books are brilliant covered by a range of other sites.

That is not to say that other parts of the site won’t be updated. While it’s not going to gain a forum or a blog, we are now starting to work on the content – legacy content will be moved into a subpage of its former home for posterity while up-to-date info will be added. New sections and features will be added and the old features may be spruced up. If you created one of the many microsite sections and would like to update it, give us a shout. We have been receiving requests for ratings to return and that is very high on the priority list.

Finally, you will have noticed our April Fool’s home page. It’s an homage to our friends over at the modern World Of Spectrum and hope it’s taken in good spirits 🙂

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Spectrum 40. Until then, keep it Speccy!

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