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A joint effort co-ordinated by Andy BarkerSteve Brown, and Tony Barnett.

Spectrum Disk Preservation (SDP) Project –
Questions & Answers:


  1. How can I help if I can’t dump disks myself ?

1. What is the purpose of the SDP project ?

The purpose of the SDP project is to gather EDSK images for disks that aren’t already available on The .TZX Vault or WOS.
It’s an extention to the STP project but deals with software that was distributed on +3 disk.

2. Why should I make digital backups (DSKs) of my disks ?

As time goes by, the magnetic surface of your disk(s) will become degraded with signal dropouts and sections of data totally erased or unreadable. This seems to be worse on disks because more of the surface is exposed to the elements than tape (which is wound up).
You’ll not be able to load them into a real spectrum and the data on them will be lost forever unless you take action NOW !.

If you backup your disks using SamDisk v3+, then you have to opportunity to immortalise them in the EDSK format and store them on the central archive WOS (World of Spectrum) & The .TZX Vault. If titles are denied distribution, then still back them up for your own purpose, although they cannot be put on-line at WOS or The .TZX Vault they can still be stored until such time that the software companies waive the ban (This is currently a ‘Work In Progress‘). Dave Batty has written a disk dumping guide that is hosted on The .TZX Vault.
I’ve done a similar guide as well which include pictures, here’s two links showing what I have so far:

* Andy’s Disk Dumping Guide (using an Amstrad FD-1 & CPDRead)
* Andy’s Disk Dumping Guide (using a 3″ Floppy drive from CPC 6128 or Spectrum +3, with SamDisk).
* 3″ Floppy drive adaptor and cable

3. What file format should I submit my files in?

The best file format to digitally backup spectrum disks (presently IMHO) is the EDSK format. The EDSK format will acuratly reproduce the source disk to give you an authentic backup. It’s also possible to restore or repair your original backup disk if the data has degraded, SamDisk also allows writing back, though for copy protected disks you will need to adjust your drive speed.

4. What files should I send or not send ?

For the SDP project we are looking for EDSK images of the original disk complete with loader, inlay scans and instructions if possible.
The released images must also be free from bad sectors although in some cases we will release them until such time that we can obtain a better one.

5. How do I know if the title I wish to submit is already resolved ?

Searching via inforseek is not available at this time, but you can still use the manually generated list to see what is required, the lists are available at the top of this page. No doubt there will be mistakes, but that’s part and parcel of this project.

6. What other information should I supply when submitting a title ?

Please use the upload form. It would be advantageous if you could fill as much information as possible to help us identify the origin of the DSK being submitted.

7. How can I help if I can’t dump disks myself ?

If you are interested in helping us out but don’t have the hardware or knowledge to dump EDSK images, then perhaps you’d consider loaning us the disks. I’ve loaned many disks before and can give you references if needed.