A lot of Spectrum files which work with Warajevo emulator may be found in well-known Martijn's archive on
World of Spectrum. Here you can find some files which are strictly related to the Warajevo emulator.


During the war, we collected about 30 Mb of Spectrum software in the Warajevo TAP format. It will be overhead to keep all of them here, because this software already exists in some other format. However, we want to popularize Warajevo TAP format which is much superior than standard TAP format, although it is nearly totally unknown. So, we prepared here the best of the Spectrum software in the Warajevo TAP format. Also, you will find here some TAP files which ilustrates advantage of the Warajevo TAP format (and of the Warajevo emulator itself) in comparing to the standard TAP format...

First, we collected the best of all Spectrum games (nearly 150 games) on only three Warajevo TAP files, where each TAP file (unzipped) occupies no more than one 3.5" floppy disc, due to internal packing of Warajevo TAP format! Keep in mind that this was very useful during the war when Samir was on the terrain with the Army, where the only computer was a PC without a hard disc!!! The most of these games works on 48K Spectrum, but some of them needs 128K Spectrum, and some of them works better on 128K Spectrum. Some of these games was avaliable on the Internet only in snapshot format. Such games are converted into TAP format using the convertor which is built-in into the Warajevo. Notice that Warajevo Z80 -> TAP convertor can avoid screen damaging when converted TAP files are loaded!!!

THEBEST1.TAP Ant Attack, Enduro Racer, Action Reflex, Bomb Jack, Hobbit, Boulder Dash, Head Over Heels, Chuckie Egg, 3D Death Chase, Knight Lore, Dizzy, Lords of Midnight, Manic Miner, Skool Daze, International Match Day, Starquake, Ping Pong, Stop The Express, Rebel, Robocop, Yie Ar Kung Fu, R-Type, Saboteur, Sim City, Spy vs Spy, 3D Star Strike, Lode Runner, Alien, Cybernoid 2, Mercenary, Fantasy World Dizzy, Nebulus, Highway Encounter, Think, Great Escape, Light Force, Midnight Resistance, Bobby Bearing, Renegade, Rescue, Robotron, Tetris, Hundra, Everyone's Wally
THEBEST2.TAP Three Weeks in Paradise, Dun Darach, Batty, Eric and The Floaters, Bounder, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Buggy Boy, The Way of The Exploding Fist, Stalone Cobra, Football Manager, Cruising on Brodway, Hypersport, Dark Star, Jumping Jack, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Knot in 3D, G-force, Sir Lancelot, Green Beret, Match Point, Guardian, Maziacs, Gyroscope, Mined Out, Hijack, Pang 128, Pheenix, Operation Wolf 128, Rastan Saga, Wriggler, Scrabble, Splat, Zzoom, The Train Game, Trashman, Thrust, Wheelie, Dark Side, Arkanoid 2, Daley Thompson's Decatlon, Batman, Deflektor, Blinky's, Fred, Bugaboo, Fruit Machine Simulator 2, Castle Master, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Driller, Gunfright, Cookie
THEBEST3.TAP Motos, Fairlight - a Prelude, Fairlight - a Trail of Darkness, Olli & Lissa 3, H.A.T.E, Peking, Heartland, Pentagram, Jack The Nipper in Coconut Capers, Pipemania, Aufwiedersen Monty, Monty On The Run, Plotting, Pogo, Pro Tennis Tour, Silk Worm, Psi Chess, Space Raiders, Pssst, Puzznic, Pyjamarama, Rick Dangerous, Rick Dangerous II, All Or Nothing, Back to School, Carrier Command 128, Sentinel, Tornado Low Level, Antics, Deactivators, Deus ex Machina, I Ball, I Ball 2, Jet Set Willy, Chase H.Q, Rainbow Islands, Elite, Fighter Pilot, Pinball Power, Kayleth, Popeye, Tapper

We also prepared some Warajevo TAP files which will explain some features of the Warajevo TAP format, and of the Warajevo itself. We will prove here that Warajevo TAP format has equivalent loading power like TZX file format, e.g. Warajevo TAP also can keep all kinds of tape records. The advantage of TZX format is greater compactness of storing very non-standard records (speedlocks etc.). For example, one tipical program with a SpeedLock is about 50K long in the TZX format, and 200K in the Warajevo TAP format (after imploding). However, in many cases, TZX blocks may be converted into normal Warajevo blocks (very often even when the loader is non-standard), and in such cases, after imploding Warajevo TAP files will be much shorter than a source TZX file! Somebody may tell that TZX may also keep playing instructions, screenshots, etc. which is not possible in the Warajevo TAP files. However, this is not quite true. Warajevo TAP files can also keep such things, although we didn't recommend a standard protocol for doing this. Namely, Warajevo taps are double linked lists, and everything which is not in the chain will not disturb loading process nor order of blocks in the tape. So, it is possible to insert everything else in the Warajevo TAP file, the only condition is that additional data must be out of standard blocks chain...

BATTOFPL.TAP Battle of Planets; an example of program with so-called running screen. Warajevo often can load such blocks from the normal tape blocks (due to inteligent edge recognizing algorithm), so no special TZX-like coding is necessary.
GARFIELD.TAP Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy, Deal; an example of program with Alcatraz loading system (this is a conversion from a TZX file), shows that Warajevo TAP format may be an alternative to the TZX...
CRAZYCAR.TAP Crazy Cars; an example of program with Speedlock 4 loading system (also conversion from a TZX file), another proof that Warajevo TAP format can handle all types of protections! Ugly speedlock parts (coded as "Sequence of pulses" etc. in TZX files) are turned into Warajevo EAR Sample blocks).
BRUCELEE.TAP Bruce Lee; this TAP file is made using option "Sample from tape" in the environment, e.g. it is a sample of the real tape (the game itself is protected using Speedlock 1 system). So, this TAP file is completely made of EAR Sample blocks (packed, of course). It is 149K long. Yes, it is 4 times greater than an equivalent TZX file, but 52 times shorter than an equivalent VOC file!!!
SIRFRED.TAP Sir Fred; this game is protected with a turbo loading system, however it has totally standard turbo loader, which the Warajevo edge recognizer can recognize, so no special TZX coding was necessary. That's why we converted source file SIRFRED.TZX into SIRFRED.TAP with first four checkbox in "TZX conversion setup" option in the environment unchecked (this has meaning: don't sample both normal and turbo block, instead simply copy them into the destination file). As the result, converted TAP is twice shorter than original TZX!
DEVIANTS.TAP Deviants; a similar notes as in previous example. Historically, Deviants was the first TAP file in the Warajevo TAP format on the Internet, and for long time many peoples don't know what to do with this file (because any other emulator would not accept it). It seems that somebody noticed that Warajevo can load some turbo loaders from normal blocks, and maked a DEVIANTS.TAP for usage on the Warajevo...
IOFMASK.TAP I, of the mask; an example of program with Bleep Load loading system (this is a conversion from a TZX file). The conversion TZX -> Warajevo TAP was not so fast with this program, because Bleep Load system has a lot of very short blocks (the same is true if you try to start TZX file with Bleep Load system using the 'Start' button in the Warajevo)...
IOFMASK.TAP I, of the mask; the same game again! Included as an example how Bleep Load conversion (and running TZX files with Bleep Load) may be done much faster: you need to check off checkbox "Put all blocks and groups in separate samples" in the "TZX conversion setup" option in the environment. This will not preserve logical structure of the tape (converted tape will not have over than 200 blocks), but everything will work! Checking off this checkbox is recommended always when the exact block structure of the tape is not important (the structure is important, for example, when the game has levels on the tape as the overlay files), especially with Bleep Load loaders!!!
IOFMASK.TAP I, of the mask; oh well, again! Why??? Using experience we know that blocks in the Bleep Load system may be recognized using Warajevo edge recognizer, so it is possible to check off checkbox "Sample turbo blocks rather than copy them" in the "TZX conversion setup" option in the environment, as already was done with the SIRFRED.TAP and the DEVIANTS.TAP. As the result, created TAP is much shorter than source TZX (and many times shorter than previous two TAP files), and loading from such TAP is much faster than in previous two examples! Load the game from this tape, and look how fast can be loading using Bleep Load on the Warajevo!!! This example shows that experimenting with checkboxes in the "TZX conversion setup" is necessary to achieve the best results (however, it is not so important when a converted TAP file is only a result of temporary conversion during usage of the 'Start' button).
LYRA2.TAP Lyra 2 Demo; yet another example of the fact that Warajevo very often can load programs with silly loaders from the standard TAP blocks. To see the loading effect in this program correctly, load it in 128K mode, and turn the multicolor mode on (i usually call this loader PAPERLOAD).
TOTECLIP.TAP Total Eclipse; This is in my opinion the best DOOM-like game for the ZX Spectrum. So, before many years, I put a loader with a counter in this game, to help me to know how many time is remained until the end of loading (comment by Samir Ribic). When we transfered such tape to the PC, and tried to load it on the Warajevo, we noticed that the Warajevo has not any problems to load the program with such loader from normal TAP blocks (again, this is the merit of the Edge Recognizer)...
GAMELOAD.TAP Game Loader; something really hot: Play a simple game while the main game is loading!!! This is an example of one of the best loaders for ZX Spectrum, made by Davor Magdic. In this program, the Edge Recognizer is principally sufficient for correct loading. However, loading through Edge Recognizer is much faster than real loading, so the game in the loader would become too fast. That's why we turned the main game blocks into the EAR Sample blocks, to retain normal loading speed (of course, do not use switch %LMAX if you want to try it). By the way, Davor Magdic also made much better loader (play Thro the Wall during loading of main game!), but unfortunately, we have not it!


The Warajevo emulator has one unique feature: it can convert Z80 snapshot files into PC executable (EXE) files using the utility ZXCOMP. Here you can find various examples of this feature. All programs stored here need not any emulator to run (nor need anything else), they are all normal PC EXE files! All of them works fine under both DOS and Windows 95. Typical length of each program is 40-90 KB. In all of them, press F10 key for the exit.

We converted various kinds of programs to PC executables (not only games), although most of them are games. Most of these programs are patched before compiling to change messages into messages which are more meaningful on the PC (for example DISC instead of TAPE, ALT instead of SYM SHIFT, CTRL+3 instead of TRUE VIDEO), to implement various features which was not implement in an original program, to skip some limitations of the ZXCOMP, and sometimes to implement saving and loading to (or from) disc when automatic support (switch /TAPE) does not work. A short documentation with a brief list of patches which are made in a particular program is included as an attachment with each program. We want to encourage users to produce PC executables of ZX Spectrum games, so these programs are very good examples how it may be done quite professionally.

To be clear, you will not find here Tomb Raider III nor Microsoft Office 2000, but we hope that we will find very intresting games and utilities which are standalone PC programs (although look like on ZX Spectrum). All games may be played with the keyboard, but many of them may be played also with PC analogue joystick or with Microsoft mouse. To tell once more, you will need not any emulator to run any of these programs!!!

MMINER.EXE Executable version of well-known platform game Manic Miner. Andy Noble already maked PC version on Manic Miner in 1997, and it was written over a 3 week period, on a night, after work, written in 100% C, and about 200K long. Here, you will get also PC executable Manic Miner game, but written in a five minutes using the Warajevo ZXCOMP compiler, and it is 50K long. Of course, Andy's program is better, but this program is also not bad! By the way, Barak Ori also maked Manic Miner for Win95, but it seems that it can not work in a window, only in full screen mode...
CHUCKIE.EXE Executable version of another popular platform game Chuckie Egg. Somebody asks on the internet why nobody maked the Chuckie Egg for DOS. This is Chuckie Egg for DOS!!! Jon Miller also makes ZXCOMP-ed Chuckie Egg and put it on the Internet, but he used old release 1.2, so such Chuckie Egg is dependent of the computer speed, and it is totally unusable on fast computers. In opposite to it, this version is created using ZXCOMP 2.51, and it is independent of the computer speed! Recently, a Chuckie Egg for DirectX is already made, not much beter than our ZXCOMP-ed version...
GGUNERS.EXE Executable version of not so known arcade shot'em up game Galactic Gunners, made in Czech. This game reminds me to the first arcade game which I ever seen in my life, on one play machine on railway station in Sarajevo before 17 years, so I want to make an executable for PC (comment by Zeljko Juric). Can be also played very easy with Microsoft mouse or PC joystick.
RTYPE.EXE Executable version of one of the best arcade shot'em up games R-Type. Can be also played very easy using Microsoft mouse or PC analogue joystick. This game has 8 overlay files attached with this executable, which are loaded from the disc from time to time. A good example how to compile games with overlays. It seems that no other PC conversion of this game exist...
RTYPE.EXE Another executable version of the R-Type. In opposite to previous executable, this version is monolite, e.g. without separate overlay files on the disc (everything is stored in single EXE file). A lot of hacking was performed to create such file. If you want to hack with ZXCOMP, you will see a lot of useful tricks in the doc file which is included with this program...
SWULF How to make executable snapshot of Ultimate's arcade adventure game Sabre Wulf. Due to copyright reasons actual snapshot is removed from the site, so we give you manual how to modify this program to save high score table directly to the disc, and restore it later from the same file (original program has not such possibility). This feature not extremely useful to require implementation, of course, so why we made it? Because we told in the Warajevo manual that it is possible, and to show how it can be done...
SABOTEUR.EXE Executable version of arcade adventure and fighting game Saboteur. Can be played also with a PC analogue joystick.
ARKANOID.EXE Executable version of well-known game Arkanoid. Nothing special can be told about it...
TETRIS.EXE Executable version of the well-known Russian Tetris game. There is many versions of the Tetris for all computers including the PC, but this one is also very good. Can be also played with PC analogue joystick. Can save and load high score table to the disc. A sound card is requested if you want better sound. This game is an example of more complex usage of switch /TAPE! in the ZXCOMP.
PACMAN.EXE Executable version of Ms Pacman game. There is so many version of the Pacman for the PC, but maybe you will like just this one!? Can be also played with the Microsoft mouse, or a PC analogue joystick.
MOTOS.EXE Executable version of the Mastertronic's board arcade game Motos. A sound card is requested if you want better sound.
PINBALL.EXE Executable version of Sagittarian's Pinball game. This program is not the best flipper simulator ever seen of the Spectrum, however it was my favourite flipper on the Spectrum (comment by Zeljko Juric)...
SOKOBAN.EXE Executable version of the famous logic game Sokoban. This game is a curiosity: the double conversion! Namely, this game first was written for the IBM PC, and angry Hacker Chris from Poland with his friends made a conversion for the Spectrum. Now, using the ZXCOMP, the Spectrum version is turned again into PC executable program. And what we got? Another Sokoban for the PC, with the same levels as the original game (OK, the graphic is worse), but more than 10 times shorter! A sound card is requested if you want better sound. By the way, Sokoban is converted for nearly all computers. Even version for the Casio graphic calculators exists (made by Zeljko Juric), tested on Casio fx-9700GE but works on many other models.
ELITE.EXE Executable version of well-known game Elite. Does anybody exist which don't know what is Elite??? Probably, not. This game has also real PC version, but it seems that this compiled snapshot is not much worse than original PC version. Can load and save the status to the disc. A sound card is requested if you want better sound (however, there is not a lot of sound in this game).
TAUCETI.EXE Executable version of the Tau Ceti III game, a complex combination of arcade, adventure and strategic game. All playing instructions are included in the program itself. Can save and load status to the disc. What else is interesting with this game? The fact that compiled version (116654 bytes) is shorter than source Z80 snapshot file (116811 bytes)!
MATCHPNT.EXE Executable version of very popular Match Point tennis sport simulation game. Can be played also with a PC analogue joystick.
DTST.EXE Executable version of Daley Thompson's Supertest sport simulation game. 12 games in a one! Can be also played with a PC analogue joystick, or even Microsoft mouse (this is very hard in this game, but not impossible, you must make very fast and very short moves). A sound card is requested if you want better sound. Hint: don't destroy your PC keyboard with this game!
YIEAR.EXE Executable version of the Yie Ar Kung Fu fighting game. This is not the best fighting game for the Spectrum, but I like this game (comment by Zeljko Juric). Can be also played with a PC analogue joystick.
SAMURAIW.EXE Executable version of figthing game Usagi Yojimbo - The Samurai Warrior. Can be played with a PC analogue joystick, or even Microsoft mouse (but this game is not easy to control with the mouse). Somebody else maked executable version of this game using the ZXCOMP, but it was created using an old release of ZXCOMP which generates code in which execution speed is machine-dependent, and it is unusable on fast computers.
WECLEMAN.EXE Executable version of Wec Le Mans racing game. Can be also played with a PC analogue joystick. A sound card is requested if you want better sound.
KTYME.EXE Executable version of the Mastertronic's modern type adventure game Knight Tyme (extended 128K version). Can load and save status to the disc. PC analogue joystick may be also used for game control. Even Microsoft mouse may be used, but controling using mouse is not easy in this game. A sound card is requested if you want better sound.
LORDSOFM.EXE Executable version of one of the best war strategy and adventure game Lords of Midnight. Christoper Wild already maked PC version of Lords of Mignight by direct converting of the source file created using the disassembler. This was a very hard work. Instead, you will find here another PC executable Lords of Midnight, but written in a five minutes using the Warajevo ZXCOMP compiler. And, probably you will not see a difference between Cristopher's program and this ZXCOMP-ed program! Yes, it is not so fast as Christopher's program, but it is still many faster than original Spectrum version, and also can save and load status to the disc.
HOBBIT.EXE Executable version of one of the most popular ilustrated textual adventure game of all time, The Hobbit. Today, the graphic in this game seems very poor, but this game still has a cult status for many Spectrum fans. Picture drawing in this program is faster than on the real Spectrum, but also not very fast. Can load and save status to the disc. This program is a good example how to use switch /TAPE! in the ZXCOMP.
EGGCUP.EXE Executable version of Mastertronic's ilustrated textual adventure game The Quest for the Golden Eggcup, the game with the silliest scenario in my opinion (comment by Zeljko Juric), and good pictures. Can load and save the status to the disc.
URBAN_UP.EXE Executable version of the old ilustrated textual adventure game Urban Upstart, with a good scenario. Can load and save the status to the disc. This game was written in ZX Spectrum Basic, and it is included as an example how the slow Spectrum Basic program may become quite fast using the ZXCOMP compiler!
MDRAW.EXE PC executable version of the Melbourne Draw picture editor for the ZX Spectrum. Which is usage of this program? It may be used as a good editor for SCR files, it can save and load SCR files from the disc. Why we converted the Melbourne Draw instead of the Art Studio? Because it was easier to patch...
TASWORD.EXE PC executable version of the famous ZX Spectrum text processor Tasword 2. If you are not happy with the Microsoft Word, maybe you will be happy with the Tasword??? This program is an example how to access the printer in the ZXCOMP-ed program. This IS really a text processor for PC (it CAN do printing etc.), but with ZX Spectrum limitations (max 312 lines of text, etc.). This program will bring to you feeling how the word processing looks in the time of the ZX Spectrum, but now on the PC (without the emulator)! This program reads and writes files with extension .TSW. An example file (TUTOR.TSW) is included, and it will bring to you a short tutorial how to use it (of course, if you want to use it, e.g. if you are a mazochist). Download it obligately! If you after downloading conclude that we are surely totally crazy, remember that we preserved our mental health during the terrible Bosnian war just thank to the Warajevo emulator!!!
ANALYSER.EXE PC executable version of the excelent Linear AC circuits Turbo Analyser. This is an example how the slow Spectrum program may become very fast. The original BASIC program (made by Number One System) is expanded to add more options and compiled by Zeljko Juric using excelent Cameron Hayne's Hisoft Basic Compiler. This operation speeds up Basic 7 times (such TAP file is also avaliable here, named TRBANAL.TAP). Then, such compiled Spectrum program is compiled once more using ZXCOMP to produce PC executable program. This version of analyser is on 133 MHz Pentium about 40-50 times faster than original BASIC program!!! So, you get quite usable circuit analyser program for the PC... Has saving/loading possibility. An example file (EXAMPLE.CIR) is included (a bipolar amplifier with two transistors).
SIL5.EXE Executable version of Slovakian demo Sound In Lines 5. May be used as quite good old-fashion ZX-style audio/visual presentation for the PC. Can save the screen directly on the disc. A sound card is requested for a good sound.

If you search for real PC conversion of various ZX Spectrum games (not ZXCOMP-ed snapshots), click


Here are Timex specific TAP files (in the Warajevo TAP format). These files work also on MultiMachine emulator which support TS2068 emulation (and the Warajevo TAP format, thank's to Paul Hodgson)!

SHOTZ251.TAP Tape release of final version of the Super Hot Z disassembler. Very good, really hot!
HOTZ.TAP Three older versions of Hot Z disassembler.
TSTIME.TAP An excelent basic compiler for TS2068. In fact, this is Timex version of the compiler which is known in Europe as Hisoft Basic Compiler.
WIN32.TAP An excellent basic extension utility with a demo.
WIN64.TAP A Basic extension utility with a demo, to be used with the OS-64 LROS cartridge. Uses extended (512x192) graphic mode. You will need also OS_64.DCK file to run it.
DIS.TAP Disassembler written in BASIC.
ZEAL.TAP Disasembler which also can disassemble EXROM ROM.
MSCRIPT.TAP 64 column word processor for Timex 2068 (uses 512x192 Timex graphic mode).
MSCRIPT2.TAP A bit more advanced version of MSCRIPT. Very good!
TAPECORR.TAP Tape reconditioner for TS2068, but works on ordinary ZX Spectrum too.
MUSIPRNT.TAP Basic extension to easy writting music for TS2068, but works on ordinary ZX Spectrum too.
TASWORD2.TAP TS2068 version of Tasword word processor. Nothing special.
PROFILE.TAP Filing database program for TS 2068.
TECHDRAW.TAP Graphics program for TS2068.
TOOLKIT.TAP Toolkit program for TS2068.
KEYWORD.TAP Allows typing commands letter by letter rather than using keywords. This is version for TS2068.
KWORDV50.TAP Yet another program which allows the user to spell out the tokenized keywords. Works on both Timex or ordinary Spectrum.
GALLERY.TAP Artwork gallery program for TS2068.
UPLD2000.TAP Utility for load in BASIC programs from the ZX81/TS1000/TS1500 into TS2068.
LOTTO.TAP Personal utility program for the Lotto game.
BAS64.TAP Very good BASIC extension utility which support 512x192 resolution, written for TC2048 (Portugese version of Timex). You will need also TS2048.DCK file or SPECEMU.DCK file to run it.


Here are Timex specific snapshots. These snaps work only on Warajevo, because nobody else yet implements Timex 2068 snapshot format.

CONFLICT.Z80 A good arcade adventure game for TS2068.
PACHIZEE.Z80 A strategy board game for TS2068.
WRDBALLS.Z80 Weird Balls - an arcade game for TS2068.
WBMASTER.Z80 Water Ballon Master - a splash'em down rcade game for TS2068 (a parody on shot'em up games).
SOLITAIR.Z80 Solitaire - a board game for TS2068.
3DDCHASE.Z80 TS2068 release of 3D DeathChase game.
CZONE.Z80 TS2068 release of Cyberzone game.
CYBER2.Z80 Modification of Cybernoid 2 game for TS2068.
IKARATE.Z80 Modification of International Karate game for TS2068.
LTOKILL.Z80 Modification of Licence To Kill game for TS2068.
REX.Z80 Modification of Rex game for TS2068.
MOTOS.Z80 Modification of Motos game for TS2068. You will also need SPECEMU.DCK file to run it.
URSS.Z80 Geography program in Portugese for TC2048 (Portugese version of Timex). Uses extended (512x192) graphic mode. You will also need TS2048.DCK file to run it.


Here you can find some of the programs written for the ZX Spectrum created by us or our friends. Various kind of programs are covered in this selection. These programs are written in the time when our all computer knowledge was just ZX Spectrum. Some of these programs are still good today, but some of them looks quite stupid. However, we are sentimentally tied with these programs. Most of them are in Bosnian language.

POWERAN.TAP The Power Analitic. A rich set of mathematic tools by Zeljko Juric, Vladimir Vidovic and Samir Ribic: zeroes of polynoms; solving simultanous linear equations; modern iterative methods (Kantaris-Howden and Milko Kevo) for zero finding; drawing graphs of the functions; numerical derivation and integration; complex numbers, multiprecision and multibase calculator; combinatorics; set theory; logic expressions evaluation; arithmetical tools; conic curves. Was very good in the time when it was created.
POWEQN2.TAP An equation solver by Zeljko Juric which reduces and solves algebraic equations up to third order. The equation may also be in a rational form, like 2/(X-1)-1/(X+3)=X+1. It will firstly be simplified to the ordinary algebraic equation, then solved. Works good, but remains still a bit unfinished.
POLY.TAP Find all zeroes of the polynoms with real or complex coefficients, written by Samir Ribic. The program is written in Hisoft Pascal, so it is very fast.
FRACTION.TAP Simple four operation fraction calculator by Zeljko Juric. Enter something like 2/(3+3/4)-1/2, and you will get result 1/30.
CPLXV30.TAP Very powerful complex number calculator by Zeljko Juric, which knows even transcedental functions with complex arguments. Press CAPS+1 for main menu. The first option is a help (in Bosnian, but even English users can find useful infos in it).
TRIANGL.TAP A geometric program by Zeljko Juric, Vladimir Vidovic and Nebojsa Dostic. Solves various problems related to a triangle.
TRBANAL.TAP The Turbo Analyser. A very good linear AC electronic circuits simulator for the Spectrum, by Zeljko Juric, useful even today. Based on Circuit Analyser by Number One Systems, but 7 times faster, and allows modeling of the device parameters. In English.
TRISP.TAP Tranzistorski ispravljaci (The Transistor Rectifiers in English). An electronic tool by Zeljko Juric and Vladimir Vidovic.
ESPSOFT.TAP The Esperanto Software. An excelent education program (learn the international language Esperanto) by Samir Ribic, with the Esperanto/Bosnian dictionary.
LINKMC2.TAP The linker for the MCoder 2 by Zeljko Juric. An excelent utility which patches programs compiled with MCoder 2 BASIC compiler, so patched program can be executed independently of MCoder! In English.
SUPERFP.TAP The Super FP compiler by Zeljko Juric. Mainly based on FP compiler by Martin Lewis, but debugged, and with a lot of new features. A linker is also included, with create machine code which is independent of the compiler itself. In English.
HISBASC.TAP The Hisoft Basic compiler by Cameron Hayne, but debugged and expanded by Zeljko Juric. The list of the modification is included on the tape. This is surely the best Basic compiler for the ZX Spectrum. In English.
F64INLIN.TAP A BASIC extension for 64-column printing by Zeljko Juric and Vladimir Vidovic. Has some advantages in compare with a lot of similar programs.
FORMUDG.TAP An UDG creator by Zeljko Juric and Vladimir Vidovic. Nothing special, but it is in machine code, and works like TSR popup programs on PC.
FIRECOPY.TAP A tape management utility by Zeljko Juric, which can copy some turbo-saved programs. In English.
RISTAR.TAP A very good Bosnian/English/French/Esperanto dictionary by Dostic Nebojsa. Comes with Bosnian/English database on the tape.
FAKULTET.TAP An adventure game by Samir Ribic. Has a silly scenario (how to become a student on the faculty).
NBNN.TAP An adventure game (Na Balkanu nista novo) by Samir Ribic and Zeljko Juric. It was proclaimed as the second best game in the former Yugoslavia in 1990, due to very original scenario (a parody on the political situation in the former Yugoslavia). A PC version is also avaliable.
SPECMARS.TAP A Red Core simulator (with an "assembler") for the CoreWar "game", by Zeljko Juric. Has no documentation, but if you know what is CoreWar, you will discover how to use it. It has GENS-like commands. In English.
NY1985.TAP An arcade game by Samir Ribic with 8 levels. It is very hard to pass all eight levels, especially level 3.
ROULETTE.TAP A well-known gambling simulation game by Zeljko Juric and Vladimir Vidovic.
COCKATAK.TAP The Cock Attack - silly arcade game by Tarik Cicic. In English.
RIBITET.TAP A version of the Tetris game created by Samir Ribic.
AJ-MU-KU.TAP A silly simulation/parody of the Lotto game by Emir Kapic and Samir Ribic. If you don't understand Bosnian, you will not understand any sense of it.
ALKOHOL.TAP A very simple labyrinth game written in BASIC by Samir Ribic, with a lot of rooms.
ZIMA.TAP A Pacman-like arcade game by Samir Ribic and Emir Kapic.


Here, we put some of Warajevo related files which can not be clasified into any of other cathegories.