What’s New?

This page lists updates to World Of Spectrum Classic and planned future enhancements / fixes.

Planned updates

This is the pipeline of upcoming changes, in rough chronological order.

15th July 2020

A load of tweaks under the hood to separate out the different types of content and to fix a load more links. A lot of pages have been moved and redirects set up so that external links aren’t broken. A few SEO updates have also been made so that search engines can index the site better.

13th July 2020

After a long delay, the first version of Classic Infoseek is released. You can now search for titles! Many assets are still not available, but the entire 2017 TOSEC has been added, so it’s just a matter of fixing the links.

A lot of behind the scenes work has been done to start converting it into a modern application, and some of the old unused code has been stripped out.

We have also made some tweaks to the home page.

5th July 2020

Add a primitive cookies notice and greater Google Analytics / social media meta tag coverage.

4th July 2020

Typos, content updates and email bug fixed.

3rd July 2020

Launch day!

The site is virtually all static files (apart from the email form), with no search functionality available. The archive can be browsed, although many scans and additional material is unavailable. Most content is present, and with formerly broken images and links (somewhat) fixed.