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Information on all Timex/Sinclair computers - TS1000, TS1500 & TS2068
TMX Portugal computers TC2048, TC2068
and TMX Portugal FDD and FDD-3000 Disk Drive Systems.
With appreciation to Sir Clive Sinclair and Timex Computer Corporation
Member T/SNUG - Timex/Sinclair NorthAmerican User Groups
T/SNUG Questions and Inquiries contact: Abed Kahale

The Timex Machines
Some of the Clones
Timex Peripherals
Software Lists
TS1000 Computer CZ1000______________ (Argentina) TS1016 16K RAM Timex (TS1000/1500)
TS1500 Computer CZ1500______________ (Argentina) TS1050 Carrying Case
Softsync, Inc.
TS2000 Computer (prototype only) CP-200 Computer_______ (Brazil) TS1510 Cartridge Player
TS2048 Computer (prototype only) CP-200s Computer______ (Brazil) TC2010 Data Recorder
TS2068 Computer TK-82/TK-82c__________ (Brazil) TS2020 Program Recorder
Timex (TS2068)
TC2048 Computer (PAL) TK-83 ________________ (Brazil) TS2020A AC Adapter
TC2068 Computer (PAL, silver) TK-85 Computer________ (Brazil) TP2040 Printer
TC2068 Computer (PAL, black) Power 3000____________ (China) TS2040 Printer
Unipolbrit Komputer 2086 Futura 8300____________ (China) TS2050 Modem
The Timex Promise Lambda______________ (China) TS2090 Command Stick
What Happened? Your Computer PC8300___ (China) Timex Interface RS232
TMX Portugal
Joystick/Sound Unit


Gladstone Electronics - US & Canada G. Russell Electronics - Pennsylvania Sumware
Sunset Electronics - California Mechanical Affinity - Indiana FWD Computing - Indiana
The WidJuP Co. Suntronics E. Arthur Brown Company
TEJ Computer Products - 2068 software Grey & Clifford Ed Grey Enterprises
Clifford & Associates - Z-Link (a "twister") Lemke Software Development RMG Enterprises - Oregon
WMJ Data Systems Knighted Computers Quicksilva, Inc.
Zebra Systems Curry Computer Ezra Group II
K-2 Electronics - made the KRADLE Rom-Pac Applications Bob Berch
Mindware Non Trivial Solutions (NTS) ZX-Panding, Ltd.
data-assette Silicon Mountain Computers Softsync, Inc.
CLEVA Computer Ware R.I.S.T. SyncWare Co.
CAI Instruments, Inc. Sharps Aardvark - 80
Sinware Lamo-Lem Laboratories Savage Software
Cottage Technology Fresh Tracks Microtech Marketing
Biocal Software Santa Fe Industries Filesixty
Smartware Run-it Software Club Melbourne House Software
Second Base Romark Industries, Inc. Zor Khan Industries
Space Breakers Compusa SiriusWare
Ephemeris V General Systems Consulting Evansoft
M.C. Hoffman Co. King Software Protolab
Active Designs JRS Software DSBC
International Pulishing & Software Inc. KSoft Daedalus Software
Aerco Computhink, Inc. Turner, Elcy & Com.
Orion's Belt Enterprises Time Data Zebra X-Ray Software
Infinity Research Develpment Powerplay Systems Gotwald
Peak Intercomputer Basically Software Co.
DA Datasystems Nirad Electronics Advanced Interface Designs
ZWare Small System Software Omni Technology
R.L. Associates Nooter Stock Program Jenn Products
Aries Associates Servitronics Cosmonics
Florida Creations Atto-Soft Stratagem Cybernetics
Thomas B. Woods Frog Software Edson Electronics
S.C.I. The Fourth Dimension Orbyte Software
Synergistic Design Byte-Back Co. E-Z Key
Jameco ZODEX Synchronize
Kopak Creations, Inc. KML Incorporated Southern Computer Systems
CompuTech&Software Industries, Inc. JK Audio Zoff Industries
Powertronix Research Applications Products Expense Cutter Products, Inc.
Computer Engineering Services Apropos Technology Dancer
Microcomputers Plus, Inc. Audiograph Co. UPSystems
Sinclair Place Double H Electronics Communication System Labs
Luxtron, Inc. Independence Research Hurricane Electronics
Down East Computers Hunter Computer Continuum
Basco MicroSync (service) Driver's Software SourceBook
C-20 Magazine Aid Electronics (repair) Z-West
Mohr & Assoc. Creative Computing Press Cases, Inc.
Memotech Damco Enterprises A & J Microdrive

(and associated Users Group)

User Group
Ramblings - The official newsletter of the Timex Computer Club.
The Plotter - Clackamas County Area Timex Sinclair Users Group (Oregon)
Sinc-Link - Toronto Timex-Sinclair Users Club (Canada)
LISTing - LIST (Long Island Sinclair Timex) (New York)
The DATA BUS - Dayton Area Timex/Sinclair Users Group of DMA, Inc. (Ohio)
The YAOUG Newsletter - Yet Another Orphan User Group (Ohio)
The CATS Newsletter - Capital Area Timex Sinclair Users Group (Virginia)
Timex-Sinclair User Group Newsletter - (Ottawa-Hull) Timex-Sinclair User Group (Canada)
SWYM - Seattle Area Timex User Group
I.S.T.U.G. Newsletter - Indiana Sinclair-Timex Users Group
KATS KOMPUTER KNEWS - Kansas Area Timex/Sinclair Users Group
SMUG BYTES - Sinclair Milwaukee Users Group (Wisconsin)
ZX-APPEAL - Vancouver Sinclair Users Group (Canada)
H.A.T.S. - Harrisburg Area Timex Sinclair Users Group (Pennsylvania)
SLUG Newsletter - Sinclair Louisville User Group (Kentucky)
Sinclair Timex Newsletter - Sinclair/Timex User Group of the Boston Computer Society
Detroit Area Timex/Sinclair News - SEMCO (Sinclair Special Interest Group)
The Nite-Times News - Chicago Area Timex Users Group
ZX Computer Users Group Newsletter - West Los Angeles ZX Users Group
Mile High TS Group Newsletter - Mile High Timex Sinclair User Group (Denver)
The Sinc Times - NE Florida T/S Users Group
SINCUS NEWS - Sinclair Computer Users Society (SINCUS) (New York)
THE RAMTOP - Greater Cleveland Sinclair Users Group (Ohio)
The DATA EXPANSION - Timex/Sinclair Users Group of Fort Worth (Texas)
FDD Express - "Zebra" Disk Drive System Newsletter (New York)
FDD NewsLetter -
ZX-Team Magazin - newsletter from ZX-Team (in German).
Synapse -
VISTA Newsletter - Vashon Island Sinclair Timex Association (Washington)
The Hacker - The Hackers (Nevada)
ZXir QLive Alive! - the T/SNUG newsletter online.


T/SNUG Home Page - Active user group, membership is $12/year and includes quarterly newsletter! Help!
The last issue of the newsletter will be published April 2003 unless someone volunteers to take over the duties of editor/publisher. If you are interested please contact Abed Kahale.

Timex Computer World - Timex computer site maintained in Portugal (English version).
Sinclair and Timex Projects Page - Interesting new site.
'Unofficial' Timex Sinclair 2068 Site - Devoted to TS2068, good information (some taken, with permission, from this site).
comp.sys.sinclair FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ for Sinclair computers, and links to sites around the world (US Mirror).
Dogstar Music - Fred Nachbaur's Music Page (Yes, THE Fred Nachbaur of ZX81 fame!)
Dogstar Project Site - Another Fred Nachbaur Page (Projects, Vacuum Tubes & other stuff)
Fred's ZX81 Contributions - Another Fred Nachbaur page
Odds and Ends - TS2068 Technical Manual & Schematics.
ZX-TEAM Home Page - Interesting ZX81 projects by the Team in Germany.
World of Spectrum (WoS) - Lots of interesting stuff.
WoS Emulators - Including TS2068 emulators.
Planet Sinclair - Covers everything Sinclair, but has inaccurate information about the Timex peripherals.
Sinclair Nostalgia Products - Lots of Sinclair computers and their clones. Very nice site with a lot of information.
Sinclair Research - Uncle Clive's Home Page.
The Sinclair ZX81 Support Page - Steve MacDonald's Page
Open Directory - Sinclair-related links.
Yahoo Search - Has over 7,300 Timex Sinclair hits!
AltaVista Search - Almost 4,000 Timex Sinclair hits.
Timexpo Museum - The Timex Watch Museum. Nothing on their computers!
Timex Corporate Site - Still nothing about computers.
FWD Computing - mostly Amiga, but has information on the Z88 & QL.
Home Electronics Service (John Rish) - US Sinclair repair and sales.
Java vs. the Timex Sinclair - a little humor.

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