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A joint effort of The Preservation Team.

The SDP projects’ aim is to obtain EDSKs of disks that aren’t already available
on The TZX Vault or main spectrum web server in Holland (WoS).

Any help in resolving these is highly appreciated!

We would like them in the Extended DSK format using SamDisk v3+.

Images *MUST* be made from an original disk to be considered authentic.

Instructions and Cover scans are appreciated if they can be supplied.

Uploads can be done using either HTTP or FTP. Please see this page for more info.

Please make sure to also check the Spectrum Tape Preservation and Missing In Action projects!

       Name                                             Year Publisher                            Lan Mem Type

       Abbreviations                                    1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Birds of Britain                                 1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Copy Cats / Spell Cats                           1987 Keysoft
       Count and Add                                    1992 Scetlander (aka. Lander)
       Countries and Capitals                           1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Decimals                                         1987 Keysoft
       Fractions 1/2                                    1987 Keysoft
       Fun School 3 for 5-7 Year Olds                   1991 Database Educational Software 
       Fun School 4 for 7-11 Year Olds                  1992 Europress Software
       Hooray for Henrietta                             1990 Scetlander (aka. Lander)
       Letter Writer                                    1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Mix and Match with Maggie                        1991 Scetlander (aka. Lander)
       Murder Most Foul                                 1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Myself and Us                                    1987 Keysoft
       Our Class                                        1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Planet Mathematics                               1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Scottish Towns                                   1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Shoe People - First Class                        1992 Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd
       Spell Cats / Copy Cats                                Keysoft
       Theory of Music to Grade 5                       1987 Kirk, Ted
       Who Helps?                                       1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Word Likeness                                    1988 Teacher's Pet Software
       Words and Pictures                               1986 Chalksoft Ltd

Total number of entries: 23