Poke Finder Wizard

The Poke Finder Wizard is an add-on to ZX32, a Windows 32-bit ZX Spectrum emulator by Vaggelis Kapartzianis. What the wizard will do basically is to help you find the memory addresses for lifes, energy, timers, etc... for games running in Zx32, thus allowing you to poke those addresses with a value of your choice. This will have the nice effect of giving you infinite lives, times, firepower, whatever... Above is a screenshot of PFW in action:

PFW screenshot


You have 2 options to download the Poke Finder Wizard. If you don't have PFW yet, please choose the full setup. If you are upgrading a previous version of PFW, you may either uninstall your current version and set up the new one using the full setup, or you may just download the Upgrade files and unzip them on the top of your existing PFW files (installed typically under C:\Programs\Poke Finder Wizard).

Note that Poke Finder Wizard 1.01 will only operate with ZX32 version and above. If you're not sure what version you have, or you have an older one, get the latest at ZX32 Spectrum Emulator Home.


Version 1.01 out now! Here's what changed:
-Added support for Auto-Pokes (PFW will poke Zx32 itself)
-Added AutoPoke INI setting
-Added PokeOriginalValue INI setting
-Added AutoPokeEnable INI setting
-Added AutoPokeLock INI setting
-Added AutoPokeEnable INI setting
-Added AutoPokeCompact INI setting
-Added AutoPokeClear INI setting
-The wizard will no longer suggest any value, to avoid 'have I already pressed next?' problems
-Changed some texts in the wizard pages
-Added support for sorting the addresses and values (by clicking on the 3D-Column header)
-Another minor bugfixes and small changes
-Documentation and samples change to reflect new options


V1.01 Full Setup (Recommended if you don't have PFW yet) 1935 Kb

V1.01 Upgrade (To Upgrade your version of PFW) 48 Kb

Read here the ReadMe.txt Included with Poke Find Wizard

Make sure you read the docs prior to using the wizard. If you have any questions or suggestions, mail them to:
miguel {at} duodata {dot} pt