Moving Home

A few updates recently, mostly content related. The big one is that we have had to tighten our belts like everyone else in the UK, and this cost cutting measure has lead us to move away from Digital Ocean to shared hosting at Krystal. However, it’s not all about the pennies as Krystal are one of the greenest hosting providers around. One other hard decision we’ve had to make was to step back from hosting the entirety of the old WoS archive (over 100gb) temporarily while we find a more cost effective solution. Therefore anything you download in the near future will be directly linked to’s June 2017 mirror. Hotlinking like this is of course not the most polite of practices and we hope the fine folks at don’t mind. Once we have our own solution, we will have that up and running (not least because we do have content that isn’t currently hosted anywhere else!).

We have also added notable subsections to the site, as these were both in danger of getting lost on the internet. The first is Garry Lancaster’s +3e ROM information – this is a wonderful piece of work that Garry has put many years into. It greatly increases the usability of the +3 with modern storage devices as well as beefing up the power of the +3 with its original 3″ disks. Garry has also been working on NextZXOS and other small projects on the ZX Spectrum Next, and has been key to its success.

The second section is a recreation of the ZX Modules site. This is a brilliant set of utilities for MS Windows that allows you to edit Spectrum screen dumps, tape images, BASIC programs and much more. Unfortunately, the site is no longer live so we needed to reconstruct it as best we could from various sources. If anyone has any of the broken images, please drop us a line!

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