What’s New?

This page lists updates to World Of Spectrum Classic and planned future enhancements / fixes.

Planned updates

This is the pipeline of upcoming changes, in rough chronological order.

  • Update Infoseek
  • Mobile layouts
  • Content clean-up
  • Game ratings
  • Add a submission form for corrections / updates
  • Newsletter signup (possibly – this is under discussion)
  • Investigate re-adding Remakes, Stats, ZX Certification (subject to demand)
  • Tidy up microsites (hardware page, Project AY etc)
  • Other things – make a suggestion!

30th July 2022

Due to various factors (illness, busyness, other projects, a heatwave in the UK) not much work has taken place recently, but a lot of work under then hood has been done to improve the CSS and JavaScript build pipeline, as well as updating the server to PHP 8.1.

There have also been some updates to the underlying Infoseek code and it is now using v3 of the ZXDB lookup.

The most notable update to the site apart from bug fixes has been the addition of genre listing pages. You can now list titles by genre, and we are working on ways to make this a little more user friendly.

5th May 2022

A faster update than normal! As always, we’ve been busy little bees and with a few of us attending Spectrum 40, we’ve been energised to push something out.

Apart from the usual fixes under the hood, we have made a lot of the pages mobile friendly. Spectrum websites have been historically pretty hard to use on mobile phones, but hopefully browsing the groundbreaking Ant Attack (look out for the mystery chest!), the back catalogue of legendary developer Mev Dinc or the list of classic games released by Kevin Toms’ label Addictive Games will be a bit easier while you’re out and about.

We have also put a lot of preparatory work in to updating Infoseek, and more on that should be in our next update.

1st April 2022

Wow, another three months has flown by, but we have been very busy working on the site and the backend.

It now runs on a completely different code base to that which it launched on 20 months ago, and while it doesn’t look different to how it did yesterday, it will now be far easier to finally upgrade. Usually we have to do things in massive launches because of a complicated set of dependencies, and thus entire parts need to be finished and tested before a push. If you happened to be on the site last night (31/03/22) around 9pm you may have seen how these pushes don’t always go to plan!

We don’t expect anything to be broken or even look that different (apart from larger text), but if you see anything untoward, please let us know.

Infoseek is still not really ordering results in the best way, so that will be the next thing we look at. Following that, it will be layouts on mobile – there’s still a few pages (such as games / books / hardware) that don’t really work.

Also mentioned in the previous post, very little of the archive will be updated now, as we have committed to keeping the site ‘classic’ and so no titles from prior to March 2015 will be added, and only where there are mistakes or new assets for existing items will data be changed. If you do have a title that is missing in action or other materials that we don’t have, please do get in touch. We feel it is important that the site stays as it is in people’s memories, and modern software, hardware and books are brilliant covered by a range of other sites.

That is not to say that other parts of the site won’t be updated. While it’s not going to gain a forum or a blog, we are now starting to work on the content – legacy content will be moved into a subpage of its former home for posterity while up-to-date info will be added. New sections and features will be added and the old features may be spruced up. If you created one of the many microsite sections and would like to update it, give us a shout. We have been receiving requests for ratings to return and that is very high on the priority list.

Finally, you will have noticed our April Fool’s home page. It’s an homage to our friends over at the modern World Of Spectrum and hope it’s taken in good spirits 🙂

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Spectrum 40. Until then, keep it Speccy!

9th January 2022

Wow, it’s been over a year since the last announced update. There have been tweaks throughout 2021 but nothing big. Lots of reasons behind that but hopefully that’s the last big gap.

The main reason – of course – has been the ongoing pandemic and the pressure it is putting people in their professional and personal lives. Needless to say it’s taken its toll on the team and thus any kind of sustainable effort has been challenging.

The other has been the realisation that running a website that covers current software releases is very difficult and time consuming, and thus the decision has been taken to change the focus of WoSC from being another up-to-date repository and to concentrate on being the best possible version of the site as it was. The current WOS and Spectrum Computing have current releases tied up, so another site doing the same thing would be pointless. A fuller post regarding this change of direction and some exciting announcements about the sites future will follow very soon.

So, what has been updated? From a technical level, lots of stuff. The architecture of the site has been completely upgraded so that updates and deploys are simple. The site now relies on a local version of the open source ZXDB for data and only uses external services for searching, something that will change in the very near future. As always, we are extremely grateful to the ZXDB team for providing this invaluable resource, without which a lot of Spectrum sites just couldn’t function. An added bonus of this is that you can now browse a definitive (ish) list of releases by author or publisher, and the existing static pages within the archive are in the process of being updated to better reflect the available entries. The counts on the archive pages and most of the main subpages are also correct. Sadly, we have temporarily lost the type-ins section, but this will return very soon.

The site should now (mostly) work on mobile devices, although still from from ideal. This has always been an issue due to the nature of the site’s structure. Mobile devices simply didn’t exist when the original WOS was launched and trying to browse it on a small screen has always been tricky, much less viewing or enjoying any of the content and downloads. Therefore, this release represents the last of the current templates. With a new code base in place, a new set of templates will be built that are far more usable on the modern web but will stay true to the spirit of the original.

The final thing to announce today is the intention to perform a full overhaul of the site content. So much of it is old, out of date and obsolete. Although anything that currently exists will still be available, it would be a good time to update where appropriate, provide corrections and show how it has changed since it was originally written. There are lots of micro sites that exist on the WoSC domain – and they will be preserved – but the main site needs attention. New content is also being added, several new resources have been uploaded and will be announced soon, and it’s not impossible that some old beloved features that disappeared could be resurrected.

This has been a very long update, but only really scratches the surface. Several – more focused – updates will follow in the next few weeks, and the site itself will become even more usable, which isn’t bad for something that has existed largely unchanged for 25 years.

Thanks for reading, and keep it Speccy.

30th December 2020

After a long hiatus due to Covid, day jobs, real world and general difficulties, we are pleased to announce a massive set of changes, although to the visitor there won’t be much of a difference (in fact, the site will actually look worse for a time). However, all of the static content is now in a CMS, meaning the task of editing, updating and (hopefully soon) community involvement can now proceed without difficulty.

There have been a few other code updates, general software updates and an audit of a site after the webmaster of WoS claimed that malicious code hosted here was somehow causing their site to be flagged as malware.

Like the rest of the world, we are looking forward to a brighter 2021. Happy new year!

7th August 2020

Loads of broken links have now been fixed! Thank you very much to the kind people at Spectrum Computing for allowing us to hotlink to their assets for newer items that weren’t in the original WoS archives. The plan going forward is for us to provide a mirror for their amazing archive of new material.

Aside from a few bug fixes, we have also re-added Random Seek, so you can know go on your own voyage of discovery for Spectrum titles!

30th July 2020

Launch Day!

In the grand scheme of things, not too many updates on the website, although we have fixed a lot more broken links and replaced the rubbish cookies notice with something a bit more professional.

The big news is that – behind the scenes – we have started moving content into a CMS; the first step to making the site easy to update and to allow more contributors!

More updates will follow, but this is now a great platform or us to move on from. Thank you to everyone who has provided support to us so far!

29th July 2020

There has been a bit of a gap as the WoSC Team have been taking a bit of time off. However, we have now re-added publisher and author links into Infoseek, added a cut-down version of Infoseek Advanced, fixed a few broken image links and made a start on adding a CMS (although that hasn’t been released just yet).

We have re-jigged the to do list as we discover more about the site and plan things out. More updates are to follow very soon as we gear up for our 30th July launch!

15th July 2020

A load of tweaks under the hood to separate out the different types of content and to fix a load more links. A lot of pages have been moved and redirects set up so that external links aren’t broken. A few SEO updates have also been made so that search engines can index the site better.

13th July 2020

After a long delay, the first version of Classic Infoseek is released. You can now search for titles! Many assets are still not available, but the entire 2017 TOSEC has been added, so it’s just a matter of fixing the links.

A lot of behind the scenes work has been done to start converting it into a modern application, and some of the old unused code has been stripped out.

We have also made some tweaks to the home page.

5th July 2020

Add a primitive cookies notice and greater Google Analytics / social media meta tag coverage.

4th July 2020

Typos, content updates and email bug fixed.

3rd July 2020

Launch day!

The site is virtually all static files (apart from the email form), with no search functionality available. The archive can be browsed, although many scans and additional material is unavailable. Most content is present, and with formerly broken images and links (somewhat) fixed.