Timex (Zebra) FDD Interface

The scan to the left is the Interface that was imported with the FDD systems by Zebra Systems of New York and English Micro Connection of Rhode Island. These are all silver, as were the Interfaces imported with the FDD-3000 disk system.

Note that the "Timex Interface" label has been removed, either by TMX Portugal prior to shipping or after arrival in the US. This Interface came with the "Zebra" Disk System and has a sticker added warning users not to plug directly onto the TS2068 buss.

The Interfaces used with the European-marketed FDD and FDD-3000 systems were black.

The scan to the right is from the 1985 - Fall/Winter Zebra Systems Catalog.

Scan shows the specifications of the "Zebra" FDD System. The interface is in the lower right corner of the picture on page 7 of the Catalog.

Although the picture shows "Timex" labels on the equipment, none arrived at your door with them attached.

For those interested in the technical side of things here is some technical data on the Interface.